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Lunacy: Media Reports on Zimmerman Pulled Over for Speeding as Breaking News

Stop the presses! Forget the propaganda pieces calling Bradley Manning an ‘anti-American’ terrorist and saluting Obama’s latest millionaire vacation, Zimmerman was pulled over in a minor traffic stop in what resulted in a verbal warning and no action taken whatsoever!

George Zimmerman pulled over by police and given a speeding warning.This is now the beat of the mainstream media, covering a new video of George Zimmerman getting pulled over as major breaking news. Amazingly, and they really are amazing at this, they even managed to spin this mundane piece into a gun smear story. Because as it turns out, George Zimmerman had a legal firearm in his vehicle to which he had a license to carry. This, of course, is major breaking news to CNN and other media mouthpiece hubs like Huffington Post that are reporting on the existence of a gun as a major injustice.

Not even two sentences into the report on this mega breaking news that Zimmerman spoke to an officer over speeding without any fine or conflict, CNN feels the need to highlight that Zimmerman was travelling with a legal firearm. The report reads:

“Zimmerman was apparently traveling with a gun when he was pulled over. Dashcam video released by Forney, Texas, police shows him and a police officer talking briefly before the officer tells him to shut his glove compartment.”

Speeding Stop Turned Gun Debate

It’s amazing how these minor things can spawn media scandals and headlines, isn’t it? This brand new piece already has 8,360 comments and 4,600 Facebook shares on CNN. It really comes down to the magic of the mainstream media spin, which can turn a story of firefighters rescuing a cat into a debate on gun control and gay marriage. You see to the average person who reads the title first few sentences of the article on the subject in the Huffington Post, titled ‘George Zimmerman Speeding, Pulled Over With Gun In Car‘, it immediately reignites the entire controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.

Anyone with knowledge of the law understands that the fact that a legal gun is present inside a vehicle means nothing, especially when you have a guy who is being watched 24/7 by the media and would probably go to jail for life even if a slobbering barbarian on bath salts came at him with dual AK-47 rifles and he happened to defend himself.  But to the media, this is a chance to reignite the racial tensions that prominent black rappers even called out as manufactured and exacerbated by the mega media.

So why do I cover this piece? It’s important to highlight exactly how the media spins little stories like these in order to understand how they spin the real stories that matter. Minor pieces like these are great to see how the media highlights certain characteristics of a story in order to push an agenda. Meanwhile, we see a much broader example happening with the CNN piece that says Bradley Manning ‘betrayed’ America. In this larger piece, you see similar elements put into play — from the excessive use of ‘terrorism’ branding to tired arguments invoking left vs. right.

But just as with the Bradley Manning article, readers have had enough. The top comment right now reads:

“Oh, who cares. Seems as though CNN is trying to make sure we all know where George is at all times.”

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  1. Only CNN and Huffpo could spin this 1!

  2. Media always supports liers i dont like media. Social Media Marketing Manchester get twitter followers.

  3. Your article is full of information i like script installer the information you have posted.

  4. Thats a good step no one is above the law if you do something wrong you have to pay penalty for that.

  5. interesting how he only got a warning…

  6. It's just sad how the media is able to turn any non-story like Zimmerman getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation such as speeding into a story about gun control. Zimmerman had a license to wear a gun, and these days getting a gun from is easier than getting some decent journalists to separate what is news-worthy from what is just useless information.

  7. This, of course, is major breaking news to CNN and other media mouthpiece hubs like Huffington Post that are reporting on the existence of a gun as a major injustice.

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