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WW3 Brews As Nation Distracted By Trayvon Martin Case

As the world reacts to the Trayvon Martin case, including prominent rappers calling out the media over its race baiting, reports detail around 160,000 Russian troops were called to ‘combat readiness’ following an Israeli strike on Russian-made missiles in Syria. 

israel-bomb-russian-troopsIs the nation too distracted by the George Zimmerman trial’s 24/7 news cycle to even know about this developing situation that coincides with escalating tensions between Russia and US-affiliated nations around the world?

First up is the new revelation that Israel was behind an attack on Syria that targeted Russian-made anti-ship missiles. According to the Israeli National News sources within the U.S., Israel recently launched an attack on Russian missiles that were apparently sold to Syria and stationed at a critical point within the country. Until now, it was unknown who had initiated the bombing that had rocked Latakia on July 5th.

Ultimately bombing the ‘critical point’ holding the Russian’s Yakhont anti-ship missile, Israel is believed to have initiated the bombing via aircraft or a ship in the Mediterranean. According to the anonymous U.S. official who corresponded with CNN:

“This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean.”

Now enter new reports surfacing from the Russian Defense Ministry on orders of Vladimir Putin that the largest military ‘state of full combat readiness’ drill is taking place with around 160,000 troops ordered to report from all corners of the military. Specifically, the translated reports detail how Putin is calling together not just Armed Forces of Russia troops, but all forms of long-range aircraft, 70 naval ships, bomber and fighter aircraft, and so on.

According to a syndicated Russian announcement:

“On Friday, during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Russian, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an unexpected military drill, urging all forces to enter a state of full combat readiness on the night of July 13.”

In other words, these reports says that Putin is essentially assembling the entire military in the largest such event since the Soviet Union. This is coming in from the Russian language version of Forbes and other Russian sources translated to English.

Is this massive ‘state of full combat readiness’ initiated on July 13th just a training exercise with no further intention, or is it related to to the attack by Israel on Russian-made missiles in Syria? Whether this is truly the initiation of a massive conflict between world powers or not, it’s certainly worth the attention of the media and general public. While it does take a lot of digging to sort through all of these Russian language announcements and get to the bottom of the story, it’s much more important than what George Zimmerman’s lawyers ate for breakfast this morning.

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  1. Russian will probably attack Israel pretty soon

  2. why then are Russian troops training inside the USA for DHS,FEMA….

  3. I can smell burnt Jew already…Go Russia !!

    • It shall ultimately be to the evaporation of Russians and all others who seek to destroy Israel, you Jew-hating nazi.

      • The Jews will not win this war. Once all Jews have been destroyed, including zionism, then there will be no world wars. Think about it before your ignorance proceeds to cast you out.

        Hint: World war 1, and World War 2, was caused by the Jews. World war 3, is also going to be caused by the Jews.

        • The Jews will never be destroyed. Other snakes such as yourself have tried to do it many times in the past, and they are all now dead. But the Jews remain to this day. It is the likes of yourself that shall someday cease.

          • Never say never the jews have been asking for it for a long time and this time it will be global no place to hide.

        • If Russia attacks, they'll end up like they did in 1967. It's prophecy; Israel wins. Israel will always win. Look up, because the Second Coming will occur soon. Of course, maybe that isn't good news for you.

        • Please go back to stormfront

          So, you’re basically advocating the total extermination of every single member of an ethno-religious group, including women and children, on the basis of each and every one of them being responsible for all the wars that ever happened in the past and present? This is a pretty tall order I tell you. Explain to me how Jack Black, Woody Allen, Natalie Portman, or that guy that runs the bagel shop across the street contribute to military conflicts around the globe? Does every Jew set up secret meetings when no one is looking to plot and scheme a war from the ground up, simply for the sake of being evil? Or is their crime in simply existing?

        • Its ver easy to blame everything on the Jews. Your never responsible for anything just Jews, Jews, jews

    • God will utterly destroy Russia if it moves against Israel.

  4. hey Dan foreign troops train with us because at the highest levels the world is a giant chess board for the amusement and profit of a few mind bogglingly wealthy families. The illusion of countries is for wars. You can’t play football until you have picked teams.

    • Yes, it is well established who the Big Players are.
      We, as “useless eaters”, will never know the huge web that rules us . . . until that web is disturbed enough to shake up the spiders.

  5. That’s bs put out by the zionists and the neocons!

  6. That’s zionist and neocon booshwaw Dan!

  7. might just be pretending to be russians 😐

  8. The Chinese and Russians are also doing joint training with their navies near Japan. anything s possible as far as confrontations. but it is hard to imagine Russia being stupid enough to attack the USA at this time. Most nations share financies, so it is not in their best interest to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. however, the day may come when enemies will attack rather than starve or be taken over by unfriendly “nation builders”.

  9. What if Russia does nothing? It would be reasonable to expect Israel to escalate in its attacks. Russia needs to do put Israel in its place… ergo: Expect a devastating response.

    • The Khazars are causing the problems and not Jews. Rant about the Khazars and leave the Jews alone.

      • ConsiderMonarchy

        The Khazar myth is a shell game. The Jews were a problem in history well before the Khazar conversion. Jews are the problem. Period.

        • Actually 'theredhawg' his right the Khazars are the principal culprits in this Global Game of Cat and Mouse. History can be misleading especially when it comes to Jewish history. Khazars ancestry goes way back to the Babylonian age where the Babylonian brotherhood (Khazars) exploited every facet of Babylonia's citizenry (Jews) among others. You've also not taken into account that the vast majority of today's Jews aren't even jews they are of Khazar ancestral lineage not of the Tribes of David.

          The Babylonian Khazars are the brotherhood of man arch nemesis not the fleeting Jew communities. You should take some time and learn history 'ConsiderMonorchy', by the way the Babylonian Khazars were the first to ever impose social class structures which lead to Monarchies and elitism.

          • Khazars and Babylonians? Aren’t we in different time periods? The Babylonians seem to have went bye-bye around 600-300 BC, versus the Khazars who started around 600 AD.

    • Very possible, depends on whether or not Israel continues to deem Russia involvement with Syria as a 'threat' and decides to launch more attacks. In many ways, Russia is actually responding in a defensive manner. Is Russia really attacking first if Israel were to take out Russian aid towards Syria?

      • Everyone can relax. It is not going to happen. Russia is fighting alongside Israel the Islamic extremists.
        That's why they support Assad.
        And why are they doing so? Because a great percentage of the population is Muslim, and they want to avoid the rise of extremists.

    • Lol..don't be such a Clown..Israel has every right like Russia would have right if someone next door was giving your enemies Chemical weapons..Imagine Russia the size of Israel Moron.
      Now if Russia attacks Israel this will be the fulfilment of what every Bible Scholar have Understood for centuries..Ezekiel 38&39 Gog amgog war..God will Bury Russia in this war

  10. Russia ain't stupid.over 80% of ashkenazie Jews are from Russia. Go back to 1932 Germany.Massive inflex of Polish Hungrian Romian Jews.Germans put a stop and the Jews declared war. Rail bombings, public buildings bombed assisinations in the thousands. Russia knows history-how mean the Jews can be.

    • The remedy to mean is be meaner. Germany essentially fought alone from a poor strategic position. It tried to get oil from the Russia/Ukraine area, but failed because of the hard winter. Jews who have already been turned to ashes can't peddle influence, can't corrupt governments, can't organize boycotts, can't assassinate anybody. That's why any first strike against them must wipe out their leaders and their resource assets.

  11. Correction " In land of Palestine ( Israel),.over 80% of ashkenazie Jews are from Russia"

  12. As the world reacts to the Trayvon Martin case? The World? I've got news for you sunshine the world couldn't give a s_ _ _ about some pay per view American propaganda. Now as for Israel recently launched an attack on Russian missiles, that's just blow back from the Khazar Jews who are pissed off at Russia for foiling the Khazars plans for Syria. Nothing will come out of this misguided Khazar attack. On to Russia's combat readiness’ drill. After months of having the Anglo-American alliance showing off its military capacity along the Russia-China borders; Russia with good reason decided to strut its military muscle end of story. The Russian alliance has no intention of starting a 3rd world war; unlike the Anglo-American cartel who are just itching for a fight.

  13. Anthony,
    World War III or IV depending on the definition used has been brewing for quite some time now.
    1). Russo-Sino have been simultaneously dismantling the US Dollar's world's reserve currency status for quite some time and expanding precious metal reserves like gold.
    Lets face it the size of the US central government rests solely on US Dollar's world's reserve currency status and largely held by Military might. This tempo/momentum posture only lasts as long as tempo/momentum is able to in effect overwhelm the adversary be it domestic or international.

    2). It seems rather obvious that Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea makes up the red lines for both nations. Russia certainly isn't going to allow its long southern underbelly to be so excruciatingly exposed; Syria-Iran effectively for them is on par to the Cuban Missile Crisis for the US.
    I remember reading an article on activist post that indicated Russia and China either haven't realized; they are on the targets list or learned from their abstain votes in regards to the Libyan UN resolution due to their lack of strong red lines in regards to Syria.
    A). Russo-Sino have made it clear that an attack on Iran; they will defend it even under threat of world war or nuclear war.
    B). Syria-Iran possess a defensive pact that threatens the US's favorite pincer maneuver using Iraq, Afghanistan, and Amphibious Assault aka naval convoy to attack Iran. Syrian-Iranian defensive pact threatens a counter pincer from the west, and Pakistan will be defended as if it was part of China by China in the east.
    Diplomatically, it doesn't get any firmer, and it's certainly very evident with Russia's actions deploying missiles south towards Turkey and conducting this exercise and etc doesn't get much clearer short of going on the offense and launch a massive offensive stretching from the Korean Peninsula, Middle East, and to Europe at the very least. Considering, Brazil/Venezuela agreed to Chinese missiles being based there; it wouldn't surprise me if it's more expansive than just Europe and Asia (I forget off hand, which one signed the treaty).

    • Great analysis. It seems that the US government has increasingly become more audaciously at odds towards Russia and vice versa. For some time, and this may be still true, my belief was that a conflict in Iran would ignite Russia to attack Israel.

    • 1) Iran is still not a full member in the SCO (chinas reasoning for not making iran a full member was because it had sanctions on them).
      2) Both russia and china ultimately backed sanctions against Iran
      3) Russia still hasnt given iran the s300

      Look none of these variables changed not in 4 years, if russia/china is not willing to make any of these token measures they sure arent going to break mad for Iran.

      i think syria is actually a different story, its actually important to russia as its only port. russia actually has given syria the weapons and has actually vetoed the sanctions against the syrians. the basic road map is syria is a stepping stone to war with iran, but personally i think russia will actually get involved in syria not Iran.

  14. Who is Trayvon Martin?

  15. russia very well knows about muslims. muslims want to destroy russia and all non-muslims countries. so russia nevere support bloody muslims countries

  16. Any one people who believe themselves to be chosen over all other people can justify anything they do to anyone with their supposedly superior standing. Just ask adolf, you see where it ended.

  17. So we have a so called white boy by way of Hispanic and a black boy got killed by him why all the fuss what about OJ killing 2 white people supposedly,nobody made a big fuss u didn't c us in the streets because he killed them so why do the black people feel like we all did the killin of Trayvon,they have no right to do that if u take Brother Al and Reggie out of the equation there would be no fuss they r the instigators for their on purpose but Reggie said he thought it was fair at one time,hmmm

  18. In the book of Revelation, it talks of the Russian Bear coming down from the North and attacking Israel. This must happen so prophecy can be fulfilled.

  19. I wonder are this people that write this kid stories about god will protect jews are they realy that mentaly retarded or just Jewish propagandists for mentaly retarded!

    If there were a god the first ones to punish would be some jews becaouse of their satanizem- kabalizem.

    If they are chosen by anyone its by the Satan!

    Or as one murdered Jew said” Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer.. and we are his chosen people.Lucifer is very much aliveW
    Harold Wallace Rosenthal
    Administrative assistant to Senator Jacob Javitz- 1976 interview-Murdered soon after intreview

  20. Ezekiel 38 has been waiting for the Russians for centuries now and now that prophecy is about to be fulfilled…

    “And they shall know that I am the Lord….”

  21. …lets remain secular here. This is political. Look at facts, prophecy is to be considered but, remember good folks…whether prophecized or not. These are actions taken by men (I use this term loosely for humans)and not of divine origin. To blame a “religion” or set of beliefs or to blame a malevolent force is negligent and a way pan off on something else. IF it happens, then it happens. Live your lives. Ignore the chewy chunks of self degradation. If we all become whole hearted, good people this will perpetuate and empower the will of benevolence and good. Love heals all things folks.

  22. How does an immortal experience death?
    Before you answer,the questIon,look in a mirror,really look;).Sea?

  23. You are the absolute master of the art of overblown hyperbole, Mr. Gucciardi.

  24. might just be pretending to be russians

  25. I just hope this event wont lead them in to war !

  26. Russia ain't stupid.over 80% of ashkenazie Jews are from Russia. Go back to 1932 Germany.Massive inflex of Polish Hungrian Romian Jews.Germans put a stop and the Jews declared war. Rail bombings, public buildings bombed assisinations in the thousands. Russia knows history-how mean the Jews can be.

    Read more:

  27. They are pretending to be Russians….that's what I think

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  29. Why are you thinking about the Jews? do you know how many of them are noble price winners?
    and do you know that some of them are liberal? don't include.

    • So what is some Jews are Nobel (spelled with a capital N, with the e before the l) prize winners? That doesn't mean that other Jews aren't involved in sinister banking conspiracies and control the media so people don't get upset about it by learning too much. And, in fact, they are so involved. The worthy contributions of certain Jews to science doesn't make up for the damage that the Jews as a whole have done to mankind.

  30. hey Dan foreign troops train with us because at the highest levels the world is a giant chess board for the amusement and profit of a few mind bogglingly wealthy families. The illusion of countries is for wars. You can't play football until you have picked teams.
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