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World Trade Center Owner Larry Silverstein Sues Airlines for Billions Over 9/11 After $5 Billion Insurance Payment

The notorious owner of the World Trade Center, Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein, doesn’t think that his $5 billion in insurance payments are enough to reimburse his losses during 9/11. Despite admitting to ‘pull’ World Trade Center 7 despite moderate fires, Silverstein is now suing the airlines whose planes flew into the towers for extra billions.

larry-silverstein-sue-airlines-911Instead of donating even a penny to the 9/11 first responders who were told they would be fine while inhaling toxic substances only to be denied healthcare for their chronic conditions, Silverstein says that he simply hasn’t been relieved of his ‘economic’ loss that suffered after 9/11. Even after receiving around $5 billion from his insurance company following the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings, he says that he needs another $3.5 billion to line his pockets. An additional 3.5 billion that brings the total to 8.5 billion, which airline attorney Roger Podesta says will be 2 1/2 times the fair value of the fallen buildings.

Perhaps Silverstein wants to be in league with the global bankers, who make a cool $83 billion from taxpayer’s each year that is then turned into financing for Mexican drug cartels and terror cells as admitted by NBC. A New York judge will ultimately decide if Silverstein will be granted the billions following the completion of the three-day trial that started on Monday.

Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein

But before we even look at the ridiculous loads of cash that Silverstein is seeking after already raking in billions from his hefty insurance policy, let’s look at how he suffered these ‘economic losses’. For this, we are focusing in on World Trade Center 7. In a PBS interview, Silverstein plainly states that he actually told the fire department to demolish the building due to the minor fires inside. Fires that were nothing compared to the fires we’ve seen in nations like Chechnya, where the country’s tallest building burned for hours and did not collapse.

In other words, Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein went ahead and demolished a building that most likely did not need to be taken down. You can watch the interview segment where Silverstein details all of this below, where he talks about how he made the ‘decision to pull it’:

So at this point we have Silverstein making a nice $5 billion on a building that was suffering from minor fires, cashing out on the relatively new insurance policy that he acquired. Fast forward to 12 years later, and it turns out the $5 billion wasn’t enough. Will Silverstein get his extra billions? Will anyone highlight the fact that he decided to demolish his own building despite moderate fires that even foreign skyscrapers can sustain?

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  1. Freaking unbelievable.

  2. When you die…………….it don't go with u

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  3. If he "wins" it lends credence to the "official" story that commercial airliners were used in the "attack".

    • EXACTLY. Hes just trying to put it in record, making it harder for anyone to prove otherwise. It will all look legit if a judge or jury approves the outrageous reward.

  4. Are we goin’ to see proofs of an AA or United striking those buildings?

    • It will be VERY interesting how it gets explained away that there was a pod on the belly of the jet that struck the 2nd tower. Particularly since civilian passenger jets don't have pods. But military planes do.

  5. It's great to read that the writer of this article says WT7 was demolished… however that is not what the official story says. It says it was a gravity fed collapse due to small office fires. Ya right.

    • I can't believe someone hasn't whacked this Jewish piece of excrement The FBI is controlled by the Jews or they would have connected him to the attacks. We are more screwed right now than any of you can imagine. When they load you and your family up in the FEMA trucks, then you realize Hitler was right.

  6. Disgraceful that he’s trying to make even more money from this tragedy

  7. So maybe some of the NYC firefighters and officers should sue mr. Silverstein for their negligence and upkeep on his building since it was his responsibility to remove asbestos from the very building he owned. I think $8 billion would be great. They would be able to have endless healthcare they need from the very asshole that helped them get sick.

    • Somebody just KILL LARRY SILVERSTEIN

      • Did you exaggerate a bit? Please, don't use this tone.

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    • I can't believe someone hasn't whacked this Jewish piece of excrement The FBI is controlled by the Jews or they would have connected him to the attack.

    • im surprised they didnt subtract the cost of removing all that asbestos, which he would have had no choice to do.

      There is no way Larry Silverstein in 2001 could have gotten any of those buildings demolished legally wit how much asbestos was filled into those buildings

  8. Those of us who have investigated the events of 9-11 up one side and down the other, know full well that Lucky Larry has been more than extremely naughty.

    And got paid far too much for being extremely naughty.

    Larry belongs in prison, life sentence, no chance for parole, breaking big rocks into smaller rocks from sunup to sundown 7 days a week.

    • No, he needs to be killed.

    • You mean those of you who have watched a few youtube videos and now think your experts? You don't know anything.

      • It'll be INCREDIBLY useful just how it gets explained apart in which there was any pod for the stomach with the aircraft in which arranged the next structure. Particularly considering that civilian passenger aircraft don't possess pods. Nevertheless military services air carriers complete.

  9. no planes struck world trade 7, Silverstein and his kind are the manifest evil on this planet.



    • What happened then it is still considered one of the most tragic things in human history but the fact that there are people who are trying to obtain money from that event is quite cruel. Of course that there are people who went to public adjusters in order to receive something for the damages but this doesn't mean that you should be greedy especially as a business owner.

  12. It's all a lie and the Zionist were behind 911. Silverstein probably is just a flunkey. Look at Ronald Lauder! Lauder helped pay for 911 and Israel is behind 911! They must be brought to justice for the murder and death they caused! They stoled the gold from the World Trade Center and Silverstein gave it most likely to Netanyahu! A golden calf was built as victory monent in the Negtev desert in Israel with the World Trace Center heisted gold. Israel did 911!

    • Those kind keep fleecing us and the holocaust industry is no different. They fleece us with wars, depressions and they do it with insurance. A citizen should take the law into his own hands, but we don't have anyone with big enough balls.

  13. Everyone needs to wake up! Israel and Iraq were not behind 9/11, OUR OWN GOVERNMENT was behind 9/11! Our government needed a reason to invade Iraq for one simple reason, OIL, plain and simple. They and Lucky Larry staged the whole attack and killed all those innocent people so they can get the AMERICAN people to believe it was Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Oil, people, that's what its all about. Do your research, look up PetroDollar scheme, OPEC and you will find all the answers you will need to figure out who the real douche bags are. God Bless us all

  14. Good ol' Larry was probably in on bringing those buildings down because of the enormity of cost to remedy the asbestos problems that riddled those buildings.

  15. How could the firemen, in a matter of minutes, drill and plant explosives run the wiring ect to "pull" the building down in the time frame given ? IMPOSSIBLE.
    Demolition experts take weeks to do this, yet we are expected to accept and believe the fairy story Silverstein is spouting ? WOW ! Goes to show the amount of contempt this man has for the average American and their lack of brain power to see the wood for the trees.

    • to add more evidence to your statement: remember that SIlverstein reworked his insurance policy to cover "acts of terror" only a few months prior to 9/11. From this we can infer that not only did they know about a possible terrorist attack, but proceeded to act in a way that would potential kill thousands instead of trying to prevent it.

      • He only leased the towers about seven weeks prior. There is so much sit pointing to this bastard. I mean "PULL IT" Give me a break.

    • They have to cut out girders and weaken the structure or they would have to put ten times the cutter charges to do the same thing. Which is expensive and time consuming. It would take two months to get that building ready. The trade towers would have taken a year, but why implode them and pay for it. When you can create a bogus attack and take the gold and start a war and collect insurance money instead of paying for the cost of demolishing the buildings. The Fuhrer was right.

  16. **** Zionist JEWS

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  18. Considering no commercial jetliner hit any tower that day, how is this possible, Larry? These are high-quality images of the sidewalks of NYC directly below the supposed 'impacts' of the massive jumbo 767's and the SIDEWALKS ARE PRISTINE! Not so much as a single paint chip fell back onto the sidewalks. I guess the 450,000 lb. jetliners and their 3.1 million parts (each) must have melted neatly into the steel towers like the one that made the tiny neat hole @ the Pentagon, RIGHT? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.5523909

    • Marcus we can rehash this shit till eternity. But why not decide we have had enough of him and his ancestry and then we get to party.

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  21. It'll be INCREDIBLY useful just how it gets explained apart in which there was any pod for the stomach with the aircraft in which arranged the next structure. Particularly considering that civilian passenger aircraft don't possess pods. Nevertheless military services air carriers complete.

  22. Silverstein still has 86 and a quarter years left on his lease of the WTC site [ as of April, 2014 . ]. It is imcumbent on Silverstein to redevelop the site out of his 9/11 insurance proceeds. Silverstein cannot simply offload such a lease. Such an insurance policy as he had, combined with the conditions of his 99 year lease, would require that his $4.55 billion insurance return, plus several years of accrued interest thereof, be utilised to bankeoll the reconstruction of another World Trade Center 1 through 7, which he of course owns, but that is specifically what he owns, rather than simply having these billions of dollars to otherwise play around with.

    • He bought so much precious metals prior to 9/11. He shorted the stocks on both airlines. He shorted the stocks on all the insurance companies involved. He went long on all the gold and silver mining companies. He could have easily bought 10 tons of gold and 100 tons of silver. He probably made a billion on those transactions. Let's get the revolution going and we know who we have to take care of.

  23. This is the world's worst case of insurance fraud 9/11 and guess who gained profits here???

  24. Conspiracy theorists are so dumb. Your lives are boring, so you have to fill them with ideas of espionage and government control. Take some science classes and you will see there was no demolition. Take finance classes and you will see that silvertein didn't come out on top. I guess aliens also built the pyramids and no one had been to the moon. Obama is a foreigner and the government had chips in or brains to control us. Everyone praise me, I'm Jesus

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  26. “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

    • A friend knocks the crap out of you when you are using and abusing your friendship and you have had enough of their nonsense.

  27. As owner of the building Mr. Silverman would have had precisely zero authority to either order or refuse to allow the fire department to demolish the building if the fire department were to deem it necessary.

    Imagine a kid scratches the paint on your new car at the shopping mall. Can you instruct the police or your insurance company to simply "pull it" so that you can get a new car instead of a paint job? Of course not.

    Likewise, at the instant the insurance contract became operational pursuant to a claim cause, Mr. Silverman would have ceased to be the owner vis a vis his relationship with the insurance company. At the latest, when the first plane hit the first tower, the insurance company will have assumed all capacity and powers of the owner with respect to the disposition of the insured property.

    Based on my research and knowledge of insurance companies as financial institutions, I was shocked at the lack of real resistance to the claim by the insurance companies. Based on normal practice they could have cited any one or more of dozens of anomalies sufficient to shift the onus to Mr. Silverman to prove that he did not destroy his own buildings to collect the insurance. But they didn't do that – they put up what appears to be a nominal protest and then just paid out the claim. Very odd. Very strange.

  28. Silverstein is a zionist..;)

  29. We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter.

  30. There is no just single reason behind it, but one thing is sure that US gov knew it very well.

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  33. And which airline(s) does he propose to sue? It would be great if this lawsuit would force an examination of what planes from which airline company actually hit the WTC towers. Maybe Mr. Silverstein should check with Dov Zakheim and find out what exactly hit those buildings and who was really responsible for the destruction. This whole thing is an ongoing unbelievable hoax and the victims are the American people as a whole. And there is no way in hell that America will ever resume an onward future course under its constitutionally-given freedoms until 9/11 is fully examined and the people who were really responsible fully prosecuted. Mr. Silverstein probably belongs in that group. He's just counting on being dead before the real truth is out. Shameless! Shameless beyond belief!

    • Why don't we Americans refuse to fly until the truth comes out? I mean they could do this again. You wan to be on an airplane when they take you on a shuttle and scurry you off the airport property and taken to some location and whacked?

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  36. Why hasn't someone killed this piece of filth? I'll leave out the J word and maybe I can post this. SILVERSTEIN From the get go when he leased the towers it was to commit the attacks. The buildings were useless hulks that needed asbestos removed. That would probably have cost $100,000 per floor. Meaning the buildings were useless. Not one cop that lost a friend has stopped this piece of shit and put lead into him, because he reached under the seat for something.

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  42. So perhaps a portion of the NYC firefighters and officers ought to sue mr. Silverstein for their carelessness and upkeep on his working since it was his obligation to expel asbestos from the very building he possessed. I think $8 billion would be incredible. They would have the capacity to have unending social insurance they require from the very butt hole that helped them become ill.

  43. The asbestos removal in NYCtwin towers should have taken place years ago. There are countless people who are suffering from the fallout of this and these are the same people who put their lives at risk to save so many others. You would think the owner of the building would be responsible for this!

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