Wi-Fi Trashcans Now Silently Tracking Your Smartphone Data

August 12th, 2013
Updated 08/12/2013 at 3:15 am

In an astounding testament to the depth of our surveillance society, a new line of ‘spy trashcans’ have been rolled out that further the international agenda to track and collect all of your personal data at every turn.

Renew trashcan can spy on you.In the past we’ve seen politicians revealing that various electronics like your television and computer can spy on you at any time using special built-in hardware, but now even the most basic items are being turned into tools of the surveillance state. In fact, they don’t even have to be electronic in the first place.

And such is the case with the new ‘spy trashcans’, rolling out just recently into the streets of London for beta testing.

Utilizing Wi-Fi technology within the infrastructure of the now tech-equipped trashcans, new ‘Renew Pods’ spy trashcans have been placed throughout the financial district of London. The trash cans actually go ahead and utilize their internet connectivity to collect information from your smartphones without your permission (or any form of warning).

While the true data the spy cans are collecting may be completely withheld thanks to various relationships with spy agencies like GCHQ and the NSA, the ‘Renew’ company behind the spy cans says that the Renew Pods track and collect a medley of information.

This includes information that is actually, under law, considered personal data that requires permission to collect. Specifically, it includes your phone’s unique Media Access Control (MAC) address, which these Renew Pods collect without even the slightest warning. But that’s along with collecting other characteristics that are used to sell to advertisers in order to better ‘target’ you with advertising in the area.

From your phone’s unique identification address to its manufacturer, model, and even speed, these spy cans know more about your phone than you do — all without asking. Something that is uniquely against the law and actually ended with Google facing legal issues when rolling out Street View due to the fact that it was sharing the personal details of random citizens. According to a report from tech website GigaOM:

“If you’re wondering just how legal all this is, then you’re not alone. It turns out that recording your precise location as well as your phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address constitutes the gathering of personal data. In the UK, that means asking permission — which the trash cans aren’t doing.”

In other words, the Renew company behind the spy cans simply doesn’t care. And we could see these spy cans rolling out in the United States (namely New York City, as the company is trying to target businessmen in large groups) in the near future. And ultimately what will determine whether or not this company continues to grow and expand its personal data collection on random citizens is how we react right now.

It really comes down to whether or not our surveillance society is so far entrenched into the psyche of the people that they are even willing to allow trashcans to spy on them.

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  1. 999 says:

    Lol wow Twilight Zone indeed

  2. Kyle says:

    It sounds like it is time to dump my cell phone.

  3. Dave says:

    People need to start carrying hammers to smash the electronics in these things every chance they get.

  4. Amanda Owen says:

    So Westminster council must of allowed these cans to be installed on the streets! One cannot install anything willy-nilly on the streets of London you know! You have to apply for a licence to place a rubbish skip that is to b hauled away when done with… No doubt the public will just bleat and carry on… Must remember to switch phone off when in the caapital city!

  5. Tionico says:

    Makes me remember a popular song from, oh, maybe late 1960's, Donovan, perhaps, about a chap was working for some big corporation, ready to retire… went through the prying questioning to get hired….. they wanted to know the colorur of your toilet roll, and if your cousin was quire…. here's your gold watch, and the shackle for your chain, and here's a piece of paper to say we left ya sane… and if you've a son who wants a good career, get him to sign on the dotted line and we'll work him for fifty years….. the company, in that song, OWNED their workers. And kew eVERYthing about them. Now its government wanting to know and control. What, are they afraid of us all? Perhsps it has come time to give them reason for that fear. And end this insanity. Yes, a two pound ball pein hammer should set tose spy pods right….. smash it up well, and have it into the dustbin for proper disposal at the tip…..

  6. AsmShir says:

    Hats off to Anthony for sharing this thought-provoking and (a little bit alarming) post with us! I never knew about the gentle threat in using these Wi-Fi based 'spy trashcans', but it is not a big deal as I never use or keep any objectionable data in my smartphone. Using smartphone or tablets are only for fun to me. So nothing to fretful about.

  7. It is great articles like this keeps us apprised of all the nonsense going on. The article also proves that just because something can be done or even invented, doesn’t actually mean it is a good idea. The transistor was invented, then the microprocessor and the IC chip. We got to the moon. Now it seems most things being built are all for some type of spying or more appropriately, voyeurism.

  8. George says:

    Technology is developing and along with that risk of information violation is increasing as well. I'm currently using an iPhone 4S but really not satisfied regarding current WiFi trashcans tracking smartphone data options pretty much. Thanks.

  9. split airco says:

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  10. I got it how it works, Awesome news.

  11. Dudley Taxis says:

    If he scan Silently, Good,No problem

  12. Nabeel says:

    It turns out that recording your precise location as well as your phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address constitutes the gathering of personal data. In the UK, that means asking permission — which the trash cans

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  19. Utilizing Wi-Fi technology internal the infrastructure of the pronto tech-equipped trashcans, modern Regenerate Cocoons pry trashcans bear been arranged everywhere the monetary diocese of London. The rabble receptacles indeed go before further harness their internet connectivity to obtain info from your smartphones minus your permit.

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  23. Hassan says:

    tracking is now something normal, if you read the terms of every carrier, you will find that you have to accepted about tracking you and spy on your device when they want, so nothing weird about this nowadays.

  24. Incredible what a trash can be in the street following smartsphones it is a problem!! : (

  25. david3729 says:

    I wish there could be like that product in other country.

  26. Melissa says:

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  28. ahmed ayad says:

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