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Wash. State School District Sets Up ‘Homeland Security Class’

The Department of Homeland Security is partnering with a Washington state school district to recruit future employees through a new high school curriculum.

An employment application posted by Evergreen Public Schools this weekend requests a certified “Homeland Security Instructor” to steer young students into a career with the agency.

Image: DHS Instructor Application excerpt
Image: DHS Instructor Application excerpt

“Instruct high school juniors and seniors in skills and knowledge leading to entry-level employment or further education in Homeland Security occupations,” the job description reads. “In-depth instruction will include theory, application and work based learning activities. The instructor will work closely with the Skills Center and administrative staff and the program advisory committee to continually upgrade the program curriculum and skills competencies (outcomes) needed by students for employment.”

The course will be overseen and shaped by the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, a group consisting of government, academia and private sector employees who provide information and security-related recommendations to the DHS secretary. Of the many requirements, applicants are informed of their duty to meet with the committee on a regular basis.

“Attend all Homeland Security Advisory Committee meetings. Actively seek consultation and advice from the advisory committee about prevailing practices, equipment, and facilities necessary for maintaining up-to-date competencies (outcomes) and up-to-date instructional program,” the application states.

The instructor will also be required to actively evaluate all students, maintaining “appropriate student records” that will be provided to “appropriate personnel.”

Specific course content is completely unavailable in the job application as well as on the Evergreen Public Schools website, which also fails to make any mention whatsoever of the upcoming class.

While there are no facts to suggest that the program is purposely being kept under wraps, the most concerning questions surround not only the lesson plan, but the district’s stance toward the agency’s many controversies.

One must ask whether the district will inform parents and students alike of the agency’s $2 million purchase of paper shooting targets depicting young children, pregnant woman, and the elderly last year. Although the target producer was forced to publicly apologize to outraged Americans, the DHS has yet to even acknowledge the outrageous acquisition.

Given the fact that former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano labeled returning military veterans as the number one terror threat in 2009, will students be shown the New York Times report where the agency trained Boy Scout Explorers to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans?”

Multiple DHS-funded drills throughout the country have also portrayed children and parents outside of the public school system as terrorists. In 2004, Michigan police apologized to families after carrying out a drill that consisted of homeschoolers carrying out a terrorist attack on a public school bus.

Despite the fact that Americans are far more likely to die from bee stings than terrorism, the DHS appears eager to instill baseless fear into the minds of the next generation.

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About Mikael Thalen

Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. Get em well they are young so the police state can go unchallenged

    • Kitty Werthmann tells about Hitler doing exactly that in Austria and Germany too.

        • Education used to be students learning to think, not indoctrinated in what they were allowed to think.

          • still stalking each other odd couple?

          • Yep, it's too bad the conservative and liberals have changed that

          • Conservatives haven't.

            RINO's have backed down and allowed marxists to take over the education system. But they aren't equal.

          • How is your ship doing Roger?
            Have they rescues it from the ice?

          • Still spamming the site?

          • How is your ship doing Roger?
            Have they rescues it from the ice?

          • How is your spamming going?

          • Nope. conservatives want local control because the founding fathers wanted local control.

            RINO's may have gone along, but not conservatives.

          • Both sides have to go in order for the country to move forward. It's really a shame yo don't see that. YOu're like a blind sheep being lead to slaughter like the rest of them

          • No, the opposition needs to actually oppose the marxist agenda.

            When the liberals have shifted us to every plank of the communist manifesto and Boehner can't even point that out, that means the RINO's have to go if we're going to save the country.

          • Who started DHS?

          • Who said that it isn't now what he legislated?

            The DHS is not what it was intended to be, and it was warped into a police state under a marxist of muslim heritage.

          • So who started DHS?

            It is has always been what it was intended to be.

            We know conservatives started it and the liberals are keeping it going.

          • The idiot Bush started DHS, to fulfill his Poppas wishes for the New World Order.

          • Exactly!!!!!!

          • And what did he say when Obama morphed it into this?

          • I don't care what he said. Most of things Bush said were lies anyways. DHS was started for one purpose. Take control of American citizens

          • Some of us care.
            It means that Obama is corrupt and this marxist regime needs stopped.

            It doesn't mean that the rule of law is flawed, or that the original bill aimed at watching enemy combatants overseas is flawed.

            Did I support it at the time? Of course not. But I am not so bigoted as to overlook what Obama is doing.

          • I am not so bigoted that I will overlook what obama and bush both did to this country.

            Can't trust a thing bush said nor obama, so I really don't care what the liars say. They spew chit like you

          • There you go. Still bigoted enough to blame Bush for something he didn't do?

            Don't you recall the debate at the time, liberals that now tap into our local calls were outraged Bush was listening in to calls over seas with suspected terrorist.

            Its' amazing how they change the debate and some are so busy throwing mud they fall for it.

          • Those charts show that there were problems in the last two years.

            That would be under Pelosi spending.
            Why not put the blame where it belongs?

            The fiscal issues start in the house. That's like saying Clinton deserved credit for Newt's budgets or Reagan deserve the blame for Tip O'Neals.

          • Who was POTUS then?

          • The guy that threatened shut downs.
            Just like Reagan shut down the government to slow spending.

            And you still won't give credit to the house speaker that set the agenda on taxes and spending.

          • So who was POTUS?

          • So, who was speaker and who writes the budget?

          • When you listen to left wing propaganda do you really expect a story you can take seriously?

          • I listen to all sides and don't see things from a one sided view like an uniformed sheep. I see you did not manage to be able challenge any of the stuff in the link or show it was wrong.

            Check Mate.

          • Check mate? Because you brag about listening to a side with no credibility?

            You admit you fall for the left's talking points and pretend that's something to brag about?

            McCain does that in the Senate and conservatives realize it's an excuse to be a sell out RINO fool.

          • No, I see things from all POV's not just one sided like you, which is why you lose in debate everyday and claim you challenge others. Going back to ignoring you. Have fun stalking and replying to every comment I make while no one reads what you say and have fun thumbing me down when I go to sites to comment that you were banned from for trolling

          • Seeing things from all sides, is that like being so open minded it falls out?

            Can you explain how both can be right? They can't. One is for freedoms and one is for complete government control.

            As a constitutionally minded conservative I want freedoms to win, not to reach across the isle for partial tyranny. I don't accept a partial defeat as something to be valued.

            And for you to pretend it's a good thing when just this morning you were pushing for a sledge hammer approach to things instead of restoration of our freedoms, I find that disingenuous.

          • 125 looks good on you welcome to the club. Keep up the good fight.

          • A fight for what?

            Do you like the call to revolution, or todays call to fall for the talking points from the left?

            Just what fight are you pushing for?

          • I didn't even notice. But thank you. How have you been SBJ? I do miss having discussions with you.

          • What's wrong, are you doing so badly this morning you're back to playing tag team with another posse member to help you cover it up?

          • Nope, I am doing great. I destroyed your BS in less than 3 minutes and I happen to like SBJ and others on here. Just because you hate and stalk people and have to call in back up does not mean I do. I have respect for SBJ and many others, none ofr a creep like you though that lies

          • Are you? I don't see it, but then we're all entitled to our opinions.

            Can you prove all these points are wrong?

            Oh, I shouldn't stoop to your level.

            It would be derailing from the topic. That would lend itself to the posse agenda.

            I'd rather discuss how this regime is stealing our kids from common core indoctrination to this latest ploy to build a brown shirt army.

          • Yes I am and of course you don't see it. YOu only see things one sided and refuse to look at things from all angles. YOu want to discuss the regime then discuss it then and leave me alone. It's obvious that you don't and all you want to do is harass and stalk people. Of course when you post a comment by itself no one really replies, what does that tell you? No one wants you here

          • Once more you push the posse agenda of distracting from the topic and ignoring the reason this site it here.

            Are you all here because the site is still effective enough that it needs to be snuffed out?

          • I love this site. The only problem wit hthis site is they allow a complete anti-American nit wit like you to post here. Hopefully they ban you soon so the site can flourish and not have endless back abd forths between you and others arguing over the smell of hit

          • Is that why you have been discussing the schools and this course in every comment so much?

          • I was until you came in and derailed the tread. My first comments proves that

          • Once more you just kept derailing and not on topic or with any goal to get back on topic. I'vebeen pointing out things on thei s topic since the git go. From Kitty Werthmann on.

          • Have a great Easter sbj

          • You realize it's Christian holiday?

          • A SF newspaper and you expect it to be fair and report facts accurately?

            You're making my case for me.
            Bush was attacked for everything and you fall for it.

            This same media is covering for Obama and until patriots learn to cut through the media filter and bias you're not going to have an accurate view of what is happening.

            Obama took a law meant to protect us by authorizing some call intercepts and changed it into a police state spying on US citizens at home and instead of calling it out for what it is you have to put blame in places other than the evil regime doing it.

          • So can you show the link is wrong? Lets see you debunk all 935 lies. I already know your answer. YOu will come back with some dumb question like "can you show they are right?" or something stupid like that. Go argue over the smell of chit with someone else. The adults are trying to have a real discussion

          • I've already addressed the larger points. Why don't you stop and prove your point true?

            If you are accurate and you're not just throwing mud that should be possible

            If you want proof for points on this forum, you man up and start it.

  2. Homeland Security Instructor?

    A whole new generation of snitches is born.

    • That's the goal.
      Fascist dictators need them to keep power.

      • Roger, you did not really want to respond to me. It is your modus operandi, it is in your DNA. You have an obsessive compulsion, to start at the top of the thread, at the very first comment, and comment to every comment, all the way down. You did it at Breitbart, you did it at Navys. You did it at the Growl and Bellfast until they banned you.

        There is nothing that you can add to my comment that will make it better. I mad a comment on the topic. The very first comment. I summed up the entire article in two lines. Everything else that followed it, the several hundred posts, amount to nothing more than idle chatter and wasted bandwidth.

        • Guest, I did want to respond to you.
          True a new generation of snitches is born.

          You pointed out the current situation.
          I pointed out that all fascist dictators always do this, that it's a continuation of historical tactics. Not just the now, but an old song with a new verse being written.

          Hitler has a lot of similarities with Obama, and if we don't point it out we're giving him wiggle room that we shouldn't give him.

          Listen, I don't know who you are. I don't CARE who you are. I do care about the issues.
          You may want to comment here, you may not have the guts to post under a profile and you certainly are more worried about ego than issues.

          I don't know why you came to tweak me. I do hope you come to post ideas, values and principles. Yes, because for me it's not about ego.

    • You know what happens to snitches I bet

      • Yes, people that advocate for violence and revolution take offense.

        • Wee are surprised that you are even here Roger.
          Wee all thought you would have driven the short bus.
          The bus to take Dooche and HPDuuuuh and Petro and Leux and all the tough talking Patriots and Oath Keepers to Bunkerville, NV to help Mr. Bundy.

          Whats that you say?
          You didn't go?

          I'm surprised………………..


          • So, which troll are you?

            It's clear you don't care about the issues and you're just here to toss mud.
            Cant' you even pretend to be cute like they were yesterday when they switched all serious discussion to that of discussion on the south park characters?

          • I am the MV Akademik.

            Do you know what that is?

            It is your ship, that was caught stranded in the ice.

          • It seems to me someone used a similar profile name before.
            He didn't make much sense either.

            But aren't you referring to a ship, one that gained notoriety by carrying fools to a place they didn't belong to prove something that wasn't true?

            Fine, go to a story on global warming . This isn't it.

          • How is your boy Barroid?

            HpDuuuh has sure been laying low, since he was outed over the weekend. Hasn't been here with any of his numerous duplicitous aliases.

          • Wee calls that stalking you know.

          • If that was a Ship of Fools, then obviously you were the Captain.

          • If you're the captain of the trolls, then you have a ship full of fools.

            Even if you stop debate and think you win, under this regime you lose.

          • Seems like you are on board

          • Seems you would want to think so.

          • It's called having some humor in life. Something you should look into

          • I have humor, when it's appropriate. This site isn't geared for it.

            But the agenda is to stop debate and interrupt the work sites like this do.
            If you can do it with the last three people here laughing instead of mad I suppose you'll take that as a last resort.

          • Pretty sure the people who run this site would be ok with a humor between us Patriots

          • Pretty sure that some sites have an open thread so people can be spontaneous without derailing the serious nature of news the media won't allow to be exposed.

          • So it's an open thread? So we can discuss what we want. Hey if you don't like us having fun, don't read it. No one is forcing you

          • Somes sites have them. Navy's does. But of course you aren't allowed since you don't know how to debate.

            Here? It's called story leak for a reason. They leak the important stories the media ignores. It's a desperately needed service with this fascist regime seizing power.

            And you and your cadre just can't allow that to happen it seems.

          • Well if my cadre is Liberty and Alinsky then so be it. Sorry of you don't like us having fun. As I said don't read it.

            CVN is not a site for debate. You can only post there if you agree with navy. Is that what you think debate is?

            This is a debate site, Blefast is a debate site. Oh you were banned for trolling on Belfast huh?

          • Liberty still discusses the topics. He was here before you and while you may find him like minded on legalized marijuana he may not be in the same category as alinsky and the trolls.

            And on Belfaste you don't debate. You attack and belittle. That's why you were banned.

          • Pretty sure I was just over there posting on Belfast moron, I was never banned I had to create a new profile by the request of the admin because she did not want you reporting all my comments. But I messed up today and posted here with that one. Prolly have to create a new one again for Belfast so you can stalk and report all my comments there again.

            I discuss topics with Liberty all the time and you try and derail them. I respect him and if you have a problem with him and myself joking around maybe you should take it up with him as well and not target me with your insanity

          • Pretty sure they may get tired of your insults and lecturing like they did on the other profiles they banned.

          • Doubt it. I have had great debates over there. You tried wrecking that and you were banned. I was never banned. You sure do get banned from a lot of sites roger. You are 3 up on me

          • Doubt it, I read the comments.

    • NSA also recruits underage kids as young as 15 according to Salon….could it be older men spies are attracted to young boys?

      see salon:

  3. Waco, Over Twenty Years Later—What Statism Is All About

    Twenty years ago, Americans witnessed the greatest law enforcement atrocity in modern U.S history. On February 28th, 1993, the ATF raided the Branch Davidian home in Waco, Texas. The stand-off finally ended 51 days later, on April 19th, after the building went up in flames, killing 70 civilians and more than 20 children.

  4. Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots 04.15.14

    • I am so sick of drones

      • Bush used them at times, as part of a larger struggle.
        But Obama uses them so much more. And intelligence officers were critical of the shift, since it killed anyone that knew anything before they could question them.

        And to target our own citizens overseas? There is a word for that, and it's not something the founding fathers ever authorized.

        • Yep, we will bomb them into submission when the war is a total fraud you bought into!

          The girl killed by Barack Obama – she never saw it coming

          • Tell the 9/11 victims it's a fraud.

            We have to respond to the islamists that call us the great satan and want us forced under sharia.
            If you doubt their agenda look back to the Byzantine Empire. They are the same, we know what reactions are going to fail. History is a good guidebook on that one.

            What reaction do you suggest?

          • Since, you are an emotional individual you should know this from across the pond, and if you need more I have plenty of data!

            BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

          • My bother and nephew that served in Iraq and Afghanistan would disagree with you.

            When someone wants you dead and is shooting at you you tend to believe they are real.

          • Are you just going emotional 'AGAIN' without review of what I provided?

          • Mr. Lincoln, first person experience alongside dead bodies convinces me more than your link does.

            Not due to emotion but based on history, facts (the dead even at Ft Hood) and the clear intentions of islamists as has been consistent since the 8the century.

            Are you going to get emotional and not review all that?

          • The simple answer and short one would be a 'YES'!

          • Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

            But everyone is entitled to their own positions.

          • Cast iron pot meet cast iron kettle!

          • In what way? Did the Roman empire think that the barbarians were a hoax or something?

          • This topic is not about Rome! WoW!

          • Wow, Rome was an example that you can't ignore your enemies or pretend they're not out to get you.

            Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          • Some of your links are off topic too, but lead to the larger point.

            Pointing to the past to show what we expect int the future is a well recognized way of using logic.

          • Assuming that one situation is perfectly analogous to another because they share some characteristics is a very common logical fallacy.

          • Then tell that to Mr. Lincoln, he assumes because his views explain the past the similar things will happen in the future too.

            You're just trolling.

          • Which is a greater example of "trolling" – point out someone's fallacious approach or continuing to rely on such fallacy, once it has been pointed out?

            You are free to define "troll" as anyone who disagrees with you but your credibility will not benefit.

          • A fallacious approach would be to pretend I can have a civil debate with a troll not wanting one.

          • So you have forst person experience alongside dead bodies?

          • You are proceeding from a flawed premise.

            That if these bodies are not all exactly what people expect then the islamists don't want us dead.

            And the buildings didn't do what people expected, why would the bodies?

          • No you claim you have first hand experience alonside the dead bodies and that was a lie. Which is why you have no creidtability here

          • Please post more data I would love to read it

          • Data, it's important. I'm curious who's been fighting the Syrian government if not the al qaida islamists.

          • Twelve Years of War, Lies and Deception, September 11, 2013

          • The war didn't start with 9/11. That was the second attack on the trade centers.

            Do you have links on the blink sheik and his first attack being a fake?

          • STFU!

            Why do you insist on derailing another thread?

          • Why are you here adding nothing?

            The posse sure is belligerent today.

          • I still know you did not read the 'LINK' I provided, because this is first and foremost the beginning of the article!

            Twelve years after the 9/11 attacks, no credible independent investigation has been done to find out what really happened on that day and who was responsible. Independent journalists and researchers have demonstrated, however, that the official version of the event is nothing but a cover-up, an opinion shared by the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, who declared the Commission was “set up to fail”.

          • Mr. Lincoln, I know enough. Thousands died and islamists danced in the streets. Even if there were back room schemes the islamist in the mud huts and caves around the world saw it as a victory.

            I take the larger longer view.
            You don't know what I read. Or where I stop reading, and it wasn't with your link there are other things I read that help me see beyond the issue you keep pointing towards.

            If you get stuck bickering over the official story vs the unofficial story and lose site of the bigger global struggle for supremacy, we're doomed. Just like the Byzantine empire that was full of palace intrigues.

          • FBI's 30 Year Mafia Crime Spree Interview with Peter Lance Jul 4, 2013

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger claims he knows enough and then immediately spews the old propaganda that Muslims danced in the streets after the towers were hit.

            What a sheep.

          • Am I? I laid out what my opinions were and explained why I held them.

            You haven't and that's true difference between us.

          • Have a great Easter Alinsky

          • You're even wishing him a positive religious experience on this Christian holiday?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How did we not see it before?

          • Only you would come back with a cartman song for a serious thread.

          • You can make fun of South Park's satire all you want but in reality the creators are extremely in tune with world events. It does bug me when they make fun of God and Jesus but everyone and everything is fair game. And remember that God has sense of humor too.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Slap happy = Roger. Even the same mustache and hair. .

            Probably why he is divorced.

          • Hahaha Mr. Queermo!

            Go ahead pick a character for me. Don't pick the Red Necks that one is too easy.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'll have to think of who you guys are.

          • OMG that was funny. You can find one for me to. Who are you? Towliee?

          • Thanks for the laugh

          • Ha no problem.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I think Liberty and Lincoln may be the Hardly Boys.

          • HAHAHA!
            This is great way may all have our differences but at the end of the day we can all sit back and poke some fun at each other and laugh. It's really too bad others can't.

          • It would be difficult to laugh with you instead of at you.I'm just glad you found a forum that helps you to enjoy your love for the absurd.

            I know when I want to joke about cartoons the very first place I think of is this one.

          • Well everyone else is laughing with us. We al laught at you, I don't care what you laugh at.

            Hey its humor and if you don't like it tell someone who cares because I don't and I like to have laughter in my life. Life is to short to be anything but happy

          • Yes and for a site that is for humor and not focused on serious issues it would have been appropriate.

            The posse is so determined to derail what this site is for, even if it takes cartoons.

          • Haha I literally am tearing up bc I laughed so hard. F YOU lol

          • Thanks' for the compliment!

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Haha. I am Towliee,

          • Haha the Intervention episode, CLASSIC!

          • I remember when they first aired that one I laughed so hard I cried.
            I am a Family Guy fan myself. My favorite clip:

          • Hahaha excellent!

          • Towliee! Yeah that may be me. Or Stan in this one

          • You and Alinsky will have to fight it out over who is Towliee

          • Haha he can be Towliee.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Hold on, I had not seen the intervention episode.

          • You have to watch the full episdoe. It's great

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I will. Thanks.

          • My favorite episode is "Red Hot Catholic Love"

            Oh and when Butters becomes a pimp

          • Roger, Lincoln is not suggesting that 9/11 did not happen. He is not suggesting that there are not radical Islamists either. What he is trying to explain to you is that there are elements within our government that allowed them to successfully attack us. That is why he calls it a fraud. You should also realize that even before 9/11 you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than by getting killed by a terrorist. So all these wars, wasted dollars and lost lives are contributing to the fraud. Al Q is funded by the USA, this is fact. It is a tool for the globalists, mercenary soldiers used to scare us and take our freedoms.

          • Well said Mr. Liberty

          • Yes, considering Mr Lincoln inferred that al qaida wasn't real.

          • and they may not. You ever met any al qaida members

          • I have had family shoot at them, they seemed real to them.

          • Drones make us just as bad as the terrorists IMO.

            Great link and it really sums up how nasty and evil drones are

          • Obama wants us to look weak.
            And not killing terrorist that are killing our men in Afghanistan makes us look even weaker.

          • Dig into this to see the truth with evidence!

            HOW ALTERNATIVE MEDIA INFLUENCED THE YEAR OF AWAKENING by Mikael Thalen December 31st, 2013

          • Are you going to tell the Egyptian Copts that the muslim brotherhood isn't real?

            Alternative media is vital. But survival makes everything else possible. We have to survive in order to live and fight another day. Pretending islamists aren't a real threat didn't work for anyone in history.

          • Do not bother reading scared little girl!

          • There were people like yourself in the Byzantine empire too.

            They thought if they paid off the islamists and used them as mercenaries it would all work out well. Now we have muslims in the balkans as a result of that.

            I read, and think. And I realize the easiest course isn't always the best.
            Our primary goal is to survive, and then to remember why we valued out culture enough to fight for it. Freedoms.

            We may agree on the freedoms part. But this denial of our enemies as threats? I am afraid we have to part ways on that.

          • You claim every muslium is our enemy. That is BS and you know it.

          • Read surah 9 and try saying that with a straight face.

            They call us the great satan for a reason. We stand for everything they oppose. Freedoms, liberty, choice, and self responsibility.

            islam is 'submission'. Nothing else.

          • Reads just like the OT of the bible, alomost the exact same thing.

            religion is submission. Nothing else

          • Still determined to derail everything.

            Christ didn't teach or use violence, never said it was a solution for us to follow and this is direct contradiction to another post you just put up about being open minded and willing to see things from all points of view.

            I've come to expect that from you.
            As Mr. Lincoln said this morning, 'some people are afraid of facts'.

          • That was not derailment.
            The say almost the exact same thing:

          • No, they don't. The teachings for Christians and those for islam are not the same. Not even similar.

            Christ taught something entirely different. Monotheism is the only similarity in style or teachings.

            The Jews had similar teachings, but that was 2,500 year prior to islam, making islam a throw back religion. Jews of today do not follow the barbaric parts of those teachings, so it makes islam a doubly barbaric throw back religion.

          • Not according to the link I posted which compares the two books side by side.

          • Your link is hearsay.

            The teachings of the two religions may not agree with your site from Christianity as lived in the life of Christ and as lived by the prophet mohammed.

          • What?

            Nonsense. It has them side by side.

          • Yes, and they are biased and don't understand Christianity nor islam.

            So, looking at not a hearsay bigoted site but at the sources from which those religions pull their doctrines I can say the site is wrong.

          • You can't show it;s wrong, biased, or bigoted.

          • I have for the last 4 years.
            Others have. Many have.

            Everyone that understands my religion has.

            You ignore all that and revert to your original attack points regardless.

            Facts don't matter to you.

          • Roger 169p • 57 minutes ago
            Facts are an inconvenient stumbling block until you learn to ignore them.

            Roger 169p • 6 days ago
            Ignore the facts, they aren't important.

            As long as the agenda keeps moving forward…

          • For trolls it is. You made my point in your repeated claims just today about islam and Christianity.

            You have you agenda and facts don't matter.

          • That's all you know surah 9

          • When it was the next to last surah written by mohammed and the last final word on how to treat unbelievers, it's all you need to know. It's the only one that matters.

          • Roger doesn't see past dogma. Thus every Christian is Christlike and every Muslim is an enemy. If one claims to be a Christian but does not behave accordingly then, in Roger's view, they are not Christian. Similarly, he does not acknowledge that there are Muslims who don't embrace the worst aspects of the Koran.

            You were better off not responding to his comments. I encourage you to return to that policy. If everyone did that, he would eventually stop being such a motormouth.

          • The goal of every Christian is to be Christ like.
            And the goal of every muslim is to submit to allah, even in the surah 9 mandates.

            Its' not my view, it's the view of every Christian and good muslim.

          • It shows

          • Yes, so… when you consider how muslims have peace treaties then violate them at their convenience it's nice to understand it's the surah 9:1 mandate in control.

          • you are a religious war monger

          • I'm a survivalist in a religious war waged against me even if I don't deserve it.

          • Is that why you come here to troll?

          • I know I need to quit responding. It's hard not to point out the lies he tells though

          • You could try actually debating and discussing for a change.
            And making sweeping statements that I'm lying just because I don't agree with your talking points might be a place to start.

          • I showed you are lying and debate with you never happens. You hate debate

          • You claimed I was.

            I love real debate. The key word in that sentence is 'real'.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm on day three of ignoring Roger. His begging is most enjoyable.

          • You sure do have a way of making the strangest claims.

            How many guest profiles have you been using?

          • Chit, I forgot all about that. I am going to start ignoring the troll again too. Just had to put him in his place……………………again

          • Neither of you have been.

            Pretending to now is a bit late.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            His stupidity is like a black hole.

          • Really, I suppose you're entitled to your opinions.

            But if that's the case then why do you always use personal attacks instead of just defending your positions?

            For example when I mention you have no examples of any marxist utopias you could actually provide an example of one.

            That's debate. Not name calling and childish insults about black holes that you keep using.

          • I was thinking about our discussion yesterday and it was a good one.

          • It seemed a bit one sided.

            Almost as if you had your points rehearsed and pre-planned.

          • A paranoid person would think that

          • Or someone who'd dealt with a lot, a really lot of rehearsed talking points from one sided people.

          • You just think you have, Its the paraonia. No one is out to get you, on the other hand you are out to get others and have filed a law suit that will go no where

          • Really, then why not meet me in court and explain that to a jury?

          • So you are going to pay the fee to have a civil suit with a jury? Do it then. But if you did I would show how you have harrassed me for 4 years and threatened me with violence

          • Just have your attorney call mine and they'll work out the details.

          • Sorry you don't get to demand I do anything and this will be done on my terms, not yours

          • You just said 'do it then'.

            I just explained how to move forward.

            You're the one making the demands here pretending you can limit my place of debate. It's not your place to make those demands.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • Yes, it was amazing how many talking points you could cover when nobody challenged any of it.

          • Do not bother reading scared little girl! I think you have a reading and thinking problem!

          • I read, but that doesn't mean I agree.
            That doesn't mean I stop thinking where the author stops thinking.

          • When someone normally disagrees with something they chip away at the claims being made. You have 'NOT'!

          • Mr. Lincoln….
            I've been explaining my positions to you in the most polite ways I know how. They approach them differently than you do.

            You may like to chip. I don't.

          • Why am I able to support everything I post, and you are not?

          • But I have been.
            Why don't you show me one point I've made that hasn't been backed up by something.

            No, don't. That would be exactly what the detractors of this site want.

            You have been looking at very detailed specific instances. You have links to back up your conclusions over those limited events.

            I tend to look more at the long term and historical events long term. We're going to have disagreements on some things.

          • That's not true – by not reading things that challenge his narrow world view, he doesn't have to think about them. No problem!

          • You're presuming I don't read things.

            But then guest trolls make a lot of presumptions.

          • He has tunnel vision

          • You trolls really have nothing to offer do you?
            You just attacking the thread to give the other posse member a chance to regroup?

          • There is no posse, there are only individuals who are tired of your crap.

          • And they all work together and target the sites that effectively have those same views and opinions.

          • how hard is for you to understand? YOu have targeted this site and no one wants you on this site. You lie and say everyone else is wrecking this site when in FACT it is you. If you really liked this site and were sick of guests comments you would ignore them and not respond to EVERY one of them with endless back and forth bull s hit. Now you claim it is an open forum and then b itch and moan that threads are derailed. Quit responding to them and myself and your problem is solved. But you know d amn well if you quit responding you will have no one to talk to on here because you are not welcome here

          • Really? is that why you and all your cadre landed here and started attacking everyone that doesn't agree with you views until there are only three of us left and the guest trolls that might possibly be alinsky?

            The staff hasn't give up and still puts out great stories and instead of discussing and debating those we get your statements that I'm lying and alisnky posting cartman songs.

            The facts speak for themselves.

          • The facts do speak for themselves. I came here to get away from you and you stalked me here and all the guests and others followed you, not me. Then you sit here day in and out and engage in endless back and forth with them and then cry like a b itch that they are wrecking the threads. Ignore them and me or quit crying. The best thing you could do is just leave this site, since it's clear you are not wanted here. Then the Patriots on here would not have to read through yours and the guests BS anymore. Topics would stay on topic if you were gone

          • Reading this thread shows the facts.
            Other people try to discuss the story and topics and you keep reverting to personal attacks.

          • Well I am tired of you stalking all my comments and replying to every comment these guests make and wrecking the site. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I am tired of you saying my using design features of this forum is somehow wrong.

            You call it one thing, but the site is designed for people to post comments on a fairly open forum. It's what this place is for.

            Perhaps you should post positions that you can defend.

          • I defend everything I say. Perhaps you shoudl quit crying about guests if it's an open forum.

            Only a creep would respond to every single comment someone has posted for 4 years. That is stalking

          • I'm not the one crying about what they wish for.

            And I have the opinion that you're wrong. On the things you attack the positions you advocate and that name calling is childish and is a tactic to stop debate on sites you seem to target along with the cadre of assorted characters that follow you almost everywhere you try to stop debate.

          • They follow you not me. YOu stalk me and they follow you. I also have many comments saved where you name call and use chiildsih insults……………hypocrite.

            You are not wanted on this site and if you left debate would flourish

          • Ah, so people that agree with you and follow you from site to site aren't a posse, they aren't a bunch of coordinated trolls trying to target a site?

            That's what I've said since the first day you pounced on Story Leak.

            And just because you and your cadre of characters don't like my views and my defense of those views doesn't mean you get to control me.

            If you want that kind of control open your own site.

          • Again they follow you. You follow me from site to site.

            Not a posse no coordinated effort, that is all paranoia in your head.

          • So that would be them following you in a way.

            And I suppose that would even be them stalking me then, by your own definitions.

          • No that is them following you. I guess they would be stalking you by my defintions. That is not my problem though since I don't tell them what to do like you lie and claim I do

          • It appears that even just the posse here backing you today, trying to derail everything is pretty coordinated.

          • You can say it apperas however you want. However facts will show you are wrong

          • Will they?Time will tell.

          • So how does this work? Do you form coherent sentences and then scramble the words randomly, or do you type them in a James Joyce-like stream of consciousness? In either case, it really reflects the sort of foggy-headed thinking you've come to represent. Kudos.

          • To whit:

            "On the things you attack the positions you advocate and that name calling is childish and is a tactic to stop debate on sites you seem to target along with the cadre of assorted characters that follow you almost everywhere you try to stop debate."

          • Big words, do they confuse you?

          • Not generally. On the other hand, poorly constructed sentences can be quite confounding. You make political discourse seem like child's play.

          • You're entitled to your opinion of course.

            Why is it that you are here as a guest and none of the comments in your guest profile have anything to do with the story but instead focusing on distracting from it?

            Would that make you a troll?

          • I am simply using the commenting features of this site in the manner in which they are intended.

          • Exactly, and let's hope WTE notices that as well.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How do we get Roger's medical records for the trial? I want to read up on his OCD.

          • You can get that information from legal counsel.

          • He would have to consent or an attorney

          • Is that the best your lawyer can give you?

            I'm surprised.

          • You sure as heck don't want any debate or serious discussion here.

            Why all the trolling, is it because the site still offers so much and has such great content in spite of the posse targeting it?

          • Now that was funny

          • You seem to have a curiously double standard for what's funny and what's cyber stalking.

          • Well I like dogs and think it was a funny dog video

          • Yet, anything I might say or do you don't find funny, that would imply a double standard.

          • I pretty much find everything you say funny. Idiots like you make me laugh

          • And people like you make me more determined to take my country back.

          • Yep, he claims in his law suit that we all work together and target him which is why he makes that bogus claim. Paranoia is all it is

          • Is it? Time will tell.

          • It sure will and I can't wait to see th elook on your face when you find out you are wrong. You have a comment where I asked someone to email me about you and THEY NEVER emailed me.


          • email him directly he listed it.

          • Nope, I have no desire to contact him about anything. He stalks me enough

          • You keep using that word. One time I humored you and used it also, that was not any admission. There is a definition for stalking and using a forum as it was designed is not stalking.

          • Ok, we wil call it cyber harrassment which is illegal:
            Cyberharassment. Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

          • You can call it anything you want.
            My defending my values and positions isn't anything more than vigorous debate.
            Do you think intense debate is illegal if it's designed to make possible this brand of cyberstalking you are so against?

          • That's fuuny, You claim all your comments ae defending your values?? I have saved many of your comments like you have mine that show otherwise. Yes you are cyber harrassing me. I have asked you many times to stop

          • I just reviewed your last five comments. You called me a creep, does that mean you are guilty of cyber stalking?

          • You are a cyber stalking/harrassing creep

          • Did you call me that to intentionally meet this definition you just posted?

            23 minutes ago @ Storyleak – Wash. State School Dis… · 6 replies · +1 points
            Ok, we wil call it cyber harrassment which is illegal:
            Cyberharassment. Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.….

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I wonder how the state on Nevada defines cyberstakling and cyberharrassment.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            This sounds like Roger…A person who, without lawful authority, willfully or maliciously engages in a course of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed or fearful for the immediate safety of a family or household member, and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed or fearful for the immediate safety of a family or household member, commits the crime of stalking. (NRS 200.575)

          • Then have your representative call mine and let's move forward on the complaint.

          • I do feel that way

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I believe it.

          • Any sane person would. Oh well I am ready to defend myself against his physical threats if I have to

          • One of us advocates for violence outside of self defense, and it's not me.

          • Looks like you are still on Gilligans island.

          • Looks like you're still a guest profile troll.

          • looks like you are still the same old idiot

          • And it looks like youre still the same old troll. Adding nothign but thinking it's cute when you getinto the way.

          • You two are so funny, as if you and your feelings are the finally arbiter in legal matters.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            All you need is a copy of the Intence Debate policy regarding stalking…. one printed page.

            And the 1400 printed pages of all of Roger's replies to you over a vast amount of different sites.

            The Judge will throw the case right out, and put him in jail.

          • Already have all that

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • Thanks

          • Then why don't you both call my attorney and move on the complaint?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm waiting for Roger's attoney to call me, but so far he hasn't.

          • You posted all his information.

            Do you just prefer to wait in the shadows and hide perhaps? Correct me if I"m wrong of course.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Of course, I would never get a lawyer on my own if I don't need to. But I will continue to wait to see if his lawyer will ever call me. Because i will never put time in money into something as stupid as Roger, when I don't have to.

          • And in a free county that's a choice you have.

          • I am not even being charged

          • There is so much wrong with that statement, you clearly don't understand the justice system nearly as much as you pretend to.

          • Of course I do and yo uhave never been a challenge

          • So, have you 'filed' charges to have me thrown in prison yet?

            You don't have a clue.

            And once more I'll remind you that you're just derailing and keeping 'real' debate from happening.
            The agenda, it drives you.

          • I said jail. Once again I wil point out that I am replying to your already off topic comment you designed to stop all debate

          • And that once again shows how little you understand the justice system.

          • Sure I do. I filed charges on night against someone for tresspassing and he was taken to jaikl

          • No, you don't. You may have pressed charge, but the DA files them.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I don't understand why Roger's attorney hasn't called me yet. Isn't that standard order?

            It's almost like Roger filed this lawsuit without any hope of ever knowing my real name. At least, that is what time has told us.

          • Legal counsel could explain all this to you.

            A first consult shouldn't' cost you too much.

            You might want to request a demand letter from a temp email account set up only for that purpose.

          • I called his attroney and used a ghost number to verify he was not lying (for once he wasn't), but his attroney has not even contacted mine after I gave the information………….kind of telling

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Interesting. His lawyer has his money, and probably told him to go way until he has successfully begged for our names.

          • Did your lawyer explain why?

          • Then you can make informed decisions before posting comments like this one today.

            "11 minutes ago @ Storyleak – Wash. State School Dis… · 1 reply · +1 points
            You are a cyber stalking/harrassing creep

            All this name calling what are the polices on that?

          • Then why don't you contact my attorney and explain that to him?

          • Why should he do your pointless work for you? Nobody should help you in your mission to waste tax dollars by perverting the justice system to fulfill your selfish needs/desires. In that, you are as bad as a wasteful politician.

          • Justice may seem pointless to some. But not to me.

            And a fair justice system if the venue some prefer over street justice. I prefer the legal approach.

          • Again you struggle to deal with negative emotions as an adult.

            Again, you fail to grasp the meaning of the word justice, just as you have done with "patriot", "debate" and "Christianity".

            Again you struggle to form an intelligible sentence.

          • Again you struggle as a troll here just to drop mud and pretend it isn't as dirty as you are from wallowing in it first.

          • No wonder you don't use your photo for an avitar.

          • Have I? Where is that comment, and please include the permalink.

          • I guess we'll have to wait for depositions.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger 173p · 53 minutes ago

            The staff hasn't give up

          • Still quoting partial quote that make no sense?

  5. I am hopeful that this is a career with a very limited future. I pledge to support candidates who wish to repeal the Patriot Act and abolish DHS.

  6. They should call it Brown Shirt 101: Intro to Phascism!!!

  7. "Hey Teachers! Leave those kids alone…"

  8. Hiring Americans to kill Americans on American soil.
    Satan IS alive and well on Earth!
    Serve Satan or God- you cannot do both.
    Eternal life or eternal death- you decide!

    • We live in miserable times.
      And thankfully the Bible tells us how it all ends.

      • There is a silver lining in every cloud.

        When that time comes, we won't have to listen to your babbling, incoherent horseshlt any longer.

      • So if the bible tells us how it all ends what motivation does that give people to have a better life on earth?

        • Can you define "better life" before I offer my rebuttal?

          • Let me rephrase. What motivation should that give humans to make life on earth better if the christian god is going to destroy it and if heaven is suppose to be this great place people want to get into why don't they just kill themselves, but make sure they ask for forgivness before they do since the chirstian god forgives sins.

          • Some think evil is unpleasant.
            Some thing doing good makes us and our world better.

            And if you had read the Bible enough to actually understand it you would realize some might check into the alternatives to evil since it ends badly for evil.

          • You will be ignored by myself in Liberty and mines discussion. Instead of making stupid insults you could have been included. But by all meabs reply with your sharia friendly values and have the last word. I wil let Mr. Liberty speak for himself I am sure he does not need you to speak for him

          • Wee, you know you need to ignore me since you can't debate with anyone.

            But whether you can or will ignore me remains to be seen.
            And if you think I'll ignore you, you may want to think again.
            Your flawed positions and bigotry against my values deserve rebuttal.

          • I know you won't ignore me. A stalker never ignores his victim.

            Rebuttal? When will start doing that? I have beaten you in every thing and will continue to do so

          • An open forum with designed features means it's something you should expect, and unless you're saying the features on ID are illegal your point really is moot.

            Rebuttal. Pointing out that you're wrong and explaining why.
            Where are the guest trolls to attack and try keeping me busy so you can go off someplace else and try poisoning that thread?

          • But have never been able to show I was wrong. I do it to you all the time like when you said KFC does not offer drive thruy service (my favorite one) and then tried to change it to "your local KFC"

            I don't know where your guest profiles are at, don't really care.

            ID has features but it's not designed for you to stalk people from web site to web site for years and reply to everything someone says………………that is harrassment

          • I just did.

            And the features are designed for what they actually do.
            You don't 'get to determine and define a pretended purpose.

          • But you think you get to determine everything. You're so worthless you even went to another site you were banned from and reported all my comments to have them pulled you freedom hating sack of chit

          • You went to a site you were banned from, tried sneaking in the door and now you pretend outrage when they spotted you again for dogin the same kind of attacks and insults?

            Wee, you really need to accept responsibility for your own conduct.

          • No you worthless liar. The only comments pulled were the ones from today because you moderated by the report button.

            I have comments on there from weeks ago. YOu gonna go report them now you worthless sack of chit?

          • You went to that site and lectured insulted today, they got pulled deal with it.

            Perhaps a bigger man might learn from it.

          • Becaus eyou reported them and I was posting facts on gun data.

            Perhaps a worthless sack of chit reported them like a POS coward

          • You were on a site you were banned from being your normal abrasive self and your comments are gone, a site you are banned from.

            Speaking of coward, did you think you could sneak under the radar screen and not be noticed forever?

          • I did as they asked and have a new profile for Belfast. Won't make that mistake again. You can't report my comments on there anymore

          • And we have your word for that, not exactly a credible claim, and they tolerated you it seems until you went off on them about guns. In the UK telling them they needs more guns when they're recovering from civil unrest and too many guns, that may not be an easy sell.

          • No you reported my comments like a b itch.

            Anyways I do have to say thanks. For the second time you have won money in a bet. Have some friends over for drinks right now ( i would not expect you to know what socializing in real life is) and I bet them there was an idiot on the web so obesssed with me that if I posted a comment you would reply in less than 5 minutes. Thanks for being predicatable and having a pathetic life where no never get off the internet. $35.00 richer now because of you. Peace out Loser….oh and feel free to reply like a trained monkey

          • Wee, this obsession you have with foul language and name calling.

            It's very revealing about your character or lack thereof.

            And here you sit name calling like a second grader and you think it says something about my abilities to socialize?

            Did you show them the complaint and explain the comments in it?

          • Yeah they laughed at it.

          • Great, you'll have to entertain them some more when it goes to trial.

          • Monkey boy was busy last night.

          • I know, can't wait

          • Then have your attorney call mine and let's get to it.

          • Like I said this will be done on my terms not yours. You don't get to demand I do anything.

          • Time will tell.
            Won't it?

          • Quit wasting me. You're not getting any younger.

          • Sue will, you gonna threaten me again?

          • "Time will tell", since when is that a threat?

            Your saying you will do this in your own terms, is that an implied threat?

          • Threaten me with violence and keep threating me with a law suit while you continue to stalk and harass me after you have been asked several times to stop

          • You keep saying that. but you haven't had a single post where i advocate violence outside of self defense.

            This is a forum for verbal sparring, debate.

            That means 'attack' here isn't the same as the definition for 'attack' in a dark alley.

            And you have been very confused that you think you can make people post comments on your terms here.

            That hasn't happened.

            You know why?

            It's an open forum and you can't call all the shots even if you want to.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Oh man. You are making Roger so Fing jealous right now.

            He is going to be calling his lawyer all weekend.

          • You can't even pretend to be here for the stories.

            You're so sad.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


            Not a fair bet.

          • Trolls, they just love to growl and thrash around under the bridge.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Wee why were all your comments pulled immediately after Roger found out your profile name on Belfast?

            Roger is lying to you and trying to cause you anguish. A internet harassment action.

            Contact the moderator at the Belfast site and explain the lawsuit. She also had a problem with Roger and will be willing to help. Have her send you the report messages that Roger sent, with the date and time.

            It will proof that Roger is lying and that would be a huge blow to his lawsuit.

            You have him. Case closed.

          • Alinsky, do you really think you understand any legal system well enough to give legal advice? Really?

          • Great idea, had to make an new account over again so roger could not moderate by report button over there. Had a great discussion about the troll king on there today. Wonder how much time he will spend trying to find it to have the comments pulled

          • So, you're still hiding in the shadows to sneak past the moderators?

          • Nope, just doing what the admin asked me to do. You proved last week that youhave comments pulled when you found out my account over there.

            Pretty pathetic of you. Oh well a new account was made that you will not be able to stalk and harass

          • Sure, as if you have enough credibility to say that.

            They know just how many comments you and alinsky pulled there, so don't expect me to accept your claims at face value.

          • They sure do, for me it was none. I don't pull comments or report them only pathetic losers do that. I believe in free speech

          • Of course you have.
            Why deny it?

          • Because I don't. I don't drop to your level for anything, I am a better person than you

          • Sure, and you think anyone is going to believe that?

            I certainly don't.
            And as for who is the better person, that's rather subjective. For those that want revolution and enjoy hoarding thousands of rounds of ammo, and that advocate for curiously sharia values you may have some fans.

          • Wee, that is how Monkey boy rolls.

          • This is how guest trolls roll.

            Not even a pretense of being here for anything but to insult and spam the place.

          • Lying is a sin, Roger.

          • He excels at it………

          • Yes, and your point is?

            Frankly, you might want to look closer to home.

          • Did you know that Jesus died for your sins? Tomorrow, He has Risen. Think about that, while you are here yammering away. Alone…….

          • You tracked down my comments, and posted an insult based on religion and you pretend I'm the one yammering?

          • You are easy to track. Just follow the smell.

          • I'm still tracking dung.

            You trolls can't stand anyone that makes sense.

          • Sorry Wee I was out to lunch. I am not going to pretend I know all the answers but from what I have gathered the Bible teaches us that we have free will. God gave this to Adam and Eve before the Fall. That is why Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit. The Devil only coerced her into doing so. God desires fellowship with his creation, but he wants us to seek it on our own, use our own free will to come to him.

            For example, when raising your kids. I am sure it brings you the greatest joy to see them grow, mature, and say "I love you Daddy". You cannot make your kids mature or say "I love you" and mean it. They have to consciously make that decision on their own. That is what God wants with his creation. A good life, IMO, is walking closely with God. I do not have to be rich or famous, or considered a good person by society. When you are close to God you find beauty in things that you don't usually notice, you see God's wonderful majesty when watching a gorgeous sunset or listening to birds sing. In times of hardship you can find comfort in God's presence. TBC…

          • And more of the greatest joys occur when we strive to live 'better lives'.

          • I know what you are trying to say, but you have to e careful with your wording. Just because you live a "better" life than someone else does not bring you in more favor than others with God. Many so called Christians believe that they can find salvation and fulfillment just by being good. No. The only way is to know that you are imperfect no matter what you do and accept Jesus' grace.

          • When we live the best possible walk with Christ the rest comes as a result of the Spirit's leading. It's not the goal, but a side effect. Galations 5 calls it the 'fruit' of the Spirit, or the results of the Spirit perhaps.

          • Agreed.

          • Oh hell.

            Now you are going into sanctimonious Preacher mode. You'll probably be in it for the next three days.

            Stand up and TESTIFY!

          • I'm warned not to throw pearls to swine.

            You're safe.

          • Please.
            Leave the livestock out of this.

            I don't want you fornicating any pigs again.

          • I don't want you suggesting I have.
            I haven't.

            And wasting spiritual treasures on swine that would chew the pearls and not appreciate them isn't something God wants me to do.

          • Actually I think God would want you to show compassion to so called "swine" more than anything. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do".

          • God winks at our ignorance.

            That's not who the swine are.

            Matt 7:6

          • Putting that verse in context with Matthew 7:5

            "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

            We are not supposed to judge. Wee and others on here you attack are not the swine. The swine of this world is the devil worshippers, the Masons, The Illuminati and their puppets, the money changers i.e. the Rothchilds. I fear you underestimate the Devil's influence on this earth.

          • We are not to judge? Did you read further down in that chapter?

            And by your own definition based on his previous comments I'd say he defines himself as swine, he's someone that has a basic amount of information and has rejected it and would attack us for it in the future if given the chance, so that 7:6 text seems to apply.

          • He is laughing at yours……..

          • If you'll excuse me, you're not really in any position to lecture.

            As I understand it, you don't get my pearls.

          • Sounds better at Easter dinner than Hey, knumbknuts, pass the pork….

          • The guest troll pretends he's here for discussion.
            Do you think anyone is really fooled?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Jesus sent demons into pigs and the pigs went crazy and jumped from a cliff.

            Not very kosher.

          • Yes, exactly. If only the pig owners had lived a kosher life they wouldn't have lost their investment.

          • Then you'd best get started.

          • It's between me and God.

            Not even Obama is part of it.

          • Roger. I pray for you.
            I'll especially pray for you this Holy Season.

            I wonder about you also.
            Are you a credit to your people?

          • Don't bother wondering.

            And don't bother pretending.
            If you pray and I pray at least I know I'm praying to the Almighty.

          • Another thing. Reading your comments to Wee and such. Not very Christ like brother to constantly insult someone, if you truly want to bring people closer to God and Jesus you cannot ridicule them, you have to accept that they have a different worldview and you have to try and relate to it. If you are looking for an excellent read try this book:

          • He isn't going to be closer to God.
            He isn't here to be closer to God.

            The things wee says are not acceptable and my silence would allow it to continue without any rebuttal.

            I will defend my religion, Hitler didn't do his evil due to Christ. When wee says that and Christians remain silent they are cowards,and it's not a reaction of someone 'being nice'.

            He has a muslim friendly world view,
            24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · 1 points
            "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO"

            Not just that, but one that advocates violence against Christians due to mere rumors.
            There are Christians dying and you want me who God has blessed with freedom of speech to remain silent?

            I don't think so.

          • You don't have to remain silent and it is ok to get angry, Jesus did with the money changers. But being a Christian you know that the war for humanity has already been won. So why not try and bring more people to Christ to share in that victory? We have much greater problems than your vendetta against Wee. America still needs to be saved from the globalists.

          • I dont' recall you being there when wee started posting on Breitbarts.

            He had an agenda, yes I say that a lot. But it was true. Almost a dozen well meaning souls took careful thoughtful steps in explaining to him why he didn't need to attack our faith. Why the outrageous claims and attacks he made weren't warranted and he chews them up and kept on course.

            I didn't take it lightly when I decided to place rebuttals to keep him from doing it unopposed. We would have larger problems if Wee gets his way with Christians here being targeted by jihad.

          • I have never used Breitbart.

            You should expect criticism of the faith though. Especially towards the end times.

            I guess I am just more optimistic than you.

          • I'm an optimist.
            Tinted with a healthy dose of realism.

            Have you ever heard me use foul language?
            Have you ever seen me wish harm or even advocate for violence outside of self defense? Have you seen me ever rejoice over bad things happening?

            I expect criticism. But on an open forum they should expect Christians to love God enough to explain our side of the story.

            If I lived-in ancient Rome in Pauls time, I would march into the arena proudly and without shame. After all Christ has done for me, I couldn't do less and face Him some day.

          • That is fine to defend ourselves. But do as Jesus did and explain with love, not hatred. Even if you do not curse I can still see the hatred in your words.

          • Considering the things they've said, I've answered with restraint.

          • Roger, your camel toe is showing again.

          • Your trolling is showing again.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger was talking to a gust profile named Liberty, and said he never saw me on Brietbart.

            Why would he do that? He is a liar

          • Rogre also just said this:

            1 hour ago @ Storyleak – Wash. State School Dis… · 0 replies · +1 points
            You can't even pretend to be here for the stories.

            You're so sad.

            I bet that is what he told his Mom when she caught him with a copy of his first Playboy.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • You may or may not read them.

            I'll pass. And if you want to have a pretend conversation with yourself about sex, why not go to a site geared for that, this isn't it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            "I know you may or may not be, but what am I?" by Roger.

          • Another drive by spamming by alinsky.

          • I had no agenda. But you are right this obsession he has with me needs to stop

          • Sure you do.
            And your obsession with insulting and lying about my religion is getting pretty old too.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            "I dont' recall you being there when wee started posting on Breitbarts."

            I was on Breitbart all the time.

          • Yes, under all sorts of profiles laughing as they tried to deal with you.

            We know all about it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Why would Roger say he never saw me at Brietbart.???? He is a liar.

            "I dont' recall you being there when wee started posting on Breitbarts."

          • Why do you pretend it was you I was speaking to?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger never questions whether Liberty and I are the same person.

            He doesn't really believe Liberty and all these guest are me.

            More lies for Easter.

          • Why do you think you know what I mean?
            All anyone has to do is read my comments, they can skip your commentary.

            Once again you offer nothing for the debate, nothing on the story. You just came here to spam and troll.

          • Yes. As long as the guest has a formal name like "Mr. Liberty", Rogre is ok with it. if it simply says "Guest" then Rogre has a problem.

            Right over the top.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Liberty doesn't say mean things to Roger.

          • But Liberty knows Rogre is the biggest idiot on the Internet. So does Mr. Lincoln. Lincoln has told him to STFU many times.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            As long as Liberty/Alinsky doesn't say mean things to him, he would rather mark him down as a friend.

          • You are not smart enough to be me.

          • Therefore, living close to God makes you love the things he loves and hate the things he hates. That is why he sent Jesus, he hates sin and does not wish damnation on his creation. And as far as end times, he is not destroying the good of the world he is wiping it clean of the bad and creating a new glory in the image of what ought to be. Everyone of us regardless of ideology have basic instincts that we all crave and what we beleive ought to be, i.e. peace, harmony, love. That is what heaven is IMO. And as far as suicide, life is a gift, it is meant to be enjoyed and have a purpose. God does not want you to miss your purpose, but you have to seek it. I hope this makes sense.

          • No problem and no need to apologize. How can you possibly deem something free when you must fear consequences? That completely conflicts with the definition of free. If I were to hold a gun to your head and say “you have free will to not give me your wallet, but if you attempt to defy me I will kill you.” Does it really feel as if you have a choice in the matter? Of course not. Free means to give or receive something with out an expectation of return. The whole free will concept is self defeating. Call it Circumstantial Will, for that is what it truly is.

          • I see what you mean. What I mean by free will is that I can choose to believe in God, trust God, love God or choose to not believe in God. God does not make you love or hate him, it is your choice. This choice is not made on a physical or mental level but a soul level.

            If I found myself in the wallet situation, I would simply give you my money. It does not matter to me. Of course I don't want to be stolen from, but I would choose life over $ any day. Now if it was for my Liberty. I would attempt to disarm you. Give me Liberty or Death. Liberty is a gift from God IMO and I will fight to keep it.

          • But according to the bible what happens to those who don't believe?

          • According to the teachings of Christ we shake the dust off our feet and keep walking.

            Why do you always have to lie and smear my religion?
            You know there is a religion that demands and is currently doing the violence you keep yammering about.

          • Unbelievable. The way you behave, then come back and talk about Christ. You are a blasphemer.

          • Roger does not care what you think. He thinks you are a heathen and he likes it that way. He is not interested in drawing others to Christ – that would just mean more competition for him in church and in Heaven. Perhaps he does not realize that misanthropes do not receive heavenly reward.

          • Unbelievable, Alinsky pretending to be two people so you can have a pretend conversation only makes you look pathetic.

          • Roger, you have gone over the edge. You are jousting at windmills in your delusions. You are imagining things, and people. You accuse people of being Wee, and Cowboi, and Alinsky and Zebrano and Serf, and Swimmer and dozens of other imaginary people from your sordid past. I posted one of the above posts. The other one? I have no idea who wrote it. You really need to get a life. This is Holy week, and tomorrow is Easter. Why don't you take a day off?

          • McCarthyWasRight

            To be honest, I think all of those anonymous "Guest" profiles, are simply Roger talking to himself when nobody else is around.

          • Roger is a compulsive internet stalker

          • Says the troll who tracks down my comments and pulls them.

            That would be doing what? Being a compulsive internet stalker perhaps? Of course, correct me if I'm wrong.

          • I have never pulled one of your comments. What are you talking about? The only one pulling anything around here, is you.

          • Yesterday you bragged about it.

            Why change your story now?

          • And you haven't shown I'm wrong.

            And here you are spamming this place instead of taking a day off.

          • It's free will.
            There are drawbacks to both.

            And to someone who believes, it's not just a choice but an acknowledgment.

          • Sorry Mr. Liberty the resident troll has managed to ruin the discussion again

          • Sorry for what? You were the one that lashes out and changes the discussion into personal attacks. Just saying, wee you really need to focus more.

          • Because you reuined our discussion.

            You need banned from here

          • Are you actually reading the threads before you start insulting people.

          • You are the only being insulted and you deserve it.

          • I wasn't on Belfaste but I realize you just come up with any flimsy excuse possible and I'm the one you normally use as a knee jerk reaction.

          • Roger 173p · 1 minute ago

            "… I'm the … jerk…"

          • So troll.
            So spam.

          • …and based on the way you behave towards WTE, so true. What is the cause of your emotional retardation?

          • What is the cause of your inability to read the comments here and decide for yourself?

          • I suspect it stems from your lack of self esteem, but that is simply a hypothesis. Perhaps you are bi-polar. Again, merely hypothesis.

          • I would suspect from the desperate way you try to imply I have a lack of self esteem you do, and hope those around you do.

          • Just trying to understand why you treat everyone so poorly. You are truly the rudest person I have encountered in online forums.

          • Why do you think I treat everyone poorly?
            And for a person pretending to be on a pedestal you are rather a poor example of manners.

            Throwing stones in a glass house. I'd expect it from a guest troll here to insult and derail.

          • I don't know why you treat everyone poorly. Some people are just jerks that way. But I'm glad that you've acknowledged it – that can be the first step to a cure. Best of luck to you.

          • I don't know why you can behave badly and throw stones from your glass house.

            Best of luck to you, I hope that you can learn manner, learn logical thinking and perhaps learn self respect.

          • Rogocrite,
            Isn't he though? He is just flat out, downright rude.

          • You have shown me so many tips and pointers.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger has daddy issues. He had the chance to be a powerful voice for the conservative movement, but instead became obsessed with Wee.

            Now he is banned from various sites, and damn to hell.


            I win.

          • You have all sort of issues too.

            And in stead of spamming the place when I felt you crossed the line I took legal action.

            We'll see who wins in the end.

          • Wee all are losers, as long as you are here. Tell us Rogre, out of your last three hundred comments on this thread, exactly how many of them have been on topic?

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • Every one until the posse showed and started spamming.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger still thinks I will give his lawyer my name. What an imbecile.

          • Tell me when the trial is. I would like to be there, and write an article about, and post it online.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I won't give Roger my name. So his case won't go to trial.

          • What about his case with Wee? Or is that a flop as well? I can't see any Judge with a degree of common sense, wasting a county's money, on a trial of fifteen mysterious John Does.

            Imagine that courtroom scene. A Judge, a court reporter, Roger, and his attorney, and rows of imaginary people. Will they use cardboard cutouts?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Wee says that Roger's lawyer won't charge him.

            Roger needs our names for it to go to trail.

            The dummy forgot that before he paid 1500 dollars.

            He must have been so pissed and frustrated he just didn't care to think it through.

          • Wee says lots of things.

            Time will tell.

          • Alinsky you have flawed positions and never learn that perhaps if you would adjust your ideologies to fit reality then you wouldn't lose every time I explain my opinions and why I think you're wrong.

            Spamming makes you lose even more.

          • Rogre, what you do has hurt the conservative movement more than you will ever know. All someone has to do, is click on your archives, and they will walk away shaking their head in disgust.

            With your claiming to be a conservative Christian, nobody in their right mind would ever want to be like you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I said I would never give my name to his lawyer and he responded with gobbledygook about ideologies.

            He is completely defeated as a man.

          • He is a master linguist. He excels at High Plains Gobbledygook. He learned it from HPDuuuh……

          • Duuuuuh……

          • I suspect that he is the way he is because of a lifetime of defeat. He deserves pity and compassion, as hard as it would be to give to him … or for him to accept.

          • I may not be at this site posting comments from the same reason you are.

            In fact I'm sure of it.
            But if you faced all that it does explain the multiple guest troll profiles, and the spamming, and the trolling.

            Some might try to rise above it, but not you evidently.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger says there is a posse and he also says I am the only one making comments , hiding under guest names.

            Yet he still doesn't see how stupid he sounds, and what a liar he is.

          • I do realize how you sound and how lame you are.

            Yet, you think that if you're just obnoxious enough that you might pull it off.

            Pull what off? Destroying sites that actually care and report on things?

            Why do you hate this country and think that destroying it is a thing to work towards?

            You can't show a single example of marxism actually creating any utopia, but you're not smart enough to figure out you need to change course, or you actually want to live a worse life style and don't care what anyone else wants.

            That's a useful idiot as Marx would put it.

          • How easily the lies roll off your keyboard.

          • Like yours? I wouldn't know. I'd have to start lying to find out and I'll pass on that.

        • You clearly haven't read the Bible.

          • Sure have, The violent end to humanity in Revelation. Tell me what motivation does that give people to have a better life on earth

          • You keep claiming all sorts of things.

            Why did you switch profiles again?

          • Crap, thanks for reminding me. I was on Belfast with my other profile I had to create because the admin was tired of you "moderating by the report button"

          • No, you are at belfaste with this one.

            And they know your posse pulled more than anyone.

          • Oh my bad

          • Yes, it was careless on your part.

          • Well I am human and I do admit mistakes

          • I do, I know according to you, you are never wrong and never make mistakes, at least I am man enough and have the balls to admit when I am make a mistake or am wrong

          • Roger 173p · 1 hour ago

            Mr. Lincoln, first person experience alongside dead bodies convinces me more than your link does.

          • And had you not picked and taken one comment out of a complete dialogue you would have seen that my brother and nephew were the ones with that experience.

            Good luck, but no dice. You're still trolling with picking and choosing instead of actually following the thread.

          • So you don't have first hand expierence and only have what your alleged relaitves claimed. Can you provide any evidence of that?

          • So I have heard first hand the experiences.

            Can you prove I haven't?
            You seem to argue everything even if you don't have the premise of your claims correct.

            Wee, you are trolling again.

          • So you have heard hearsay. Not trolling just making sure people know yur games.

            Since you have no crediability on here and can't back up anything with proof it is you who is doing the trolling

          • You read links, that would be hearsay to you.
            My talking to people that saw and if first hand experience, even if you don't like it.

            What about all your pretenses of open minded discussion?

          • So you have second hand experiences. Why not just say that?

          • I don't think he understands the difference

          • I said exactly what I meant. I heard first person experiences and it convinces me more than his links.

            Just because you have difficulty reading doesn't mean anything other than you have difficulty reading.

          • Seems you still struggle with the difference between first and second hand experiences. I'll pretend to be surprised if that helps your ego. Point of the matter is, you have NO experiences beside dead bodies. You have accounts from people that DO have first hand experiences. This should be really easy to understand. No wonder you struggle.

          • I said I heard a first hand experience. And I had.

            It seems that the trolls want to discount what someone saw and heard.

            If I tell the story it's second hand, If I say what I heard someone tell, their first hand experience then I'm explaining my opinions are based on a first hand experience.

          • Roger wee have always wanted to ask you. Is that a mustache on your upper lip, or just a highly pronounced camel toe?

          • Alinsky, this isn't an adult web site. If you want to discuss things of that nature go to a site focused on it.

          • Actually that isn't what you said. You said "Mr. Lincoln, first person experience alongside dead bodies convinces me more than your link does." You don't have first person experience. You have first person accounts and zero experience.

          • And the things I heard were first person, and there were dead bodies.
            And it was more convincing to me.

          • Yet still not first person experiences.

          • I never claimed they were mine. Read the comment, if you can.

            I said that a first person account was a bigger influence. Someone telling me a first person experience. and It was a big impact on my thinking.

          • Roger 173p · 1 hour ago

            "Mr. Lincoln, first person experience alongside dead bodies convinces me more than your link does."

          • The comment was not one hour ago.

            And had you read the thread, and paid attention like folks do in a real debate you would have seen it followed this comment.

            "My bother and nephew that served in Iraq and Afghanistan would disagree with you.

            When someone wants you dead and is shooting at you you tend to believe they are real."

            I was referring to their first person experience and their facing dead bodies.

            Wee, I realize that you don't want to come here for actual debate or even civil discussion. But you could at least pretend.

          • That is not what you said and you just liead again:
            Roger 173p · 1 hour ago

            "Mr. Lincoln, first person experience alongside dead bodies convinces me more than your link does".

          • Yes, and it followed this comment.

            "My bother and nephew that served in Iraq and Afghanistan would disagree with you.

            When someone wants you dead and is shooting at you you tend to believe they are real."

            It was their first person experience that I was referring to, that influenced me more than his link.

            Try to keep up, if you can.
            I doubt it.

          • But that is not your first hand expierence and you have none so you lied you worthless sack of chit

          • "My bother and nephew that served in Iraq and Afghanistan would disagree with you.

            When someone wants you dead and is shooting at you you tend to believe they are real."

            Now knowing that comment is there prior to my comment you keep taking out of context what first hand experience do you really think I was referring to?

          • I see you went to Belfast and had allmy comments pulled you worthless sack of chit.

            You are so pathetic.

          • Do you think they want your lectures any more now than when you were banned before?

          • Who are you to decide what they want? I was never banned from there you worthless sack of chit.

            Why do you think you are the authority on everything.

            Go crawl in a hole a die

          • They decided.

            Deal with it.

          • You're a liar. It is just like this site useis to be when you report a comment it gets pulled autmatically and that is what you did. That is pathetic

          • And you would only know that if you report comments there.

            You just gave yourself away.

          • Nope, I learned that from the admins on that site

          • You gave yourself away, backtracking now is a waste of time.

          • Roger, how dare you say that the posse pulled anything? The only one pulling anything around here, is you.

          • Easy a guest troll here bragged he pulled my comments. One was pulled about 800 times.

            Did you actually type that with a straight face?
            Notice there isn't any report button? The posse considered that a triumph, anything to diminish the site.

          • I believe the record for one moron posting the same comment is well over 1000. Perhaps someone was just helping you achieve a milestone.

          • He lost a lot of milestones when zeb removed all of Roger's comments.
            The growl is now Roger free. Banned or not, zeb keeps watch

          • He said I was tracking in dung.
            You were one of them, I'll defer to his labeling.

          • You do traffic in dung.
            You are the King of the Cartel.

            A regular El Chapo of theBull Shlt industry.

          • Wow, another coward guest troll has to pipe up and chime in.

            Can you wipe that obama off your face and try again?

          • And who's the moron that posted the dumb comment 800 times?

          • Roger.

            He was inquiring about his stranded ship.

          • It wasn't a dumb comment, who were all the hack trolls trying to moderate by report button?

            It got you banned at belfaste, some never learn.

          • I was never banned from Bellfast, or the Growl.

            But you sure were.

          • Tsk Tsk, and as a guest troll you have so much, so very very much credibility.

          • Yes it was dumb. I was never banned from Belfast and how many comments of mine did you moderate by the report button on Belfast yesterday?

          • Sure you were banned, they realized you were the one pulling most of my comment and even others like Gentleman John. And you were always on the attack and insulting everyone.

            Don't you realize how you come across?

          • Pretty sure I post on there all the time. It was you pulling comments. I proved I post there, why don't you leave a comment on Belfast and lets see who is banned

          • Pretty sure you're just looking for any excuse to blame me for all your problems. You really ought to look closer to home.

          • Do you? You are the last person who should call anyone out for behaving unpleasantly in a forum.

            Yeah, yeah I know. Guest log in, troll, zero credibility etc. Save it. Go back to CVN or Birther. There's a gal on

          • Birther named Furtive who would be a perfect mate for you. If you two were to marry, people would cross the street to avoid walking on the sidewalk in front of your house.

          • If Rogre and Furtive were to marry, the offspring would look like this.

          • Some like yourself?

            I don't think so.

          • With that hood flapping, it is making you inaudible.

          • What? I can't hear you when you…..

            What's with the hood?

            Seriously, can't you come up with better spam?

          • Ah, the guest troll coward is pretending to be here as a credible person with the ability to lecture on manners.

            It's not working.

          • Manners? What would you know about manners?

          • I know that you don't seem to have any.

          • You are a compulsive internet stalker

          • Coming from the guest coward troll that tracks down my comments to either insult them or pull them?

            You don't really have the credibility to say so. Especially when you're doing exactly what you toss out there.

          • Credability? Whenever you make a statement, any statement, you do more to damage the Conservative cause than an entire army of Barack Obama's and Bill Ayers ever could.

            Roger 173p · less than 1 minute ago
            Why us right wingers? Why don't the left wingers explain GE and Immelt?

          • Yes, and instead of actually understanding the issue, addressing the point you just pulled the comment Alinsky. It's not hard to figure out.

            And still you pretend to have any credibility.

          • Roger is a one-man splinter faction of the conservative movement.

    • That's what I fear most Christians forget. Satan is walking amoung us. He is not sitting in Hell waiting for the unsaved.

  9. Operation Paperclip was a mistake. In other news the Denver Airport Runways look like a Swastika…

  10. Alinsky Hero USA

    Pure racism, and Roger's lawyer is going to know about it.

    Roger @ Conservative Victory News – Evening Open Post – Ap… 5 hours ago · 2 replies · +3 points

    Anyone miss the story on Drudge about 1,200 kids that don't want Michelle (the wooki) Obama

  11. We had this here in germany too… called STASI. STASI = STAats SIcherheit = Homeland Security.
    The children in the GDR had "Staatsbürgerkunde" to indoctrinate the "right" system in their heads…

    Once i looked to the west and thought:"man, would be great to go to US america and live there… freedom and wide lands!"
    Now i look to the stars and think:" why search for ET intelligence… they should search here…"

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