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Video Shows Home Searches By Boston Police Were NOT Voluntary

Video evidence like the Youtube video seen above has begun to surface documenting how the house-to-house searches conducted by Boston Police, federal agents, and SWAT were most certainly not voluntary.

During the massive manhunt for boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the entire city of Boston was on police lockdown. Public transportation was shut down, businesses were forced to close, the region became a no-fly zone for civilians, and citizens were told that they needed to stay indoors while the extensive search was taking place. And during this truly unprecedented hunt for the single suspect that sent armies of police and SWAT into suburban streets, private homes were searched by police.

Videos like the one seen above have begun gaining serious traction on Youtube and other video sharing websites, which show how police actually surrounded private homes with armed military-style squads and then proceeded to enter said homes while taking the homeowners at gun point.

Forcing homeowners ( now turned suspects) to keep their hands above their head and go along with the search, the rights of individuals soon vanished among the highly charged search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Photos Show Streets Turned War Zones

And it’s not even causing much of an upset among the population. Below you can see photos of police, national guard, feds, and SWAT members equipped with military equipment and treating the suburban streets as a war zone in the pursuit of the 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect. In the photos, by the way, you can spot the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle used by the Department of Homeland Security domestically. This is the vehicle that features IED-resistant shielding due to the fact it was actually engineered for use overseas in Afghanistan.



It seems that when the suspect is of high interest to police, or involved in a major event like the Boston Marathon, police are magically able to deny the fundamental rights of citizens to their Fourth Amendment. It’s actually events in which the public supports, like the police hunt for Dzhokar Tsarnaev, that are the most destructive to our liberty. Why? Because in such circumstances, even the public is in favor of ‘temporarily ignoring’ certain rights to catch the suspect who they all want to see brought to justice.

The problem is you simply cannot pick and choose when to honor the rights of United States citizens, nor ‘when’ to honor the Constitution.

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  1. so much for the 4th amendment

  2. So in the face of this kind of action in our city streets, how do we protect our Constitutional Rights? In other words, say, I've got the military beating down my door and threatening to drag me out to the street, I can't see that by simply saying "No. You can't come in because I'm standing on my 4th Amendment rights," is going over too well. How can we be giving up our rights so easily? For what? Security? No, thank you. I'll keep my freedoms and protect myself and my family, thank you, very much. Let some scumbag try to hide on my property, threaten me or my family…they won't have to worry about whether they've been "Mirandized" or not — they won't make it that far.


    • There is NO proof that this guy that they are pinning this on did it. There is just as much evidence that he did not. There is circumstantial evidence that the men dressed as Craft International members are involved, yet no one is questioning them. The backpacks found match their backpacks, there are photots of the younger brother running from the scene wearing his backpack.

  3. Even if this is a so-called "emergency," it's ridiculous. The Japanese-Americans were put into concentration camps because there was a 4-year "emergency." Where does it end? The government should have no discretion to search a house unless they have probable cause, i.e. they see the suspect actually enter the house. This is bullshit.

  4. Don't let these Nazis into your home.
    Live Free or Die.
    Death To All Oath-Breakers.

  5. They are getting us ready for some major event. They just want to see if we will swallow martial law. By the looks of things, I would say they have nothing to worry about. Most Americans seem to think this is great.

  6. For all the talk of 'you can prise the *** from my cold dead hands', Anon above is correct. It is happening too easily – people are giving up rights left, right and centre without as much as a whimper.

  7. Exigent circumstances exception to the 4th Amendment. Legally valid search.

  8. Screw You. You think what they did was wrong? You are an ass

  9. Ugetwhatuvotefor

    A nation of sheep breed a government of wolves.

    • I was about to tell you to shut up when I realized what you said was easily the most brilliant thing I've ever heard.
      If you made that up yourself, give yourself a pat on the back.

  10. Who cares. We apprehended the suspect. We got the job done. Imagine being one of these swat members entering random houses in the town where the suspect is at. Anyone can be the suspect. Anyone can be an accomplice. You have to treat everyone as if they are the suspect in order to ensure the safety, and apprehension of the terrorist.

    • That is sad and pathetic. You are willing to give up your freedom and privacy for the illusion of security. You do realize it was regular citizens that had the evidence showing who the suspects were and for finding the remaining brother….NOT law enforcement.

  11. The proper reaction to seeing a swat or military style group aproach your home is to lay an ambush. The neighbors should have been busy flanking the outside detail and surrounding the home, making sure not one of these traitors left that house alive.

  12. We don't have the 4th Amendment where I live but I read a bit about it. Doesn't this whole thing fall under Exigent Circumstances in which a warrant is not needed?

  13. Someone close to me lives one street over from the initial gunfight, and the suspect ran through his property when he fled.

    When the cops, and then later on SWAT, came to his house, they made a point of not entering with out his explicit permission. Maybe this video is what it looks like, and maybe it isn't. All I know is that the searches that I know of personally WERE voluntary, and were very polite.

  14. At and the end of the day the people of Boston were cheering and waving American flags. When martial law is an effect for the entire country, it will be because the people accepted it. Everything is introduced slowly over decades so people don’t freak out or get suspicious. People don’t like revolution so in order to get them to accept it they spread it over 30 years. One problem I noticed is how cocky the “liberals” got once Obummer was re-elected. This will backfire eventually. Otherwise they’ve carried it out in secret and with subversion.

    The average America will never believe this. Articles like this will offend them. The fact is all that military and police accomplished nothing. The kid was in a boat bleeding to death and a neighbor found him. Anybody who thinks that unwarranted searches into private homes is needed to protect “our freedoms” is an ignorant moron who needs to do us all a favor and kill themself. This goes for any useful idiots who actually believe that the war in Iraq was a war of our defense. Bonus points if you still think they had WMD. Even more bonus points if you think Iraq did 9/11. Please, all of you, kill yourselves. Anybody who thinks our “brave men and women” are fighting for your rights and freedom instead of being mercenaries for banksters should also kill themselves. You know, maybe Americans deserve their fate after all.

    • Cause it was liberal action that passed the patriot act huh? Get you head out of your as. It’s not a party specific problem. Idiot who think it is are the ones who truly have the wool pulled over their eyes. 2 parties = two corrupt parties,

    • cantbelievehowignorantsomepeopleare


    • I have you a thumbs up for your post because……with great sadness and feelings of defeat…..I have to agree with most of it. There was WMD. And, from experience, most of our armed service members are honorable and decent. I don't fault who you refer to as "banksters"" as much as the corrupt liars that make up the vast majority of politicians. I accept the pursuit of wealth……we all participate in that to a certain degree. It is the sick and twisted pursuit of control in the guise of "helping" that is especially perverse and pathological.

  15. wah wah wah….where are my rights? wah wah wah….look at what they are doing to us!!

    all i see is a bunch of cry babies babbling about how they are being constitutionally abused.

    you guys are all talk and everyone complaining is waiting for the other guy to step forward first.

    America….home of the most obese, arrogant cowards on this planet.

  16. Watertown Neighbor

    Everyone posting the nonsense on this board knows absolutely nothing.

    There was a murdering terrorist on the loose.

    I live 1 block from the cordon, and I went through my basement myself to make sure no one was down there. My upstairs neighbor waited for me to do this before she felt safe doing laundry. I would have hugged all members of a SWAT team that would have checked my basement for me.

    I know 3 people who live inside the cordon, and the SWAT guys were polite and professional. Who knows what was going on there– this might have been a response to a report that a woman was being held hostage in her home. This report fortunately turned out to be false, but what the hell do you want the cops to do when they hear something like that?

    Since you don't know, don't assume. Stop with the idiotic crap and understand something: the Watertown cops have been showered with thanks and gifts. This is not a police state. We are not sheep.

    We had a job to do– which was stay out of the goddam way and that's what we did. The suspect couldn't get out of the area because if he moved he'd be spotted. We stood still to make the cops' job easier.

    Boston Strong!

    • Wow. Aren't you a good citizen. Do you really think that 'report' was legit? Never the less, if, under the same circumstances happened in my neighborhood, the cops came to the door and ASKED if I had seen anyone fitting the description, adn IF they asked to enter afterward, then I probably would let them in to look around. But I'd be damned if I would come out with my hands over my head and let them roust my wife and kids like we were in East Germany. That's BS, cordon or no.

      • Watertown neighbor

        I don't think you understand what I wrote.

        The cops went through every house to make sure the suspect was not hiding there. They didn't roust people out with their arms up during these searches.

        I suggested that the video might be showing one of several police reactions to several specific reports of the suspect that day.

        One of them was that someone called the police to report a woman being held hostage in a house. If the police got a report of a woman being held against her will, they would react differently, and should react differently, from the general house-to-house search.

    • And the PIGS completely MISSED the most OBVIOUS hiding spot on Earth. It was the WORST spot to hide in because it was the most OBVIOUS.

    • retard

  17. @jackoffTROLL – exigent circumstances call for the death by torture of trolls who aided and abetted the enemy within. Legally valid sentence when the 2nd Revolutionary war is happening :))))))

  18. You don't really think Obama is going to go quietly at the end of his 2nd term, do you?

  19. Everyone in the US will still be on their couches when Obamao writes two executive orders…
    1. Bail-in for the US
    2. Launch of Martial Law

  20. You are COMPLETELY misstating and misrepresenting "exigent circumstances."

    The most common example of this is "hot pursuit," where a criminal is SEEN running into an occupied home, and law enforcement THEN has a right to follow the criminal into the home without obtaining a search warrant.

    To close down a TOWN and enter one house after another is NOT "exigent circumstances."

    No wonder our government can run roughshod over all our rights. Seems that most people are not even AWARE of what their rights are!!!

    How disappointing.

    The whole way in which this "search" was handled was an egregious violation of our US Constitution.

  21. You are COMPLETELY misstating and misrepresenting "exigent circumstances."

    The most common example of this is "hot pursuit," where a criminal is SEEN running into an occupied home, and law enforcement THEN has a right to follow the criminal into the home without obtaining a search warrant.

    To close down a TOWN and enter one house after another is NOT "exigent circumstances."

    No wonder our government can run roughshod over all our rights. Seems that most people are not even AWARE of what their rights are!!!

    How disappointing.

    The whole way in which this "search" was handled was an egregious violation of our US Constitution.

  22. Hmmm

    There are no legal constitutional "exceptions" to the Constitution except in times of war or insurection. Read the Constitution people. Wake up. Passing a law doesn't not make it Constitutional. Legislative fiat does not trump the Bill of Rights.

  23. This was the governments way of testing Marshall Law, and thanks to Boston bending over we are now screwed.
    The US military is enlisting violent criminals who don't care about our rights and rape, this is going to become Nazi Germany before we know it.


    • Thanks to Boston? If I remember correctly it wasn't the whole city of Boston that got searched, it was Watertown and maybe another surrounding town. Some of these residents were forced out of their home for a search, they weren't all cheering and saying yeah come on in. Footage shows some residents being threatened by authorities to come out of their house.
      Because all the people of Boston did not stop this, now they are responsible for martial law? No, martial law has been on its way for a while, no matter what city accepts it or not, its gonna take a whole country to stand up against it. and that will be hard, seeing some have been brainwashed by footage of residents cheering after the searches. I live in MA and believe me, if they came into my house, I would be standing up for my rights. dont let the media fool you!

  24. this is why the bombing happened.

  25. William Chandler

    How much “stuff” did these PIGS steal?! They were looking for specific individuals and had NO NEED to empty the houses unless they wanted no WITNESSES as they stuffed their pockets. Furthermore, they were Frisking the People, did they expect to find the bombers hiding inside someone’s POCKETS??????
    PIGS — there is a good reason they are called PIGS.

  26. PIGS — how much stuff did they STEAL?! There was no need to force the People out of their homes EXCEPT to have NO WITNESSES to their STEALING. And FRISK? They were looking for grown adults – did they think the Bombers were hiding in someone's POCKET!?!? There is a REASON they are called PIGS ….. A complete breakdown of the Constitution, America, YOUR RIGHTS.

  27. Give me a break. I don't believe it wasn't voluntary for one minute. Nice conspiracy theory crap tho. I am just glad they caught the guy. That is the most important thing.

    • did you watch the video?

      • The video is crap we have no idea what the situation is here and what is happening all you see is people running out of a house. We don’t know the exchange of words said we know NOTHING so stop theorizing what could be happening.

  28. That police vehicle was NOT a MRAP. That is actually a vehicle created inside of the USA made specifically for SWAT teams.

  29. Ugh. Everything has to be a conspiracy theory. This is enough to make me a praying man. Dear God, if you exist, the next time we have a situation like this with the possibility of loose bombs that might require extreme measures, please let the bombs find their way to the homes of these internet bald eagles so that they FREAKING GET IT. Amen.

  30. You need to review the exceptions to the warrant requirement: "Ordinarily the factors to consider in determining if there are exigent circumstances for a police entry are (1) the gravity or violent nature of the offense with which the suspect is to be charged; (2) whether the suspect 'is reasonably believed to be armed'; (3) 'a clear showing of probable cause to believe that the suspect committed the crime'; (4) 'strong reason to believe that the suspect is in the premises being entered'; (5) 'a likelihood that the suspect will escape if not swiftly apprehended'; and (6) the peaceful circumstances of the entry. The existence of several, even if not all, of the factors is enough to establish the exigent circumstances of a warrantless police entry." The second search result is the source, and it is a paper well worth reading:

  31. Now we learn that the younger Tsarnaev was unarmed while he was being shot at in the boat.. We were tole he tried to commit suicide, lied to once again!

    Will the truth that these boys were just afraid for their lives and had nothing to do with the bombing ever get out? How many lies from the US Government and their agencies will Americans stand for?

    My home is my castle, you kick in my door you will be dead within a few feet. Knock nicely and ask nicely and I will just tell you no. Do you get paid enough to get dead breaking the law invading my home and privacy? You, the police and the government organizations ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS. You authority only extends to criminals and not law abiding citizens. Breaking and entering is a crime. Entering without permission is a crime. Authority is not a replacement for morality!

  32. None of these images show anything illegal..

    The video only shows what happens after SWAT started entering the building. A door was already open, they were waiting and as the video rolls only then are they entering. As for images of them turning the streets into a "warzone" or using the MRAP ..Is the author salivating at the thought of a police state so much that he will completely forget that the Boston bombers used an IED?

    How about you show a video from a person actually resisting the request for SWAT to search the house? You will not find any, just more footage of police entering a building, taken only as they enter and not the two minutes of them standing on the porch beforehand getting permission to enter.

  33. The fact that any of these horrible horrible articles are written is really quite sad. Try writing an article on those who died on those who were injured on those who will NEVER know life the same.

    Boston came together as a community. I had lost almost all faith in humanity until articles started to surface on the heroes that contributed to the Boston Marathon Bombings. And neighborhoods worked together to find pos who did this in the first place.

    The video that had been “leaked”? Look how long it took for these people to answer their door and then take another look at how long it took for them to all get out all you hear is there is more inside. If you knew police were going door to door searching for the suspect you should be willing and waiting for them to come and search. These people took their sweet time holding the process up for them to move on to the next house. None the less police officers and swat team members don’t know what’s going on in the house and why it would take somebody that long. We also didn’t hear the words exchanged with the initial person coming out of the house for all we know he could have been just as ignorant as you.

    I have friends in that area that told me they had never felt so safe with the aid of the Boston police officers and the surrounding help that came in. I stand by every decision Boston PD and the FBI made to ensure our city was safe.

    So again I ask you stop looking at the hearsay situations and look at the heroes look at the people lost their lives the people whose lives have changed from that day forward.


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  39. I am looking forward for use this video in my home searches by boston police.

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