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Video: Police Shoot Family’s Service Dog Outside 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Recently unveiled police dashcam video documents the moment an Idaho police officer shot and killed a family’s service dog.

Warning: Video contains graphic images and profanity

According to the Filer Police Department, Officer Tarek Hassani responded to the home of Rick Clubb Saturday after receiving a report of dogs running at-large.

After parking outside the home, Hassani can be seen exiting the vehicle as two dogs excitedly approach. Although the dogs appear to be wagging their tails, the officer can be heard yelling at both before attempting to kick one dog in the face.

Instead of remaining in the vehicle and contacting the family or animal control, Hassani proceeds to push forward with his firearm raised as the dogs continue to bark. As the officer enters the driveway, a shot is suddenly fired at “Hooche,” the family’s 7-year-old black Labrador.

Hassani can be heard radioing police headquarters as Hooche cries in pain, limping off screen moments before his death.

“If you get a shots fired call, I just shot the dog,” Hassani says.

Incredibly, Hassani immediately knocks on the family’s door and begins swearing at Clubb, a wheelchair-bound Parkinson’s sufferer.

I just shot your dog because it tried to bite me!” Hassani yells. “I come here for a f*cking call and it tried to bite me!”

As Clubb denies the allegations, Hassani becomes increasingly aggravated, demanding Clubb hand over his identification or be sent to jail.

“I don’t know your dog. Your dog might be the most friendly dog in the whole world, but it also might be the dog that rips the bottom of my leg out and I’m in the ER all night,” Hassani says, mentioning a former ER visit.

Although appearing to genuinely apologize, the officer goes on to issue Clubb a ticket for letting his dogs run outside anyway, a violation of the city’s leash law according to Hassani.

“He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Clubb told the Twin Falls Times. “It was right outside my son’s bedroom. What if it had ricocheted through the window?”

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves supported the officer’s actions, saying Hassani had no choice but to put the dog down. According to the video, Clubb plans to fight the ticket in court.

While officers across the country are often faced by dangerous canine, a clear trend of unnecessary dog deaths at the hand of police have some departments issuing new training.

In 2012, police in Austin, Texas shot and killed a man’s dog in his front yard as the pair played Frisbee on a Saturday afternoon. It was later learned that police responded to the wrong home, opting to shoot first and ask questions later.

Last July, while visiting a family home to inform residents that their son had recently been murdered, police in Henrico County, Virgina shot and killed a family’s dog after it reportedly ran towards them.

Last September, a Georgia woman gave officers permission to enter her property to investigate what she believed to be a stolen vehicle. Despite telling officers ahead of time that her puppy was friendly and would not hurt them, an officer proceeded to shoot the dog in the head. Incredibly, “Ammo” the puppy survived the encounter.

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  1. Hey sissy cop , you could have stayed in your car. You were stupid for putting your life in danger by charging the dog with a gun. You just wanted to kill someone. You are a punk and a thug. No better than anyone else.

    • When you are parked on a public road in a residential area and you cannot get out of your car because dogs are surrounding you, a law is being broken. There are leash laws for a reason. 1) so incidents don't happen where the dog can harm pedestrians 2) so incidents don't happen to an aggressive dog or bystanders due to the aggressive dog.

      He needed to get out of his squad car to respond to a call. What if he had been responding to a neighbors emergency 911 call and couldn't safely exit his vehicle?

      Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. But I'm also wary of dogs too. There were 2 instances when the black lab "charged" or lunged at the officer much before he shot the dog. As a pedestrian I would have shot at one of those 2 instances.
      1) I don't care if you've been an expert dog trainer for years, I'm not so I don't understand the aggressive nature of dogs.
      2) I don't know that dog, I don't know for sure who owns it or where it came from. I first saw it next to my door when trying to exit my car.
      3) There are leash laws to prevent dog pedestrian encounters so situations like this don't happen.

      Yes, a lot of cases officers have no justification in shooting dogs. In this video I saw justification twice, and he was able to restrain both of those instances.

      Keep your pets on leashes please, for their safety as well.
      An officer will never win a case against shooting a dog on a leash.

      • You're a damn fool to think that. Look up how many dogs have been shoot while running AWAY from police or have been on a leash. They get away with it every single time. 87% of the dogs who are shot by officers being too the homeowner who called the police in the first place. Also the number is almost as high for calls where THE OFFICERS ARE AT THE WRONG DAMN HOUSE TO BEGIN WITH!!! They need training and education. And they wonder why Leos have such a nasty reputation….. My husband and his fellow LEOs would never even think of acting in this manner. Disgusting behavior unworthy of the badge.

  2. Why didn't he mace the dog first? I guarantee if you mace a dog, and it's going to back the f*** off.

  3. You were stupid for putting your life in danger by charging the dog with a gun.thanks

  4. Youre right ,the cop had many better altrnatives but he just had to be a big man,but the owner caused the problem by not keeping control of his dogs. The owner was just asking for trouble. Both made bad choices and both should face punishment. Was this really a service dog? with past probems why wasnt more done to intervien on the dogs irresponsible care? Where is animal control? Did neighbors complain about the loose dogs? If they called animal control,here in california theyre suppose to act on every call complaint. owners that break the leash laws deserve what they get,too bad the dog paid the price and not the owner.The asbite owner didnt deserve any apology. There are no bad dogs , only owners (and some cops)

  5. You piece of cowardly shit!

  6. He lied about the dog trying to bite him, the dog was barking at him, furthermore, he tried to kick the dog.

  7. What a pity! owners that break the leash laws deserve what they get,too bad the dog paid the price and not the owner. The cops could call animal control. But not to hurt animals.

  8. Tyrants don't care about being right, just having the biggest gun in any situation.
    And dogs only care about protecting the people that love them.

  9. Well i guess one is not allowed to speak his mind here. Thankyou for deleting my comment. How about Idiot cop. Is that better?

  10. What a cowardly piece of crap, and stupid, too, trying to kick the dog in face, who only barked at a hateful stranger (the cop) prowling around. The dog was wagging its tail, and did not even snap at the piece of crap wearing a badge even when provoked. He should have stayed in his car and called the dog owner on the phone or driven off looking for real crimes. Animal control was another alternative, but this cop was as brainless as he was vicious. No wonder police are so despised and regarded as the enemy, not friend and protector.

  11. It sucks being chased by a big angry dog when I just want to go out for a walk or a bike ride. Some of them are lethal to children. This owner just lets them out free to terrorize the neighborhood. What do you expect?

  12. Cops need to stop shooting peoples dogs PERIOD.

  13. Hassani needs to spend a month or two in the MENTAL hospital. He also should be prohibited from owning a firearm as he has shown that he is a danger to the community. The Chief should be fired.

  14. When SHTF these cops are fair game.

  15. I would have shot the dog too, they shouldn't be running loose.

  16. We're getting signs made: "ATTENTION ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT: YOU SHOOT OUR DOGS – WE SHOOT YOU" … at least they will know what will trigger a gun fight. They'll have been warned.

  17. sue the monster!

  18. When did that dog growl?! I sure didn’t hear it. Barking yes but no growling.

  19. The idiot with the badge is a blatant liar. The dogs never growled or had aggressive behavior. If the cop is that scared of a dog he doesn’t need to be in law enforcement. Maybe the homeowner was wrong in not having his dogs on a leash, but the cop was very wrong in his actions. And the POS police chief that called his officer’s actions justified needs his assistant beat.

  20. As a dog trainer, I did not see any reason for the officer to shoot the dog. In fact after he kicked at the dog the dog was backing away as he shot the dog. I specialize in aggressive dog behavior and this was not an out of control vicious dog. I believe because the officer was bitten before he built up in his mind that the dog was more aggressive then it was. Animal control officers deal with aggressive animals every day and do not carry guns or have to use lethal force to do their jobs. Police officers need to be trained like animal control officers or they should stay in their cars until animal control comes out without a gun to save them.

  21. not cool at all

  22. he didn't need to shoot the dog it was only barking, plus he kicked it did he really think the dog would be real impressed

  23. to bad the dog didn't rip his throat out!

  24. All of these shootings are really sad…nowadays dogs are like family, so when a police officer comes onto your property and shoots your family member it’s a very horrific thing.

  25. This is absolutely terrible. It's easy to become desensitized to all this weird police violence, and maybe I'm strange, but it really hits home when the victim is a dog. And not just any dog: a service dog. They're so loyal and so smart. Such a shame.

  26. This is so horrible to shoot this poor dog! Th edog did not growl, but only bark as dogs do, and he was kicking at the dog, before he finally kills it for absolutely no reason!!! This was so difficult to watch, and my heart gors out to this owner. This officer needs to be fired along with his chief, and thee should be a suit against the police department.

  27. Thanks again Mikael Thalen for great training tips – we are on it tonight!

  28. he didn't need to shoot the dog it was only barking, plus he kicked it did he really think the dog would be real impressed

  29. Tyrants don't care about being right, just having the biggest gun in any situation.
    And dogs only care about protecting the people that love them.

  30. You were stupid for putting your life in danger by charging the dog with a gun.thanks

  31. The bully pitbull which essentially refers to the American bully.

  32. This is awful, now we see what will happen when officer and dog's owner become irresponsible.

  33. I am sure this comment will be pulled

  34. Yeah.

    You would know all about being a tyrant, douchebag.

  35. Roger, you small little man. You must find big guns very humbling.

  36. Um when you didn't post for a few days no comments got pulled. As soon as you crawled back in they started getting pulled again

  37. As I said when you are gone no comments get pulled and civil on topic discussion happens. When you are here comments get pulled and on topic discussion STOPS.

  38. No Roger, it is you.

    You are the problem.

    Go sidle up to the people at Navy's site, or slither back to the Growl. I'm sure they'd both love to have you.

    You're so pathetic, that Warren and Deuse even ignore you.

  39. You POS, I love this site. I don't have a posse you worthless POS

    Yours get pulled (not by me) and then in some sick twisted justification you think it's ok to have mine pulled like the coward you are. I don't report your comments only little b itches report comments, like you

  40. Yeah.

    You'd know a lot about being a internet keyboard tyrant.

  41. Alinsky, how is it you think you're helping the posse's agenda?

  42. I was thinking something like that. I was wondering by the name if he's mooslim.

  43. Remember?
    Why would I forget?

    Funny Roger.
    I'd wager cash money, that you would be the first, and the biggest snitch on your block.

  44. You're a paranoid, hate-mongering nitwit. I'm not sure if your current miserable state of mind is punishment for your actions earlier in life or if something you'll do penance for later but you need to snap out of it.

  45. They sure do.

    Glad I don't fit in that category. I use mine for protection

  46. I'll bet you have a big-un.

  47. Protection 1st of course, but I enjoy shooting as well, I am sure your in the same boat Wee.

  48. What is wrong with that? What is the difference from being a gun head or a gear head?

  49. That dog was asking for it.

  50. Nothing wrong with that.

  51. He hasn't said this to you.

    1 minute ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I did not brag. I shown you a study. You used your opinion.

    Sometimes with monsters like you it is better if you are not living."

    Or this:

    3 days ago @ Breitbart.com – Israel: Iran could be … · 23 replies · -2 points
    "Oh that is not all I got. That was just a sample Roger Russel.
    Glad you are not scared. Its what I expected. Time to go to new level. It won't be on here though."

    Oh, and since he'll pull this right away I might as well toss in these two. I've said they coordinate off forum.

    3 days ago @ Vision to America – Canadian Judge Describ… · 3 replies · +3 points
    "We need to discuss somethings away from here."

    When someone here advocates for the most violent solution in a sharia friendly way and even talks up 'revolution' then pretends it's a peaceful thing… I don't 'consider them the most stable person that I would want defending my rights.

    Not when he thinks this is what Christians deserve.

    24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO "

  52. I enjoy shooting as well. Do it all the time.

  53. Just like Roger.

    Give a thug some authority, and they normally run right off the rails.

  54. Winning…………..!

  55. agreed

  56. Well I am happy nothing like this has not happened in my area

  57. Because cops suck.

    Has nothing to do with religion

  58. sharia isn't just about religion and not all cops suck.

    Too many need to be weeded out, but there are a lot of great cops out there.
    Until we have police chiefs and sheriffs that will do the right thing over protecting their own bad cops, there will be abuses.

  59. I don't agree with sharia so you can quit lying about me

  60. Sure you do.

    24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO"

  61. That has nothing to do with sharia.

    Try again loser

  62. It does seem to be consistent with sharia friendly values and tactics.

  63. Only according you and you have no creditability after you said this:
    Roger 162p • 4 days ago
    My chuckle is that Iran is going to slip one through our admittedly very porous southern border and then detonate this in a US city…

  64. You did about the church comment. I quoted you and how you want to blow up cities.

    They do reflect your communistic values

  65. Wee that was your comment, I quoted you when I used it.

    That isn't my words, position, or belief. And you pulled it right away since you realized it exposed yours. Of course, if you don't feel that way you can always take this chance to refute the comment.

  66. Nope, those are your words. That is why I saved the header

  67. No, those aren't my words even if you made up the header. Wee, I notice you didn't repudiate that position, even when given the chance.

  68. I personally witnessed Roger talking ti himself here over the weekend. That wasn't the bad part. What was sad, was that he was answering himself.

  69. I am not suprised

  70. by being fired, and by firing the people that hire them.

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