Video: Law Abiding Gun Owners Treated Like Terrorists at Rally

May 28th, 2013
Updated 05/29/2013 at 3:14 pm

Note: I have taken down the video after some respectable individuals dressed in military gear contacted me to let me know that one of my sources was a bit off and that at least some of the individuals in the first part of the video were there in support of the rally. I have taken down the video out of respect for these men who support the Second Amendment as I do. The topic of the piece at large is still valid, as there was an exceptional presence of police (both plain clothes and in uniform), Homeland Security, K-9 units, and others. 

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed… just harrassed. Law abiding citizen gun owners who now dare to exercise their legal rights are being treated like radical terrorists for following the law.

As you may be aware I recently went to cover the March Against Monsanto protest in Philadelphia, which is an excellent grassroots movement against Monsanto (a downright vile corporation and the largest producer of genetically modified seeds), and I was surprised to see a peaceful gun rally across the street in downtown Philadelphia.

But I was even more surprised to see the army of police, military, K-9 squads, and plain clothes officers that were surrounding the gun rally as the 1,000+ attendee March Against Monsanto protests moved through the busiest street in the city. I actually support both rallies, and was upset to see that there was not a huge spillover between the two due to the phony left vs. right rhetoric that stops either side from accomplishing much, but I was truly amazed when I walked over to see the different ways in which the protesters were being treated.

Even though the March Against Monsanto protest easily exceeded 1,000 activists, the gun rally was targeted as priority — even with only around 50 or so individuals still attending at the time of my filming. We even had Homeland Security actively patrolling the area.

But why? In reality, 50 law abiding citizens with licenses/permits to carry a legal handgun will make any place safe! If there were a true criminal who came in and attempted to hurt innocents during this protest, they would immediately be met with lethal resistance. We know that, on average, around 40% of criminals report not even committing crimes due to the very fear of a firearm.

So what’s up, why are gun owners treated like terrorists? It’s exactly the same as the now-admitted IRS attack on Constitution-based groups and those who identified themselves as ‘conservatives’. There is a very real attack on the Second Amendment and those who utilize and support it. And those who dare to legally carry their own weapons are demonized under this system. Are these officers bad people? No, they are likely just following politically charged orders as former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told me after the rally. But at the higher levels, there is an attack on the Second Amendment and the Constitution at large that goes far beyond event security.


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  1. I was at the GRAA (gun rights rally) and was their to cover it and take photos, and we were not treated poorly at all. I spoke with several local and US park police and they all said that they were there to make sure that anyone who were causing problems were removed quickly. The one person who did cause problems was quickly and professionally removed from the rally. Since last last year, Ive been involved with close to a dozen rallies in Pennsylvania & Maryland. The common thread at all the rallies has been that the police have been behind us 100%. In Harrisburg the PA Capital Police said that the gun owners were the most the most behaved of all the groups. They also said that the people from Ceasefire PA were rude. Now if the police were told to treat us differently that is very possible, but i have not witnessed this at all. Additionally, i want to thank the police for their professional behavior at all the events i have been to. As i always tell them, i for one would help them if they ever needed it. / Rob

    • Zeke says:

      You sympathize with your oppressors a bit much. Much like the guy I saw there handing out copies of The Constitution while submitting to a search of his bag without so much as a whimper of protest.

      Thank you Mr. Police Officer, thank you so much for allowing me to exercise my Rights.

  2. Mike Volb says:

    Me and My son were the ones who helped remove the screaming hippie “peacefully” We put our flag in front of him so he couldnt see the speaker and step by step walked him backwards until the park service came in and removed him. While I didnt see the police give anyone at the gun rally a tough time, it was clear they were watching us more that the Monsanto protest across the street. Just look at the pictures.

  3. Anthony:

    Thank you for manning up and posting this disclaimer. I am the Commanding Officer of the PA Watchmen who were there along with our brothers from the NJ Watchmen in ACU patterned Camo. We were contacted by Police Chief Mark Kessler who asked the PA Watchmen to provide security for himself at the GRAA Rally. I was appalled that when I called Alex Jones today and he hung up on me as a prank caller without even hearing me out. I would like him to man up like you showed intestinal fortitude and did so and you sir are a gentleman. Thank You sir. ~Colonel Mohawk, Commanding Officer, PA Watchmen of America

    • Thanks a lot Colonel, I posted a comment on Infowars detailing the note and requesting that it be added. Unfortunately my trusted source within the police there told me a few things that were incorrect, and we were reporting live so there was a LOT of information to digest VERY quickly.

      I am the first to admit I make mistakes, and apologize for the issues in the piece — the main focus of the article and a lot of my work is to highlight the essential nature of the Second Amendment and those supporting it. So thank you for standing up for our rights.

      • Anthony:

        If you ever wanna do a story of the Watchmen of America myself and our 1st Officer Freebyrd would be more than happy to provide you with accurate info on our movement and what our mission is. Thanks again for providing the Truth and being a fellow Patriot! Molon Labe! ~Mohawk

  4. No one searched my bags nor did they violate any of my due rights.

  5. AnnoyingIKnow says:

    Can I spell check your articles!? First job: harrassed is harassed – thanks :) I have OCD & Im a spelling Nazi Sorry.

  6. ChristelElaine says:

    This article is confusing, and I shared the video but didnt get to watch it before it was taken down…so why couldnt the faces in the beginning be blurred, the ones who had a prob with the video? and how did you know how they were dressed they came to your home? I dunno…seems like there is always someone crying foul and the good vids always get taken down, the ones that show how it REALLY is for gun owners.

  7. TK3 says:

    Don't be naive enough to believe that 'most' of the government 'hired guns' will not smile at you and follow Big Brothers bloody orders all-the-way-down the line or that 'most' even know or care about the "Constitution/Bill Of Rights".
    Of the three ballot boxes, clearly only one left now to Patriots.

  8. Colonel Sinner says:

    Where has he bashed his own people. If you are going to come out with allegations like this then you need to have some proof. We all know who this is.

  9. Colonel Mohawk says:

    I'd rather be a "broke dick" than a piece of monkey crap who washed out of the WOA. If you were a real Patriot, you'd still be a Watchman now. I agree with Colonel Sinner knowing who it is for its that time of the month to come out from under your rock.

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