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Video: Government Criminalizes Church Groups Feeding Homeless

In what amounts to one of the most blatant displays of how truly corrupt the entire hierarchy of the establishment has become, church groups feeding the homeless are now being targeted by law enforcement and local government around the nation.

Back on November 29th, I was alerted to the reality that a church group handing out meals for Thanksgiving at a local park had been told by law enforcement to leave or face potential arrest. The story was ultimately read by millions worldwide after it was syndicated from Storyleak through Infowars and other news platforms. And while it was truly concerning, I was still under the impression that it must have been a remotely isolated incident. On the night of December 5th, however, I was disturbed to find yet another church coming forward in revealing a complete attack on their ability to feed thousands of homeless men and women.

In a story now reiterated by numerous other church heads who continue to contact me through email, a Washington-based church out of Olympia is now facing government attack after handing out more than 5,000 meals per month for the last two years. Now, amid the holiday season, the group known as ‘Crazy Faith Ministries’ has been hit with a bureaucratic siege of red tape for handing out the thousands of meals via a public parking lot.

In the exclusive report up on Storyleak, Mikael Thalen writes:

“Although the group has had a long and highly supported presence in the area, complaints began arising regarding issues such as vehicle traffic being blocked from the growing number of hungry people coming to be fed. In October, Charles received notice from the Olympia Police Department that his group would no longer be allowed to use the lot, although unable to cite any law broken.

Despite the city’s attempts, Crazy Faith politely declined to comply, saying the lot was the only area available to use. Charles, who is of Native American decent, refused to give up the Native tradition of helping others in his community.

Unsuccessful in getting the group to vacate, the city is now attempting to use red-tape and bureaucracy by passing a new ordinance that would require the group to purchase permits for any activity in city-owned parking lots. Using any lot without permission from the city government could result in fines and jail time.”

That’s right, feeding the homeless now results in significant fines and even jail time — and that is entirely unacceptable. I encourage everyone to share this article and spread the word about the objectively nefarious actions of the law enforcement agencies who are now criminalizing church groups that simply want to feed the homeless. Meanwhile, politicians siphon our income and get away with secret deals that amount to hundreds of millions stolen each and every day.

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  1. This story shows how strange and corrupt many of the government representatives have become. Sometimes I wonder who they are working for – the common people or the many lobby interest groups..

  2. Anthony really, thank you

  3. Feeding a hungry person is now a matter for the state?

    Will they make us all file for permits to see if our access to parks is allowed?
    I have to wonder if the church can bring food for the birds and let the homeless accidentally access it?
    If they try that one, only the unchurched will be allowed to feed the pigeons shortly.

  4. Idiotic story misrepresenting WHY this is happening.

    ANY group has to get a permit to do things in public, especially when you bring in hundreds of thousands of people and cause traffic jams and put an unexpected burden on the police to ensure nobody gets hurt. Public safety, its a real thing. People standing in line across streets, its an issue.

    if you want to give food away, do it, do it all day long, from your church. Every Mission I know of gives away free food, and the homeless people come to them to do it.

    A bunch of idiots who think its a great idea to deliver the food and dont realize that they are creating a public safety concern (at best) that the police have to deal with is idiotic.

    From a retired police officer, get a permit you dope. Pay the fee so the police can ensure it goes off without a hitch. Don't just show up and create a mass gathering in a public place and think its no big deal. Or do it out of your church. Idiots

    • i agree.

    • Nailed it. These sensational stories very often misrepresent the real story. Just another example.

      • Anthony wrote a story once where he and Alex jones prevented a nuclear war. And he looked like he actually believed it. God bless him. It must be difficult to go on day after day, writing this crap. I mean deep down inside he has to know right? i mean, he knows.

    • Really? What about our right to peaceably assembale you twit? Oh wait you a former cop which means your jackboots are probably so damn tight you cant think that way. You and your wanna be soldier boys down at the precint needs to learn you are a servent of the people not the other way around. Want to act like the military have the balls and skill to join up like I did. Oh but wait that might mean you would face people that shoot back and dont just get beat to death with batons or terrorized by a 12 to one ratio of force so of course you thugs wouldnt do that.

    • I'm sorry, but it's you that lacks compassion and understandably so since you're a former cop that follows the tryannical playbook.

  5. Here is something getting very little attention from the 'Corporate' media.

    INDIANAPOLIS The leader of the Indiana Senate has invited lawmakers from every state to join him Dec. 7 at Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia home, to discuss the state-led process for crafting amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

  6. This is yet another example of Anthony Gucciardi using information selectively to try to motivate conservatives to take action on an issue.

    This article has only two instances of governments stopping people from feeding people living in poverty in public places.

    Anthony: Show us what emails you received that justify accusing governments across the country of stopping the feedings.

    And stop with your MOTIVATIONAL NEWS STORIES that distort fact just so that you can get people up and off their couches.



  7. How do we know that this article is almost complete BS? It starts off with this massive generalization about a social problem which has plagued America for generations:

    "In what amounts to one of the most blatant displays of how truly corrupt
    the entire hierarchy of the establishment has become, church groups
    feeding the homeless are now being targeted by law enforcement and local
    government around the nation."

    If Anthony Gucciardi and Infowars want to make a difference in the lives of people who are called "homeless," then they need to go to bat for people who need permanent housing. I have NEVER heard Gucciardi and/or Alex Jones talk about the need to give the "homeless" housing that they cannot lose, no matter what. PEOPLE ARE BEING FED ON THE STREETS, BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE HOMES TO GO TO. Until the problem of housing is addressed, there will be Americans on the streets looking for meals.

    Here's the proof that Anthony Gucciardi and Infowars are just trying to motivate conservatives with distorted facts and unproved assertions about poverty in America. Here are links to several, recent news articles about "homelessness" in America. Some of these articles expose governments for stopping people from feeding other people in public places. And some of these articles show just how generous Americans are to people who need food assistance.

    1) Restaurant forced to stop feeding the "homeless" in Indiana:

    2) Los Angeles considering ban on feeding the "homeless":

    3) Raleigh, North Carolina welcomes feeding the "homeless":

    4) St. Louis, MO stops people from feeding the "homeless":

    5) Central Pennsylvania bans feeding the "homeless":

    6) Christian Missions feed thousands of people living in poverty:

    7) Feeding the "homeless" in Chattanooga:

    8) A great article on "homelessness" by the Huffington Post:

    9) Relocating the "homeless":

  8. Show us what emails you received that justify accusing governments across the country of stopping the feedings.

  9. Fla. state senators push for constitutional convention to rein in ‘runaway’ federal government December 10, 2013

  10. Our group also ran afoul the system whiling out sandwiches. Their ONLY concern was the fact we had no permit from the health dept certifying the safety and cleanliness of the people preparing. Worked with the health dept and problem. The stories may have been a smoke screen when the issue was not police stopping handing out food ensuring the food had been properly prepared. Don't want anyone getting sick because a welling meaning volunteer didn't wash their hands.

  11. instead of burying them with useless regulations and permits

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