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Video: How to Fight Back Against Radiation Hitting West Coast

Anthony Gucciardi joins David Knight on The Alex Jones Show to discuss how a staggering 78% of Fukushima’s radioactive waste was dumped into the Pacific Ocean as well as previous reports regarding hot particles in the United States.

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  1. Perhaps maybe we should be so crazy to consider the possibility that our keepers would be more “ok” with the people on the west coast dying than we would think… Maybe it would be wise, to keep an eye on the local gov leaders and if they are still hanging out on the west coast?

    • I think it would be very wise

      • Depopulation has always been a goal of the radical left. It's been 'population control', that we 'pollute the earth' kind of rhetoric for a long, long time.

        • Leave it to you to see the challenge of overpopulation as a left vs. right issue. Right now it's a concern for those who can do math vs. those that can't. Eventually it will be acted on by those that have power vs. those that don't. The days of it being the primary concern of the hippy left are long gone, if they ever existed. Whether Professor Bartlett was a lefty or not is irrelevant to the underlying calculations.

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