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Video: Dem Congressman Proposes Moat Around White House

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen suggested building a moat around the White House Wednesday during a House Judiciary Committee meeting with the U.S. Secret Service.

Speaking with acting U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy on the agency’s recent scandals, Cohen suggested that a large body of water surrounding the White House could possibly keep out potential trespassers.

“Would a moat, water, six feet around, be kind of attractive and effective?” Cohen asked.

Seemingly stunned by the suggestion, Director Clancy instead suggested the possibility of a larger fence, arguing that the public’s accessibility to the White House has historic value.

“Sir, it may be. One of the things we balance is obviously the accessibility of the White House. We recognize the historic nature of the White House and how the American people should have access to the White House,” Clancy said. “So we are now in the process of working with our partners at the National Parks Services to see if we can do something with the fence.”

Ironically, a White House moat may be fitting given President Obama’s ruling mentality, a trait most recently noted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

“The elections were a referendum on amnesty, and the voters soundly rejected it. There was no ambiguity. Undeterred, President Obama appears to be going forward,” Cruz wrote in Politico. “It is lawless. It is unconstitutional. He is defiant and angry at the American people. If he acts by executive diktat, President Obama will not be acting as a president, he will be acting as a monarch.”

Despite the President’s dictatorial actions, fellow Democrats continue to stroke his ego, pushing for the further erosion of the legislative branch.

In just one example last February, Vice Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile encouraged the President to “move forward” without Congress.

Armed with his pen and his phone, President Obama will undoubtedly use his short time left to push the boundaries on executive action.

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Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. Good Lord.

    These people are really, really scary. It just shows, that the mentally afflicted should not be elected to public office.

    • When you want to seize control and the people aren't ready to cede it, it causes issues.

    • Oh, you're talking about the congressman — I thought you were talking about the author of this hard-hitting piece of journalistic excellence.

      • Are you going to thrash around and pretend I didn't catch your slip on not having US utility bills?

        Saggy, I've known for some time you don't 'have typical American interests and values. Why not go the next step and say what values you do have?

        • Roger Knumb-knutz Russell!
          How dare you come here and derail this thread?

          Tell me exactly where in your above comment, that there is anything to do with the article? If you continue your disruptive behavior, you will be banned from here permanently.

          You have been warned.

  2. I hope he was being sarcastic. IF not he is dumb

    • Some things just make one go Huh?.
      This "moat" comment ranks right up there, with another stellar Democrat comment made by the genius Hank Johnson .

      • Or he was mocking the failed fascist dictator that is completely removed from the people.

        • I know Iremember pretty well. I know he detests President Obama with a passion. I know he detests you even more. FACT.

          • You can say that, but he's just another posse pretender.
            And obama isn't worthy of your support.

          • Actually, no he's not. He and I disagree on just about every possible political subject, and we civilly agree to disagree. The FACT remains, he detests you even more than he detests President Obama. I adamantly disagree with his views….all except that one. I find it extremely ironic that you're despised by far more conservatives than liberals. But that's because you stay closeted in far right-wing conservative echo chambers because you're a coward. You should come out of the closet and venture out to sites where people actually debate issues, but then you don't debate so you'd be the dead fish in the water, just like you are here. Post a few comments of your own without attaching yourself to the coattails of others — see how well you do.

          • So you agree that obama isn't worthy of your support, I suppose that's as much progress as anyone can expect for one day.

          • Don't even try to put words in my mouth, you fail in every attempt. You've proven you lack the ability to back up your response comments, now post some solo comments on various stories, quit riding the coattails of everyone else.

          • I don't have to. You said "Actually, no he's not." That was a reply to a direct and pointed observation.

            "You can say that, but he's just another posse pretender.
            And obama isn't worthy of your support."

            The entire liberal agenda is based on lies and redefined terms.
            And Obama is isolated from reality enough without any new moats.

          • As usual, your comment borders on unintelligible. You said that Iremember is a posse pretender, I said, "Actually, no he's not". That's it — you don't get to fill in any imaginary blanks or pretend there's something between the lines. Iremember is not a posse pretender, period.

          • Still can't actually discuss the story?

            You may have slipped and admitted you don't have American utility bills but can't you admit what country you do have utilities in?

  3. On the one hand, a moat is a bad idea. Currently, they can't even build a fence to keep the "Wets" out. A moat would involve excavation, and then there is the problem of where to place the Draw Bridge. Granted, they are experts in digging holes with short-handled shovels, but undoubtedly it would cave in on top of them. Then there is the question of what to do with the Croc-a-gators. Once the locals find out that they can make "chitterlins" out of the intestines, it is adios reptiles.

    Perhaps they should just start small, and add Minarets…….

  4. Meanwhile, the opposition proposes using iron bars. Let's get rid of the lot of 'em.

    • The 'I' word is the solution the founding fathers left us, we need Boehner to use it.

      • Yes, Boehner would be right to call you an "Idiot", as would anyone else.

        • If you don't like what the founding fathers left us, why not find a country more suited to your personal beliefs?

          Of course the USSR is gone, East Germany is gone, perhaps you want a system that always fails?

          • I'm good with the founding fathers, it's you I could do without.

          • Fine, you don't have to be here. And the founding fathers would want you to have that choice.

            And once more I notice you didn't bother to explain why I was wrong. Trolls, you are rather predictable. The entire country was based on citizen leadership, of the polite society being able to behave for the most part and local states control the problems when it didn't work.

            That's totally opposed to what we have today, a dictatorial fascist leader that is so removed from the serfs providing their taxes that a moat wouldn't be out of character for them.

          • You are incapable of separating opinion from fact. You refuse to acknowledge fact. You are at least as mistake prone as anyone else hear but lack the intestinal fortitude to own even the most minor of your errors. You are not here to debate or prove your case, only to stir the pot.

            There is no debate or discussion with you.

          • If that was true, you should have been able to explain why I was actually wrong.

            You didn't.

          • you never explain anything to anyone so you deserve it in kind
            look closely at your gross avatar and you will see what everyone sees, a bitter and bltchy old crone.

          • I did explain my position, just count up the thread do where I posted it and try reading the comment before replying to the comment.

          • I don't know.

  5. Oddly written story, IMO. Some guy made a suggestion, good or bad, regarding the security of the White House. The article mentions that in the first bit of the story, but then moves the story to a completely different subject so he can bring in Ted Cruz and his lameness. Again, oddly written story with an agenda that has nothing to do with White House security.

    • You just don't get actual thinking.

      He made several great points with one suggestion.

      • Name those "several great points" that relate to the headline or what the story is supposed to be about rather than what you, lacking reading comprehension skills, have decided the story is about.

        • Would Ted Cruz just point out that Obama was soundly rejected and should respect the will of the people?

          And too bad you didn't know what those points were or what the topic was and discuss it.

          • I'm quite aware of what the topic was supposed to be, a member of Congress making a suggestion that a moat be built around the White House for security purposes. How it devolved into including anything related to Ted Cruz shows an agenda. But I expect nothing but InfoWars mumbo-jumbo on this site, because that's all this is, an Alex Jones primer site, and I've yet to be disappointed knowing their biased stories. It's too bad you claim otherwise, it showcases your lack of cognitive reasoning skills, lack of reading comprehension, lack of a functioning brain.

            So again, name those "several great points" that relate to the headline or what the story is supposed to be about. So far you're just deflecting again because you can't answer my question….because despite the fact you have a pea-sized brain, you actually know the headline is a farce.

          • Security for Obama or from us protecting us from Obama?
            it works both way.

          • Can't name those "several great points", I see. Nothing new with that — that's your SOP, make a comment as fact rather than opinion, then flounder, flail, flacidly deflect when called on it. You're so limp.

          • You haven't laid out any great points, why would I bother?

            I can't help but notice it's liberals that want to 'progress' but when reality hits the fan its' progressives that want to regress to a medieval style of life.

          • So again you've made a statement and can't back it up, despite the story being short and right above the commenting section. Tsk, tsk, your dumbassery is showing.

          • I can back up that a progressive wants a moat, that is midieval in design and thinking.

            What needs to be backed up? Obama's policies are pushing us towards a post industrial lifestyle, just as surely as Pol Pot did for Cambodia.

            Don't pretend marxism is progressive, it's not.

  6. This quite a strange request, I'm not sure that this would improve anything. They should invest the money in something more useful.

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      There fixed it for you.
      And I don't see why, you don't belong here.

    • Cut and paste deserves to be pulled.

      • Pull this……..

        • And to think you just said this morning you weren't coming to this site any more.

          Alinsky isn't honest, and the voices in his head aren't either.

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          • Yet you're the one hung up on skin color.
            You had to use words broken up into individual letters since the site doesn't allow foul language and you're the one that is stuck repeating himself since nobody believes anything you say.

            We'll, it looks like you're just a lonely loser locked behind thick doors in a modest unit at old computer equipment and wearing underwear that needs replacing badly.

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            You are a pathetic queer.

          • Still hoping?

            I'm not interested. Out of all your stalking and hacking and digging you still have nothing, you still are nothing and you still know very very little. Most of what you do know is wrong and frankly if you want my attention it's not going to work beyond my taking steps to keep you at a distance.

          • I know everything about you, you queer.

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          • Not if you think I worked for Ralphs you don't.

            And like your computer, there is nothing special about you.
            You may have a lot of anger, a lot of bitterness over all the things you reject. But have you ever built on what you do have? Have you ever tried to play to your strengths or have you been so busy you don't know what they are?

    • Does the taste of defeat sit miserably in your mouth?

      After months of determined work the site still remains, and with people to comment on the stories.
      You must feel horrible knowing you are just another whiny troll that can't ruin anything. If the real Alinsky saw who was using his name he would be so disappointed.

      You need to hide behind a moat just as surely as obama in the White House.

      • Mr. Liberty left this site to protest the way it allows virgin homos comments while deleting the truth.

        • You don't delete things. And frankly a lot of people comment less often thanks to posse trolls spamming the site. For example your comment says nothing and was just another empty insult that didn't need saying.

  9. I don't think this idea of moat around the White House will gonna work.. This is not at all sensible.

  10. This idea about moat around the White House will work only about decoration! It will be attractive and people will love this, but with secure of White House…not gonna work.

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  31. Good Lord.

    These people are really, really scary. It just shows, that the mentally afflicted should not be elected to public office.

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