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Video: Citizen Pulls Over Unmarked Sheriff’s Deputy, Issues Warning

A Washington state sheriff’s deputy was in for a surprise last week after being flagged down by a local resident.

The incident began last Saturday when liberty activist and former congressional candidate Gavin Seim noticed a Grant County deputy driving an unmarked vehicle.

According to Washington state law RCW 46.08.065, no law enforcement officer is permitted to use an unmarked vehicle unless in accordance with undercover work.

It is unlawful for any public officer having charge of any vehicle owned or controlled by any county, city, town, or public body in this state other than the state of Washington and used in public business to operate the same upon the public highways of this state unless and until there shall be displayed upon such automobile or other motor vehicle in letters of contrasting color not less than one and one-quarter inches in height in a conspicuous place on the right and left sides thereof, the name of such county, city, town, or other public body, together with the name of the department or office upon the business of which the said vehicle is used.

After requesting the deputy’s identification, Seim laid out his reasoning for the stop while confirming that the officer was not in compliance.

“You seem to be doing something that is clearly in violation of Washington state law,” Seim says.

The deputy, appearing somewhat annoyed by the encounter, responds by accusing Seim of “playing games.”

“This isn’t a game, it’s called law,” Seim responds.

The interaction, which continues for more than 15 minutes, exemplifies what a healthy encounter should look like between peace officers and their employers.

Unmarked vehicles are a ripe opportunity for confusion in a citizens reaction and for criminals to impersonate lawful authority to get people to stop. People have been raped and even murdered because of this, so the law is good sense. In WA, all municipal and police vehicles must be marked UNLESS they fall under special exemptions. These exemptions do not apply to patrol vehicles. In fact there’s even WA State court precedent where a man fled police and his felony charge was thrown out because the pursuing vehicle was not properly marked. Pretty interesting.

Seim, who has had several other widely-viewed encounters with police, joins a growing number of people attempting to keep public employees accountable.

Whether negative or positive, such videos will undoubtedly increase as Americans take a greater interest in the rule of law and their constitutional rights.

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  1. All are equal and some more equal than others.


    We need our country back and the constitution to actually mean something. The rule of law works, if they would try it.

    • So you continue to discuss the settlement and lie about it.might want to call your attorney

      • Why? Read the agreement where does it say I can't reuse the apology?

        You really should have had better legal representation.

        4 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – Stupid and Lazy · 0 replies · +1 points
        while you and I may not agree on
        just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
        POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

        • Where does it say you can?

          • Wanna lay some money on the line? I bet he won't answer you. Hi, btw.

          • Someone should tell Roger that if he thinks the Constitution means so much, he should capitalize it.

          • He thinks speaking fluent English should be required to live in the US too, and he fails to capitalize that also. He's not so bright.

          • Someone should tell you two trolls that if you want to spam there are probably better sites for it. Why not take your closet cases in hand and find them a nice story on the pony site?

          • Phuck him. He is a no good worthless pos. Imo

          • It doesn't say what I can do, it says what I can't do. And it never says I can't repeat that apology.

            So, here it goes again!

            4 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – Stupid and Lazy · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on
            just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          • Well I guess it does not say I can't delete it. So guess I will. Not that it meant anything any way. Did the mo smell like dog chit?

  2. Finally someone is exposing how all of our rights are being taken away by police.

  3. Excellent expose as always.

  4. Our government is out of control. Everyone needs to read this article.

  5. Another excellent piece of journalism. Keep up the good work.

  6. Roger is the Devil

    I see subject is making more threats to sue people. From what I gather his law suit with Wee he got an apology that was just made to get him off Wees back and less than 5 bucks. So that was a waste of money and he has failed to track down Alinsky. What kind of loser cry baby sues everyone?

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          Love the quote, btw.

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          • I'm still waiting for you trolls to explain why you need to know about my personal life when the forum is here to discuss the story/issue the site provides.

            You want to bork me in the worst possible way, and I see no reason to make it easy for you. If you can sag all over and still manage then you should be able to face any obstacle that gravity tosses at that old worn out body.

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          • Of course, I haven't anything to hide. I am straight, very much not a virgin, and I am a job creator in the private sector. BTW, I'm not a veteran.

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          • I kinda hate seeing those IQ ranges, knowing full-well the Second Amendment applies universally to even those in the 0-90 range. Oh gawd — I haven't been around long enough to know if he owns firearms….

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            I guess if we all just acknowledge and accept that he's an imbecile, he'd be a tad easier to stomach. Doubtful though.

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          • I wonder if his "editor" charges by the word. Roger better sell a lot of those self-funded books and that's not likely.

          • Have you checked out the website of that fly-by-night, pay-to-get-your-garbage-published outfit? I think their biggest clients are for KKK publications….that's probably how he found them.

          • Saggy, I didn't know about that, but you did.

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          • The conservatives on those conservative sites outnumber us. Well no shit. He isn't exactly a Dick Tracy…..or at least not a Tracy.

          • The nation as a whole leans towards conservative values.

          • Those jack-wads are a disgrace to actual conservatives, and NarcissistNed fits in there well. He's as phony a conservative as he is a patriot or a christian.

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          • Gotta love that he's attempting to take me to task for calling white supremacists 'jack-wads'. Guess I struck a nerve in calling out his fellow Klan members birthers for what they are — white supremacists.

          • They don't care about skin color. That's why they come up with all those clever names for our President and the First Lady.

          • It's not about skin color, I'm not a liberal.

            Its about his hatred for the country and desperation to put us down.

          • Somehow PervBoy has determined that me calling white supremacists "jack-wads" opens the door for him asking me about crotch rot? I wonder how his pastor and congregation would feel about him, knowing the foul trash that flies off his fingertips?

          • Somehow the apparent fag hag has decided that she can use foul language but nobody else is entitled to.

            When you behave badly don't expect to get much respect saggy.

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            Too bad about the crotch rot.

          • Haha! So now he's calling twice-elected President Obama a conservative? "The nation as a whole leans towards conservative values." That would be the same nation that elected Obama, twice. Don't tell him cuz it might hurt his feelers and he'll sue me, but he's a moron.

          • Haha, so now you pretend you can make up what I mean. The nation as a whole does lean towards conservative values.

            And that was even the liberally biased gallop.

            Saggy, pretend all you want. You don't know much of anything other than how to try sneaking up on people that want to avoid you.

          • Even funnier, he doesn't consider most Republicans to be "conservative". Yep, he's in the minority (in many categories).

          • I don't consider RINO's to be conservative.

            Funny you pretend she's intelligent enough to understand what you spam.

          • According to the Tea Bagger manual, anyone who doesn't believe religion should rule our country is either a marxist or RINO. That's why everyone ignores them and why they've rendered themselves irrelevant…just look at Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

          • According to you you can define tea baggers.

            Strange it's liberal closet cases that go for tea bagging and it's the apparent fag hangs that run interference for them.

            Saggy, you don't run interference very well. You're just too old and icky.

          • He claims the nation leads towards conservative ideology yet they still can't get a Republican into the White House? Talk about losers.

          • Why not change your avatar to sam the dog?
            It would be more fitting.

          • Ironic, isn't it? He also claims all who aren't Tea Partiers are stupid….and yet it's his 'side' that can't get anyone elected. I'm still waiting to see who've they've got in the wings for 2016. And still keeping my fingers crossed for Palin/Bachmann 2016, although I'd settle for Nugent/DuckDynastyPhil 2016.

          • I think you claimed that you had crotch rot and didn't deny using gallons of yogurt.
            Of course feel free to deny it if I missed it.

            Saggy if you want to write fiction I may take it up too!

          • So the dufus posts a link to a Gallup poll, then in his own comment spells it gallop. This is just too easy this morning.

          • Nobody, and I mean nobody has accused him of being smart…..educated….attractive…..

          • …witty…poster of "good and interesting comments"…honest…

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          • All that spamming and you never could show the poll was wrong.

            Trolls you keep missing the mark because you think saying the wrong things over and over enough makes up for the error in thinking.

            The country is more conservative even if you hacks don't like it. Saggy, try cracking a window for fresh air and see what you'v e been missing all these years.

      • I feel like I deserve something special for putting up with 4+ months of non-stop (albeit lame) insults from him, so today I'm going for the coveted Godwin's Law award, one NarcissistNed usually wins. But if he'd trim about 1/4" off each side of that porn 'stache and slop on some black Shinola, someone would sure look like Hitler, wouldn't he?

        • You are special all right. Not necessarily in a good way.

        • Hmmm, Roger must have thought I was talking about him.
          I wonder why?

          This is from the Urban Dictionary.
          MOLESTache, the unfashionable mustache that rapists pedophiles(child MOLESTers) and dictators wear.
          BTK killer, Hitler, Stalin all have a molestache. Exemptions Burt Reynolds(only)."

          • Hmmmmm, Roger must have thought.

            Yes, I do. Too bad the posse trolls don't bother.

            And if you have a stache and think of that definition it does say a lot about you.

            Want to play again? You make this way to easy for me. Juan, did your ancestors come here because they were too stupid to survive in their ancestral land?

          • Ned's name wasn't included in the exemption? There's a shocker. *wink*

            Right now he's sitting there trying to compose some response to me that includes *wink*….I hope I didn't spoil it for him by saying this, and I sure as shootin' hope he doesn't have to actually think of a response that isn't him aping me — his brain isn't wired for original thoughts.

          • Saggy, you are so pathetic.

            Are you shifting in your poor overloaded chair in an attempt to get comfortable?

            Try a fan on the face to keep the flies away for a change.

          • Roger is a second-generation American and therefore doesn't care for (OK, hates) those he believes haven't been in this country less time than him. How long have your ancestors been in the United States? On paternal and maternal sides both, mine came at the beginning of the 1600s.

          • Saggy you seem to be a first generation failed bitter angry ill mannered shrew.

            And if you had that kind of thinking earlier in your life it would have been an effective birth control device

          • Roger can easily trace his genealogy. His family tree isn't terribly complex.

          • Hahaha!

          • Oh look, you're allowed to laugh!

            They normally keep a short leash on new trolls.

          • I bet you proudly trace your ancestry to dead radiated primordial ooze.

            Are you still so similar to single cell organisms?

          • "If you ask a question it exposes you as a fool."

          • You just did, and it didn't take a question for you to look that way.

          • I always figured there were other toothless meth-heads in his gene pool. I know he either uses the illegal stuff or Ritalin/Adderall — how else can he stay up for days on end commenting?

          • You're not alone? And I never thought you were completely toothless, just for the record.

          • Not that it's any of Roger's business, but both sides of my family fought in the civil war.
            For the north.
            I also have two uncles that have told me how bad the diesel fuel burned their skin when they were in the water at Pearl Harbor, that makes them "wet backs" too.

          • Of latino decent? So, it's not you in the avatar. Trolls never seem to be the way they represent themselves.

          • Thanks for the background info, very interesting. Using, I found 3 relatives who fought in the Civil War — one for the North, the other two for the losers who seceded from our great country and tried in vain to destroy it.

          • He goes by Juan Garcia. I think he's a liar. Either in the way he presents himself or the new and improved bio he wants to use.

            Either way a liar deserves no credibility.

          • Poof what was the original reason for the Civil War?

          • Well according to Roger Hispanics weren't allowed to fight in any wars, but they were very active in them, all of them.
            Maybe he might take some time and educate himself before he offends a whole race of people, but that's typical of the far right winged Tea Partiers.

          • Sorry, Juan — NarcissistNed doesn't like actual research. If it ain't on a white supremacist site, he's not interested.

          • I never said it, and you as an apparent fag hag are just trying to run interference for the closet cases. Saggy, you're just a moron, an old worn out smelly one. Did someone try rolling you back out to sea again?

          • According to me?
            Juan you're a low life scum ball, But besides that when did I make that statement?

            Or you the pretend special education child of the trolls? In that case check to make sure your helmet isn't on too tight and stop licking the windows in the short bus.

          • That is a very northern perspective. Do you think the federal government today has too much control, too little control or just right?

          • I don't sit around pondering things like that, but I don't sense things being much different today that in decades past, with the exception of the Patriot Act. But even with that, the impact on my personal life is negligible….I've known our electronic communications have been monitored as long as I've had internet and a cell phone — so far no men in black have shown up at my door. I actually know (knew) a person who's in Federal prison as the direct result of Ashcroft post-9/11 terrorist policy, and I mention his name often in electronic communications just so see if something will happen. So far, nada.

            Yesterday someone asked Roger what the freedoms are that he's lost under President Obama. He cited his inability to purchase a large gas-guzzling vehicle, his inability to purchase 100-watt incandescent light bulbs and the fact he can't get a free plastic bag for his grocery purchases. If those are the big-deal issues he has, and there's no one who hates our government or the United States more than him, what exactly is the big deal??

            Your thoughts?

          • No you sit around pondering how to grab more control.

            It's just all you can manage to do, one small thing barely and then you have to shift the rolls of fat looking for dropped munchies for the last few days.

          • May I butt in and provide the rights that I feel I have lost?

          • I'd love to hear it. It's a bit difficult to have any actual discussion with SuperTroll around (as you can see in the comment right above yours), but I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.

          • How about I go through the bill of rights. Let me start by saying not all of my list is directly from Obama's legislation but it has occurred or expanded during his presidency. Let me know if you want sources on anything on the list.

            1st Amendment: The DOJ has listed veterans, gun enthusiast, and people disgruntled with the two party system as top terrorist threats. I am a gun enthusiast and disgruntled with the government, yet I do not promote violence. How am I a terror threat? That could hinder ones free speech if they are scared to speak out for fear of being labeled a terrorist.

            2nd Amendment: In Colorado, I cannot have magazines that carry over 15 rounds of ammunition, directly the result of Obama’s gun control push. Other states have experienced far worse legislation.

            3rd Amendment: This one is tuff. It has not occurred under Obama to my knowledge and it is a stretch to say it did under Bush during Marshal Law in Katrina NOLA. I can see it happening under Obama with Ebola if that is arguable. Supreme court has never ruled on this amendment.

          • I'd definitely want a reliable link to your First Amendment comment. As for the Second Amendment, I have a difficult time figuring out why plain ol' citizens need for than 15 rounds, but that's a personal thing based on "if you can't defend yourself after 15 shots, you SUCK at shooting and maybe shouldn't even own a firearm" mindset. And regarding the Third Amendment….I got nuttin'. It's never been a factor, at least in the past 200 or so years.

          • Why, you saw his comment where he laid it out in very concise and deliberate ways.

            Why don't you lay out your argument with sources if you feel he's wrong? It's called debate and you might want to try it.

          • It was the DHS not the DOJ I am sorry. IMO the report attempts to lump all preppers, truthers, and gun owners into one catagory, right wing extreamist aka terrorists. That is BS, many people like myself, Jones, and the creators of this site do NOT advocate violence. Being lumped in with extreamists is not fair.

          • I skimmed that link you provided and it's very clear to me they're talking about EXTREMISTS….and a ton of the references are to white supremacist groups. If you belong to one of them, I actually hope the government IS keeping an closer watch on you. If you don't like my opinions on that, so be it. I'm always very clear from the get-go that I'm very accepting of opinions that differ from mine — to each his own — but not when it comes to organized groups of racists, whether they call themselves KKK or militia.

          • After reading your comments it's apparent you're just a marxist extremist, not someone that can even actually debate the issues. You just come throw out your opinions and talking points and expect everyone to tow the line.

            It doesn't work that way saggy.

          • I am not a member of those groups. I guess I am just paranoid…

          • You just are not afraid to see what you see and say so.

          • 4th Amendment: The MOST obvious one. My right to privacy has completely and totally been eroded by the NSA/CIA. Not only is the agencies cacheing almost all data, we have CIA infiltrating public/private companies for gosh sakes. I am discussing this with Juan on the other stories thread too.

            5th Amendment: With the authorization by Obama of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Obama has eliminated due process for American citizens and allows the government and military to arrest and detain anyone who is a threat without a trial. Plus Barry has not closed gitmo like he promised.

            6th Amendment: Same as 5th, the people Obama has droned did not get to hear their crimes read against them, nor did they get a chance to defend themselves.

            7th Amendment: No trial by jury for victims of a drone strike.

            8th Amendment: Violated with the NDAA as well. Cruel and unusual punishment. You can argue the this is done only to terrorists, but I think torture is terrorism in itself. Sometimes. 🙂 that one is hard.

          • Juan's here.
            And I agree with you on the 4th Amendment. We were all duped and lied into believing we needed to give up the 4th Amendment. I'm sorry that happened.

          • It started even before Bush's time and has gotten 10 times worse post 9/11.

          • Agreed it's been coming for a long time 9/11 just made it easier for them to do.

          • We haven't been duped, we were just ignored and steamrollered. Nobody agreed to it other than the courts and the elite that wanted to.

            Why do you think they hate snowmen so much? He blew the whistle on it.

          • At least you're doing shorter spam now.

          • They hate snowmen? What a moron.

          • Try reading the thread before spamming the thread.

            If saggy admits Ed Snowden was the whistle blower then you may want to play along with the apparent fag hag.

          • New here?

          • Still can't quite keep up? Did the broom ride to work leave you unfocused today?

            I bet the flies have a hard time keeping up unless you fly really slow.

          • Shall we assume he's talking about Snowden and not snowmen?

          • So you've heard about his whistle blowing.
            Great, so no denying it now.

          • I mentioned the NSA in my first comment to you, I have issues with it too but I'm one of those who doesn't have anything to hide. I'd love the government to tell us what good all of this spying on likely everyone has done that's protected us from….something.

            Fifth — who are these American citizens who have been arrested and detained without a trial?

            Sixth and Seventh — Drone strikes are not taking place on American soil and sorry, but unless you're an American, the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to you. NOT meaning American citizen, but an inhabitant of the US or a US citizen in a foreign country (military? diplomats?). When my daughter was teaching in Mexico, she was not protected by our Bill of Rights.

            Eighth — It applies to those who live in the US, but I think torture is wrong no matter who the person is or where they live.

          • It doesn't matter if we have nothing to hide, those bill of rights are there to protect us regardless of any possible guilt.

            If you have nothing to hide, why not release any abortion records you have? Because it's none of their business, and those rights are ours because our Creator gave them to us, not because they allow it. The Declaration of Independence lays it out.

          • The Constitution protects a US citizen from its government no matter where in the world they are located. Obama has droned citizens without trial.

          • It's awful that Americans were killed by our drones in a foreign country. Reminds me a bit of Tilman (sp?)…

          • It's a shame we have a fascist dictator in office that ignores that citizenship means protections. And to make it worse he offers those protections to illegal aliens.

          • 9th Amendment: No argument.

            10th Amendment: Obama’s constant circumvention of Congress by the signing of his various “authorization acts” is a direct violation of this Amendment. It removes powers from me as a voter because he circumvents my reps.

          • It remains to be seen if President Obama's use of Executive Orders is in violation of the Ninth Amendment. He definitely has the right to issue Executive Orders though. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to see him issue a ton of them to clean up parts of the ACA, to close Gitmo, to bring the tax rates back to pre-Bush levels, to allow gay marriage nationwide, to put an end to abortion issues like what's going on currently in Texas. Congress and especially The Party Of No have done NOTHING, and things need to get done.

          • It is, what remains to be seen is if the courts will deal with it or ignore it.

          • He does not have the constitutional authority to over rule state laws that are not in direct violation of federal laws.

          • I think Roger is just catching on. Hahaha, who am I kidding?

          • I think you are just pretending to be serious, hahahaha, who am I kidding.

            That's not why they hire a troll. Did you drool on yourself and adjust your helmet in the interview?

          • Oh, this is just rich. Roger Russell, the ultimate internet liar, called you a liar. SMH.

          • This is just rich. The ultimate liar pretending I lie.

            Saggy, did you do that with a straight face or were you trying not to see all the chin hairs?

    • Can't disagree with anything you say

  7. I saw this story some where else but the lame stream media slanted it.

  8. Mikael, did anything happen to the officer? I'd love to hear if they catch him again in a week or so doing the same thing.

  9. Stupid. I knew it was a cop car and apparently so did Gavin or he wouldn't even stopped and wasted a real police officer's time.
    Gavin was just playing games just like the officer said, and the Officer was very gracious he should have told him contact the city attorney.
    You should have to deal with the police in my neck of the woods, you would invite this officer to supper.

    • I'm glad the cop got an education in the law and hopefully that's the end of it. Gavin is an attention whore. Check out his quote.

      "Ask yourself. Do you want your sisters and daughters being stopped on the road, not knowing if they are facing an officer or a rapist until it’s too late?”

      • Perhaps the rule of law means something.

        Either you follow it or you don't. This cop doesn't.
        How can he enforce the law if he ignores it?

      • I'm wondering if the writer of this story or one of his InfoWars cohorts knows Gavin? At least one of the main writers on this site is from the Seattle area, wouldn't surprise me to learn this was all a set-up to try to get a Storyleak tome on Alex Jones' show.

        • You're probably hoping that more cops are like this one so that law enforcement looses all respect from the people they rule over.

          BTW, law enforcement works for us. They don't rule over anyone.

        • Yeah, as Roger said you probably hope law enforcement "looses" all respect.

          • He's just not into that whole "spelling" thingy. Or the "writing" one. Or the "being relevant" one.

          • And you're not into the whole thinking thing.

            Poor saggy.

          • Interesting he's whining about " enforcement works for us. They don't rule over anyone." Did you ever see his multi-comment whine about fighting something in traffic court? I wonder if he told the judge the reason he didn't deserve a ticket was because law enforcement doesn't "rule over anyone"?

          • I've noticed in general, criminals don't want the police ruling over them.

          • Yes, they want the law to be living and breathing and able to mean anything they want at the moment.

            Liberals, they don't make a lot of sense.

          • Saggy if you're going to pretend to read comments, then actually read them.

      • I've seen several cases in the news lately where the officer was the rapist, so I don't know how this was going to stop that.
        And yes you're right, he is an attention seeking whore.

        • I've seen several cases in the news lately where liberal trolls were pathetic. So I don't know how your comment was going to stop anything.

          And I think you're the attention seeking whore. But then trolls aren't here to actually accomplish anything.

        • Congrats Juan. You're comments are so good and spot-on that NarcissistNed apes them….that's because he hasn't had an original thought….ever. He's read too much Ayn Rand, it's just that he didn't comprehend the part that says something like, "Don't do the same thing over and over again or people will realize how stupid you are".

          • Of course they are, for the posse agenda. I hear the leather boots marching in lock step….

            And you of course are struggling to keep up so you can rip on all of them and keep them in line.

          • You cant use a phrase like "he apes them". That is not PC.

          • I don't see anything politically incorrect in it.

            "aping: imitate the behavior or manner of (someone or something), especially in an absurd or unthinking way."

            NarcissistNed is definitely absurd and unthinking.

          • You wouldn't care anyway.

            Saggy, not having a personality keeps you from so much.

          • Thank you, I'm here to please.
            I'd really have to care what he said to worry about it, and I don't.

          • Please who the posse?

            Some come here to think and discuss.
            Evidently that doesn't include you.

  10. Roger @ Storyleak – Video: Citizen Pulls O…
    7 minutes ago · 0 replies · +1 points

    all things truly masculine

    • Someone should explain to him the difference between "dribble" and "drivel".

      "…..who dwell in the basements of their parents' homes and who spend their free time hounding people more talented than themselves with their mindless keyboard dribble….."

      • Maybe that explains NarcissistNed's typos — keyboard dribble? Different kind of dribble, but I got a tiny smidgen of homemade apricot jam on my keyboard once (great bait for him, right?? *pats self on head*) and finally had to replace the keyboard.

      • I'm at 25 this morning — how goes it for you? I'm headed out to get another latte, the triple-shot from 6am only lasts so long.

        • It's a close one. I'm at 23 but I do need to leave the office around lunch time today so you will win again.

          • I have two appointments this afternoon so I won't be around that much either. He seems to have meandered away, maybe turned around to piano-bang (prolly brought on by his admission that he considers Alinsky his boyfriend) or he's watching his 'stories', so we may in end in a tie.

          • All that and without any help from me you completely avoided any comments with content or discussing anything serious.

            Don't blame your trolling on me. You're just the posse of liberal hacks here to stop the site from doing anything useful.

          • WOW WOW WOW!! I went out for a bit and when I returned the count had shot all the way up to 40. I guess he lost his temper…why am I surprised he can't control his outbursts? That's all that 98.5% (I'm rounding down) of his 164,273 comments are, his inability to control himself. I mean, who brags about posting the same identical comment 800 times in one day? Oh….SuperTroll<—Answered my own question.

          • At what point do his handlers decide they've exhausted his effectiveness? Perhaps that's already happened and that's why he only posts on the B leagues.

          • I think they cut him loose around the demise of Breitbart in its' previous form. I truly don't understand it — if his goal was to actually debate an issue, he'd post his opinion and let people respond….if there were no takers, he'd move on. I do it all the time on other sites. He stated his goal, something about working toward a high comment count and high 'score'. The two remaining sites where he's only mildly ignored instead of reviled are dead — CitizenVictims and SpeakHorribleOverAmerica, thanks in no small way to him. His former closest ally hasn't commented in two weeks…I think he sticks around here for the abuse in order to keep commenting to raise his counts. I think that's why he says the horrible things he says, to get attention — like a child, any attention is better than no attention.

          • Wow, it's miss Icky! You poor old saggy thing you.

            I do post my opinions and let people respond, and that's when you and the posse of apparent closet cases and the fag hag jumps in making conclusions and distracting from that discussion.

            It's all you trolls do.

  11. Wow this man is the worst racist I have ever seen, a complete buffoon and fear monger…Don’t listen to his garbage!

    • I'll bite on your sarcastic crumbs… in what way is he being a racist?

    • Please pardon, the interruption Mr. Liberty. I think Alex Jones is a very clever fellow, right about many things but also adept at playing on the biases of others to carve out a paycheck. I will listen to what he says and, when it is garbage (it isn't always) treat it as such.

      Is your comment anything more than an angry outburst against those who dismiss him out of hand? If so, I apologize and please tell me how he is a racist.

      • I was being sarcastic. Globalists like to label him a racist but he is far from it.

        I think the link to the speech I provided was an excellent speech, a true American hero.

        As far as him making money, duh, he provides great information, but he is also an entertainer.

  12. Story broke by Storyleak getting national attention. Liberty is rising!!!

  13. More and more I see police acting as if they are above the law and they get away with it ! Police officers have shot and killed unarmed people and walked away Scott free , there is no justice !

  14. I think, it was the big mistake.

  15. Watched the video, and thought the cop had a lot of patients listening to this guy read him the rights. But seriously, whilst the Cop may have been breaking the law,(which he didn’t even know he was doing, but I’ve been told by a judge, not knowing the law, is no excuse.) does this guy really think, his actions will change anything ?

    This cop is EMPLOYED by the local Police Department, he follows their instructions to the letter, IF he wishes to remain employed and put food on the family table. Many Police in the U.S. have broken far more serious laws then to use an unmarked car, in fact if I understand things correctly, even murdered and raped their victims and got away with it.

    So really, what do you think the chances are of a local citizen pointing out a breach of a local law by the Police will have any effect at all on the Police department ?

  16. As a former 911 call receiver I can attest to reports where citizens were pulled over by what they though was an unmarked police vehicle and then robbed at gunpoint. Federal Law states that you do not have to pull over for an unmarked car. Lights and sirens do not make it "marked" thus the state law that he was referencing. If you are being pulled over by a unmarked car call 911 and ask if it is actually an officer for your own safety. For you trolls "Yes you are breaking the "law" in Washington by using your phone and driving if you don't have a hands free device but this is acceptable in lue of being robbed.

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  18. I'm sure that Gavin Seim breaks at least 1, if not a few laws himself. How was mention in comments below the video "That cop seemed really relaxed, he was nice and acted graciously. The citizen playing police officer seemed paranoid, and manic. What a waste of time this was."

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