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Video: Mega Banks Caught Spying On Anti-Government Citizens In Exclusive Storyleak Report

Do you dare to question the government online? You are more than likely a target of mega bank spying teams. Teams that recent documents reveal actually work with the federal government to target and track those who associate themselves with organizations that oppose big banks and the corrupt establishment. The good news, however, is that by posting these documents in an exclusive Storyleak article authored by key Storyleak editor Mikael Thalen, we have now launched a nationwide resistance to what can now be termed mega bank spying.

Below, you can read the email for yourself detailing a conversation between Bank of American’s Global Corporate Security Vice President Kim Triplett-Kolerich, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and one redacted recipient:

And it’s all thanks to readers and activists who share this key news around the world — a spread of information that has now led state legislators in Washington to stand against the NSA spy grid and mega bank spying. Specifically, legislation is now in the works to starve off the NSA through cutting off finances via the state of Washington and others. Now what’s amazing is that this move is a result of key individuals inside government, who have already known something is wrong with the corrupt control freaks who run them, reading our work and deciding to take action.

While I have not yet been authorized to release the full details, I have been alerted by a number of political heads that the articles on Storyleak have led to the launch of numerous pieces of anti-spying and anti-tyranny legislation.

The release of little known or secretive documents such as the “Modernizing State’s Continuity of Operation Planning,” which grants Washington’s governor dictatorial powers in the event of ‘any disaster or emergency’, are absolutely key to preserving our freedoms and stamping out attempts to circumvent our legal system. 2014 will be a key year in the spread of information, and I hope that you will join us in a rallying cry against those that aim to burn the Constitution and track our every action.

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  1. Terrific video Anthony

  2. Although I have no doubt the big banks are helping the government spy, I feel like this particular email is a fake.

    Wording seems illogical, shotty, and out of context and there are far too many typos for a formal email coming from a VP of a major bank. Plus this Kim character does not seem to have a profile on Linkedn.

    • Hmmm, I'm not following your logic here. So since I don't have a Linkedn profile that must mean that I don't exist and didn't type this…

    • she IS real…….found this listing on

      Out & Equal Seattle Leadership Council
      Executive Board

      Christopher McCormick, Starbucks (Co-Chair)
      Stephane Mead, Accenture (Co-Chair)
      Francesca Mabon
      Judah Travis, Perkins Coie
      Michael Quinn
      Richard Cross, Boeing

      Council Members:
      Leland Yu, AT&T
      Rick Wise, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air
      Kim Triplett-Kolerich, Bank of America
      Peter Berry, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  3. Add this to the mixture, Germany Has Recovered A Paltry 5 Tons Of Gold From The NY Fed After One Year Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/19/2014

  4. It appears that she is real.

    I have been considering moving from BOA to a credit union and think this is a good reason among others.

  5. Inspired by your original posting of this BoA content, we elaborated on how some of the same tactics seem to be used by our government to effectively troll people into elaborate constructs of government agenda.

    For anyone interested:

    Anthony, keep up the good work!

  6. At least we have the freedom to avoid these banks.
    Too bad the MSM won't and doesn't want to inform us about the issues so we can make informed choices.

    Thankfully we have sources like this site to help combat that problem.

  7. It is very serious and must be addressed as soon as

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  10. Teams that recent documents reveal actually work with the federal government to target and track those who associate themselves with organizations that oppose big banks and the corrupt establishment.

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