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Video: Bank Of America Works With Feds To Spy On Activists

RT covers emails exclusively published by Storyleak that reveal Bank of America’s secret relationship with the federal government. Conversations between Bank of American’s Global Corporate Security Vice President and the Washington State Patrol show how the bank is given private information on activists.

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  1. Since, the link was blocked from being able to be retrieved I went and got it for everybody!

    Bank of America spied on Anonymous activists ahead of 'Million Mask March'

  2. ObamaCare: What You're Not Being Told: This is a must view!

    • One commentator explained that in May the new Insurance actuary numbers for the 2015 year are going to be released. The premium estimates. And if the young stay away the costs per person are going to be adjusted away from the unrealistic ones expecting those low cost patients.

      The results? The costs are going to go through the roof.

  3. There is a financial incentive for these info gateways to comply with gov't requests. They get a big payday for this info.

  4. This reminds me of the cooperation between bloggers and writers to give assistance with writing service guidelines at acustompaper.carbonmade.com and that didn't work out well for the first few months. Then somehow they got on the right track, but it did took time. I hope this wouldn't be the same for any cooperations between governmental and non-governmental organizations. These will influence lives of normalpeople greatly.

  5. Now the banks have their own Gestapo….If you ever had a doubt what the so called "banking elite" are up to, wonder no more!!! OSSSC Jr Clerk Answer Key Thanks 😀

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