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Vegas Residents Sign Petition to ‘Lower Kids’ IQs’ with Fluoride

A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows Las Vegas residents signing a petition to increase levels of “dangerous and toxic” fluoride in the pubic water supply.

Uploaded by Nick Brannigan and Vicky Lepage of, the video reveals how countless Americans are willing to blindly sign their names on any petition without question.

“By signing this petition, I hereby fully support the adding of more toxic and dangerous fluoride to the drinking water of American people,” the petition states. “I am aware of the dozens of side effects fluoride has on the human body and mind. I am selling out the physical and mental well being of the American population and believe America needs more idiots (like myself).”

In the video’s first encounter, a woman happily signs her name as Brannigan explains how a recent Harvard study linked fluoride to massive IQ reductions in children.

“It’s good for teeth too but it’s also good at lowering the intelligent quotient of kids because we don’t want too many smart kids running around,” Branningan says.

Despite disagreeing with Branningan’s proposal after detailing her son’s intelligence, the woman continues to sign her name anyway.

“I don’t drink water, but he does,” the woman says.

A second woman remains completely silent as she signs the petition, seemingly oblivious to Branningan’s comments on the need to lower children’s IQs.

“Now we just appreciate your signature supporting making children dumber and making the world a better place overall sir,” Brannigan says as a young man nods in agreement.

Incredibly, one man claims to be against adding fluoride to the water as he signs the petition.

“Why are you signing the petition if you don’t support it,” Brannigan asks.

“I just want to do good,” the man replies.

Another woman enthusiastically signs the petition, voicing her support for water fluoridation as a friend reads off the petition’s over-the-top description.

“I hereby fully support the adding of more toxic and dangerous fluoride?” the woman’s friend asks.

Yep, I do,” the woman answers. “I’d rather have fluoride in my water.”

Hoping to spark a nationwide protest against fluoride on April 5, Brannigan says he never expected people to sign their names so easily.

“I was a bit suprised that people blindly signed a piece of paper declaring that they’re an idiot,” Brannigan told Storyleak. “I was suprised at the amount of people who had no reaction when I told them fluoride lowers the IQ of children and thanked them for making children dumber.”

While many pledged their support without hesitation, several people immediately questioned the petition, vehemently opposing water fluoridation.

“I have to read the petition first. I don’t want to be on one of those things where it’s like, I sign a petition to ban water or something you know,” one man tells Lepage.

After learning of the petition’s purpose, the man, one of the video’s few informed people, refuses to support an increase in the toxic substance.

“What!? I don’t want anymore fluoride, why would I want that?” the man asks. “Fluorides a toxic substance, it’s a byproduct of making fertilizer.”

Unfortunately, the video backs up the work of others such as Mark Dice, who has successfully gotten Californians to support repealing the Second and Fourth Amendments, putting gun owners in concentration camps and euthanizing the elderly for Obamacare.

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  1. Our society is in serious decline.
    I wonder if Margaret Sanger would want this?

    • It's a shame your mother didn't know of Margaret Sanger.

    • Our society is in serious decline because of your trolling.
      I noticed that the first thing in the morning is you stalk Wee, patriot, alinsky sbj and others. No wonder you had 800 comments in 2 days. What is your goal? One million?
      You are the King of Kings of all jerks alive. If you are employed you must be stealing time from your employer or you don't work at all and clean your keyboard in your spare time. You must be one miserable human being if you are human at all. Somebody said that you are an internet addict. I believe it is true.

  2. Wow, are they blind and deaf?

    Sheeple running everywhere

  3. Just admit that you are a stalker, everybody else knows it. You only want to entertain your so-called trolls, you don't discuss anything with anybody else.

  4. Harvard Study: Fluoride Lowers Children’s Intelligence By 7 IQ Points Posted on February 10, 2014

    Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

    Fluoride: Killing Us Softly By Dr. Gary Null Global Research, December 05, 2013

    THE ABSURDITIES OF WATER FLUORIDATION Red Flags Weekly November 28, 2002 by Paul Connett, PhD

  5. Administrator,

    Thank you for paying attention to this serious matter.
    Personally, I feel it is a way for "agents" to shut down free debate.

    • Wow, how brave of the guest to make such a comment.

      Personally it doesn't sound like the real administrator. And calling for tea party values isn't exactly calling for tyranny. But then again free speech being what it is, any guest wanting to portray themselves as administrator is free to post things.

    • Yeah. it's about time

  6. Thank you for calling me a patriot Administrator.

  7. Is there anything people wouldn't sign? If this is a measure (even a small sample) of the average person's ability to think in America, we are in serious trouble.

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