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UK Cop Caught Framing Citizen Journalist On Camera

A citizen journalist was assaulted and set up by a UK police officer late last week while covering a fracking protest in Barton Moss, England.

Revealed by a YouTube video, the unknown officer can first be seen assaulting and knocking over the journalist as he attempts to film an arrest by police. Continuing to be shoved away from the scene, the journalist is suddenly accused of drinking, a clear attempt by the officer to intimidate and coerce the man into leaving.

“Are you drunk? Have you been drinking this morning,” the officer begins repeating.

Incredibly, as other police approach the altercation, the officer begins blatantly accusing the journalist of admitting to drinking. Despite the video clearly exonerating the journalist, the officer continues to fabricate claims, next accusing the man of driving drunk.

“He’s come in a car this morning, I smell alcohol on his breath,” the officer boldly claims. “He’s already admitted to having a drink.”

After ignoring the journalist’s requests to know whether or not he has been arrested, the officer goes on to illegally detain the man, pushing him to take a roadside breathalyzer test.

“I’m a pedestrian on a public footpath,” the journalist repeats.

The officer goes on to contradict himself several times, telling fellow officers that the journalist absolutely drove drunk to the protest before suddenly switching to mere suspicion.

After being handed off to a group of new officers, the journalist continues to be accused of drinking and driving as a new officer pushes the man to take a breath test.

“If you refuse to provide a specimen of breath you will be arrested,” an officer says.

Unsurprisingly, the new officer decides to claim that the journalist was seen driving as well. After refusing multiple requests to submit to a breath test, obviously fearing a further set up, the journalist is arrested as his camera is shut off.

The shocking video evidence represents the increasingly bold corruption of police officers, not only willing to commit serious crimes on camera, but clearly confident in the fact that no disciplinary action will be taken.

(H/T: 21stcenturywire)

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  1. A lot of police are sociopaths, we should not be surprised by this kind of behaviour.

  2. I'm sorry murder, rape, are serious crimes so lets get rid of the theatrics. Still not good. But serious is a stretch.

    • When the same people that are supposed to protect you from murder and rape are committing crimes themselves, and show a bigger willingness to protect the establishment than the citizens they are supposed to serve, I'd say it's a worrisome and very serious matter.

    • If the person supposed to be upholding the law isn't, then it's an extremely serious thing. Wait until you're arrested for a "serious crime", on the say so of some bent cops, and let's see what tune you're whistling.

    • Are you retarded? Someone is arrested on a public footpath for no reason other than the police don’t want them there and you don’t think that’s serious? You don’t think it’s a serious problem when police are making up the circumstances of arrest on the spot? Are you truly too stupid to see where this leads? Do you like the idea of a state where you could be arrested for doing absolutely nothing? This is not a stretch, this is a pedestrian on a public footpath who is doing nothing illegal being arrested by lying police officers who simply want him out of the way. People like you should just shut up if you don’t know any better.

  3. turbokapitalisten

    What bullies! You wonder what kind of rights we really have if the police can just make up charges that easily and all their collegues go along with it. Unfortunatly today a policeman's word is always the most trusted in court. But I am starting to think policemen aren't that trustworthy at all.

    The police should know that keeping up this sort of behavior is going to hurt their ability to fight crime. When a random journalist happens to capture this on camera, and this is not the first time I am in no doubt that this sort of abuse of the law is common among policemen today. If stories like this keep coming in then there will be legal reactions, and stricter rules applied to policework. Stricter rules which will make crime fighting harder.

    • You've hit the nail on the head. There are, unfortunately, many 'bad apples' in the police. This is usually older ones who hark back to the times when they could just push someone around like in the 80s, or ones that are using it as an excuse to bully. These cops are found out but often it is too late, and leads to negative public image.

      The issue is that you never see videos of cops just DOING THEIR JOB or DOING IT WELL going online because nobody cares for those, there's no drama and nothing to complain about. There are plenty of cops – the MAJORITY – that do their job brilliantly, but there's never a news article written about them because it just isn't interesting!

      Rules for policing are getting stricter and stricter because of these outcries, removing their lawful ability to do certain things, meaning criminals get away with murder pretty much!

      • Sorry, but that is just bollocks. They have shows like 999 Whats Your Emergency and numerous police shows for the exact reason of indoctrinating the fact that the police of infallible, if you commit a crime, you will get caught and what a hard job they have in dealing with hoodlems so we should cut them some slack because they're just great.

  4. You are sorry that murder and rape are serious crimes? What are you?

  5. Can I ask what happened afterwards? Was the cameraman charged? If so, has this gone to court?

  6. The journalist should have been honest with the other police officers and politely explained that the officer who detained him appears to be non compos mentis and engaging in subterfuge.

  7. I don't understand why he didn't take the breathaliser. He could have had it on camera.

    • That would give validation to false claims. If a police officer falsely accused you of rape out of nowhere, would you provide a semen sample?

      • what a stupid reply. He obviously had been drinking and was scared of being caught. The officer was a dick yes but he knew the guy filming clearly.

        • Even if he did drink, the officer didn’t see him drive and didnt have the authority to demand the test.

          Allowing them to test him would be admitting to the accusation.

          Consuming alcohol is not a crime.

    • The officer knew he hadn't been drinking…so if he still wanted the journalist to take the test, I'd have to assume he was going to use it against him in the end, and just state that the results were (insert number here).

  8. I'm scared and angry about this now blantantly open corruption within police forces. There are good and bad people but when this is the norm we can't just sit back and expect this to not one day be us in this kind of situation. Unity is key.

    • This is only the norm because the good ones never get any press coverage!

    • Mr Policeman Officer

      This isn't the 'norm' — there are more good Officers than bad ones, and the bad ones don't usually last long.

      • Do you have proof?

        Quite frankly all police officers need to be required to record all interaction with the public. The system of unrecorded authority is too easily, and readily abused.

        How many cases of police abusing authority or brutality need to happen before people realize this. Police have free reign until we make them accountable.

    • I agree. I feel the same way, after reading this and so many other stories like it.

  9. fair enough the first police man was being a dick, but the other two who just asked him to do the test were fine, he should of just stopped arguing and proved them wrong, or has he been drinking? both parties were being awkward.

    • Perhaps he had been drinking. That's not a crime. As he said, he was on a public footpath, but they were accusing him of drinking and driving. If he had been drinking they would have had a positive ttest and then been able to make up that he had been driving.

    • That's obscene. The man was as he said a pedestrian on a footpath, and has absolutely no obligation to stoop to participation in that form of harassment. Accepting the test only validates their behaviour, and that's completely unacceptable. "Or has he been drinking?" Really? An "if you have nothing to hide" argument in response to police malpractice?

    • Why should he prove them wrong? He was falsely accused! They're the ones required to prove his guilt, not the other way around.

    • He was asked if he had been drinking, he denied it saying he had only drunk tea. Therefore if he had arrived by car and the officer could smell alcohol on his breath, then it would stand to reason that he had been drink driving, as such the officer was well within his right to ask for a breath test.

      • They have to catch you drunk AND behind the wheel for it to be a crime.

        Let me put it another way. You can go by car to the pub, arriving completely sober and have 5 pints of beer in 5 minutes. So you arrived by car and shortly later you're drunk. If someone arrested you because of that it's plain corruption, bullying or whatever you want to call it.

    • If the first officer was this bold in being such an unlawful prick, I might assume he could fudge the results of a breathalyzer test, or lie about the results. I think the journalist did the best thing for himself here by not providing a specimen.

    • Adam don't u c what's in front of u if the first officer said he could smell drink the other officers never states that they did because they couldn't they were just happy to go Long with their friend therefore they are as guilty as him are you a police officer yourself

  10. “he shocking video evidence represents the increasingly bold corruption of police officers”

    How can you, incorperating one incident, without any gathering of national data, and without knowing the statistics at all (or maybe you do, but just didn’t write it, which is not really of any use to the reader) make a sophisticated statistical statement about the “bold corruption of police officers”, namly that it is “increasing” (with regard to which timeframe ?!).

    I’m not making any statement about the abuse of police power, just about your abuse of one incident for your purposes and your thesis of the corruption of police officers getting bigger (for which you present no statistical data – it may well be the case!).

  11. COP = Criminal on Patrol

  12. The officer didn’t really do a lot wrong. This definitely wasn’t a ‘framing’.

    The problem with cameras is that they don’t provide the whole picture, unfortunately. For example, we don’t know what that person’s behaviour was like before the footage.

    So the first controversial point in the video is that the cameraman was ‘pushed over’. Now, this is an assumption. Why? Because he may have tripped. “Hahaha” I hear you say in front of your screen. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but from the officer’s point of view they are trying to make an arrest, and this person may have raised a concern.

    As he was behind the officers, he may have presented a threat to them. I think this is reasonable, particularly being a police officer, it’s not unusual to be assaulted in an environment such as a protest. So if I were trying to arrest someone, and someone gets close behind me, I would be inclined to move that person away.

    So the officer proceeds to push him away. From the footage, it seems he begins to fall over a few seconds after the officer starts pushing him. It may have been the case that the journalist was resisting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was enticing that physical contact so something would happen on camera; well, congratulations to him, it worked. I genuinely believe that if he was filming that arrest from a distance, he would not be disturbed.

    Now the thing I feel is unwarranted from the main officer of the video is the claim “You said you had two drinks this morning,” because I can’t recall that being said on the video. As far as people’s responses about him “making up charges,” that’s ridiculous. He provided a reason to believe that the man had been drinking, because he could smell the alcohol on his breath. He also had reason to believe that the man had driven to that location today. There may be reasons that would suggest the latter that we do not know from viewing this footage.

    Now, as a police officer is required to justify any arrest he/she makes, and the fact that it’s been recorded and the detainee can provide that evidence; the officer clearly felt in his means to do what he was doing. Given the backlash that the police have gotten, particularly recently, police officers are well aware that footage of them doing something wrong will likely end their career, so he obviously felt he was within his means.

    As for the journalist, he was clearly being a nuisance. He was even asked politely to leave that area and re-join the protest. He refused, and I think he was there less for the aim of the protest, and more to try and cause some trouble for the police and try and ‘catch them out’. All he had to do was listen and join the protest, which is surely why he is there is it not?

    • Thanks for your transparent opinion, officer.

    • Wow. Just. Wow.

    • Your flawless argument has a mistake: you can drive to the place completely sober, drink fast when you arrive and then being drunk. So you have driven a car and you're drunk, and didn't do anything illegal. And the officer argument becomes complete rubbish. Include that there in your ellaborate text, please. It's far from objective.

      • I don't understand how anyone can say that he didn't do something illegal from just watching this tape.. You're assuming he didn't because you're clearly already against the police, just like I'm clearly assuming he may have done something illegal because I trust the police. But I'm not criticising anyone for their own feelings towards the police, they've clearly been in error before, I just feel this video is not an example.

        The point is that he was asked to move on and he decided to be a pain in the ass and waste their time. We don't know he hadn't been drinking so all the officer wanted to do was check. An arrest is an arrest not a conviction. So if the office could not prove he had been drinking and driving then he would not have been charged. Then if the individual feels he was arrested unduly he can use the court proceedings as evidence.

        • You are clearly ignorant, in the video the officer clearly states on several occasions that you are being detained on suspicion of drink driving and the journalist states your illegally detaining me when he says he has only had a tea. Where is the car, where is the car keys, how can somebody who was in a crowd be driving and if he was drink driving then police would of pulled him over before being in a large crowd of people WALKING. I believe you are a few of this country who actually believe the police do a great job, complete joke !

    • Guest is clearly going through the same attempt at Justification the arresting officer did — so the conclusion could and should be this is that person or his buddies!

      A false arrest on tape no less, is not something an HONEST cop would do as the heavy handed use of criminal powers is not to be taken lightly. The arresting officer concocted a crime, where there was none, —and then fellow officers added to it and joined in creating a 'crime" where there was and is none.

      Thus, it is very clear Serious problems exist in this police dept. and particularly with this cop on the tape — they have gone from public SERVANTS to corrupt officers in the span of a few seconds ! Clearly in need of some serious discipline and shows lack of training and judgement.

      In fact it is a text book case of abusing arrest powers and fabrication of crime and violation of civil rights – The man was on the walk ! Only an idiot would think switching up to driving tests could hold sway ! Te cop is a sociopath or worse and needs to be completely investigated (including past arrests to see whom else He has done this to)!

      • Look there are corrupt police officers, the Met is full of them. I'm not saying it's not present in the police force, what I feel is that this isn't an example of police corruption.

        As far as judgements and training go, before we criticise things like this, maybe we should get some experience of working as an officer so we get to know the sort of people we have to deal with. So it's clear, do you not feel the 'journalist' (seems more like someone coming along with a camera to try and interfere) was being as awkward as possible? He didn't need to be that close in the first place, and he didn't even listen to the officer?

        • quote: the sort of people we have to deal with" and not the sort of people they have to deal with mmmm
          Being a pain in the arse is not actually a criminal offence, but drink driving is!

    • Did you actually watch the video the whole thing was heavy handed and Draconian, you have the right to peaceful protest in this country the Police were not peaceful but belligerent, it may have something to do with the fact that Cameron wants fracking.

      • There is none so blind as those who don't want to see these police officers are corrupt and anyone trying to defend them is just as corrupt I hope the whole lot of them get kicked of the police force and jailed for what they have done they are all very bad people.

    • Are you serious where you watching the same video as me I saw police corruption and bulling and lies it scares me to think if police can do this in front of a camera without fear what on earth will they do when there are no cameras watching them.we need protection from police officers like you.

  13. Has an official complaint been made, if not why.

    • because it probably wont go anywhere no one is ever going to win against the police they will just try and cover it up with a side story or something

  14. they've set me up for things in the past but I didn't have any evidence to prove otherwise I think its sick that we live in a country were we cant even turn to our own police force I lost trust in them at a young age because of there corrupt ways its disgusting.

  15. Police office liar: Do you know about Streisand Effect?

    Now , you’re famous , sir. Congrats Police, congrats UK, congrats Scotland Yard.

  16. Steve Silverman – Flex Your JURY NULLIFICATION Rights

  17. Also the policeman claims that "he told me he had 2 drinks this morning" which, in most cases, isn't enough to be over the drink drive limit.

    • The limit for a holder of a Commercial Drivers License in the states is 0.0%, regardless of whether one is driving a tractor-trailer or walking down the street.

  18. Hope this gets everywhere and the copper gets the sack. How many other incidents like this have happened involving these so called law enforcers.

    • You have to consider who gives them their orders – the police don't work in a vacuum, 'law and order' is
      organised by the govt. – so, THINK ON!!

  19. The fact that this "officer" tries to fabricate a drunk driving arrest on a man not near a vehicle is all that is really needed to introduce (correctly) the words "corrupt." Further, and going further into violation of rights, the then testing, with additional officers… continuing the criminal fraud (as they could all see He was not near or in a vehicle) and attempt to create a crime when no existed should result in the disciplinary actions against not only the primary OFFICER, but the rest of them.

    These few bring into disrepute the entire force in this area. Hopefully and Honest Supervisor will take the actions needed, removal of this rouge element from the force.

  20. Plebgate again it shows the Police for what they are, bullies with badges and power, the whole thing shows the level the British Policing has fallen to. How can this go on it has to be sorted, you can see who was the criminal here it was the Police SHAMEFULL SHAMEFULL!!!!!

  21. The British subjects reacted to tyranny once.
    Sounds like it's time for a repeat performance on the planes of Runnymede.

  22. Comment without the typos – I prefer to learn from my mistakes!!
    Guest 1: you state that the camera doesnt show the whole picture???? I think is show us the truth – the camera doesn't lie!!!
    You also state the officer may have tripped, if this were the case, would he not be more concerned with the well being of the man?
    You also write "I can't recall that being said on the video" but you should be able to recall, because you can re-wind and re-watch the recording at your leisure, then make make your comment. mmm perhaps your comments are just a little baisied interestingly. People will make a judgement on what they see and hear and not assumptions or probabilities , which sadly too many police officers do. Often relying on their fellow colleagues to back up whatever they say, this trait carries on into the courtrooms. I personally feel members of the public, like myself are losing resepct for the whole justice system because of the actions and attiude of some police officers, which has been clearly shown in the above recording.

    I have personally been on the receiving end of what a fabricated story can result in, courtesy of two police officers –
    have you guest 1?

  23. There is just as much tyranny now as when the Magna Carta was signed. Does Queen Elizabeth realize it?

  24. As he was behind the officers, he may have presented a threat to them. I think this is reasonable, particularly being a police officer, it's not unusual to be assaulted in an environment such as a protest. So if I were trying to arrest someone, and someone gets close behind me, I would be inclined to move that person away.

    • Look stop trying to make up excuses anyone with any sense can see they picked on him because he was filming them it's scarry to see that as a police officer yourself you also defend their actions are there no honest police officers anymore

  25. Great post! Thanks! Read up on ways you can quit drinking!. Start making a difference in your life today!

  26. Whats worse than the crime is NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!

  27. I think the police have invades this site to try to justify the unjustifiable shame on them

  28. This is really horrible to see this kind of things.

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