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U.S. Nuke Commander Suspended On Same Day As Secret Nuke Transfer Report

Navy officials revealed the alleged gambling related suspension of Vice Adm. Tim Giardina Friday, U.S. Strategic Command’s No. 2 officer in charge of the country’s nuclear fighting forces.

GUYAccording to Navy spokeswoman Capt. Pamela Kunze, a law enforcement agency began investigating Giardina June 16 for connection to counterfeit gambling chips from a western Iowa casino. After learning of the investigation a month later on July 16, Strategic Command’s head commander, Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler, ordered the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to begin a similar investigation into the incident. Keheler ordered Giardina’s suspension on Sept. 3 before sending reassignment recommendations to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Giardina, who currently faces no charges or threats of arrest, still works with Strategic Command at a lesser capacity despite the suspension. Giardina is reportedly barred from involvement in nuclear weapons related duties while the internal investigation is ongoing.

Division of Criminal Investigation special agent David Dales, who works at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, revealed that the counterfeit chips equaled a “significant monetary amount” but declined to release any further information.

“We were able to detect this one pretty quickly and jump on it,” Dales added.

The suspension, which many have called “highly unusual,” follows the disturbing report of an illegal nuclear warhead transfer to South Carolina from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, a military installation under the Strategic Air Command. That same day, Senator Lindsay Graham strangely announced that South Carolina would likely be subject to a nuclear attack if the United States did not immediately intervene militarily in Syria, all occurring at the moment of Giardina’s suspension.

The recent nuclear transfer is nearly identical to the ’2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident’, which saw nuclear warheads secretly and illegally transferred from the Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base.

While all these recent events appear seemingly unrelated, several “highly unusual” incidents occurring within a 24 hour period, all directly related to the United States’ nuclear program, only raises more questions than answers. Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi appeared on RT this week, to discuss the recent nuclear weapons transfer.

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  1. You guys called it AGAIN

  2. Looks like another false flag operation, this one "the big one".

  3. I'll see you peeps on the other side…I fell the roll being called up yonder!!! GOD HELP US…..AMEN and AMEN

  4. Good work Anthony, you may just as well have helped preventing a major disaster. And for sure you'll make them think twice. Of course history will never credit you for it… Ah well, as if that's the most important 🙂

  5. no one who makes Navy Captain is that stupid. Look at that guy's ribbons–he's a long term submariner—you don't get to do that if you're a dummy.
    I strongly suspect that this guy was the leak and they are framing, discrediting and burning him for leaking.

  6. one can see the systematic cleansing of our nations armed forces. deception is always a cover in military operations (denial and deception). so who knows what the truth is. all we can focus on are actual facts. i would like to see the record of this vadm. i suspect his record will reveal whether he is getting set up because he didn't play ball with the powers that be. feel sorry for the arrogant elites ruining careers left and right and acting like they're always going to be in charge. they've got another thing coming…

  7. If you go to places like Yahoo you won't see this story even on the side. Same at FOX Headlines page. CNN either. CBS and I stopped looking after that. Not a word on the front page about a huge shake up with the top guys who handle our nukes. Instead we have the shutdown/default dog and pony diversion going on.

  8. 1st: I can neither confirm or deny…are the first words any military person will say when asked about nukes. No one can know where they are located, where they are moved or even if they exist, actually. Such weapons go through a series of blockers/compartmentalized need-to-know individuals. The locations where nukes are supposed to be located are public consumption statements and may or may not be accurate. This is a fact.

    2nd: Another fact is that anyone who is in a top secret position (the level is variable, but above top secret generally) and is in charge of handling information about nukes is under constant behavioral review. IF, let’s restate IF, the top ranking individuals who are being publicly chastised and reduced in authority to sitting on the sidelines have done ANY of the things of which they are accused then it is not a small thing. It may appear so to the public, given the antics of politicians today, but it is not so in the military. Any whoring around, gambling, extra-marital affairs, bad money management, bankruptcy will land a top secret clearance (anyone’s) in the trashcan once confirmed. Why? The individual is considered a threat to national security having opened themselves to foreign influences–such as selling information to other countries to ease money problems. Or a foreign agent captures images of certain indiscretions. You can use your imagination for further examples. Once compromised, the individual begins a rabbit hole journey in which he/she has no return or control. Foreign influences look for weaknesses in the armour of top level people on which they can capitalize. It’s a standard in spook work throughout the world–yes, the US too. After the person is in the net, they are courted toward information release about whatever that individual knows. Even small releases can prove worth effort. So, you should all know these facts first before jumping to conclusions.

    Than being said, the numbers of high-ranking military officials relieved of duty in such a short time, together with quotes from Lindsey and the “suspected” movement of nukes to SC is suspicious, indeed. I hope the sources are real and will stay safe/open to you. Personally, I’d be more worried about the military being compromised from the inside by a foreign power unknown to the US than a local skirmish such as Syria or Iran. Then, we’d all be duped.

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