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TSA: Give Us Your Fingerprints, Web History and You Can Keep Your Shoes On

Now you can keep your shoes on when travelling through the Orwellian TSA ‘security’ checkpoints thanks to a new program that only requires one thing — the complete and utter erosion of your personal privacy.

tsa-pre-check-fingerprintInstead of cutting the various ‘anti-terrorist’ security functions employed by the TSA that have not caught a single terrorist despite expansive funding and highly invasive techniques that violate our fundamental rights, the TSA is now offering a new ‘quick pass’ system that allows enrolled US citizens through the first few security measures once they are approved by the agency for membership status within the program.

And in order to participate in the ‘PreCheck’ TSA program, you will need to allow them to reach down into the proverbial pants of your personal life as well. Under PreCheck, you are required to not only present your fingerprints to the TSA in person and pay a fee of $85, but the agency is also looking to gather all forms of your data as well — which reports state includes your web history and online data. With the help of a third party organization, the TSA seeks to ‘pre-screen’ (think pre-crime) individuals based on their activity in order to determine if they are worthy of bypassing the most minimal of security checkpoints.

We can find this in a posting made by the TSA on FedBizOpps in relation to the new PreCheck program, which discusses the tactics used to ‘pre-screen’ fliers for the PreCheck program through the use of third party contractors. And according to a report by NextGov, PreCheck members will even be offering up their web history as a part of the qualifications, writing:

“TSA is weighing a contract that would hire private screeners to parse an applicant’s consumer data, such web browsing histories, for signs of danger before admission into express inspection programs.”

So essentially, the largest amount of compliance is rewarded with a bonus given to those who go along with the TSA’s police state tactics with a smile. Rewards are given to those who offer the TSA their fingerprints, their web data (likely using a download from the TSA website that scans your usage and reports everything back to DHS), and of course 85 dollars of their finances. It’s essentially like openly allowing the NSA to come in and mine your data, but this time you’re also handing it over to the DHS.

And you still have to go through the naked body scanners.

In time we will tell how many Americans have surrendered to the TSA and criminal elements of government at large when we see just how many citizens actually give away their privacy to save time in the TSA fondling lines. Coming around fall of this year, it will truly be a sad sight to see Americans flaunting their TSA-approved PreCheck cards in a rush to the naked body scanners.

Instead of sacrificing your privacy on the altar of the TSA and convenience, how about we kick them out instead. The TSA is literally a worthless sector of government that can easily be fooled by any amateur who studies the basic functions of the naked body scanner machines, as we’ve seen in the past with videos explaining how to take anything past the TSA scanners. There’s a reason they never catch all of the test weapons brought through airports.

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  1. The TSA has got to be abolished they have gone too far again

    • Wonder where all of the Constitutional Sheriff's are? You know, the ones who have been standing on their soap boxes hollering about the 2nd Amendment for the last 7 months. Not one Sheriff with the TSA in an airport, located in their county, has arrested a single TSA agent or ran the TSA out of their counties since the creation of the TSA. Literally thousands of 4th Amendment violations are perpetrated on Americans every single day and not a single peep from a single Sheriff.

      • they are out there , but they are too busy perpetuating jonesisms and other patriotard memes ,hitler this and Nazi that, all the while never realizing who it is who is actually behind all of this 911, ALL THE WARS, THE POLICE STATE ,(see ICTS and kroll,. and gerome hauer) (here is another clue , fly into ben gurion airport , or youtube search j**s behind gun control)

    • Time to abolish the DHS (and therefore TSA), the 'Federal' Reserve system that feeds on the country, and the IRS to just name a few.

  2. tsaoutofourpants

    I very much dislike the TSA. But, I do believe this article to be incorrect. I have heard no reports of Web history being used in the PreCheck process. The process, instead, involves a background check. Also, the statement that "you still have to go through the naked body scanners" is only partially correct. PreCheck travelers are subject to randomly being treated as non-PreCheck travelers. But, most of the times, they will skip the scanners.

    Nonetheless, I am with you that paying and submitting to privacy intrusion in the hopes of avoiding sexual assault at the terminal is disgusting.

  3. so they can share it all with the NSA

  4. Stumbled on this site from a Facebook post, and I couldn't agree with your views more. Thank you for restoring my hope in news

  5. Markus Wolf, former head of the East German Stasi set up the Department of Homeland Security/TSA.
    Just another communist Jew ruining the country.

  6. everyone knows that Israel and the jews did 911, and that they ran security for all the airports before during an since 911 ,this I straight out of the protocols of the learned elders of zion, to quote as nearly verbatim as I can "the best means of ruling them is through terrorism, we will take their freedoms one by one alwys promising all the while to return them once the crisis has abated, but never will"
    everyone knows that ina few years or after they pull another one of their zonist false flags that this will be required for every one,or those lucky enough to even be allowed to travel at all

  7. Back when this was still a comparatively free country, I would escort my grandmother directly to the plane when she returned to her home in Florida at the end of the summer. During WW2 she was a volunteer at the Red Cross, supporting the war effort. She would not recognize this country today.
    For my part, I just quit flying. When the TSA is abolished at some distant future date, I may reconsider that decision..

    • The TSA 'agents' have zero respect for any veterans nor elderly, and they in fact specifically target them with intrusive searches and remove them from wheelchairs/remove their clothing. I do not fly either and I recommend others do not as well.

      • It's one thing to not be in favor of TSA but it's another thing entirely to rant about 'naked body scanners' and policies/practices you know nothing about. Whereas you may have read some other bloggers raving about how terrible it is to screen grandmothers, this does not mean that TSA "in fact specifically target them with intrusive searches and remove them from wheelchairs/remove their clothing". Really? This is absolute nonsense and your credibility is zero.

  8. You are correct tsaoutofourpants. My husband is part of the TSA pre-check program. We paid nothing for it. No fingerprints submitted. No web search history. Yes, they still have the right to randomly checked as non-PreCheck travelers. He flies over 100,000 miles per yr. and this program has made his life a lot easier.

  9. All that is related to traffic of information has its privacy ups and downs, this is common knowledge already. Mobil Satellite Technoloigies are famous for having the capacity of both transmitting data at a really high speed and store data also for privacy purposes, with limited access and all confidentiality rights granted.

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  14. It’s essentially like openly allowing the NSA to come in and mine your data, but this time you’re also handing it over to the DHS.

  15. “TSA is weighing a contract that would hire private screeners to parse an applicant’s consumer data, such web browsing histories, for signs of danger before admission into express inspection programs.”

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  18. It’s a great step and great software for TSA. It’s more convenient in transportation security check.

  19. Great technolgy! It can ride us from too many problems.

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