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Tor Developer Suspects NSA Interception of Amazon Purchase

Andrea Shepard, a Seattle-based core developer for the Tor Project, suspects her recently ordered keyboard may have been intercepted by the NSA.

Following the purchase of a new IBM Thinkpad Keyboard from, Shepard discovered her package to be taking a strange detour to the East Coast, revealed by a screenshot of her shipment tracking information.

You’d think #NSA shipment ‘interdiction’ would be more subtle…

— Andrea (@puellavulnerata) January 24, 2014


Instead of shipping straight towards Seattle from the Amazon storage warehouse in Santa Ana, California, Shepard’s package made its way clear across the country to Dulles, Virginia. Jumping around an area deep inside what some privacy experts refer to as America’s “military and intelligence belt,” the package was finally delivered to its new endpoint in Alexandria.

While not uncommon to see packages sent to major shipping hubs in different areas of the country, the “out for delivery” and successful “delivered” statuses clearly indicate the item’s final destination was changed without Shepard’s approval, leading privacy experts to take notice.

“Could Amazon have made a mistake in notifying Shepard about this extra journey, which was likely meant to stay a secret?” PrivacySOS asks. “If this really is an example of the TAO laptop-interception program in action, does this mean that companies like Amazon are made aware of the government’s intention to “look after” consumer products ordered by their customers? Or did Shepard receive this weird notice only after some sort of glitch in the NSA’s surveillance matrix?”

According to recently revealed internal NSA documents, the agency’s Office of Tailored Access Operations group, or TAO, is responsible for intercepting shipping deliveries of high-interest targets.

“If a target person, agency or company orders a new computer or related accessories, for example, TAO can divert the shipping delivery to its own secret workshops,” Der Speigel noted last month. “At these so-called ‘load stations,’ agents carefully open the package in order to load malware onto the electronics, or even install hardware components that can provide backdoor access for the intelligence agencies.”

Given the NSA’s deep interest in Tor, a popular online anonymity tool, some speculate Shepard’s keyboard could likely have been implanted with a TAO bug known as “SURLYSPAWN,” a small keylogging chip implanted in a keyboard’s cabling. According to NSA slides, a bugged keyboard can be monitored even when a computer is offline.

“If it ever shows, I’ll be inspecting it as closely as I’m capable of,” Shepard said on Twitter.

Other leaked documents have revealed the NSA’s repeated attempts at identifying users of Tor, which according to the agency’s “Tor Stinks” presentation has only received minor success at best.

“We will never be able to de-anonymize all Tor users all the time,” the presentation states. “With manual analysis we can de-anonymize a very small fraction of Tor users.”

Whether Shepard’s incident was the result of a simple error by Amazon, an NSA interception, or an act of intimidation is still unclear. Given the government’s history of targeting Jacob Appelbaum, Tor’s main advocate, the idea of a top Tor developer being singled out for advanced NSA surveillance is far from unlikely.

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Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. This is a heads up to Andrea ( who received the diverted, hacked and redirected ) keyboard. Located only 2 miles from the Washington " Dulles " airport ( in Virginia ) is one of the ' 16 ' U.S. Intelligence agencies. The little know agency is called the NRO , National Reconnaissance Office. They are very closely connected to the NSA and the CIA . Their primary ( on the books ) function is designing, building and operating " SPY " equipment , primarily spy satellites. They obviously have the wherewithal to design, produce and install ( micro – sized ) electronic " surveillance / monitoring " equipment into your keyboard. By the way ( i'm sure you know, but many of the the readers may not ) they now have equipment that can CAPTURE / STEAL , your wireless information transmitted via the ( Wifi connection to your laptop ) from directional radio signal receiver equipment. Usually located in a mobile surveillance vehical. Keep up the good fight, we need all the Andrea's we can get.

  2. One company, one industry at a time…. they steal one small freedom, one small right to privacy.

    And the media pretends nothing is happening.

    This is Germany 1939.

  3. Very interesting, only a few months back I ordered a new CPU for my computer from Amazon and when I received it I found out that the AMD sticker on the side of the box had been cut meaning that someone had possibly tampered with it. Although the CPU worked fine you never know what could have have happened to it.

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  19. Is there any proof of this ? Did you find the implant ? Is the firmware checksum different from other thinkpads of the same model. You need a bit more proof. And WTF is a Tor dev ordering from Amazon from ? Really come on. Have some sense.

  20. Almost all Virginia packages are routed through Dulles it's because of Dulles Airport and the nearby mail facility lol how did she not realize that is she new to Virginia or something? I order MANY items from many different stores every week and almost every single one of them arrives via Dulles Airport, is sent to the Dullers postal facility and then is sent to my local office in Manassas, VA.

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