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Top Scientist: Another Fukushima Quake Would Mean US Evacuation, ‘Bye Bye Japan’

Award winning scientist David Suzuki has gone on record in a public talk posted online just days ago in saying that in the event of another seven or above earthquake, which he says has about a 95% chance of occurring over the next three years, it would mean a complete evacuation of North America and ‘bye bye Japan’.

“I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate,” he said.

As a recipient of 16 significant academic awards and a host of the popular CBC Television program entitled ‘The Nature of Things’, Suzuki was a headline speaker at the “Letting in the Light” scientific symposium that was focused around water ecology at the University of Alberta. But instead of simply discussing marine or freshwater ecosystems, Suzuki began issuing a very serious warning regarding the future of Fukushima and its overall predicted consequences for the entire planet.

Specifically speaking to the nature of Fukushima’s ticking time bomb, Suzuki began the breakdown of the plant’s numerous threats with stating the very real concept that Fukushima is perhaps the largest threat to both humanity and the planet that we face in the immediate future.

“Fukushima is the most terrifying situation I can imagine,” he said before delving into the issue. “Three out of the four plants were destroyed in the earthquake and in the tsunami. The fourth one has been so badly damaged that the fear is, if there’s another earthquake of a seven or above that, that building will go and then all hell breaks loose… And the probability of a seven or above earthquake in the next three years is over 95 per cent.”

And it’s that 95% chance of another seven or above earthquake within the next three years that signals a complete red alert scenario. But, as right as Suzuki is on this entire issue, he is also forgetting of another threat — TEPCO’s mission to launch their cleanup operation of the Fukushima site.  Specifically, their move to begin the extraction of fuel rods from the fourth reactor at the plant as early as the middle of this month. It is here where we also see yet another looming danger in regards to the cleanup process that is expected to ultimately take decades: the possibility of two rods colliding and generating a massive release of radiation as a result.

Experts like Dr Helen Caldicott have spoken to the media on this subject in the past, stating that:

“Two rods could touch each other in this process which has been done before and there could be a fission reaction and a very large release of radiation.”

Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that the Fukushima plant is teetering on the equivalent of nuclear life support, and the notoriously incompetent plant operators at TEPCO are about to go in and perform surgery. In the event that Suzuki is right, and another earthquake hits within the next three years before TEPCO is able to perform a cleanup (which may very well be even more dangerous) and leads to a complete meltdown, it would absolutely lead to a radioactive disaster internationally — well beyond the United States.

But don’t count on your government health bodies to inform you of the risk, or even tell you how you can better prepare yourself. Instead, they will likely once again start shutting off their radiation counters and raising the allowable limits of radiation in the food supply. For now, it is up to us to prepare ourselves and our family — making an effort also to also spread the word and call on the public to demand action be taken in Fukushima under the guidance of top independent scientists.

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  1. ! ! !

    FUKUSHIMA : A Nuclear Catastrophe of Epic Proportions

    The China Syndrome Morphs into “The Japan Syndrome”

  2. Alexander Robertson

    This essay predicted all of this in 2011 —> The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

    "A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe"


    • That site is called "Cosmic Convergence," subtitled "Where Cosmic Convergence Intersects Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga," and its sidebar headlines include such gems as "The FOUR HORSEMEN Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism," "The Book Of Revelation Explained," and "CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering." If it said that the sky was blue, I'd look out the window and check.

  3. “Does anyone in their right mind believe that nuclear power plants can ever be designed, engineered or constructed to withstand 9.0 earthquakes followed by 15 meter high tsunamis? Sorry if we offend, but such a display of so deadly a combination of ignorance and arrogance must represent the very height of hubris. Particularly in view of the inevitable consequences which have manifested at Fukushima, how is it that so few saw this pre-ordained and disastrous outcome, except by willful blindness?”

    Excerpt from:

    "As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan"

  4. As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan

    — Posted by the Fukushima Five

    "Tokyo has the largest “greater metro” population in the world at about 34.3 million. Tokyo has the largest GDP of all major cities in the world – larger than both New York City and London. Tokyo is the economic/financial capital of the world’s 3rd largest national economy, as well as the primary economic engine of East Asia."

  5. Great piece Anthony

  6. Anthony. I like your site. Interesting content. And not to downplay the seriousness of Fukushima (because it is very serious) but Suzuki does not have the best track record for being honest. He has gotten very wealthy over the years supporting what I would consider to be questionable science. He is more akin to Al Gore than to Edward Snowden. Food for thought.

  7. It looks like there do exist some efficient solutions to this challenge; see:

    • No offence meant, but this Patrick Flanagan sounds more like a lunatic to me.
      Not to mention the surreptitious advertising for a relatively useles product (Iodoral). Why useless? Because Iodine-131 is one of the first fallout problems you are confronted with after a nuclear event, that is why soldiers after nuke tests were given Iodine. But the half-life is only about eight days, so this makes sense only for people very close to the event but NOT for the US Westcoast.
      Of course, the problem is real. But there is no real solution, not even a secret one. Its a science problem without solution.
      Just let this sink in: In the cooling pool of reactor four lie about four tons of fission material. Maybe one ton (!) of this being plutonium. As soon as there is no water-cooling any more (and the building is about to collapse, a slight earthquake would be absolutely disastrous here) the zirconium elements will start to heat up, they will burn, there will be small explosions and that will trigger a chain reaction with the plutonium. A ton of plutonium will produce a nuclear explosion bigger than you can imagine (for a regular nuke you only need like 6 kilograms). Japan, mainly, will be gone. The radiation equals roughly 12000 times the radiation of Tschernobyl. 1 millionth of a gram in your body is a 100% chance for you to develop one or more forms of cancer.
      But even without explosion, the radiating material will be slowly (pacific – clouds – rainwater – freshwater) dispersed all over the planet. There just is no easy solution. The only possible way would be, to tank the whole thing into a huge water pool and in there use robots to safely deliver each and every single rod into a castor container. Without even one tiny failure. The chances for that are nearly zero. The cost would be billions of billions. Nevertheless, thats the only chance. Otherwise, sooner or later, everybody on the planet, thats true, will develop cancer due to high levels of radiation and (e.g. plutonium) nuclear pollution.

  8. This is pretty scary.

  9. There are worst case scenarios for all sorts of things.
    You build design features to withstand them, but to live life paralyzed by risk means doing nothing.

    I would love a follow up story on the star fish, has any evidence of radiation been shown to cause the melting?

  10. It is quite probable that something like Fukushima could happen again (look at the storm in Philipines). I hope that the goverment in Japan is prepared for this…

  11. For now, it is up to us to prepare ourselves and our family — making an effort also to also spread the word and call on the public to demand action be taken in Fukushima under the guidance of top independent scientists.

  12. The author fails to make clear that the 95% probability of a 7+ earthquake event happening over the next few years, is a number that is meant to apply to the entire planet. Yet Suzuki was referring to a 7+ magnitude earthquake happening in, or close enough to Japan to create another tsunami. The very fact that the author fails to make that distinction is clear evidence he wants only to alarm readers, not inform them. As such, not a word of this nor any other article penned by him should be believed.

  13. There have already been several magnitude 7 quakes, all aftershocks of the main mag 9 that caused the problem in the first place.

    Enough said? lol

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