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Teen Facing 8 Years Prison After Violent Joke in Online Video Game

A teenager from Texas who was thrown in jail last March after making a joke in an online video game now faces 8 years in prison for his ‘terrorist’ remarks. 

In a display of how anything you say online or otherwise can now be used against you and even have you labeled as a ‘terrorist’, 18-year-old teen Justin Carter may soon be charged as a terrorist after he made a violent joke while playing the highly popular online game ‘League of Legends’ — a multiplayer fantasy game that boasts 12 million daily players and is owned by multi-billion dollar Chinese holding company Tencent Holdings. And perhaps what is most amazing is the obvious sarcastic tone of the message, which was a response to another player insulting him.

After being called ‘insane’ in a comment either by his teammate or a player from the other team, Carter responded with a sarcastic joke. According to the local Texas news channel and the boy’s father Jack Carter, Justin replied:

‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts.”

An obviously sarcastic remark, but to follow it up Justin actually goes on to clarify that he’s joking by writing ‘lol, jk’ which means ‘laughing out loud’ and ‘just kidding’. Not exactly a funny joke, sure, but he’s obviously not implying that he will do these things. Justin is responding to someone calling him ‘insane’ by embellishing on the concept and attempting to make a funny joke in response via sarcasm.

A response that he now regrets while sitting in jail facing trial for being a terrorist, after a Canadian woman who saw the chat log within the game (presumably the mother of one of the other kids playing the game) went and looked up Justin’s address on Google before calling the police and reporting his Austin location. Just from Justin’s name alone, she was able to find enough information to send the police to his home. She was not only able to pinpoint his location, which was near an elementary school, but also find his former address and send the police over to arrest him for terrorist threats.

Teenagers posting similar statements on Facebook have also been arrested.

The bottom line here? Don’t give your information out online to anyone, and expect everything you say to be looked at by minds that have been thoroughly washed by the mainstream media propaganda machine to consider everyone a terrorist. Even the police in this case were admittedly fired up from the Newtown shooting that was probably still on the 24/7 news cycle back when Justin was arrested. This issue was later addressed by a DOJ report, in fact, that highlighted the serious issues with police diverting so much time into preventing school shootings that only kill around 35 per year while ignoring real homicides and gang-related crime.

The report by news organization Daily Caller confirms this:

“Authorities noted that recent school shootings like the one in Newtown, Connecticut have caused them to evaluate all potential threats seriously. Newtown was still fresh in their minds at the time of Carter’s arrest.”

The potentially good news is that there is still a shred of hope for Justin thanks to the press on this story (which is also why I am covering it), and the fact that his parents have setup a petition to stop Justin from being branded a terrorist. Right now it has 15,000 signers and needs about 14,000 more.

Ultimately, what happens with Justin’s case will tell whether or not we will see a new wave of innocents sent to jail as terrorists for hurting the feelings of those brainwashed by mainstream media paranoia. Sign the petition and swing history towards the side of reason.

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  1. What a joke!

  2. And so the world descends into madness…

  3. So if this kid is being charged with "terrorism", that are the REAL terrorist charged with? super, mega, ultra, etc-terrorism?

  4. This is insane!! Where is the fine line drawn here between terrorist and innocent? Its blantantly obvious that its a joke, a not very funny joke but come on how paranoid can you be really. This is just another waste of time and tax payers money, not even an ounce of common sense used.

  5. I've heard worse on online game chats…terrorist? Not even close…obviously someone got under his skin with their remarks so he used freedom of speech & was sarcastic n return…wonder what insults were said to him

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  7. What the heck in MOBA games many players says Many Sentence that doesnt mean they are terrorist

  8. What a joke! It's not like he killed someone.

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  9. Has there been any follow up on this kid? Google hasn't told me anything.

  10. This is a joke. Crazy that a joke while a kid was enraged was taken this far. I have seen these types of comments a lot throughout my league of legends career.

  11. Precisely what this besides throughout MOBA game titles many people affirms A lot of Word of which doesnt suggest they are terrorist

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  13. This can be a ruse. Ridiculous which a ruse while a youngster had been infuriated had been obtained this much. I've got seen these kind of feedback a great deal in the course of my own group connected with legends vocation.

  14. This is unbelievable. Hard to imagine the allegations went anywhere, but I can't find any more information about it.

  15. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Its a fair to say that in this online environment of League of Legends where with a monthly player base of over 30 million, most of which are in the youth-adult demographic similar to Mr.Justin in the article above. It's almost common practice for insults and profanities to be thrown around, they are kids with an anonymous cover, what can you expect.

    Why not just throw every single teenage male with an internet ace's into jail as well.

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  17. Now im no expert when it comes to law, as a person who is highly involved with the online gaming community, I can assure you that Arrogant and Childish behaviour in these online games is plentiful. The fact that this can be even considered a charge proves the ignorance to the whole online gaming culture in society today.

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  19. The problem is that social interaction online is relatively new and laws and appropriate responses to peoples actions have not yet been thought through enough yet. Its hard to tell when something is intended as a joke and when something has real meaning behind it. I do think it's good that something is being done though. I think there is far too much abuse given out over the internet without giving thought to any consequences.

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  58. I’ve heard worse on online game chats…terrorist? Not even close…obviously someone got under his skin with their remarks so he used freedom of speech & was sarcastic n return…wonder what insults were said to him. visit my site :

  59. I’ve heard worse on online game chats…terrorist? Not even close…obviously someone got under his skin with their remarks so he used freedom of speech & was sarcastic n return…wonder what insults were said to him. visit my site :

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