Study: Fast Food Burgers Contain As Low as 2% Real Meat

Daniel G. J.
August 6th, 2013
Updated 08/06/2013 at 4:08 am

It looks like an old urban legend about fast food hamburgers might actually be true. The burgers may actually contain little or no meat, with results showing some burgers containing only 2.1% actual meat.

Mystery meat beef.When a team of scientists analyzed eight fast food burgers for their report in the Annals of Diagnostic Pathology, they discovered that meat composed only a tiny percentage of the patty. The burger with the most meat contained just 14.8% beef, while another burger contained just 2.1% meat.  The study is available online from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.

The scientists, Brigid Prayson, James T. McHahon PhD, and Richard A. Prayson MD, found that the average burger contained just 12.1% meat. As a substitute, the main ingredient in the burger patties was found to be water.

The researchers also discovered other kinds of animal tissue inside the ‘burgers’, including bone and cartilage. Fortunately, no brain tissue was found in the burgers, which mostly rules out the danger of mad cow disease. Some of the burgers also contained plant-based materials.

Unfortunately, the chains selling the burgers were not identified in the study. It simply listed eight different burgers. The main results of the study indicate that meat used to make them seems to be deliberately injected with water to make it heavier.

Parasites in the ‘Burgers’

The researchers at the Laurel School in Ohio didn’t find much meat, but they did find something else: At least two of the burgers contained Sarcocystis parasites. These parasites have been found to cause a deadly disease in some species of animals.

Scientists don’t think that Sarcocystis can harm humans, but it has caused infections that have killed pigs and mice in the laboratory. Scientists in Oregon found that Sarcocystis can kill deer. There is no effective treatment for a Sarcocystis infection.

What this study, called ‘Fast food hamburgers: what are we really eating?’, indicates is that the low prices charged for burgers at popular fast food joints are too good to be true. The patties they’re using are of so low quality that they contain little or no meat. Unfortunately, the fat content of the burgers wasn’t mentioned.

What is more troubling is that parasites were found in two of the burgers. It looks like fast food burgers contain no meat and are potentially dangerous. If you care about your health or your family’s health, stay away from fast food. You should also stay away from fast food if you want value for your money. There is now scientific data that indicates some fast food is indeed a rip off in more than one way.


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  1. Joeyfromcolorado says:

    Totally disgusting but no suprise

  2. Rod Larocque says:

    I guess since these patties contain next to no meat, vegitarians can eat there without problems.

  3. M Avalon says:

    Another reason why I never eat at fast food places.

  4. KillTheWarCriminals says:

    "Study: Fast Food Burgers Contain As Low as 2% Real Meat"

    Study: Anglo-Amerikan Skulls Contain As Low As 2% BRAIN MATTER.

  5. f14rio says:

    This study is from Dec 2008… Is this somehow news to StoryLeak?

    No surprise on the results. As for the parasites… if you read the study.. they are common in cattle. As long as you follow the guidelines for cooking and do not eat undercooked meat then you should be fine.

  6. Thomas says:

    Fast food is my most favorite one food and I like it very much. Your entire all of food conception and description is very delightful to me but your pizza burger is my most favorite one food to me. Thanks for this nice allocation.

  7. Wyatt says:

    Great research has been conducted indeed!! This is shocking how less meat burger makers are being providing within every burger where they are not taking less money for any burgers. This is not fair. I think some sort of solution needed in this condition.
    dark meat vs white meat

  8. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Fast food is just gross.

  9. WeeToddEdwards says:

    KFC Drive thru menu 2014:
    <a href="; target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;…” target=”_blank”>;

    Rogers quote:
    Roger 172p • 1 week ago

    KFC doesn't have a drivethought.

    You don't know American fast food.

    • Roger says:

      Wee, you haven't shown that the KFC I lived near had one.

      Evidently you don't know my area.
      And evidently you also don't know how to use links. That one won't open.

      • whoknowsU says:

        Still stalking Wee?

        • Roger says:

          Still a marxist stalking me?

          • whoknowsU says:

            How many profiles do you have?
            It seems to me that you are replying to yourself.
            Amazing what keyboards can do.

          • Roger says:

            Alinsky, you know very well I only bother with one profile.

            I consider my comment content more important then anything else. And you? I think I counted 26 once, but that was a while back.

          • whoknowsU says:

            What are your plans once you grow up?

          • Roger says:

            Alinsky, why not brag about all those profiles? Just a number would be nice.

          • whoknowsU says:

            How old are you, little man?
            How do you know that I'm Alinsky?
            Prove it!

          • Roger says:

            What's wrong, are you all cranky because Wee isn't here to lead you today?

            How immature are you little child?
            Seriously, this site isn't here for your tantrums. You can go to huff post for that.

          • whoknowsU says:

            Hey cranky little boy, are you removing posts again?

          • Roger says:

            Hey cranky little boy, are you posting things that don't belong on this forum?

          • whoknowsU says:

            Monkey see, monkey do, don't have words to reply?

          • Roger says:

            There was a time, a long, long time ago, when the trolls almost pretended they came to forums like this to actually engage and debate the merits of their progressive ideas.

            Like I said, it was long time ago.

          • whoknowsU says:

            That was a long time ago, when Republicans were true Republicans. Then there was something to debate. Now all politicians are alike, even the TEAS.

          • Roger says:

            Still the troll to the end.

            I'm sure Cruz and Lee are well aware of everything you types would love them to do.

            And you're still not quite capable to decide when reality doesn't match your talking points.

          • whoknowsU says:

            Do you believe that these 2 guys are going to change anything? Is the majority of the 535 going to listen?
            Keep dreaming little TEA man.

          • Roger says:

            I believe you said they were ALL the same, and those two prove you wrong.

            Do you believe that your approach is a solution? I know some, perhaps like the old timer frenchies love to surrender, but this is America. We don't.

          • whoknowsU says:

            Have you ever seen a shrink?
            You are an internet addict. Face it!

          • Roger says:

            Have you ever had the guts to not hide behind fake names and faced the world without a mask?

          • whoknowsU says:

            It is time to go into rehab to cure you from this cyber addiction. It is worse than drugs.
            I'm not hiding behind any fake names. It is me and me alone. Get that little boy?

          • Roger says:

            It may be time for you to realize hat you don't always get to have your own way.

            It must be hard living as if you are a legend in your own little mind.

            And of course you're hiding behind a mask. One of us has a pic on their profile, their only profile. And it's not you.

          • whoknowsU says:

            I do have my way. I keep you busy replying. Pis on a profile do not mean anything. Most of them are fake anyway. What's that funny thing growing under your nose? Do you think you are photogenic? Are you looking for a mate?
            Did you sign up for rehab yet? It's time.

          • Roger says:

            Alinsky, did you get a bad batch of something for your pipe? Is that why the poor little marxist is so angry?

          • whoknowsU says:

            Alinsky? Angry?
            I have a ball and so do my friends watching your replies.
            You are a good entertainer but a worthless comic.
            You need rehab my friend, time is running out.

          • Roger says:

            And yet you sit here delusional and clearly more addicted then you pretend I am. Is this addiction angle all your posse could come up with?

            If you win on the arguments, and win the debate based on facts then you wouldn't be so desperate to have all the gang join in focusing on ruining this site.

      • WeeToddEdwards says:

        Here is what you said:
        Roger 172p • 1 week ago

        KFC doesn't have a drivethought.

        You don't know American fast food.

        • Roger says:

          Wee, you must be back at that work terminal a little early today.

          So, did you prove that my KFC had one? Nope.

          Wee, you small little man. So, how many comments do you need today to make your quota?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Can you show in your orginal comment where you said only yours does not have not one.

            You don't know American fast food

          • Roger says:

            Wee, what is your quota of trolling for today, just so I know how long this is going to take…

            You don't know what it means to actually debate the topic the site provides. Why does this site threaten the troll patrol so badly?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            and no one says you have to reply to every comment I make.

          • Roger says:

            And nobody says you have to come pushing your agenda daily trying to make that quota from your work terminal.

            Wee, so many comments, so little actual debate on the topic the site has provided. You aren't hard to figure out.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            You lie too much. You don't like discussing things with me then here is a simple resolution…………….don't.

            Go stalk someone else.

            Time for you to move on and leave me alone.

          • Roger says:

            Wee, you sure to ignore everything to push that agenda. One more comment, one more chance to use this site to discuss the actual topics the site so carefully researches and presents. One more comment just here to clog the threads with trolling to stop real debate.

            And you haven't shown my KFC had drive up windows.
            In fact, they still don't. Why is it that this site is so threatening to you and other trolls that make up your posse?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Roger 172p • 1 week ago

            KFC doesn't have a drivethought.

            You don't know American fast food.

            Read more:

          • Roger says:

            And you haven't shown mine does.

            You don't know my KFC restaurant.

            Wee, you really are a small minded little man. How many more comments do you have to generate to make your quota? Will the rest of the posse show up shorty to back you up?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Roger 172p • 1 week ago

            KFC doesn't have a drivethought.

            You don't know American fast food.

            Read more:

          • Roger says:

            Wee, cut and paste already today? Usually you have patriot do that kind of mindless chatter. Are you getting even smaller?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Just showing the readers here how you lie

          • Roger says:

            And I've shown that you used an old link to the UK, you haven't shown anything about my KFC, and you don't seem to care that KFC was not really fast food, it was a more upscale expensive Fried chicken restaurant that didn't focus on prices as most fast food chains do.

            Wee, you just have your attack mode in gear and as long as it diminishes this site you don't care about anything else. Why does this site anger the troll patrol so much?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            That link showed KFC's around the world have drive thru lanes. I also posted a link to the KFC drive thru menu for the United States for 2014.

            Upscale expensive fried chicken resturant? You call KFC upscale? You need to get off the computer. Of course you have no one to take out to dinner so you have never been to a real upscale resturant have you?

            I love this site and the articles. The only thing that stops discussion on here is you

          • Roger says:

            Wee, you used so many links, and so many of them didn't open. And you didn't show that the ones I grew up with had them.

          • patriothere says:

            You're a liar and troll. KFC's have drive thrus.

          • Roger says:

            Not all. Did they pay you to post that comment too?

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            They sure do. All one has to do is Google 2014 KFC drive thru menus USA and they can see for themselves. I am pretty sure most people on here know KFC's have drive thrus though. Only the idiot denies it

          • Roger says:

            You have shown some do, not that the ones in my area do.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            You orginal comment claimed KFC did not offer drive thru service. I showed you were wrong. You could just man up and admit it, but instead you want to drag it out and troll

          • Roger says:

            And you have been claiming they all do. They all don't. You showed me that you had limited ability to find things, posted links such as a link to the UK future designs that was from 2008 on the copywrite.

            Wee, you haven't shown they all do any more than I can show none of them do.

            Yet, here you are being the troll you are trying to distract away from the poor quality of meat in burgers with a totally off topic rant.

            It's all you know.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            I never once claimed they all do. Quote me. I alo posted a link over a dozen times with pictures that showed the KFC drive thru menus for the USA for 2014. You had several of them pulled because they showed you were wrong.

          • Roger says:

            Where have you ever admitted to the possibility that they didn't?

            I know mine didn't. And you keep attacking me for saying so without any facts. It's just your style.

            Wee, once more you just can't debate or discuss without the hate blinding you.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Here is your comment:
            Roger 172p • 1 week ago

            KFC doesn't have a drivethought.

            You don't know American fast food.

            KFC offersw drive thru service in the USA and abroad. They do not offer it every resturant. You made a broad claim and said they did not offer it, and then attacked Patriot saying he did not know American fast food when it is clear you don't know American fast food.

          • Roger says:

            Wee. the local KFC doesn't. You haven't shown it does.

            So, you're the one that doesn't know American fast food in my area.

            Wee, you can claim all sorts of things, you always do. That still doesn't give my local KFC a drive up window.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            I never said your local KFC does. You made the claim that KFC does not offer it and they do. In your orginal comment you NEVER said a thing about your LOCAL KFC, you just said KFC. So while you may know fast food in your area you don't know anything about fast food nation wide and your orginal comment proves that

          • Roger says:

            Wee, you poor little fella. I sure did. As recently as my last comment and as early as your links to drive ups.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            I am talking about your orginal comment. So do you admit KFC offers drive thru service at some of it's establishments? Or are you going to sit an be a complete a$$ and keep denying it?

          • Roger says:

            And I am talling aout your ifrst link then, the british link that was old.

            It was lame and didnt' apply. Now, about my more current comments, you sure haven't shown my local KFC has a drive up. SO, you're still wrong, not all of htem have a drive up window.

          • WeeToddEdwards says:

            Didn't you just post a link from 2008 on a different thread that was British?

            It applied and showed you were wrong. C have drive thru service or not? Your local ones you don't not mention in your orginal comment you just said KFC so you were talking about all of them.

          • Roger says:

            Wee, why are you sounding so confused? Are you just not up to this?

  10. Allen says:

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  11. fred09red says:

    Dentists, like the ones from, always advise the population upon the need to take great care of their dentition, especially when eating fast food. This means regular visits to the doctor and correct teeth brushing at least twice a day. These are, somehow, the guilty pleasures of life, but people have to take caution for this.

  12. Robin says:

    It is impossible to trust fast food. You do not know what you are eating.

  13. Roger says:

    You are a great example of trolling. is this where you cut and paste the same comment another 36 times?

  14. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    But I only cut and paste about your intense debate violations.

  15. Roger says:

    That's funny coming from you.

    How many times did you brag about taking sites down?
    And you still can't actually debate the story. You just aren't up to this.

  16. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Do you know how many flap their arms and fly away? ZERO!

    Because we have to bow to God's limits on our choices of movement.

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  17. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    It's called conditioned free will. Google it.

    It makes sense.

    I don't brag, I just tell my history.

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    Your yoga video must be an all male yoga session.….

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  19. Alinsky Hero USA says:

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  20. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    It's a complement to call me Alinsky. It happens to be my real name.

    Your yoga video must be an all male yoga session.

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  21. Roger says:

    You want to say that Christians kill off the people who reject the religion? That's simply not true for one thing and you reject it.

    sharia isn't even close to any other religion.

  22. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Was that the first time you ever looked at a woman on the internet?

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  25. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Your video on male yoga must be worn down in that VCR. How many times did you rub one out watching those men rolling around on those yoga mats?

    I sent a link to a children's movie, and you still can't understand conditioned freewill.

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  26. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Your video on male yoga must be worn down in that VCR. How many times did you rub one out watching those men rolling around on those yoga mats?

    I sent a link to a children's movie, and you still can't understand conditioned freewill.

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    That's not me stupid.

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  32. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That's not me stupid.

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  36. patriothere says:

    yes. the crusades? hello? the evangelizing? It has always been violent

  37. Roger says:

    Why don't we ask the Byzantine Empire who was being violent?

    And evangelizing isn't violent. Not as the Bible teaches it. Why don't you in Iran go through a reformation the way Christianity has and then come back here to lecture us Christians about violence.

  38. patriothere says:

    Evangelizing the way christians do has led to deaths in the millions. The crusades again

  39. Roger says:

    The crusades again? Who has to defend themselves from islamists this time?

  40. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I see you finally changed your name and updated to a more current photo

  41. WeeToddEdwards says:


  42. Roger says:

    You iranian centric types just don't understand my society well enough to make intelligent comments on it.

  43. Roger says:

    Poor little wee thing.
    You just can't stand having your agenda challenged.

  44. Roger says:

    Poor little wee. I bet you just have such a horrible time of it, all the hate and the venom and you just can't manage to destroy enough Christians no matter how hard you try.

  45. patriothere says:

    I'm sanity centric

  46. Roger says:

    Self defense. The copts are still suffering from the defeat to this day.

  47. Roger says:

    Those poor Copts.

  48. Roger says:

    Not really, remember saying this?

    39 minutes ago @ – Romney wins Iowa in fi… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "You'll pay your jizya tax and you will like it!

    Paid hack troll."

  49. patriothere says:

    I love it. Nothing shows your true colors more.

    The crusades.

  50. patriothere says:

    I remember you being a bully and a troll

  51. Roger says:

    Yes, self defense.
    And you sure haven't explained about the cops suffering from apartheid.

  52. Roger says:

    And I remember you defending marriages to goat brides.

  53. Roger says:

    It's expensive and unhealthy. Convenience is for those who can afford it and at their own expense instead of on EBT cards.

  54. patriothere says:

    Every time. You never fail at showing how much of a maniac you are. The crusades

  55. Roger says:

    And you show how little you care about the poor copts suffering apartheid.

  56. patriothere says:

    I defend the truth

  57. patriothere says:

    It's cheap and convenient and not as unhealthy as you think.

  58. Roger says:

    The truth is goat brides are NOT universally accepted.

  59. Roger says:

    It's not so cheap and why do you care about convenience?

    Sometimes you can't afford the easy way out with a budget.

  60. patriothere says:

    The crusades.

  61. patriothere says:

    Yes they are

  62. patriothere says:

    Who DOESN'T care about convenience? Are you even from this planet?

  63. Roger says:

    You must be joking, explain how many places outside of Sudan where a muslim man can actually marry a goat.

  64. Roger says:

    Convenience is nice, when you can afford it.

    So, eating out is a treat and eating at home is the norm.
    It's also healthier as the story points out. You do realize there was a story you might want to comment on….

  65. patriothere says:

    Fast food is a staple of American lifestyle.

  66. Roger says:

    It isn't that cheap and convenience doesn't really matter when you're broke. It's a luxury some can't afford.

    Can't they give you new talking points, you're starting to repeat yourself an awful lot.

  67. Roger says:

    No, the fast food industry would hope so.

    Mac & Cheese is a staple, Pizza is a Staple. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches is a staple.

  68. patriothere says:

    THe world is not just nebraska

  69. patriothere says:

    Fast food is not a luxury. Having the time to make dinner and eat a four course meal is a luxury.

  70. patriothere says:

    Yes it is. Mcdonalds is a staple. Popeyes is a staple. KFC is a staple. Pizza Hut is a staple

  71. njmcc says:

    Wow mac and cheese peanut butter and jelly (jam) and pizza are staples. NO wonder you lot are in the middle of a obesity epidemic

  72. Roger says:

    So, you can't show anyplace outside sharia where goat brides are accepted. Sharia is so 8th century.

  73. Roger says:

    Every single person has the same amount of time in the day. Luxury is someone with no money tossing it away because they're too lazy to cook cheap affordable food at home and wishing government would extend more money to cover it.

  74. Roger says:

    Nope. Hot drippy grease, questionable protein…. you really should have read the story before you started to post comments.

  75. Roger says:

    Kids love them, and it's better than candy.

    Growing bodies need a lot of carbs, in spite of what Michelle Obama pushes.

  76. nebraskanitwit says:

    Those aren't staples. Consider the source.

  77. patriothere says:

    Kids love Mcdonalds burger king and pizza hut. Especially when most families don't have the luxury of eating four course meals every night.

  78. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Michelle Obama pushes for healthy carbs, not the corporate poison that conservatives want to give children.

  79. patriothere says:

    Mcdonalds is still a staple. So is pizza hut and KFC

  80. patriothere says:

    No they don't. Rush Limbaugh is rich. He has time to pop pills and have his executive chef prepare healthy nutritious meals. Most American families don't have that luxury that's why we have KFC, Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut.

  81. Roger says:

    Chrerish that tradition?

    You really don't realize how 8th century that sounds, do you?

  82. Roger says:

    And millions of caring parents across the land buy cheap food, cook it at home and thrive on it.

  83. Roger says:

    It is a expensive way to get marginal nutrition.

    Same with the other two you listed.
    And if you had ever bought at KFC you would know how expensive.

  84. Roger says:

    You still don't get it.
    Most families eat at home. That means they are there and don't have to take the time to drive, wait in line and drive back. It doesn't take long to cook a quality meal and it's better for you.

    You may like to think you are debating, but just repeating the same token talking points only shows you need better handlers.

  85. Roger says:

    Alinsky, coming from the person who brags about using cannibus, any lectures on health is suspect.

  86. Roger says:

    You haven't fed kids much.

    Those are the meals they like and will sit and eat in any weather. Any weather is pizza weather and no lunch is so hurried that they can't eat a PB&J.

  87. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Weed is healthy. Corporate food murders millions every year and makes children fat.

  88. nebraskanitwit says:

    Actually, I've been showing your posts to a couple of my kids as an example of what a nitwit is.

  89. Roger says:

    Do you also want to argue for other recreational drugs?

  90. Roger says:

    And I showed some of yours to people to show why some paper isn't good to wipe with.

  91. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    What drugs?

  92. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That's funny. You stole his joke and then made it unfunny.

  93. nebraskanitwit says:

    You're still a bit unclear how this Internet thingy works, aren't you?

  94. Roger says:

    I didn't think you would pretend to understand that one.

  95. Roger says:

    Can't add or debate to the thread, can you.

    You trolls are so predictable.

    Wee's left overs.

  96. Roger says:

    I don't have to hide behind a fake pic or fake names. I think I understand it fine.

    Alinsky, why all the pretenses?

  97. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He has the stalking function down

  98. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Then why did you mention it?

  99. Roger says:

    Why did you respond to it?I don't have to hide behind a fake pic or fake names. I think I understand it fine.

  100. Roger says:

    What little you know you know wrong, and what you think you know it isn't anything worth pretending to know. Why do you think you fool anyone here?

  101. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You understand it somewhat.

  102. Roger says:

    And you only understand your lame alinsky rules for the unaccepted.

  103. patriothere says:

    You don't get it. Most families work long hours and fast food is a staple for them. KFC Pizza Hut and Burger king are great for working families who don't have the luxury to eat four course meals every day

  104. patriothere says:

    No it's not. Its cheap and convenient. Especially when you're coming home from work and don't fee like cooking for an hour.

  105. patriothere says:

    Millions of caring parents eat fast food. It's cheap and convenient and not as unhealthy as you think

  106. patriothere says:

    Goat brides are a cherished tradition among all the worlds people

  107. patriothere says:

    You're about as much of an author as a chicken who scratches in the dirt

  108. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    But I won the argument about Michelle Obama wanting healthy carbs while corporations kill people with thier food with your support.

  109. Roger says:

    And you have your handlers.

  110. Roger says:

    In a word, Nope. Your iranian values are not.

  111. Roger says:

    Millions of caring parents feed their kids nutritious food at home, and you really ought to read the story before you make claims about fast food.

  112. Roger says:

    It isn't so cheap, it's not as healthy and convenience is secondary. Don't you care about children enough to make them a PB& J?

  113. Roger says:

    I do get it, kids need nutrition.

    Why can't you at least pretend to read the story?

    You silly paid trolls, your handlers could at least try to come up with better lines.

  114. Roger says:

    Of course not. She wants kids to be hungry and look skinny.

  115. patriothere says:

    You don't get it. Fast food is part of American society.

  116. patriothere says:

    It's cheap and convenient and if you're against fast food you're un-american.

    It's a luxury to have four course meals every night.

  117. patriothere says:

    Millions of caring parents rely on mcdonalds and burger king to feed their kids. They live busy lives. work long hours. They don't have time to cook food for an hour after they've been on their feet all day.

    Conservatives have wrecked the american family forcing them to rely on fast food because they want to outsource their jobs to india and china

  118. patriothere says:

    In a word. Yes

  119. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Actally they are now less hungry and healthy. That's what happens when you don't support the murdering corporations.

  120. patriothere says:

    Actually I don't

  121. Roger says:

    Yes, you admitted to being a paid hack just assigned to drive people out of the temple/site.

    6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  122. Roger says:

    You are such a sad example of the muslim islamist culture if you're here on a western site defending and pushing goat brides.

  123. Roger says:

    Millions of caring parents wouldn't want their kids near a greasy bunch of fast food that has little nutritional value and can cook a well rounded meal at home for less money in about the same time as it takes to go out and eat.

  124. Roger says:

    It's expensive and not nutritious.

    And four courses may be a luxury in Iran, here that's half the meal.

  125. Roger says:

    You don't get it. It's a part that some can't afford and that others reject due to nutritional values. You really ought to read the story.

  126. Roger says:

    Poor little marxist alinsky. They are hungry and buy food off campus. Government doesn't care as much as the private sector.

  127. patriothere says:

    you don't get it. people need fast food. don't knock it

  128. patriothere says:

    you're an idiot!

  129. patriothere says:

    Millions of caring parents rely on mcdonalds and burger king because it's cheap and convenient. Most American families don't sit around the dinner table and eat four course meals.

  130. patriothere says:

    It would take too much time to cook for an hour when you can just go through the drive thru after work.

  131. patriothere says:

    You are wrong again

  132. patriothere says:

    not even

  133. Roger says:

    You said it, don't blme me.

  134. Roger says:

    Of course not. a owrd of adviise. get better handlers.

  135. Roger says:

    Then you realize millions more don't and feed their children more nutritious food.

  136. Roger says:

    Not for a good cook.

  137. Roger says:

    I do get it. I read the story, fast food isn't good for you.

  138. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Every one I have ever been to has had one. But that is not what you said now is it? You said KFC does NOT have drive thrus. I was just showing you are wrong again

  139. Roger says:

    The two local ones around me don't. So, you don't know and you want to just argue like the good little troll you are.

  140. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I just showed you were wrong. YOu claim they do not have drive thrus. IThat was a lie

  141. Roger says:

    You only showed you could make a claim, and that one in Georrgia had a window, not that any in my state or that many in general do.

    So, you must be cranky to be stuck at that work terminal so early.

  142. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You lied and said they do not offer drive thru serviceEvery one I have ever been tto has had a drive thru. Y

  143. Roger says:

    And you haven't shown that many do.

  144. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Corporations are murdering, and spying on you, and they won't stop because the free market likes the corporations doing evil, only government protects us.

  145. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He did try to post over at Speak Out, but he was run off.

  146. Roger says:

    Poor little guy, this adult forum is just more than you can handle.

  147. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I saw his former ally LDS ran him off. He has worn out his welcome with everyone

  148. patriothere says:

    not after working for 12 hours. On the way home hit the drive thru everybody wins. It tastes good, it's cheap and convenient.

  149. patriothere says:

    mcdonalds has changed their menu. It's healthier now

  150. Roger says:

    marxists. dictators do worse.

  151. Roger says:

    LDS was & is an ally on constitutional issues, but unlike you trolls we don't march in lockstep.

  152. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Wee is a conservative. I am a liberal. We don't march is lockstep politically, but we both walk in lockstep over your creepy stalking. Even LDS, Cowboy, Zebrano, patriot, Top Sh it. agree with us that you are a OCD virgin.

  153. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He hates you

  154. nebraskanitwit says:

    If it's only the constitution, you and I might be allies. However, by your own admission you are a racist and a homophobe (the gun thing, I can get past). Plus, you'd rather squawk at numbnuts than get on with important work, or share a joke. Thus, you are a nitwit.

  155. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I never said they all did. You lied and said KFC does not have drive thru service. You were wrong and when you sit here and deny you were wrong when links show you are wrong proves you are a troll

  156. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Capitalist tyrants do the worst.

  157. patriothere says:

    nope. They go to the drive thru at KFC. Cheap and convenient

  158. patriothere says:

    I have. Fast food is cheap and convenient

  159. Roger says:

    You sure do like to stand up with the rest of your posse. Did you ever post under that america/quiet dude that patriot said worked with him to drive folks away?

    And you posted a linkt to british KFC's that was a few years old.

    Deal with it.

  160. Roger says:

    And not nutritious, not very cheap and food at home can be convenient too.

    It's not like the US has stone age kitchens in tents or anything.

  161. Roger says:

    The ones built a few years ago I'm the UK that wee mentioned?

  162. Roger says:

    You are both muslim friendly in your loyalties.

    And who says I'm here to be popular? So, all three of your posse plus a new one showed up today. Can't the three of you gang up on me enough to show I'm actually wrong on the issues?

  163. Roger says:

    And that's his choice. That's what America is about. Freedoms, liberties. Not having a big block party with everyone smiling.

  164. Roger says:

    Pol Pot in Cambodia was not a capitalist. Nor was Mao or Lenin.

    Talking points shoudl at least sound like they 'might' make sense.

  165. nebraskanitwit says:

    I doubt you'll ever have to worry about seeing that on your block.

  166. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Everyone on the internet has made their choice to hate you.

  167. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Everyone hates you.

  168. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You forgot to mention all the conservatives on the conservative blogs that hate you.

  169. WeeToddEdwards says:

    We show you are wrong all the time. You just ignore it. Just like when you claimed KFC does not have drive thrus and McDonalds does not have a dollar menu

  170. Roger says:

    See, there you go pretending I said stuff I didn't. And no, you don't advocate constitutional values.

  171. Roger says:

    And you made the choice to advocate for violence and having sex with my dead eyeballs.

    You're not a good judge for what normal people think.

  172. Roger says:

    Not with you there.

  173. Roger says:

    At all the sites that you're banned from?

    As if you would have a clue what's their thinking.

  174. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I banned them. And they still like me more than they like you.

  175. Roger says:

    Still the delusional marxist.

  176. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Capitalists have murdered far more than Pol Pot.

  177. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Watching all the christian conservatives reject you is such a pleasure.

  178. Roger says:

    you lose ll credibility when you lie lik e that.

  179. Roger says:

    Yet you still can't actually debate or show I'm wrong. Even if you pretend that they disagree with me.

  180. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Thanks for admitting have creidbity, that is how I won the Micheale Obama argument.

  181. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I debated, and I won. I can't force you to admit it, but the fact that everyone on ID hates you is a clear sign you lose.

  182. Roger says:

    still pretending sanity?

  183. Roger says:

    stating talking points isn't debate.

  184. patriothere says:

    You don't get it and you never will

  185. patriothere says:

    Food at home is not as convenient as fast food

  186. Roger says:

    It can be. How long do you think it takes to make a PB&J?

  187. Roger says:

    I do get it, you don't care about nutrition and you're paid to be here to clog the thread.

  188. Roger says:

    Of course I do. You're a paid hack troll and you think doing the cut and paste to stop all debate is a win for your side.

    You're just not as subtle as you think you are.

  189. Roger says:

    I do, and you're paid to clog the threads in spite of that.

    This site must frighten you trolls terribly.

  190. Roger says:

    You show you can make claims all the time. You don't show anything outside of your 'wee' little thinking.

  191. Roger says:

    Wee, outside the muslim friendly trolls you're not so popular either.

    The small little man still tries to lash out.

  192. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I provided links to destroy your insane comments

  193. Roger says:

    Illusions of adequacy. It's all you have. That and old links to other countries.

  194. WeeToddEdwards says:

    See what I mean? You ignore it when you are proved wrong. I am going to go to the KFC drive thru today

  195. Roger says:

    An old link to anothe rcountry isnt' exactly proof. But that never stops you from delusions of adaquacy.Wee

  196. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You call them trolls I call them American Patriots. YOu hang out with communists

  197. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well it was not an old link and the link proved that KFC prefers drive thru resurants. YOu werre owned little guy

  198. patriothere says:

    you don't get it

  199. Roger says:

    It was an old link, and it was another country. You loose. Again.

  200. Roger says:

    Poor lilt guy, you can't help yourself. There was a time when you at least pretended to be here for debate.

  201. patriothere says:

    KFC's have drive thrus. I have been through one personally.

  202. Roger says:

    The Tehran branch?

  203. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Do you think PB & J is a good healthy dinner for a family?

  204. Roger says:

    Why do you think it's not better than a cheese burger and fries with a coke on the side?

  205. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I never said it was. I just asked if you think PB& J is a health dinner

  206. Roger says:

    So you had no point and was just rolling to clog the thread. It doesn't really deserve an answer then.Isn't this where you have someone else from your posse jump in to drive people away from the site?

  207. WeeToddEdwards says:

    YOU stil never asnwered my question. Do you think pb&J is a healthy dinner foer a family?

  208. Roger says:

    Then you answer my point. is A pb&j better than a greasy none nutritious dinner at a fast food place?

  209. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Of course not. Now will you answer my question?

  210. Roger says:

    Then your question is just trolling and in line iwth patriots agenda of driving people away.

    Wee, you are just not up to this.I wonder about that with you and your posse

  211. WeeToddEdwards says:

    NO that is what you do

  212. Roger says:

    Wee, there was a time, a long time ago granted. But a time when you at least tried to pretend you were here to discuss issues. Probably years ago. But since then you have spiraled downward into irrelevance. It's pathetic in a sad sort of way.

  213. patriothere says:

    You would starve troll boy

  214. Roger says:

    Did wee fail so badly today that all his posse of trolls had to join in to try clogging up the site?

    You aren't any better than he is, but not as fast on the realization that you're sounding just as small as he is.

  215. Roger says:

    And you're a paid hack here to drive people out of the temple/site.

    I may or may not be the idiot you claim me to be, but you completely outed your agenda.

  216. patriothere says:

    no you don't

  217. patriothere says:

    You are an idiot. You prove it every day. You look at yourself in the mirror every morning don't you? Don't you see a stupid idiot?

  218. patriothere says:

    If you're gonna lie every day you can at least try to be good at it.

  219. patriothere says:

    American KFCs have drive thrus. You are wrong. I just went to KFC today and went through the drive thru.

  220. patriothere says:

    If you're gonna lie for a living you should at least be good at it.

  221. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Fail? Not at all. I showed McDonalds has a dollar menu and KFC offers drive thru even though you deny it

    Yet you continue the argue the point and refram the argument.

  222. Roger says:

    You're the paid hack here.
    Are you upset because you think you have competition?

  223. Roger says:

    Why do you keep thinking that just making something up isn't enough?

    Mine don't. If you want to prove they do then man up and provide a link. Wee at least tried, even if it was to the UK and a couple of years old.

  224. Roger says:

    You're not, why hold me to a higher standard than you follow yourself?

  225. Roger says:

    Says the paid hack troll. Can you ask for new, better handlers?

  226. Roger says:

    You really keep pretending you haven't blown your own cover.

    6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  227. WeeToddEdwards says:

    YOu did not say "yours" don't in your orgianl comment. HEre is the KFC drive thru menu in America for 2014:

  228. Roger says:

    Notice you admitted that it's not real food on the menu, you've admitted to as much.

    Note you haven't shown that there were drive throughs at KFC in my area.

    Yet you continue to pretend that you've proven anything at all.

    Wee, you sure do seem to behave like a small minded little man.

  229. Roger says:

    Wee, is this what you're reduced to.

    And you still want to post a link to UK KFC's from years ago to make your point?

  230. WeeToddEdwards says:

    That is a link to the 2014 KFC drive thru menu in the USA. PRetty recent

  231. Roger says:

    And none of those are proving your point that I had KFC's near me and should hae known the entire chain had a smalllimited number of drive throughs. Only2,00 out of hteir entire chain in theUS? That shows it would be reasonable to know think they focused on drive up windows much.

  232. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Your orginal comment claimed KFC did npot offer drive thru service. You were wrong now just admit it and move on

  233. Roger says:

    Poor littl wee. YOu found one comment that you think you can use against me by twisting it and ignoring the rest of the thread. It's all you do.

  234. patriothere says:

    You're the troll who ignores context.

  235. patriothere says:

    You're a liar. I tell the truth. Troll

  236. patriothere says:

    You're an idiot. KFC has drive thrus. You're a terrible liar.

  237. Roger says:

    Even at your Tehran outlet?

  238. Roger says:

    This from the admitted paid poster here to drive people away?

  239. Roger says:

    I understand context, and exploit it when someone as foolish as the person working your profile lost his temper and explained why that profile was a paid position and what work it was opened for.

  240. patriothere says:

    Why not say I'm from Pakistan? I don't know why you hate Iran so much. If you're gonna lie you might as well be a good liar.

  241. Roger says:

    If you had read the old comments on the profile you now post on, you would know the answer to that one.

  242. patriothere says:

    It's because you are a lame troll.

  243. Roger says:

    This from the guy paid to drive folks away? You really need to learn if you get assigned to another profile to read the old comments and know what history that profile has before you open your mouth.

  244. patriothere says:

    I love my family.

  245. Roger says:

    So, what kind of cousin did your clan arrange for you to marry?

  246. Roger says:

    And why would this forum be the place to discuss it?

  247. Roger says:

    how nice for you. As a rented mouth do they appreciate how hard to you work to support them?

  248. Roger says:

    Every muslim parent involved in an honor killing sys that.

  249. patriothere says:

    I love my family

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