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Special Report: We Are Winning The Battle Against Evil

The following is a special message from today’s Storyleak newsletter sent out by Anthony Gucciardi.

We Are Winning, And It’s Thanks to You.

we-are-winningAnthony Gucciardi here with a special message that I believe is absolutely essential to transmit to you during our struggle against corruption and deception.

Amid all of the madness that we face on a daily basis, from the endless mainstream media lies to the government heads who continue to push their corporate-backed agendas, we are all burdened with an unconscionable level of darkness that we do our very best to expose.

But even during these chaotic times, it is absolutely essential to understand that we really are winning the intellectual war that we wage each and every day against corruption and deception — and it’s thanks to you!

It’s thanks to the powerful readers of Storyleak who continue to spread the word, who continue to use venues like social media to educate and inform both strangers and friends alike. It’s thanks to those of you who refuse to lay down as our planet is claimed by megalomaniacs in their quest to fulfill their endless appetites.

And I salute each and every one of you for doing so, as you are the backbone of truth journalism.

Never before could I have imagined that I would reach so many millions of powerhouse readers in such a short time, continually forcing the mainstream media headlines to conform to reality. Nor could I have imagined that I would break high level military intelligence regarding nuclear weapons inside the US that key agents have now told me may have ‘saved the lives of countless millions’.

And that’s really just the beginning of how we are affecting planetary change on an entirely new level. Never before have I seen such an intellectually capable audience of readers that know how to decipher fact from fiction.

Going forward towards 2014, it is essential that we envelope the spirit of Thanksgiving as it was intended, and give thanks to the very reality that we ARE winning — and it IS thanks to YOU and your efforts! And that is where I am putting my thanks — in the spirit of victory that activists like yourself have brought forth.

Let’s push even stronger into 2014 with the spirit of victory, as I make a pledge to enhance my efforts to grow Storyleak and other operations in order to help spread the word on a much larger global scale. I will also be sending out key special messages on a weekly basis using this newsletter platform, so please do forward this message and be sure to direct others to signup for free future alerts at

Always remember that the truth, without question, IS the key to becoming entirely free. On behalf of the entire Storyleak team, including key writer Mikael Thalen and all of the great individuals who have pledged to stand on the side of truth, here is to your powerful activism.

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About Anthony Gucciardi

Google Plus Profile Anthony Gucciardi is a self-development and natural health speaker, author, and activists whose whose writings and quotes have appeared in #1 selling books and top 100 websites. In 2010, Anthony worked to create, now one of the leading natural health websites in the world. Anthony's work has appeared on sites and programs like Drudge Report, RT, Thom Hartmann, Michael Savage, Simple Reminders, Mercola, InfoWars, and many others.

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  1. We might be winning the skirmishes, but we still have allot of work ahead with 'Monsanto' challenging our food independence by patenting life itself! This needs to have our undivided attention next as the Corporate sock puppets called the Supreme Court are challenging all of U.S..

    Mar 13, 2013 The Economy isn't going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing.

  2. When the alternate conservative voice began with Rush – nobody would have guessed that so much news would leak through the mainstream sieve. The AM Radio talk shows, the internet… if someone wants to be educated and informed the news is available.

    My thanks to this site for being part of that.

    • I guessed it.

    • Rush Limbaugh? He's a well known CIA operative who was exposed in a tit for tat after Cheney exposed Valerie Plame. Mr. Limbaugh was arrested and charged for possession with intent to sell 50,000 hits of Oxycontin. After denigrating drug addicts and countless fellow Americans on his radio show for decades. Please send me a link to one program where Rush is fighting Monsanto or the banksters.

      • I realize that Rush must scare you. He is a beacon for conservative market based constitutional values to the largest radio audience so he's going to be a target for every nut case out there.

        For example.
        He was not arrested, he surrendered himself.
        IT wasn't 50,000 hits of anything. In the story it was May 2003 that he prescription shopped for 50 tablet,s 50 tablets and again for 96 tablets. While it's true the investigation had been ongoing for 18 months, do you have any documentation for the total you used?

        As for the CIA, why not at least make up something believable? And big banks, Rush isn't against big banks, he's against the bailouts and the over regulation.

        • All of us learned how to call other people names in the 1st grade. Some of us grew out of it. Here are the facts: Rush Limbaugh is a convicted drug dealer, hatemonger, and hypocrite of the highest order, no pun intended. If you think that the spineless puppets in DC are calling the shots, and not the banksters,
          you are spreading an incredibly naive premise, at best. While you are bashing your fellow Americans, the banksters have, are, and will continue to orchestrate the largest swindles in the history of planet Earth. Washington Post is a propaganda tool of the 1%. Seriously Roger, look at pictures of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and Obama. Do these people look like they could lead a horse to water, let alone an original thought? They are bought and sold daily by the banksters, Monsanto, and the military industrial complex. The fact that Rush is not in jail proves he is a corporate tool. Here is a link to facts on your hero/drug dealer.

          • Wow, I read your source. There is still nothing to substantiate 50,000.
            It was a copy of a search warrant. Here are the facts. Rush had a back problem with Chronic pain and abused drugs to combat that pain. He surrendered and went through rehab for that issue.

            As a side note, it's common with abusers of that drug to suffer hearing loss, as he did.

            On the other issues, I haven't defended the socialists you listed, nor the spineless Boehner you listed with them. So, when you want to insult me as a name caller, pot meet kettle.

          • What about the part when Rush was illegally going from doctor to doctor and getting his maid to illegally pick up the drugs?

            What about the part when Rush, for years and years, called for drug users to be locked up, while he was getting drugs illegally?

          • Yep, and he was arrested after he turned himself in.

          • The story you link to says he was 'booked'. It doesn't say he was arrested.

            I wonder why Rush is such a threat to people, if you don't like his show all you have to do is just not listen to it.

          • Same thing

          • To some perhaps.

            But not really. I guess it depends on what you consider the definition of 'arrest'.
            He was not put in cuffs and driven from the scene of his arrest to be booked, in that situation the two happen at different times.

            And alines mentioned 'years and years' when it was in reality an 18 month investigation. That would be less than two years.

            I still see why this has any relevance on the story being discussed.

          • I am glad you still see the relevance.

            You get booked when arrested

          • Rush was booked without that arrest scene.

            And in your second sentence you break it down into two different events as well.

            And it still has no relevance outside the thread being derailed from the battle against oppression to Rush doctor shopping and using that to combat chronic back pain. He never used any 'drug dealers' or 'street drugs' and he lost his hearing as a consequence and went through drug rehab.

            While I understand conservative constitutional values spoken articulately may threaten some, he speaks for a huge part of the nation.

          • Being booked means he was arrested.

            You don't understand why hate speech is a threat? It's a threat because uneducated people will believe Rush's lies and cause harm to innocent people.

          • You fail to explain why you think Rush uses hate speech.
            He informs and entertains, if you want to say he's wrong how about an actual example?

          • I explained it, but you freaked out and reported the comment and had it pulled.

            Why won't you debate?

          • Rush doesn't use hate speech.
            That's a label you use when you hate what he says.

            And explaining that is polite discussion. It's also him, a spokesman for much of the nation winning against evil.

          • His show is hate speech, that is a fact. And if he sued he would lose, just like he lost all his advertisers.

            His listeners are un-American.

          • The fact is you call a lot of things a fact.

            He dislikes and speaks against tyranny and advocates for the same thinking as the founding fathers.

            Do you think they used hate speech too?

          • He's a drug addict.

          • Either prove he's currently using or go troll someplace else.

          • Once a drug addict always a drug addict.

          • So you can't show he's using.

            Why not just admit it?

          • So now you don't see relevance when two comments up you said this" I still see why this has any relevance on the story being discussed"

            A pharmist is a drug dealer.

            When youare booked all your information is put in the "arrest log" just a play on words

          • A drug dealer is not a pharmacist.

          • Um, yes they are

          • Um, nope.

            Phamacists dispense drugs, drug dealers sell illegal substances that you don't know what might be used to formulate.

          • Pharamcists are legal drug dealers.

            I still am trying to figure out why you support a junkie

          • Why, because you say so?
            Dealers sell, Pharmacists fill prescriptions. Semantics aren't working in your favor on this one.

            And I"m trying to figure out why you call Rush a junkie when he went through rehab.

          • He is a junkie.

            Yes, because I say so.

            Check mate

          • He went through rehab years ago.
            You can't show he's using, so you are wrong.

            Check mate yourself.

          • Once a junkie always a junkie.

            The craving will always be there.

            You can't show he is not using either.

            Check Mate again

          • Silly you. Of course not.
            That's like saying once a person gets drunk they are always drunk.

            Rehab, a word most people who advocate for drug use just can't stand!

            I can't prove you're alive.
            I can't prove you make any sense.
            I also can't prove a number of things. You made an assertion that he was a junkie and can't prove it.

            An assertion without proof can be dismissed without proof.

          • Once they are addicted you always have the cravings. Ask any recovering drunk.

            You can't prove most things you say, nothing new

          • Wee, Rush had chronic back pain.

            He has since dealt with that pain.
            You haven't shown he used recreationally like a typical junkie.

            So, you are simply giving an opinion not backed by fact or anything substantial.

          • So what?
            He is a junkie.You support a man who was addicted to pain killers and have riducled people in the past who have been addicted to drugs. That makes you a hypocrite.

            So in just a few hours today I have shown the readers here that you lie and are a hypocrite.

            Check mate

          • Wee, you just can't face the reality of this.

            A man with a pain issue used pain killers to deal with that. They were not street drugs, and he obtained them by script from doctors that actually examined him. He let it get out of control and faced the consequences square on, went through rehab and even if he was using drugs. You have called for legalization so the drug use shouldn't be an issue for you.

            You just hate Rush.
            For you to call him a junkie is you being a hypocrite.

            The only thing that was illegal was doctor shopping, not the drugs themselves.

          • Taking prescriptions to feed an addiction is illegal. I don't hate him I am just trying to figure out why you support a junkie.

            I am not being a hypocrite. A junkie is a junkie

          • Taking prescriptions to deal with chronic pain is legal.

            Going around to several doctors for duplicate scripts isn't.

            And yes, you are being a hypocrite. D you advocate for legalizing drugs or not?

          • So you support a druggie.

          • So you support drug use, just not conservatives.

            I never supported Rush's abuse of drugs. But he has moved on, even if you don't like it.

          • I could care less about which drugs this junkie uses. The issue here is you changing your views on things only when it supports your agenda

          • You realize if you ever used any drugs, recreational or medically necessary drugs you are a junkie by your own definition?

          • If you get addicted you are a junkie

          • According to that, he was a junkie until he took care of his back pain.

            Are all people in pain junkies too?
            You just hate conservative success stories.

          • Just the addict

          • How about just the users? Rush isn't using. And you can't show it is a current addiction.

          • We will just call him an ex junkie then.

          • You might. I call him a recovered member of society.

            I still find it a hypocisy that you criticise him for drug use when you advocate for legalizing drugs.

          • You advocate to keep drugs illegal and have attacked people who use them in the past. That makes you a hypocrite

          • Of course not. You haven't shown Rush is still using. And I haven't backed his substance use in the past. Why are you such a bitter person|?

          • You have not shown he is not using . And of course you do

          • You made th eassertion he was a junkie, either prove it or it's stime you crawled away.

          • Rush is a drug addict and a troll. No wonder you like him so much. Beck is a troll, o reilly is a troll hannity is a troll.

            They are all trolls.

            They have no integrity and the fact that you like trust these men says a lot about your character.

          • Prove it.
            Unless you're just still around to drive people away explain it with sources and links and show that he is still using drugs in a manner that isn't legal.

            I dare you.

          • Of course not. And he wasn't an addict before. He used legal drugs for a chronic back condition.

            So, you can't show he's a current addict or even using.

            Go troll someplace else.

          • Once a drug addict always a drug addict. Being an addict to prescription drugs is just as bad as being an addict to heroin or speed.

          • Why are you here.
            There are sites you can go to if you want to discuss drug addiction.

          • Why are you here?

          • I come to have serious discussion and civil debate.

            You are just a speed bump in the thread.

          • You are a fellow American. Did I call you a name? No, I did not, and I won't, because you are not the problem Americans are facing. The Mega Swindlers are the problem, and Rush's job is to cover their tracks, and promote the divide and conquer campaign with his constant hate-mongering against fellow Americans who are not the problem, so our fellow Americans will not focus on the real problem, which is American's need to unite, do the Iceland shuffle, and jail the banksters and the politicians. When Rush says this, I'll gladly listen to his show. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, and Rush is clearly the former. The title of this article is "We are winning the battle against Evil", and I will not stand by and let you say that Rush is anything but evil. If you want to idolize Rush, please do it on your source the Washington Post's comment sections or another mainstream media propaganda tool.

          • Or it's Rush's job to entertain and draw an audience to make a profit.

            And he does so while informing us. If you don't like his show. then just continue not listening.
            And I will not stand by and say nothing while you lie about Rush. I don't idolize him, but I am realistic he didn't have 50,000 hits, he wasn't meeting drug dealers and you haven't exactly provided a lot of examples where he has been actually wrong.

            He even rips on crony capitalism. Thats' why I find your critique curious.

          • Roger, you seem like a very intelligent man but I have to side with Newocean on this one. Follow the money and all roads point to Rush being a globalist operative. I know all these facts about banksters seem unreal, I assure you it isn’t.

            Once you dig deep enough you will learn that there is no such thing as political parties and a lot of “conservative” talking heads are just as bad and sinister as their liberal counterparts. This is the greatest threat to America in her history, even the world. A good place to start is by viewing the short film titled “American Dream” it can be found on YouTube.

            Debt = Slavery, End the FED, Arrest the banksters.

          • If they removed the artificial constraints on banks then we could use competition to reward the ones not as corrupt, if the journalists did their job to inform us as consumers.

            The liberal agenda has destroyed both ways for us to protect ourselves.
            And I don't see any money trail for Rush. He advertises based on audience, the wealth he has amassed was actually done the right way, in the capitalist mold, not as a crony capitalist.

          • I agree with Mr. Liberty on this one. You have it wrong Roger.

          • Mr. Liberty explained his views, can you use examples to explain yours?

          • Whats wrong with me just saying "ditto?"

          • What's wrong with being able to explain the comments you post?

          • At least we agree on the most important issue Alinsky. We need to stop worrying about liberal vs conservative and focus on liberty vs tyranny.

          • I did show he was a junkie with a link. Quit pretending you can make demands and tell me when I need to leave. You don't get to make that call

          • You showed he used legal prescription drugs in a manner that was illegal, from multiple doctors. You haven't shown he is using illegal substances, or was addicted outside of pain control for his bad back and still you keep insulting and attacking.

            Why are you here?

          • You were just banned from Belfast for attacking, stalking, and insulting.

          • Why are you here? Can you actually debate or discuss?

          • I was discussing, that's why I am here.

            You were banned from the Belfast site for trying to get comments pulled. the moderator said you were abusing the report button and were a "nightmare."

          • Then why did wee get banned?


            And once more you debated nothing, discussed nothing and derailed any ongoing posting on the story content.

          • Roger, just STFU!

          • You derailed this thread, and that is why you were banned from Belfast website.

            Why won't you debate about topics. all you do is stalk Wee and you can't stop thinking about him.


          • I've been discussing, as far as you allow the struggle about education and awareness vs the evil progressive marxist march.

          • You are doing the same detrailing tactics that got you banned from the Belfast site two days ago.

          • Why is my trying to discuss the actual point of the story trolling when your comment saying nothing aren't?

            Double standard much?

            The alinksy tactics of isolate and ridicule just don't seem to be working for you.

            And people on conservative talk shows lead the way.

          • Roger, I don't think removing constraints is enough. The problem is debt, and central banks (owned and operated by globalists) hold a vast majority of debt for all governments around the world. If the central banks like the FED continue printing currency and causing major inflation than the debt will be insurmountable and we will become slaves. The solution would be eliminating the unconstitutional FED and lowering our paper money supply and leveraging the money with gold. There is a lot of fake currency running around and it needs to be eliminated.

            Watch that American Dream video on YouTube it explains the situation much better than I can. It runs about 30 minutes.

          • Why would government be involved in banking at all?

            If anything government ought to make it easier for people to open their own bank if they see a niche not already served.

            If we still had mining, they could license mints to convert metals into coins. Currency levels would take care of themselves. But once again, that's a solution that won't work due to government interference in industry.

            Boy, government interference does seem to pop up a lot in conversations lately.

          • I agree government should have very minimal say in industry. But remember the FED is a privately owned and operated bank. It is not bound by the government, hell congress does not even have the authority audit the FED.

            The government should have never signed us over to the FED, thanks President Wilson…

            One thing the government should step in and not allow the industry to do is fractional reserve banking. Fractional reserve banking is one of the major reasons for the collapse of 2008.

        • gush is an israeli shill. period.

  3. NSA leaks: Sweden spied on Russian leaders for US December 05, 2013

  4. When the good people of the USA stand together and jail the banksters, their puppet politicians, the genocidal corpos like Monsanto and the war profiteers, Rush will be jailed in a FEMA camp with GMO food, guaranteed. Roger, you may want to tape as many of Rush's shows as you can now, because his incarceration will limit his ability to broadcast. Belfast was right!

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