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SPLC: ‘More Than Half of White Americans’ Anti-Black

During an interview with CNN last week, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center boldly claimed that more than half of white Americans hate blacks.

While discussing whether or not white on black crime has increased in recent years, Potok argued that a drastic rise was evident, alluding that American whites have become more racist due to a black president.

“Well I think the best data shows that in fact anti-black racism has risen over the last four or five years,” Potok said. “There’s polling that shows that both implicit and explicit anti-black attitudes among American whites have gone up quite significantly between 2008 and 2012 to the point where now more than half of white Americans have these anti-black attitudes.”

CNN contributor Reihan Salam, visibly shocked by Potok’s assertions, pointed to the massive strides gained in American race relations.

“I think that’s extremely misleading,” Salam said. “You’ll see for example that one out of 12 marriages in the United States are now interracial marriages.”

Salam also went on to highlight the fact that the definition of racism has drastically changed, with certain groups attempting to find racism in places it may not actually exist.

“The thing is, people are getting very creative in what they are characterizing as racism,” Salam added. “When you look at hard statistics like interracial marriages, interracial friendships, when you look at the level of racial segregation, you’ve seen enormous progress over time and I think that we should celebrate it.”

In an attempt to defend his position, Potok quickly jumped to his own organization’s statistics, claiming that American hate groups are at epidemic levels.

“We’ve also seen an enormous growth over the last 15 years or so in the number of hate groups, primarily white supremacist groups from about 600 in 2000 to more than 1,000 today,” Potok said.

While the SPLC does list some legitimate hate groups on their website, political groups with no connection to racism whatsoever now fill the vast majority of space.

Groups such as Oath Keepers, an organization filled with military, police and firefighters who support their oath to the Constitution, have been labeled as hateful and racist by the SPLC. In its desperate attempt to demonize any group that questions government corruption, the SPLC has even gone as far as labeling alternative media outlet We Are Change as racist as well.

In a surprising move, Salam went on to note the SPLC’s massive wealth increase in recent years, commenting on the groups need for increased racism to remain relevant and lucrative.

“But another thing is we have organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that really have grown enormously in recent years. For example, in 1995 the SPLC had net assets of about $52 million, in 2011 they had net assets over $250 million and this is not a period of time during which racism increased by a factor of five, rather they have been able to grow by drawing on instances of this kind and then weaving them into a story about racism growing,” Salam said.

“Racism is real. It needs to be combated, but we also need to be weary of people who profit form the perception that racism is something that it is not, which is to say a growing phenomenon.”

Potok attempted to deny the allegation, claiming none of the evidence cited was produced by the SPLC to get wealthy, despite the groups ever-growing list of alleged “patriot” hate groups expanding alongside their wealth.

Just last year, the SPLC’s CEO J. Richard Cohen sent a letter to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder, claiming the need to investigate the country’s alleged “patriot” domestic terror threat.

“Utilizing the standard SPLC modus operandi and fear tactics, Cohen conflates a small number of racist white supremacist groups with the larger and more diverse patriot community,” noted Infowars’ Kurt Nimmo. “He also characterizes growing concern on the part of millions of Americans in response to egregious violations of the Constituion as dangerous…”

To no surprise, an August 2009 Freedom of Information Act request revealed that Homeland Security’s “right-wing extremism” reports were not based on any legitimate evidence, but random articles found on the SPLC’s website.

While constantly labeling Constitution-supporting Americans from all races as dangerous, the SPLC itself is generating hate and violence.

Just last year, a man opened fire inside the building of a conservative Christian lobbying group in Washington D.C. after seeing the organization listed as a hate group on the SPLC’s website.

As Americans from all races celebrate moving forward together, groups such as the SPLC will continue to fans the flames of racism, capitalizing on the racial division they create.

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  1. …………and anyone who doesn't think so, ought research Morris Dees.

  2. Sorry I don't agree with this racist POS

  3. If he thinks white folks are racist he needs to learn about La Raza.

    • He just need to read the comment section of any conservative web site.

    • false dichotomy

      • Nope, it does literally translate to 'the race'.
        If calling yourself 'the race' isn't racist what is?

        • Perhaps you ought to understand what a false dichotomy is before denying that you have created one.

          • Perhaps you need to understand facts before lecturing.

          • Argumentum Ad Speculum

          • Now you're trolling in latin?

          • In English: Hypothesis Contrary to Fact. Specifically your insinuation that if I understood facts (don't get excited, I'm not acknowledging that I don't), I wouldn't have pointed out your false dichotomy.

            You're fond of claiming you debate well, yet much of what you say is logical fallacy. If you pay attention to my comments you may acquire some basic skills.

          • "You're fond of claiming you debate well, yet much of what you say is logical fallacy. If you pay attention to my comments you may acquire some basic skills"
            Well said and spot on.

            I suggest we ignore him and watch him beg for attention. This site is to important to let hem destroy it

          • And while the troll patrol is working together they didn't actually explain why I was wrong.

            Could it be that I'm not and you're just trolling?

          • Appeal to lack of evidence

          • But I didn't have any lack of evidence.

            La Raza is very open about being racist, being only for their race.

            So, you fail once again, and again. Oh, what's wrong you can't pull my comment now?

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            Some of us adults would rather discuss the actual story.

          • ,,and PS.

            My new policy is to totally ignore him. He has nothing to say, that I want to hear.

          • Yes, I do rather like to discuss the actual story topics.

            Racism in this case. For you I suppose intolerance is a way of life.

          • Good policy, I will do the samre

          • It will give you so much more time to make a list of people that need put down, isn't that how you put it?

            3 minutes ago @ Storyleak – SPLC: 'More Than Half … · 1 reply · 0 points
            "Thanks for the link. People like him need put down"

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          • You know for a fact you like to make assertions like that.

            The rest is just more of your trash talk of course.
            And we have a justice system to handle things, in spite of your constant bell ringing for a more 'sharia style' of justice.

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            Wee, you sure are a bit two faced.

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          • This wil be my only comment to you on here. I did say that, however you threatened with violence which is why I said that:

            Roger 168p • 49 minutes ago
            Attacking you for just about anything is the only decent thing to do.

            I am not goin to play this game where you try and make me look bad to gain support from other people who you will stab in the back like you have done many times. Mr. Liberty will see you for who you really are in the long run

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          • When you advocate for violence agreeing with that position would lower someone to your level.

            I don't accept that as something I can or will do.

          • Wee may have used the wrong words but you cannot take that as a threat. Just laugh it off man.

          • My attorney advises me not to discuss it on this forum.

          • Mr Liberty,

            Roger show restraint?

            That is akin to stopping diarrhea with sheer will power.

            Rule Number One-
            Never trust a fart.

          • Nor a coward that hides behind someone else's name.

          • Well I found out where he works:

            Special thanks to serf

          • Wee,

            It goes further beyond that, and is more sinister.

            I have held off sharing this. It is a brand new website and I have thought long and hard about sharing it. It is excellent. The one thing it has going for it, is that it does not use Intense Debate, so I feel comfortable it will be safe from Roger.

            There are some very excellent comments on it.

          • How nice, well, if it allows the adults here to return to normal that might be a good thing.

            Are they the kind of people that alinsky will enjoy chatting with? He's part of the team too don't forget.

          • I believe that is true. He's simply too stupid to be real. The government paid author who wrote his book must have been laughing the whole time.

            Now that I understand what he is, I will completely ignore him. Wee, the only lawsuit that comes out of this ought to be a lawsuit against the government for wasting our money.

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            Your constant squealing like a pig reminds me of that guy getting buggered in Deliverance.

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          • He left out some things. I did post his address after he said this:
            Roger 160p • 1 hour ago
            And I wouldn't stalk you if you weren't such a hack.

            He tried contacting my work to get me in trouble. He failed since he had the wrong person. So I gave it back to him. I have never said anything about where I want his buried, I could care less. He then accused me of driving by his house in a rental car. I mean come on? Why woudld I waste my time? He has seriuos mental problems. With that being said I am done talking about him on here. What I said is the truth, you can believe who you want

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            And speaking of serious mental problems how do you explain all this?

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            Wee, it's interesting. No pulled comments and what do you guy as a posse do with it? You jump right to personal attacks and ignore the story. It's never why you and your group attack a site.

          • My attorney suggests I don't discuss it on this forum.

          • If you were seriously taking legal action you would not be speaking to Wee what so ever, on this form or real life. It would damage your case.

          • Because he is a liar

          • Because unlike you, I don't let my temper control me.

          • Within regular debate it would not damage any possible alleged case.
            And it's not something I can discuss on this forum.

            They have my email address, wee even offered to email me a pic once. They can tell you how to contact me if you want more details.

          • Wow your alleged case has been going on for three years. Still no action. You're a liar

          • Why don't you give me your attorney's name or phone number I know someone that would love to speak to him.

          • 227 Mulberry Ave, Muscatine, IA 52761
            (563) 264-2200

          • The message was passed along.

          • Cool. I will call Robert today and see if your attorney called him. You better hope you are not lying because if you are I wil ltake legal action for harrassment.

          • Wee,

            Have your attorney research "Erotomania". It comes on strong after a psychosis.

          • The fact is he does not have an attorney for this because any attorney would laugh in his face. But hey if he want to call my attorney I am sure he will charge them. $1500. an hour.

            Like he passed that message along in 8 minutes. Most real attorneys need an appointment before you talk to them

          • Wee,

            Not so fast. We all know that Gnome-knuts is "special" Perhaps he has a "special" attorney.
            >b>Better call Saul…

          • Very "special"

          • Wee, my attorney said for me to set up a temporary email account for just this reason and suggest you do the same. I am willing to provide the information under those conditions.

          • Well my attorney has not recieved a call.

          • Wee, you may think you control the people here, an illusion at best.

            But you certainly don't control my attorney or his reactions.

            When the time is right you'll hear.

          • Can't wait!
            Why not give me the number to your attorney?

          • We have an acquaintance in common that has it. You used to email him a bit.

          • That is what I though coward

          • Coward? You are the one hiding behind a fake name and being a keyboard commando, you think you have my name address and know all about me. So, who's the coward exactly and by what standards?

            As the others have pointed out, attorneys move at their own pace and on their own agenda. Just because I'm not foolish enough to be hurried into anything doesn't mean I'm not acting.

          • So what is your attorney's number?
            I gave you mine.

            I am not dumb enough to put my face or name on a blogging site. Only a moron does that. BEsides you stalk me enough the way it is

          • The message has bee relayed.

          • Looks like you got exposed as a liar again.

          • Looks like you all got exposed as impatient little children playing in the adult pool.

          • And once more all you can discuss is sex. There are sites for that, but this isn't intended to be one of them.

          • I'll give you attention Roger. Forget those creeps. They are just jealous.

          • Your kind of attention I don't want nor encourage.


            To think this site used to be for adults having serious discussion and debate before the troll patrol targeted it.

          • But no one else will talk to you.

            We can talk about anything you want.

          • I came here to discuss the topic of the story.

            That seems beyond your abilities.

          • He even has people on the Growl tired of his trolling:

          • WEe, I notice his profile was a new one that started about the time you grumbled about being banned. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

            And he was owned just as much as you are here.

          • I am not banned from there

          • Of course, and we all know that you always level with the entire forum, of course….

          • Your attorney?

            The only attorney you could afford, is a public defender.

          • The only attorney I would bother with is the kind that I see eye to eye with.

    • Are you even capable of an independent original thought?

  4. Really? You gonna ask the same question 5 times?

    Troll much?

  5. The NWO Banker communist TYRANTS

    have always used race, religion, creed,

    in order to instigate infighting among the masses.

    The above listed “expert” is a moron.

    The People are wising up to the Elite’s petty game of divide and conquer.

    We the PEOPLE will stand shoulder to shoulder, side by side. We recognize the true enemy is the NWO Bankers, Elite Globalist one worlder communist.

    We will ALL stand Together to defeat the EVIL Elite war mongers.

    *We DEMAND Peace.

    *We DEMAND Freedom.

    *We DEMAND Liberty.

    We will FIGHT as ONE People to defeat TYRANTS.

    Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, White, Green, or Polka dotted, WE ARE ONE PEOPLE AGAINST TYRANTS.

    We stand as ONE. We are Brothers of Liberty.

    ARREST the CRiminal NWO Obamunista TYRANT.

    We will NOT Allow them to start WW3

    • Well said!!!

      • And how do you propose supporting the things he laid out?

        • It is really a rather simple concept. I don't know how many times we have to spell it out for you Roger. It starts with winning the information war, then it takes liberty minded people getting elected. If that proves to be impossible than the next steps are NON-COMPLIANCE and when that fails, FIGHT.

          I am not scared of death Roger, I am scared of living under a tyranny. IMO being a Christian death is a form of liberation, when God wants me he will take me. So why be scared of the fight?

          • The rather simple concept to me is first non violent non compliance. I won't spend my money in a variety of stores and companies that I disagree with politically. I don't bank at a lot of banks.

            I explain to everyone why. NWO? Yes, but who takes it seriously. You explain by holding up a JCPenney add showing two daddies and they understand it's not the company they want to support. Little steps that are practical. And JCPenney ended up firing it's CEO that pushed the agenda last year.

            Right now, I'm probably more active on airports and airlines that tolerate the TSA. I won't go get groped and encourage everyone to do the same. I find no problem with self defense, ever.

            And I agree completely with your last paragraph.

          • My only problem is we have no liberty minded politicians anymore. We are at the NON-COMPLIANCE level now

          • Of course we do, but after we've been betrayed at every single turn it's hard to trust anyone. Even tea party folks. They're our last hope, thanks to people like Boehner that are 'French Republicans".

          • Boner is a globalist.

          • Amongst other things, I have heard far less complimentary terms used in connection to his constant surrenders.

          • Did you see where Boner and O'boner are going to have a private sit down meeting at the White House?
            First one in over a year.

            Probably going to divvy up the payola from the Healthcare Hustle.

          • As they have a circle jerk on the Consitution

          • The only time they haven't ignored it completely.

          • I am suprised they are not playing golf…

          • Perhaps sunburn in all the 'pale' regions was an issue.
            Perhaps this way they secret service can wait in the next room instead of standing there struggling not to snicker.

          • Too cold out there right now. Unless they indoor golf.

            Speaking of I can't wait to get out and golf. Seems like it has been forever

          • Wee,

            On a totally off topic thought, I miss your old avitar with the melon headed kid.

          • I don't know if I remember that one???

          • Agreed Wee.

          • Well, not one politician cares about the American people. We have tried election after election and we get the same results. Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. When is enough going to be enough?

            Thank you

          • We have Cruz and Lee. Of course the republicans are working to unseat them.

          • Don't forget Rand. But how do we really know that those guys care and are not just playing the poltical game too?

          • Rand is for amnesty, he's off my list.

          • Rand is the only one on my list. I don't trust Cruz. Plus, he's not a natural born citizen.

          • You could do worse. I don't expect to always agree with folks.

            Have you checked out the primary challengers for McConnell and Boehner?

          • Idk man, I'm just too optimistic I guess. I don't want to give up on America. It's home you know.

          • We need to fight just as hard as they do.
            They never give up, and neither should we. Remember what happened to the Roman Empire after the liberals won and started feeding free bread to the masses?

          • Change does not mean giving up. Our elected officals have become corrupt with power. They don't care about us. They care about lining their pockets with money and bending us over. We have lost way too many freedoms while these politicans laugh at us and corral most Americans like sheep.

            I refuse to live in a police state and it's up to the American public to make sure that does not happen

          • Wee,

            The math does not work.
            Current population of the USA is 317 million.

            535 people keep US at each others throats, and spend our money however they will. Now, I see we are gutting the military, back to pre-WWII levels, all to pay for the current welfare state.

            When the wheels fall off, and the reset button is pushed, it will be a bloody, gruesome mess.

          • It will be a mess. That is why I have prepared.

          • Yes, you mentioned all that vast amounts of ammo. Are you advocating for violent revolution? You really should be more clear about things.

          • You are going to need vast amounts of ammo not only to defend but to barter.

          • I spoke to someone that used to travel down to central America. He said barter was best with things people need for every day lives. That women are best to barter with since they are focused on survival instead of more territorial conquest. He liked to barter with nails, plastic bags and water tight storage containers amongst other items.

            He never bartered with anything that could be used against him.

          • Agreed! Have you checked into reloading your own ammo?

          • Me too.

          • Not if it's done before we are attacked or collapse.

            Reagan faced similar issues and we're still here to talk about it.

          • Yeah you are right. Its just so demoralizing when you try to discuss these issues with people you care about and they think you are full of crap. They don't want to see what is right in front of them.

          • Yep, my wife gets mad and tells me I think too much into it

          • If you want total security then you have to live in the kind of reinforced masonry castle, like the dark ages.

            I'd hope we've advanced beyond that just as the last Romans hoped.

            They had the eastern arm of the empire to flee to. Where do we have?

      • How can the SPLC say that We Are Change and Oath Keepers is racist? That totally discredits their logic.

  6. Everything you need to know about Morris Dees and the SPLC.

  7. Personally, I have always had a problem with the SPLC.

    Mark Potok is a Jew, but doesn't practice.
    Morris Seligman Dees claims to be a Gentile, but take one look at him, and his name, and you know otherwise.

    They are just a couple of Southern Jewboys, doing what they do best.

    Chasing shekels.

  8. More salient facts about the kinky headed Mo Dees and his SPLC.

    • When you attack someone based on race instead of actions you are a racist (by definition).

    • RogerDodger,

      I'll address this comment to myself.

      Always bear in mind, that when your opponent in a debate has nothing left to throw at you, they will be reduced to calling you a "racist".

      The race card is the last arrow left in the quiver.

  9. Potok is such a weak looking little coward. A lot of Jews have a genetically weak look about them and an equally weak sounding voice. He looks genetically defective, my guess is he has mild downs syndrome at the very least and maybe even XXY sex chromosomes or similar. Probably has a vagina.

  10. Thank you for the post!
    Nice writing, this was a great educational article.

  11. Racism still exists at its speed and believe it or not it is found in a great amount in any country. Still we are sitting in the dark age or darkest.

  12. Racism still exists at its speed and believe it or not it is found in a great amount in any country. Still we are sitting in the dark age or darkest.

  13. this claim of no racism due to interracial marriage is laughable. Black and white marriages are less than 1%, practically negligible. Most of that 1/12 of marriages is due to them counting white hispanics. . Blacks and whites are still on polar opposite sides of the socialization spectrum.

  14. nice work admin thanks for great sharing. you have put up superb article.

  15. I don't agree with this racist POS

  16. Why attack the Jews in this situation? It has nothing to do with this article.

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