Snoop Lion Song ‘No Guns Allowed’ Calls for Complete Gun Ban

April 3rd, 2013
Updated 04/08/2013 at 8:43 pm

A new song by Snoop Lion featuring Drake called ‘No Guns Allowed’ calls for a complete gun ban while depicting recent shootings as an epidemic despite even the DHS admitting in a recent memo that mass shootings account for only 35 deaths per year on average and actually divert attention away from real crimes.

The beginning of the music video for the new song released on April 2nd begins with a speech by Obama regarding the Newtown school shooting incident and includes clips from previous shootings like the Aurora ‘Batman’ shooting, both of which occurred in areas designated to be ‘gun free zones’ with heavy regulations. The Batman shooter, James Holmes, actually traveled further to the one movie theater in his area out of seven that did not allow for concealed carry holders to enter the building.

Instead of travelling to the closest, or even the largest movie theater which undoubtedly held more movie viewers, Holmes chose to travel extra far to the smaller theater that did not allow law-abiding citizens to carry a weapon in self defense.

This is of course because Holmes would have been shot by a trained shooter (all legal permit holders go through basic training) in self defense, and as we’ve seen before in video reports, criminals absolutely cannot handle any form of firearm responses from legal citizens.

The lyrics of the song include:

Cause, no guns are allowed, in here tonight

Let the music play, me don’t want no more gunplay
When the bodies hit the ground, there’s nothing left to say, ay, ay
Me don’t want to see no more innocent blood she’d
Me don’t want to see no more youth dead
Come hear me now

Snoop Lion ‘No Guns Allowed’ Fails to Consider 161,965 Saved Lives

But it doesn’t just come down to video reports. We actually know from studies like the one published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology that potentially life threatening scenarios are diffused thanks to firearm use by legal citizens around 989,883 times per year. Now these are potentially deadly, as in it’s unknown how many individuals would have died if it were not for the use of a firearm for protection. Chances are it’s certainly at least in the hundreds of thousands more than the 35 lives lost by mass shootings and the 348 lost from all rifles annually, but we can actually look at a 1993 study for details on absolute homicidal situations that were prevented via firearm use.

snoop lion gunThanks to one 1993 survey that examined around 5,000 different households to determine how many lives were saved from the use or possession of a firearm, researchers set out to see how many times citizens reported that they certainly would have been killed if it were not for their use of a firearm. That is, the firearm use saved their lives — and the survey did not include military or police, only civilians within the United States.

The study found that 162,000 people were saved from certain death each year by using a firearm. In other words, that’s 161,965 more lives saved from firearms than killed in mass shootings — those of which have taken place in gun free zones where the civilians were unarmed. Can you imagine what would have happened if law-abiding citizens had been carrying a legal concealed carry weapon during the incidents? There’s a reason that James Holmes did not want to face that scenario at all.

That also does not even touch upon the 40% of prison inmates who reported not committing a crime due to the fear of a firearm. And there’s much more. For a brief history lesson on the subject where you can see how Chicago’s murder rate with handguns (like Washington D.C.) skyrocketed following the city’s handgun ban and much more, checkout my article A Brief and Bloody History of Gun Control.

But Snoop Lion, of course, does not discuss any of this information. Instead, the music video uses emotional clips to call for ‘no guns allowed’ in order to stop shootings.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Perfect for someone who has made a career through gangster rap about violence and poses with guns. Gun control doesn't work.

    • lvflkvlc;;d'sa says:

      and ur a bitch

      • jkjhgtfhyju says:


  2. HP1950 says:

    I could be missing something but I don't interpret any of the lyrics to call for a 'complete gun ban'.

    Also, the numbers you quote (162,000 people were saved from certain death each year by using a firearm.)
    make me wonder how many of the instances that someone felt they were in a situation of 'certain death' were because the other person had a gun.

    • jacob says:

      Watch his interview on Piers.

      Around 1 million faced potentially life threatening also, and I bet a bunch were armed criminals with pistols they obtained illegally or perhaps from Fast and Furious type operations. Knives and clubs kill more than rifles per year.

  3. J.B. Marais says:

    Hi Anthony

    When you say: potentially life threatening scenarios are diffused.
    Are these not scenarios caused by guns in the first place.
    I'm very much for replacing guns in society with stun guns and other non-lethal alternatives.

  4. J.B. Marais says:

    Only noticed after I posted that HP1950 said same thing.

  5. ebay says:

    I like this song and love Snoop Lion featuring Drake

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