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Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control

Parents of a sixth grade student at the Milam Elementary School in Tupelo, Mississippi were shocked when their daughter brought home a political beliefs worksheet that teachers asked students to fill out.

1424564_226029330905924_1783279572_nThe in-class assignment entitled “Are you a Democrat or Republican?” was posted to the “Stop Common Core in Mississippi” Facebook page with a message alleging that the young female student was told not to talk about or take the assignment outside of class, although multiple parents later refuted the claim.

Regardless, the assignment, written for 11-year-old children, asks students what their beliefs were on such issues as abortion, gun control and gay marriage, before having them tally up their “D” and “R” answers to determine which establishment party they belonged to.

The worksheet, which has a clear bias towards more government control, goes on to frame such topics as healthcare as supporting care for everyone including the poor if you are a Democrat, and essentially denying care to those who cannot afford it if you are a Republican. The paper gives no historical context of the incredible failures of government run healthcare, the millions currently losing their health insurance due to government intervention, or the government’s direct relation to dwindling quality, skyrocketing costs and loss of charity care as the push for government monopoly by both parties’ leadership continues.

The section regarding beliefs on military spending attempts to paint the Democratic party as more anti-war and pro-veteran with Republicans supporting more military intervention and bare minimum aid for those who served. Despite the so called anti-war left becoming nearly non-existent as President Obama expands his drone program and foreign entanglements, the reality of the Republican and Democrat leadership’s continued support of radical jihadists, while ignoring our veterans perils at home, is unsurprisingly absent.

Many parents not only found the assignment highly inappropriate, but question if the assignment was an attempt to gauge families’ political affiliations given the fact that many sixth graders would likely repeat what they heard at home, not having a true personal understanding of the listed topics. The assignment also clearly attempts to push children into the mindset that there are only two political parties and two mainline opinions to hold on any important topic.

Just last month, 12-year-old students in Colorado were given a similar assignment as well. A quiz entitled “Righty or Lefty?” had near-identical questions, clearly leading children towards the assumption that government is the answer to all issues facing the country.

In similar fashion, parents in Arkansas were shocked to learn that their sixth grade students were being asked to revise the “outdated” Bill of Rights after an assignment informed them that the U.S. government decided that it “may not remain in its current form any longer.”

Other outrages, such as fourth grade students in Illinois being forced to read a biography of the president that labels all white voters as inherently racist, have contributed to the rise in homeschooling as parents reject the MSNBC talking point that all children belong to the “collective” and not their parents.

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  1. If you're going to write news articles, please learn spelling and grammar. Your is NOT a form of you are.

  2. I'm not sure if it is good to confront children already with themes like politics or gay marriage. They should enjoy their childhood and worry about these things later.

  3. You talk about the assignment being clearly biased when the article is clearly biased.

  4. Inability to use standard English aside, this piece is also woefully inaccurate (and no doubt deliberately so).

    For example: "The paper gives no historical context of the incredible failures of government run healthcare …"

    You mean in all the other industrialised nations (and some "developing" ones) that have nationalised health care that is far better (and cheaper) than US healthcare?

    US ranks #37 in quality and accessibility of health care, despite spending more than twice as much per person than any other industrialised nation.

    • You’re joking right? You mean rationed care and waiting months or years for any procedure? Make patients wait long enough so that they either die first or are no longer helathy enough for treatment? But that’s ok, just give them pain killers or the option for euthanasia. That will solve the problem especially for the globalists because we all know they are the only ones that really deserve to live right? Not all of us usless eaters.

    • My mother died because of the Ontario Canada nationalized health care. Our solutions come from within, not by looking at other countries. By looking for solutions elsewhere you must assume the countries are similar and there nothing close to America.

  5. Regardless, this assignment should not of been given out

  6. Flawed indeed. They should have been given this quiz:

    “ The World’s Smallest Political Quiz stands ready to help you determine your political identity. Quick and relatively painless. ”
    – USA Today

  7. Instead of feeling "outraged" why don't parents use this as an opportunity to begin a discussion with their children about complicated political issues and the need for meaningful debate?

    Also, we should note that the article doesn't give us any information about the way the topic was handled in the classroom. What was discussed in the unit before handing out the worksheet? What objectives does it serve within the curriculum? Sometimes teachers are required to use less-than-ideal resources, but that doesn't mean the outcome is bad. Before getting upset, parents should ask questions and offer solutions/support.

    • How would you think that discussion would be carried out?
      Can you lay out a possible narrative to explain how it would have been done to discuss the equal rights of gays and same sex partners that wouldn't be complicated nor biased?

  8. Grossly oversimplified and biased propaganda, designed to unduly influence impressionable minds. Period.

  9. Yes this an article free to read mostly by adults. Not forced to children as homework.

  10. WELCOME to the new america,WHERE the children are ALWAYS the victim,you wanted a country without the LORDS rules,YOU GOT IT,the government is now free to rape and murder the children at will,OR brainwash them,AND THE DEMONCRATES love the though of killing your children,and you have to go along with it,BECAUSE AFTER ALL YOUR POLITICLY CORRECT ,and in politicly correct countries ,the destruction of the children is required,THE DEMONCRATES WON,..AND YOUR CHILDREN LOSS,they have SOLD your children to the chinese and you can't do a thing about it………………………..

  11. Extending Childhood, by John Taylor Gatto

    Part seven in a series of short videos based on John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education. This excerpt is from Chapter Two: An Angry Look At Modern Schooling, Section Two: "Extending Childhood" (pg.58)

  12. Personally, I believe this is about what the parents beliefs are. 5th -6th graders will say what they hear their parents say. What to know if a parents owns a gun? Ask their kids in a school assignment!

  13. Yes this an article free to read mostly by adults. Not forced to children as homework.
    I'm not sure if it is good to confront children already with themes like politics or gay marriage. They should enjoy their childhood and worry about these things later.

  14. I am a teacher. I found this article by searching for quizzes that would help my kids figure out if they are a Democrat or Republican. The reason I was searching for such a quiz is that I want to administer it. My motive for doing so is that, as I taught a government/Constitution unit for the past month (attempting to do so in as un-biased way as possible, while also recognizing that every human being who is not a robot does accidentally and sub-consciously bring bias to everything they do), my 4th/5th grade students have asked me repeatedly, "What am I? Am I a Democrat or a Republican?" Although I have answered repeatedly that people tend not to fall strictly into one category, but rather land somewhere on a spectrum, and although I have explained that there are other parties, too, they still ask on almost a daily basis. Why not give them a quiz that helps them think about where they stand on tricky issues?

    As for the "innocence" of childhood some nostalgic commenters have wished for in these comments, we no longer live in a world where our children can be protected from every moral complexity. (I question whether we ever did live in such a world.) One boy in my class has two mothers. A quiz about Republicans and Democrats is not going to destroy his innocence on the topic of gay marriage. He already knows there are people who don't want his moms to marry.

    The assumption made in this article and in many of the comments is that teachers who assign such a quiz must have some sinister motive. Maybe the teachers, however misguided, simply meant to help kids figure out for themselves where they stand on major issues they'll someday be voting on.

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  18. I personally remain not certain on the off chance that it regards go up against youngsters as of now with subjects like legislative issues or gay marriage writ my essay. They ought to make the most of their youth and stress over these things future.

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