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Sen. Harry Reid: Bundy Dispute ‘Not Over’

After remaining silent for days, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid made comments regarding the ongoing dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy today, accusing the Bundy family of violating the law.

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid told News 4.

Despite telling the Bundy family that a deal had been reached Saturday after federal agents were forced to retreat, the BLM reversed its promise Monday and told reporters that they planned to go after Bundy “administratively and judicially.”

“The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this,” BLM spokesman Craig Leff said. “The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything, there was no deal we made.”

Unsurprisingly, reporters made no attempt to question Reid regarding his involvement after an investigative report linked Reid to the attempted Bundy land grab.

In the most read news story in the world Friday, documents linked Reid and the BLM’s director, Reid’s former senior adviser, to a Chinese energy firm that has been working to remove Bundy from his home in order to install solar panel power stations.

“Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle,” one document states about Bundy’s cattle.

Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, has been the chief representative to the Chinese firm, which announced its plan to build a $5 billion solar plant on public Nevada land in 2012.

Despite multiple attempts by the BLM to regulate Bundy off the land his family has worked on for more than 140 years, in one instance claiming Bundy was harming an endangered tortoise that the agency itself was killing in mass, Bundy has continued to remain the last rancher in his area.

Although corporate media outlets are attempting to sway public opinion, Bundy supporters continue to arrive at the ranch to provide support. Regardless of the federal government’s next move, the BLM’s heavy handed response to the situation, which included snipers, assaults, a no-fly zone, a First Amendment Area and threats of death, has shattered their public image.

Fresh off the historic victory, which saw federal agents back down to Americans and return nearly 100 cattle, Bundy supporters remain on scene, awaiting the federal government’s next move.

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Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. YEAH!! cause we know how "Lawful" it must be, Sen Reid to sell land that isn't YOURS to the Chinese COMMUNISTS!!
    BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico).Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it’s
    own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other
    federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or
    interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass.

    BLM, is actually classified as an: “Agent of Foreign Principle”, under the
    intergovernmental Personnel Act.

    *In other words, they don’t represent the Constitutional Republic or the
    interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle
    i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City,
    England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority.

    *This has been openly admitted and exposed through Supreme Court cases since
    and even before 1938 !

  2. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,”

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your right Dirty Harry it is not over, we cannot have traitorous globalists in government walk away from their crimes either. Soon you all will either be in prison or hanging in the gallows. Can't wait 🙂

  3. The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Wounded Knee Revisited? April 12, 2014

  4. Obama is just using the Lincoln play book and nothing more. The question should be why he would not? Was Lincoln a slave-defending patriot or a blood-thirsty tyrant? This video tells you what public school text books won't.

    Abraham Lincoln: What They Wont Teach You in School

    • Alinsky Hero USA

      I learned all that stuff about Lincoln when I was in school.

      I didn't learn that much about the Holocaust Christopher Columbus committed though.

      • Did you happen to learn about Operation Paperclip?

      • Allot folks had been served the kool-aid from the government plantation of schools. This is for any who were served so they will know they had been served. I knew as well. Why would someone who freed people be sitting in an Executive chair! 2 + 2= 4 every time!

        • Alinsky Hero USA

          I learned a lot in public school. It's mostly the red states that have bad public schools The red states promoted a lot of hate propaganda about Lincoln. .

          • local schools did better than the education system of today.
            Common core had the excuse it was to keep up with international standards.
            But the scores keep dropping.

  5. It appears that the Obama administration is unraveling at the seams. Time for impeachment, and it is nice to know that this should bury Hilldog once and for all. After all she did lie under oath, learned well from Billy. "What difference does it make" now Hillary? Jail time 🙂 I wish we would go back and get Bush, Chaney, and his regime behind bars as well. Note that this reporter is non partisan. We need more like him.

    • Alinsky Hero USA

      You can't impeach the best President of our lifetime, but I guess you can start making up lies about our next President

      • Hahahaha Nixon was impeached for much less, we just need Congress to stop being a bunch of pussays.

        • Alinsky Hero USA

          Nixon was going to be impeached for far far worse. To even compare the two is ridiculous.

          The Conservatives and Libertarians in Congress are the reason the 4 died in Benghazi, so they would never try to pin this on anyone else in public.

          • Hmm lets compare Nixon to Obama scandals. Watergate, Nixon authorizes bugs of political opponents. Obama has not only authorized the surveillance of his political opponents, but also all Americans through the NDAA. Obama has droned American citizens without trail. Plus the IRS scandal is just beginning. I am almost certain that Obama is connected, time will tell.

            Also, important note. Nixon tried to use the IRS against opponents too. But the head of the IRS at the time had nuts and said no.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Nixon wasn't going to be impeached for Watergate. Come on Liberty, start reading real news and stay away from the InfoWars BS.

          • What was he going to be impeached for?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Oh, you meant "going to"

            I see now.

            He was going to be impeached for his bombing of Cambodia and also the abuse of power he used to cover up watergate.

          • Oh my bad, was typing too fast.

            So what is the difference between Obama's kill list, which authorizes the drone bombings of US citizens in nations we are not at war with? Obama, IMO, it will be fact soon I am sure after investigation, is abusing powers to cover up all his scandals too.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Obama's kill list is legal. Obama has nothing to hide from any of these made up scandals.

          • Let's have a look at it then. Can you produce a copy? White House Letter Head will be a must. As the Founding Fathers knew and the American people have forgotten, no one is safe in a dictatorship. Clearly, the American public lacks sufficient comprehension to remain a free people. All indications are that the large majority of Americans fear alleged terrorists in distant lands more than they fear their government’s acquisition of dictatorial powers over them—powers that allow government to place itself above the law and to be unaccountable to law. This is despite the fact that 99.999% of all Americans will never, ever, experience any terrorism except that of their own government

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I don't have a copy of his kill list, but I'm sure it looks something like this

            1. WeeToddEdwards
            2. Mr. Liberty

          • How is that legal?

            He could try but he would fail
            How do you know his list is legal when you don't have a copy?

          • 'Legal' doesn't matter to fascist dictators.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Drones are legal. Otherwise you should have no problem impeaching him. But, funny, no impeachment.

          • Drones? Operated by whom?

            If it's the military than it's not legal.
            The military isn't authorized to use force in the US against citizens. We have civilian law enforcement for that.

          • Agitators like some here may be useful tools so that Obama can declare martial law.

            Why would he want them possibly killed?

          • Hey! I want to be number one on that list not number two!

          • Sorry, obama wants me dead because I am more white than you


          • He needs folks like you.

            He needs an excuse for martial law.

          • HAHAHAHA!!!

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Can't you ever be satisfied with government policy Liberty? You are number 2.

          • Apparently, you have all moved up on the list since Cowboi died.
            He was numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 for a long time.

          • If you aint first your last!

          • He was first for a long, long time. That was why HPDuuuh and Roger hated him so bad.

          • There you go again.
            Trolls sure to try to pretend they know things.

            I didn't hate cowboy. He wasn't fond of me, but I agreed with most of his comments.

          • Roger here at SL you are the TROLL. We have asked you to leave, nobody here likes you. If you would like to talk about it I will be over at the Growl. O that's right you been exiled. Banished to comment as a vagabond without a home. So sad.

          • Here I make great comments when there are gaps in the troll posse spamming the place.

            Oh, that's right what happened to your attacks on Ray, didn't that work out well?

          • Monkey boy, AKA Roger. I actually like Ray Comfort's site. He set up a site called Atheist Central. He is at least not afraid like you to engage people who have another opinion without stalking, and harassing those you disagree with. You should take a page from Ray. I respect him. I will never respect a Troll like you. You are a POS stalker/TROLL. See you at the Growl.

          • How nice for you, why don't you just focus on insulting people over there?

            And why are you pretending at the growl to be something you're not?

          • Roger, I have met Ray. He bought me lunch in Anaheim. We are both ordained ministers. We agreed to disagree. I know his wife. My wife has had a good relationship with his wife. Good debate dose not need Trolling, and stalking. When will you learn that?

          • You are a total jerk on his site, ministers that talk the way you do to him aren't real ministers.

            I've read some of your comments and you are probably not being truthful. If you know him and get along, it's thanks to his manners, not yours.

            And good debate doesn't try to muzzle the people smart enough to spot frauds, when will you learn that?

          • Throwing stones while you live in a glass house

          • Returning the stones thrown from one.

          • He has been polite and respectful over there unlike you.

          • Has he? And when will he revert to the insulting kind of person he has shown himself to be at Ray's site?

          • Great comments? Do you believe that?

          • I re-read the thread.
            It went from the top rated posters at a site no longer using this forum to how I hated him, when it wasn't true. Then of course the trolls pounced on the thread to stop all even pretense of debate.

            I believe that it's been a very, very long time since you even pretended to try for a good comment.

          • Obamas kill list.

            A Drone using Drones.

          • obama is no more than a criminal hell bent on a NWO where government has complete control

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • FEMA camps, NDAA, drone strikes, etc……..

          • And Reid is his tool.

            I don't think he realized that the nevada rancher would draw a line in the sand, or that everyone would rally to his defense.

            We've had enough and we want our country and freedoms back.

          • I will get my country and freedoms back no matter what it takes

          • Me and you both!

          • We will, it's coming

          • Only if we allow things to get that bad.

            We need to start now, and push back while there is still a semblance of law and order. Obama's working to collapse it so we don't have the luxury of time.

          • Things are that bad. You have just been blinded by the libs vs. conservative BS they feed you.

          • Poor Roger.
            He is denser than day old Spotted Owl shlt.

          • Obviously not so dense that I can't realize you're here for the insults, not the country.

          • Things are bad. I'm not blind.
            That's why I move to stop the bad, instead of looking for excuses to blow it up.

          • If by "move" you mean sitting behind your keyboard 24/7 typing useless platitudes then, no question, you're a real mover.

          • Why js it that I can list what I've worked on, and you can't?

            is it you're the one sitting behind the keyboard, a worn out old piece of flotsam perhaps?

          • I can assure you that the external view of your contributions is very different from your perspective, including whether or not it constitutes "work".

          • And once again I can assure you that as a guest troll listing nothing he has done in any practical manner you're not part of the solution, but a continuation of the problem.

            Mouth size doesn't much count unless you're out passing flyers in parking lots, and yes… I've done that too.

          • Bully for you. Did HPD pay you a comission for any customer that the flyer drew to the club?

          • I'm not sure how active HPD is with his local tea party, I can only speak for myself.

            And you can only troll.
            That sure does speak volumes.

          • Come now Roger you like to call everyone else a troll yet your last 200 comments your total score minus 238 Looks like your the troll. LOSER!

          • Looks like you pretend it's a popularity contest. And what is your reputation score? You must be more of a troll than me since mine is higher. Want to play that game?

          • Keep trolling troll stalker.

          • Here you are.

            And trolling is all you know.

          • Flyers huh?

            People hate flyers. Basically you are saying "here you throw this away"

          • So will I, but I don't advocate revolution.

            Instead of destroying I want to restore.

          • Then hide under your f ucking bed, while everyone else fights your battle. Gutless.

          • Still just wandering around spamming?

            It's all trolls know.

            Have you helped to retire a liberal senator and worked for a better replacement? How about working for local elections to retired liberals in the neighborhood?

            All that trolling and you do nothing.
            Go hide and leave the adults to discuss amongst themselves.

          • The real Patriots will have to our duty to defend the cowards that can't defend themselves

          • The real patriots?

            Real patriots don't demand things, they understand each person can work towards freedom in their own way.

            Phil Robertson was a patriot for standing up to the gay mafia, we can all be patriots.

          • Which is why I did not demand anything. We do have a duty to protect the weak like you though.

          • Wee, I'm so glad that you have tolerance and understanding for your fellow patriots.

            Yes, patriots. The tea party folks, the old ladies that stand up to BLM folks knowing they may get tackled. Not with guns, not with thousands of rounds of armor piercing ammo.

            But standing up for the right things and retiring folks like Bennett in Utah. We need to stop this, not blow it all up.

          • Pretty sure the folks in Nevada were armed to the teeth, even with AK-47's .

            If the government would have fired war woudl have started.

            Can't trust the tea party folks anymore then the ocu turds

          • Wee, I would have liked to see about twnety or thirty of those mounted horsemen, advance slowly in a line. All armed with 12 gauge riotguns.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            They tried that in 1862.

          • And it took 4 years to put it down, and nearly didn't.

          • Take another nap. You aren't making any sense.

          • Then you never heard of the civil war.

            Trolls, they always act as if history started at the beginning of their talking points.

          • I would as well. I honestly think the BLM would back down. IMO I don't think they would want to fire on us

          • David Koresh and Randy Weaver both thought that as well..

          • Good point, however we as citizens were lied to about these people and they did not have the support of the people

          • And this time they couldn't suppress the tactics or keep it from being shown to the world. How viral have those video's gone?

            Ruby Ridge may have ended differently had the people been there backing him.

          • Which is basically what I just said

          • No, basically you didn't. You mentioned lying, not the surveillance on the brown shirts.

          • I mentioned had people been told the truth they would have been there backing them

          • You said they had been lied to.

            Why change your wording to fit a flawed argument?

            Can't you just admit my comment was on a different angle of the issue?

          • We were lied to. The government lied to us about the people at Ruby RIdge and Waco:

          • And people there with video recorders would have kept that from happening. It's not a huge leap to come to that conclusion.

          • I said "we" were lied to, not "they" were lied to.

            Anhything to argue huh roger that way the real issues are ignored. Go away this site is for Real Patriots

          • And I said with the same amount of people and video recorders it would possible have turned out differently.

          • I know, you just wanted argue over the smell of s hit. Typical

          • You really do have a funny way of showing it.

            You said one thing, I tuned to another aspect and you are still reacting to that.

            An open form may not be the right place for you if that bothers you so much.

          • Then after we get the dogs sicced on us, and tazed, and shot, and stomped, and the dust clears, the gutless "Rogers" of the world will all clamber out from their hidey-holes, and claim their Obama phones, because they are entitled to them.

          • Nope, I'll have tried to avoid all that by working BEFORE it gets that bad.

            Why wait when you know how doing nothing ends?

          • A sshole.
            Wake up.

            It already is that BAD.

          • Wake up. People stood up more than just in Nevada and not a shot was fired.

            Foul language only shows you can't actually debate ideas.

          • Reminds me of a quote from rog:

            47 minutes ago @ – growl • 0 replies • +1 points
            Got me my 'bamaphone'!!!!

          • Yes, mocking someone.

            And once more you show you don't quite get US humor, or even western humor. Do they not have humor where you come from?

          • We have tons of humor in Iowa. Matter of fact using that quote of yours was pretty funny.

          • Western humor?
            I'm from the west, and I understand it. I am from western Delaware.

            What part of the west are you from Roger? Western Nebraska?


          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Soap Dish is his favorite comedy.

          • I thought my comment quoting him was very humorous. What did you think?

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • I thought the Soap Dish comment was funny as well.

            Good old American humor……………….at least we still have that………..for now

          • There you go again.
            Never missing a chance to troll and spam the place.

            Do you ever get new insults, or just keep recycling the old ones?

          • You are the one with 141 plus thousand comments, and you haven't said anything worth reading.

          • Says the troll that never heard of the civil war?

            Yeah, right.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He has a futon.

          • What furniture I have really isn't your concern.

            There are important issues to discuss.

          • Sometimes you have to burn the grass to get new grass to grow.

          • Sometimes you are better off mowing and weeding the grass you already have.

          • Not when it's over grown and out of control. Like burning a dead forest to create new life

          • You may let your lawn get that bad so you have an excuse to torch something.

            Others don't. Do you know how many republican states have balanced budgets this year? It's the feds we need to reign in. And the states convention is something I've been in contacting my state rep over. Reigning it in is the answer.

            Limited government worked, and it can work again.

          • Sorry, I can't take care of an overgrown forest with a mower and weed eater. We burn the dead things out and create new life, the grass is always greener in the long run

          • Taking a sledge hammer to a rusty nail doesn't really make it any better.

            Collateral damage matters.

          • It destroys the nail though

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I burn my grass, and have to buy more.

          • You should grow your own. Lot cheaper that way

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Too hard. I can hardly even type when I'm burning.

          • It is hard but well worth the effort

          • Old Man Bundy drew a line in the sand, and woke people up.

            If the Clark County Sheriff had a set of nuts, he would have arrested the BLM for cattle rustling.

          • But the people pushed back anyhow.

            We don't need to wait for good sheriffs. Of course that sheriff might want to retire instead of running for reelection.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            His line is illegal. And he will pay for it.

          • You may like government that seizes land.
            Then pretends of course it's legal.

            So, why don't you march down to your local federal office building and just hand over everything you own.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We already got our freedoms back because of Obama. I will not let you bring us back to the tyranny we had under conservatives and Libertarians.

          • Sorry, Mr. Lincoln has posted this numerous times:

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Those laws were because of Obama?

          • Some not all. We have been losing freedoms for years, trust me I have not trusted a POTUS for many many years from either side of the aisle.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I agree.

            It's our duty to remain skeptical. But fair.

          • I try to be fair but I just can't trust either side anymore. I know you support Obama. I don't mean this in a rude way but how can you?

            How can you support either side when you know deep down they don't care about any of us? If they did we would not be in this mess.

            I know we don't agree on a lot of things politically, but you are without a doubt one of the smartest libs I have ever come across. A little radical but I don't mind that. Do you ever get the feeling that both sides are actaully working together for a common cause and total control over us. Be honest

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I don't like a lot of what Obama does. And for the very reason you,Liberty, and Lincoln talk about.

            But I don't think that both are working together. I don't think it's part of any conspiracy.

          • Thank you for being honest and I could be totally wrong. I just want to see the citizens of this country put their political ideologies behind us and stand up for our country and do what is right. Wipe the slate clean and get rid of the idiots in charge. We have a duty as American citizens and duty to our children to fix these things and we can’t do that with the constant bickering over nothing

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The only way for that to happen is if politicians were not being paid to vote by corporations, and instead were voting for what their local constituents wanted.

          • Hopefully we can go back to that before we do have a war in this country

          • Agreed. Term limits for congress and the Supreame Court too.

            Politics should not be a career path. It should be a service.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Term limits on the SCOTUS is a fantastic idea.

            Actually it could only work if they were allowed just one limited term.

            10 years at the most.

          • SCOTUS is funny.

            It must be mental. Everytime I hear it, or read the word, my brain registers scrotum.

          • Agreed!!!

          • There are laws on the books, and none of them are being enforced.

            Holder needs to go to prison for his role in this.

          • Well said! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 thumbs up

          • Thank you!

          • Wee, to be honest, the only way that I see things changing, is retribution. Whether it be the local carnival cops, the county sheriff, the BLM, the US Forest Service, the FBI, the EPA and everyone else. When opne of them commits an act of violence against a Citizen, they need to go home worried.

            Worried that at 3 AM, their door is going to burst in, they will be drug from their warm beds, and Justice be applied to them

            Then, and only then, will things change.

          • I am in total agreement. But when they as a group commit an act of violence we need to strike back

          • They need fear.
            The fear of US.

          • Thomas Jefferson:
            "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure"

          • Wee, I have some real bad news for you. We all got to talking, and drew straws without you.

            You are the one we elected to take care of Roger when the war starts….

          • I have a big dog kennel. Dog does not go in it anymore he took over the bed.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • The tyranny of self responsibility.

            You should try it. It would be hard until you learn to take care of things yourself, but then you'd realize it's nice having choices.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            All nonsense.

          • Here is a side by side view!

            Nixon and Obama: Like brothers from another mother

          • Perfectly explained. One upper! haha jk

      • Also, even if Obama is the best prez ever. He still broke the law. He is still a criminal. A war monger.

      • The rule of law matters.

    • Alinsky Hero USA

      Roger 173p · 22 minutes ago

      It would be hard until you learn to take care of things

  6. Bundy Ranch – What You're Not Being Told

    Apr 14, 2014 There are some very powerful people who have done their best to cover up what really happened at the Bundy ranch in Clark County Nevada. Fortunately they failed.

  7. Alinsky Hero USA

    Brietbart did a story about Roger's Judge.

  8. Why is it the liberal attack dogs never let it be ‘over’ but any set back that conservatives have is a settled matter?

  9. The Bundy Ranch Standoff – Agenda 21 In The Nevada Desert

    Apr 14, 2014 In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains how the real agenda behind the attempted takeover of the Bundy's family ranch has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with agenda 21.

  10. This Bundy guy sounds like a common criminal, and should be treated that way.

    • Hello Coggy.
      Although I rarely agreed with you, I always welcomed your opinion.

      Frankly, I do not think that Mr. Bundy is what you deem a common criminal. At least not in the sense or of the quality that common criminals occupy the Oval Office, or the office of the Senate Majority Leader. Those common criminals, Obama and Reid, put mere common criminals to shame. The bar is certainly raised to the highest notch.

      There is a huge disinformation campaign. Yesterday, Reid proclaimed that Mr. Bundy had not paid his taxes. That is not true. Bear in mind, it is the same tired old lie he used on Mitt Romney during the election. Harry Reid is nothing but a dirty, despicable Mormon. I don't use that phrase to disparage Mormons however. Harry Reids hands are dirty in this case. It is despicable the way he has pilloried a Citizen. The fact he is Mormon goes to show that Reid demands total subjugation from his people.

      As far as common criminal? I researched it. Owing grazing fees does not make one a common criminal, any more than your having a traffic ticket would make you one.

      Glad to see you back Coggy.

    • Coggy, what happened to your pretended reign at LRC?

      • Roger, what happened to your reign at Bleatblart, and ConcVic, and Bellfast, and FPM and the Growl?

        They all evicted you.

        • What happened to your pretended reign over a profile?

          Did it evict you? And I still post at more than half that list.

          • You make no sense little man.
            You comments at LRC have mysteriously disappeared.

            I have posted there as a Guest for a long, long time. I tracked you here, from there. I'll tell you straight little man. We do not want you there. Save your time from posting, because they will be eliminated.

          • I make perfect sense.

            And your comments, where are they?

          • That camel toe flapping above your upper lip makes you look like a real c unt.

          • And you don't like anyone being a smelly old fish competing with your aroma?

            Don't worry, I post thoughtful comments and don't pretend I reign over everywhere you go to smell things up.

          • You'd know all about that smelly old fish smell, with that hood flapping under your nose.

            Yeah, wee all know that you post thoughtful and insightful comments. Just ask Zebrano…………

          • All you have to do is live within 30 yard of a liberal and have the wind blow it in your direction.

          • Guarantee you one thing.
            Wee can do this all day long, but you won't have one comment left on LRC. Wee do not want you there. Go bother someone else.

          • Thank you, that's two quotes I can send to their admin.

            You really don't see this kind of thing coming, do you?
            I don't play by your rules.

          • Wow.
            You sure are a tough one, aren't you little man? A regular Internet tough guy, a Keyboard Commando. Did you learn your terrorist tactics from the old Dooche?

            Someone needs to slap you so hard, that your 'hood" flaps so hard that you'll have multiple orgasms.

          • Wow, you're still a worn out old coward that can't stand open and face to face debate on it's own merits.

            Did you learn that you have limits and may not be the smartest in the thread?

    • Alinsky Hero USA

      Well Said Coggy.

      I wrote this on the Left, Right Center website, but Roger is moderating by report button again. He does that and then jerks off at home alone.

      The US invaded Mexico in 1846 despite it being a clear treaty violation and upon clear lies of US President Polk: “American blood shed upon the American soil.” The result of the war was the US taking 40% of Mexico’s land. Although historians note that freshman member of Congress Abraham Lincoln was/is correct that the president lied and violated a treaty with criminal complicity of Congres

      • Alinsky, you were banned from LRC several times.

        What you guys don't realize is I worked with the site admin there several years ago. And what you failed to remember is that they don't allow tactics like what you and guest have pulled over there.

        La Raza is trying to reconquest that territory. We fought and won a war, there are consequences for that. If you want Mexico to win and us to lose, why not move to Mexico? Otherwise, you are possibly advocating for what historically been known as treason.

        • I worked with the site admin there several years ago.

          That is quite the accomplishment and badge of honor.

          Just like the one you got from Bleatblart when you worked with Liberty Chick and Ezra the Julius.

          They both howled at your antics. You were the brunt of much back channel humor at BleatBlart.

          Andrew himself thought you were the biggest pain in the ass he had ever come across.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I didn't know Roger stalked the site admin at LRC.

          • You don't know a lot of things.

            But that never seems to stop you.
            How many times do you get banned at some sites that actually want debate and serious discussion?

          • Yes.
            He drove them nuts.

          • There was someone that drove them nuts.

            And bragged about it.

            2 minutes ago @ http://donbeliveit.blo... – About · 0 replies · +1 points
            "912wolverire is gone because of me."

            Oops, wrong site.
            1 hour ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 – Florida Attorney Gener… · 0 replies · 0 points
            "Nice to see all the conservative idiots off Breitbart and sucking their toes on websites where no one will ever read them. "

            7 weeks ago @ – Cain: I Would Not Want… · 1 reply · -3 points
            "It takes them about a day to ban me. It takes me about 5 minutes to start a new one.


            We won!!!

            I still go on Breitbart as an imposter and use all your names."

            Why not brag still, you're still the same now as then.

          • Such a brave keyboard commando.

            Such a brave coward.
            Such a brave and agile debater. Is that why the only way you have to actually win a debate is to pull comments?

            You are the joke, in a bad way.

        • You also build the growl ! Look what happened.

          • Can't you even pretend to follow the debate and make sense with your comments?

            My influence at the growl is limited.
            I can still post for the admin to bypass zebrano.

            But how is it doing now that actual debate is controlled and artificially limited?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Great point plantani.

            He even thought he was going to be a moderator on the growl for about a week before they humiliated him and banned him forever.

            Roger is too stupid to be a moderator. Remember he only has a two year community college degree.

          • Alinsky, you still don't know a lot and it never stops you.

            I never would have been moderator at any site.
            That may suit some people for what ever reason. I have always been an active participant but not moderated or been part of any staff at any site by design.

          • If you would be moderator, there would be only Roger on every site.

          • Why, you think I'd work like Zebrano?

          • Remember when he applied to Suzie for a job?
            I'll bet that was one helluva resume!

          • Zebrano uses his own profile, don't pretend to be him.

          • I'm not pretending to be anybody, but you should be arrested fro impersonating a human being.

          • Still the guest troll here spamming the site.

            What's wrong, is it because the site still hasn't stopped the quality content?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            yeah, that was funny. Even Susie is smart enough not to hire Roger. Roger doesn't even have a job in real life.

          • What is funny is how you are here day and night yet complain when anyone comes close to your dedication on this forum.

        • Found a new friend you can hassle?

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