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Seattle Food Service Workers Confront Socialist Councilwoman On Minimum Wage

Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant was confronted by low-wage workers in Seattle Tuesday, who fear their small business jobs will be cut due to a proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage.

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  2. The story shows all sorts of biases.
    She was a portrayed as a successful candidate that ran and was elected on the $15 position.
    The libertarian was portrayed as a (well, most MSM consider the label 'libertarian' as a kook) extremist taking pot shots from a fold up table in the hall.

    All subtle things to be sure, but all there by design. And of course, it was about how everyone 'felt' and not facts or economic data. That's a liberal slant on a story.

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  3. $15.00 for MW is way too much

    • It's not a minimum wage, they careful couch the terms into a 'living wage'.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Both great terms for 15 dollars an hour.

        Finally people are going to get paid a decent wage. And it will make America strong again.

        Thank you Obama.

        • At fifteen bucks an hour, will Roger have a minimum number of posts that he has to write, or will it just be a flat fee of fifteen bucks, and Roger can write however many posts he wants to?

        • Both great terms for business in decline and a smaller work force.

          You may have liked that in the USSR and other communist countries, but here a business owner should be able to run and hire on his terms, and the worker should have the freedom to accept or decline a job on his own terms.

          Can you show where your policies have actually worked and thrived for the masses?

  4. Good news! We actually blocked one of Barry's crappy nominees!!

  5. Jamal above, although babbling incoherently, might have had a valid point about Elijah Cummings behavior. I see the entire Congressional Black Caucus is lining up, and have written a letter to John Boner, demanding that he remove Chairman Issah from his Chairmanship.

    This is all obfuscation. Create an issue. Any issue, to take the focus off of Lois Lehrner and the IRS.

    It is a smokescreen.

    • This comment was at the bottom of the thread. Somehow, it got bumped up, Taken out of context, it will make no sense. It should be read, at the bottom of Mr. Liberty's thread.

    • Well said! It is one of the favorite tactics of the globalists. Race baiting.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Actually, race baiting is a tactic of anti-globalists.

        • Not really. Not actually, just in your rhetoric.

          The capitalist system is race blind, they don't care who or what is the ethnic background of anyone. When I guy a car I don't care what skin color was on the person who built it, when I contract for services I care about qualifications and price, nothing more.

          • Dumbass, it is possible to be a racist capitalist. In fact, it has been all too common in our history.

            Personally I don't care if you're racist or not. Your lack of other redeeming qualities makes it immaterial.

          • When you to to a store to buy a ball point pen, do you care who built it?

            How can you even find out?

            Personally I think you're just another troll guest profile here to do anything but discuss issues seriously.

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