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Scientists Discover Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Dying Near West Coast

Following continued news of disturbing sea life occurrences off the West Coast, scientists in Mexico’s Scammon’s Lagoon, also known as Laguna Ojo de Liebre, have discovered what appears to be the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale calves.

Photo Courtesy of Jesus Gomez
Photo Courtesy of Jesus Gomez

Discovered last Sunday, the calves, which did not survive, measured in just under seven feet long, much smaller than the average newborn length of 12 to 16 feet.

“Unfortunately the specimen died, his survival was difficult,” a translated comment from the Guerrero Negro Verde Facebook page reads.

Shockingly underdeveloped, American Cetacean Society researcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger believes the calves were the result of a miscarriage. Later collecting the carcass for further analysis, scientists made no comments regarding a possible cause.

While conjoined twins have been found in several other whale species, a search of the database at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County produced no records of conjoined gray whales.


Although no information has yet been released, concerns over the ongoing Fukushima disaster has many asking questions, especially in light of rare animal deaths spreading along the West Coast.

Incidences such as the ongoing “melting sea star” epidemic, which has been seen off the coast off California, Oregon, Washington and Canada, has yet to be explained as sea stars are found literally disintegrating.

Even with Japanese scientists finding “high” Cesium levels in plankton throughout the Pacific as far back as May 2013, governments continue to call the amounts safe.

A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the number of dead sea creatures covering the floor of the Pacific is higher than it has ever been since monitoring began 24 years ago. Despite attempts by some to “debunk” the study and blame the occurrence on “global warming,” a closer look at the study clearly points to Fukushima as the most likely factor.

Following the Department of Health and Human Services’ purchase of 14 million doses of potassium iodide last week, many believe the federal government has begun preparing as the situation in Japan worsens.

Admittedly high radiation levels recently found on a California beach have also brought national attention to the subject, with major news outlets such as the Drudge Report linking to news of the incident.

While the verdict is still out on the once in a lifetime whale discovery, the continued growth of rare occurrences has only peaked the public’s interest.

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  1. ohhh. this big. My son says what is this ??

  2. It is really sad to see these Whales dying – hopefully the people in the region will be able to help the Calves

  3. How can they take the radiation out of the world? It will get worse then this, the new age is defined by things like this.

    • It takes time, a lot of time. That’s based on the dosage and the ‘half life’ of the material release. But it will take more time than these whales have.

  4. The government will never tell the truth of how bad the radiation is in the Pacific waters..I personally wouldnt be eating any fish from that water

  5. wee need an outlet of real justice,if you want to be a mas murderer its ok if you do it on the fly.when will the poeple demand the heads of the ones who own these companies that are killing us on the slow.Get your family on clean water and nothing from pacific if you can actually find enything there with the 99% of dead creatures at bottom since last few years.

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  8. storyleak, infowars, naturalnews, globalresearch.ca, godlikeproductions. all websites playing into peoples fears with bullshit lies like this. all so they can sell more ads. wake up people and realize the bs they are feeding you

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    Roger also has an important mind boggling question: Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?
    How come nobody responds?

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