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Scientists Confirm Fukushima Radiation in California Kelp

Scientists analyzing kelp off the coast of San Diego confirmed the presence of cesium this week, a radioactive isotope directly linked to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

Part of the ongoing “Kelp Watch 2014” project, government and academic institutions have begun receiving results from samples of Bull Kelp and Giant Kelp collected along the California coast. Despite attempts by the media to downplay the ongoing disaster, the discovery has only confirmed the continued build up of radiation in West Coast waters.

“We’re trying to figure out how much is there and how much is getting into the ecosystem,” said Dr. Matthew Edwards, a professor from San Diego State University. “Things are linked a little more closely than sometimes we’d like to think. Just because it is on the other side of the world doesn’t mean that it doesn’t effect us.”

The discovery coincides with statements made by researchers at the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems in Spain, who predicted the early 2014 arrival of Fukushima radiation along the North American West Coast.

Although scientists claim the levels of cesium are safe, the public’s distrust has only grown given the government’s continued denial of other issues related to radiation.

Currently, more than 70 U.S. sailors involved in the USS Ronald Reagan’s 2011 Fukushima rescue efforts have been stricken with ailments such as brain tumors, thyroid cancer and leukemia. Despite the clear connection to Fukushima, the federal government has continued to deny any link.

Following the recent discovery of radiation levels over 1,400% above normal on a California beach, thought to be from naturally occurring thorium in the sand, government officials rushed to call the levels completely safe. Independent experts quickly refuted the claim, even warning that children playing in the sand were at risk.

Given radiation’s ability to bio-accumulate in sea life, many fear that the massive animal die-off along the west coast is related to the continued consumption of radioactive isotopes. Sea stars and sardines have been especially affected, with other strange anomalies such as the discovery of “never before seen” conjoined gray whale calves off the coast of Northern Mexico, sparking increased worry as well.

While the government attempts to reassure the public that there is absolutely no risk whatsoever, tens of millions of doses of Potassium Iodide have been quietly purchased by the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Pentagon.

With experts predicting a 40 plus year cleanup at Fukushima, the likelihood of increased cesium in the Pacific Ocean seems inevitable.


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  1. and they said never would it hit the US, Anthony you have predicted this since day 1

  2. URGENT! If you have been eating Pacific Ocean fish and sea food it would NOW be a good idea to do a zeolite detox to remove the radiation from your body(s) Search the key word Zeolite to learn how the mineral zeolite in medical grade form safely removes radiation and heavy metals from your body! Best wishes!

  3. In your article you claim a beach in CA has unsafe radiation levels but you fail to mention the name of the beach. Making such assertions without being able to independently verify the facts leaves one to wonder how far fetched the whole article might be, even if it is accurate. If you were concerned about children and families playing at the beach you would have named it so people could avoid the area.

  4. When a Journalist makes Grammatical Errors , I get Suspicious . What other errors have crept in ? … ” effect ” is a Noun ; ” affect ” is the Verb that should have been used . This Material is Frightening , but as Phil says , needs reinforcement with Convincing Facts , reasoning not Back-fence Gossip ! … We need to be Persuaded , not just Panicked ! … However it is Clear that Government Agencies in Japan , and in the US , ARE TRYING TO KEEP EVERYONE IGNORANT OF THE TRUE SITUATION

  5. This is an obvious fact… any government or political person who tries to dispute it should be shot on site for attempting to create further killing of animals and people. Clear cut cause and effect… everything in the pacific is dying and radiatively toxic. Avoid it.. period.

  6. please go to see the video by Dane Wigington "Climate Engineering,Weather Warfare,and the Collapse of Civilization" tests now done proof positive on radiation amounts. Plants,animals and humans can't take to much more.

  7. Clearly, it is highly unsafe to eat sea food fron the Pacific…. Period.

  8. Until yesterday, I was very skeptical of all this talk about radiation. Then I heard from a respected source who told me the levels of Cs 134 found in sea kelp beds along Maibu, San Diego and in this article, Point Dume.
    I am shocked and blown away. I just quit eating all dea food from the Pacific today.

  9. Government agencies and various universities and scientists have been reporting that there are radioactive isotopes in the Pacific Ocean, but, according to all, the amounts are far from dangerous. That has never been in dispute by any credible authority

    • You need to expand your sources. Bone up on radioactive isotopes and their effects. Berkly students tested the first few weeks and found much in the milk which means any grazing animal had it back then. Its cumulative
      Ive spent enough time on this. The info is clearly there to find and see.,If I found it you can too. Those of you that are need to get on it and search . The others enjoy the darwin award..

  10. I remember Chernobyl they said it was safe then all the cancers started to happen kids started getting Chernobyl deformed hearts same here they tell you when they will be ready to put you in fema nazi camps

  11. This regime lies about everything. Little things, big things, things that really didn't even need to be lied about.

    Who in their right minds is going to believe anything they say now?

  12. This is a quote from Steven Manley, co-founder of Kelp Watch 2014: [Iodine 131] “has an eight-day half life so it’s pretty much all gone,” Manley said. “But this shows what happens half a world away does effect what happens here. I don’t think these levels are harmful, but it’s better if we don’t have it at all.” Read more here:

    • Its only half gone. You multiply 10 x the half life to get the safe time …80 days

    • It's not the radioactive iodine we need to worry about. Things like cesium and strontium (radioactive) have a MUCH longer half life, like 30 years.

  13. Run and hide! Paranoid freaks.

  14. I think at this point if people want to be safe about the situation they can go to and get one of their radiological water filters, otherwise there is not much else you can do, obviously try and avoid the food from the pacific too, but after that id just carry on with life and not worry about it, nothing you can do or others, we just have to hope for the people there to do their best

  15. This article is alarmist and links to other stories (such as the Ronald Reagan and California beach radiation stories) which have been well debunked by such helpful nuclear physicists as “Thunderf00t” on YouTube. People are understandably scared of radiation since it’s invisible and not well-understood by the general public. But chances are good that in your own home you are exposed to more radiation than is found near the water on that California beach. And if you ever fly in an airplane, you’re getting an even huger dose. There is absolutely nothing to worry about in the USA from the Fukushima disaster. Congratulations on your ad impressions.

    • various nucleotides (200 or more from fuk)if they get into your lungs or gastrointestinal and have hot particles that are dynamos that never go away and send out multiple bursts off magnified radiatin bursts throught their lif,each destroying the tissues theyre near…be it bone,muscle heart) etc results in cancer etc. You need to reference MDs and nuclear scientists that discuss these effects and the propoganda youre posting

  16. This is something SL needs to keep reporting on. Thanks for the update!

  17. amoureux de la vie

    They scoop it up every morning in San Diego, it becomes fertilizer for what ever they are growing in that area. Now it will contaminate THAT food……….then US!


  19. Things are linked a little more closely than sometimes we’d like to think. Just because it is on the other side of the world doesn’t mean that it doesn’t effect us.”Although scientists claim the levels of cesium are safe, the public’s distrust has only grown given the government’s continued denial of other issues related to radiation.

  20. The most informative and up to date news site for radiation issues is ….this site covers issues here and around the world..great info on the WIPP site also… before believing anything reguarding nuclear issues, understand that the DOE, most universities, the government in general are pro nuclear and because of this fact will not shoot themselves in the foot. Our government raised the acceptable level of radiation in our food from 90 bq/ k to 1200 bq/k inorder to say contaminated food and water is "safe" .
    Do not believe this…Japan kept the safe level at 100 bq/k..Please do some research, seafood from the Pacific and some fruits and veggies from the west coast are well above the old safe level, these should be avoided..A high quality geiger counter is your friend..

  21. Hey, Dee! Why don't you go jump into the great Pacific and while you're at it, eat a shit load of kelp!

  22. Went on vacation in San Diego and played in sand one whole day and has been sick with organ pain and loss of appetite and diaherra, mystery diagnosis could it be a reaction of to much radiation, since I'm already suffering from a compromised immune system.

    • I did play in the sand with some little girls I met. We dug for sand crabs. Just a wee bit. Could that have done it?

      How horrible if it's true.

      I'd like to know. Can anybody confirm or deny dangerous radiation levels for swimmers in Santa Monica?
      Thanks, and all the best.

  23. Don't forget radiation from your cell phones, blue tooth devices and Wi-Fi is probably just as bad.

  24. Radiation levels in tuna tripled after Fukushima
    (NaturalNews) Fish caught off the coast of Oregon have tested positive for radiation and the researchers that discovered this say Fukushima is to blame. An Oregon State University (OSU) research project found that radiation in albacore tuna has been steadily increasing ever since the nuclear disaster back in 2011, with average radiation levels now triple what they were before the consecutive meltdowns.

    A team led by graduate research assistant Delvan Neville first began collecting tuna samples back in 2011 and ever since, has been collecting more to make comparisons. Based on what they observed, levels of radioactive cesium in the fish have increased by roughly 300 percent since the project first began, a direct result of radioactive bioaccumulation in the fish over time.

    Published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, the results of the study demonstrate a lingering effect from the Fukushima disaster that the mainstream media has largely downplayed. Though still relatively minute, the radiation levels detected in albacore tuna add to the many other sources of exposure from other foods, as well as from air and seawater.

    "You can't say there is absolutely zero risk because any radiation is assumed to carry at least some small risk," admitted Neville, who works in the OSU Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics.

    When someone tries to convenience you that everything is OK, GUESS WHAT?

    • What about swimming in Santa Monica? I've been swimming every day for the
      past 2 weeks and today i feel really WEIRD in my body in a way I can't even explain. The water seems so much cleaner fhan it did when I lived here 20 yrs ago.


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