Regulators Confirm The Mega Banks ARE Robbing Your Pension Funds

August 4th, 2013
Updated 08/04/2013 at 5:08 am

In another case of ‘conspiracy’ confirmed as reality, US regulators are now revealing various documents and call logs detailing initiatives by the world’s mega banks to rig interest rates in order to rake in millions at the expense of legitimate businesses and pension funds. 

Wall Street and homeless people on the street.And once again, the media is acting as if this revelation is truly inconceivable and unexpected. As it turns out, however, reports now confirm what we have known for decades: that the mega banks are in fact gutting the economy in order to squeeze as many greenbacks as possible from the last breathe of our financial infrastructure. It’s essential to remember that, as Bloomberg revealed in an attempt to obtain alternative news readers and latch on to some form of credibility, these mega banks are already receiving $83 billion from taxpayers each year.

Wall Street Funding Drug Cartels With Taxpayer Income

What’s amazing is the blatant and audacious nature of these mafia bankers, who are confident they can continue to siphon our cash without consequence.

But before we even get into the once again blatant siphoning of finances from pension funds and legitimate businesses, you should also be reminded where this cash is then funneled. As it turns out, the mega banks turn to Mexican drug cartels and known terrorists inside the United States in order to generate massive profits on their investments. A reality that has even been reported on by mainstream media outlets and buried within the ‘miscellaneous’ news categories with very low visibility.

NBC News, for example, has covered the admission that mega banks like HSBC are indeed funding Mexican drug cartels that continue to pump drugs into the United States. So much for the phony drug war, huh?

Bankers Rob Pension Funds, Real Business Finances

These are the colossal corporations we are now entrusting to regulate and control our economy, and then we wonder why they’re obliterating the pension funds. We have given the banks the role of regulating the premiere benchmark for interest-rate derivatives. Known as ISDAfix, documents now being ‘investigated’ by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) explain how Wall Street bankers went in and worked with various brokers in order to alter this benchmark rate of the industry in order to profit.

Bringing down others in the process, the Wall Street sharks were on record in e-mails and phone calls discussing plans to make loads of cash on derivatives trades by altering ISDAfix rates in their favor. After all, they knew what would happen to the rates they were controlling. This is, by the way, extremely illegal and specifically prohibited in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. And guess what, the whole gang is involved.

In fact, the banks now being investigated for robbing pensions via the rigging of interest benchmarks now include:

  • Bank of America Corp
  • Barclays
  • Citigroup
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  • HSBC
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Wells Fargo & Co.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • And several others

As always, the usual suspects are up to their consistent game of looting the economy for their own gain. The usual banking mafia that operates under the love of money, power, and absolute deception. The purest form of absolute corruption there is in the whole system today.

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  1. NoFedRick says:

    The central bank or "Federal" Reserve are solely responsible for the corruption of our leadership as well as the withering of the American Constitution!

    Because of the amount of money our government owes to these private banking mafia organizations, the government has no choice but to declare wars. Wars generate money to pay back the FED. The FED has our government by the short hairs. All that they need to do is to demand that they want all their money now, and the dollar crashes immediately because the government cannot pay it.

    Because of this fact, our government funds organizations like Al Quada to destabilize the middle east so that we can come up with "reasons" to go to war. They choose the middle east because it is easy picking and the government is too cowardly to give us the real scoop.

    The only way out of this mess you ask? Dump the "Federal" Reserve, adopt a new form of currency and start over. Otherwise we're on a crash course to doom with no way out!

  2. Za Fixer says:

    That is right every bank robs it's clients more or less but there are still a few banks which remain in the limit of decency. I also changed my bank last year when a friend told me to Visit <a href="” target=”_blank”> because their are one of the most honest banks.

  3. collins says:

    Every bank robs it's clients more or less but there are still a few banks which remain in the limit of decency. I also changed my bank last year when a friend told me to Visit <a href="” target=”_blank”> because their are one of the most honest banks.

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