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Real Media Blocks Obama’s Attempt at Plunging Nations Into WW3

The real media that has now emerged in the place of the depleted mainstream media machine has successfully blocked plans by Obama and his handlers to plunge the international community into a hot World War 3 scenario, and top advisers are on record admitting it.

In a truly powerful augmentation of history, spreading the word over staged events like the Syrian chemical attacks has ultimately forced the Obama administration and its affiliates to push back their plans to launch military action. Action in Syria that, as admitted by the mega media, has much more to do with instigating a hot war with Russian forces who continue to back Assad. Ultimately, by disseminating this information to what amounts to millions worldwide, we have also delivered talking points and analysis to prominent figures like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan.

In what amounts to both a heavy responsibility and massive reach, these top analysts were going on record highlighting the same points that I have been covering since the onset of the Syrian madness. Articles that have been shared like wildfire throughout social media and uniquely viewed by several millions. And the decomposing mainstream media simply can’t figure out how it’s done. I have had mainstream journalists inquire as to how we can actually influence history, policy, headlines around the world, through platforms like Storyleak.

We ARE The Media

The answer, quite simply, is that we are now the only media. There’s no longer the need to play into the psychological minefield of labeling certain sources ‘alternative news’ when we can go back to leading Gallup polls and show that virtually no one trusts the mainstream media. And that’s bad news for the 6 corporations that own 90% of the mainstream media.

There’s a reason that¬†former US National Security Adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski says that there is a ‘global political awakening’ placing a wrench in the wheel of the war machine. And quite frankly, we are driving that wrench harder than ever into the tank of the warmongering elite. As a result, they are becoming desperate and resorting to censoring real journalism through ‘defining’ what a journalist is. But the fact is that as long as we continue to found the alarm, we will continue to see massive victory across the board.


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  1. While I admire the sentiment, here's reality. The gov't is still using the IRS to target Tea Parties, the NDAA is still in place, all of those horrendous Executive Orders allowing for complete govnement take over of the entire country right down to individual families are still in place, the TSA roll is expanding, the DHS is expanding, the SWAT team militarized police are getting more aggressive, spending is still unchecked, the debt keeps growing, and so and so on. Until there is ACTUAL POLICY CHANGE, nothing has changed. NOTHING !!

    • The NSA, TSA, IRS, DHS, NDAA, and executive orders will all go away once the financial system collapses. And so will the militarized police units and SWAT teams. Meanwhile, We The People will be right here doing what has to be done, including growing our own food, helping our fellow man as best we can, making our own laws, and policing our own neighborhoods.

      • Collapsing the financial system is the final step in those organizations take over of your life. The value of money is purely arbitrary, don't be fooled by yet another layer of the control system. When the monetary system has collapsed, and your working hard in your garden, don't be shocked when the SWAT Team arrives and stamps out your illegal food horde.

  2. Thank you Anthony

  3. A Bloodless Coup occurred in the US years ago, ignorant, egotistical, American morons simply refuse to acknowledge it. WW111 will happen because the people really that run this world want it to happen. Nothing will stop them, it is way too late blind sheeple.

  4. It's a start. We have been asleep so long that evil has a stronghold. I believe we need to continue to fight until the Lord God calls His children up and begins His judgement on satan and his followers.

  5. Well im glad to see this page is still up. Bing search will not let me come to this page since this afternnon. Fortunately I had this page in history so I was able to get here. Whats up with Bing now. Are they also aiding the Tyrants as well as google?

  6. Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War The GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV By James Corbett Global Research, September 14, 2013

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