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Police Who Shot Homeless Man 11 Times Over Stolen Coffee Will Not Be Charged

As the media is busy covering the latest rumors over which celebrity will be wearing the trendiest designer clothing to the Oscars, one particular story has gone unnoticed — the declaration by the federal government that the Michigan police officers who shot at a homeless man 47 times (hitting him 11 times) will not face any federal charges. Not even a slap on the wrist.

cops-homeless-coffee-milton-hallIn what amounts to an entirely outlandish event that is both disturbing and highly revealing when it comes to the state of our society, Michigan police officers ended up firing their weapons 47 times at 49-year-old Milton Hall following a report that Hall had stolen a cup of coffee from a convenience store. A crime that undoubtedly set back the convenience store by around 5 cents in costs for the Chinese made cup and maybe another couple of cents for the coffee itself.

On July 1, 2012, officers surrounded the homeless man who was reportedly dealing with a history of mental illness and carrying a pocket knife. Captured on video, you can clearly see the entire horde of officers unloading their weapons in unison against the 49-year-old mentally ill homeless man:

But according to federal authorities from the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, the officers did not act unlawfully.

“After a thorough investigation, federal authorities have determined that this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of willful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution of the police officers involved,” a joint statement from the agencies read.

The same sentiments were also backed up by state prosecutors, who found that the officers also acted within the law in shooting Hall 47 times. As a result, Hall’s mother has launched a wrongful death suit against the city, which ultimately found that the first officer on the scene was already preparing to shoot Hall once she arrived on the scene. According to the suit, the first officer stated that she was “going to have to shoot this guy” unless other officers could arrive quickly to the scene.

Additional officers, of course, did arrive quickly to the scene and instead of helping to diffuse the situation assisted in shooting off 47 rounds at a close ranged target with extreme inaccuracy.

The reality of this story is that this injustice is yet another symptom of a police force that is trained to consider citizens as the enemy. The reason we continue to read such horror stories about the execution of citizens for holding Wii remotes and other harmless objects that don’t even look like firearms is due to the fact that the police are now led to believe in their training programs that average citizens are in fact the largest threat — that a terrorist is hiding behind every suburban corner. When officers see citizens (or even children) that we can perceive as harmless holding some type of non-threatening object in their hands, they default to their fear-based training and act without thinking.

As the police force of the United States is further calibrated to military-style training with the American people as the enemy, we will only see a sharp increase in horror stories such as 49-year-old Milton Hall’s.

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  1. Mr. Gucciardi,
    Great article. Nobody will cover these topics but you. Keep up the great work!!

    Those cops in the video?
    I'll betcha they feel real proud of themselves. They are probably hero's at the local Union Hall.

    • This is another great example why the police force is out of control and needs stopped

      • Or brought to justice and returned to the local enforcement by people answering to the folks they work for.

        • I didn't ask you nor do I care about your opinion

          • Wee,
            I have never seen anything like this.

            A couple of days ago, this person alludes that he is suing you.

            Yet he cannot stop posting to you, and badgering you.

            I'd love to see the Discovery Phase.

            Print out all 137,000 of his comments, and put them in a stack in front of the Jury. It would look like the Affordable Care Act………..

          • We have printed out all his comments and I have many screen shots of him making threats and admiting stalking me. I can also show he engages me in a harrassing threating manner. That is about all I can say at this time

    • It IS sad…and Mr. G. DID do a good job. But, he’s actually NOT the only one covering this trend. I’ve been reading similar stories for weeks all over the Web.

      It seems that in just about EVERY one of the 5-or-so of these stories I saw just last week…NONE of the cops usually take their medicine. It’s usually a “whoops!” and they send him on vacation for a week.

  2. If his history of mental illness and carrying a pocket knife made this all right…
    Who’s to say they won’t manufacture a history like that every time they act like brownshirts?

  3. And ppl wonder why the american justice system is complete shit the cops are nothing but spineless asshloles there ones that should be shot for being chicken shits

    • Oh our justice system is messed up. No doubt about that

      • Most states allow judges to face a vote periodically.

        California tossed 4 of their supreme court justices when they had enough.
        People need to start firing judges and DA's.

        • You are advised to cease any communication with me online.

          • From whom?

            And this issue is the reason adults are here.

          • 4 more to go for your collection and you will have reached 137,000

          • Adults came here to discuss the issues.

          • Well leave so we can. You reply and reply to people who do not want to discuss anything with you.

          • Yes you and your posse can't help themselves but to keep trying to distract me from the issues.

            Adults used to come to this site for important issues and breaking stories. Now, it's me, liberty, lincoln and the posse of trolls.

          • ONE……………..!

            Come on Gumby, you can do it!

          • 137,000 Posts.
            An Intense Debate World Record.

          • Hurray, let's party !

          • Great!

            Let's round up 50 dancin' girls and 49 costumes.

          • Roger, no one cares if you post comments on here. We just don't want to dicuss anything with you. The only reason you stalk us because we are the only ones who don't put up with your crap.

            If you don't reply to us you can keep to the issues no one wants to discuss with you.

          • Wee it's not a big surprise that I disagree with your agenda against the values I cherish.

            That you refuse to discuss issues and that your posse keeps derailing any serious discussing isn't much of a shock either.

            If you don't want to discuss the issues and topics then why can't you just go to sites where it's not what they're set up for?

          • Why not just quit stalking us and let us dicuss the issues with each other? When you butt in to OUR conversations al ldiscussion stops. You can discuss them with people who want to talk with you. We don't want to talk to you.

          • Wee, this may be difficult for you to understand, and I'm sure your posse will be baffled.

            Adults come here to these sites to discuss serious issues and topics because they want to restore the country. Not revolution, not ammo stock piles, not because they hate police.

            I will support and advocate police that have local support with leadership that understands they are in the community to protect and serve. With elected officials bold in how they act to protect their community from abusive law enforcement. That want government honest about things like radiation and threats to our safety.

            Not government imposing their will on us by fiat and representatives that mock those who 'need governed'. That's why I want McCain and the RINO's gone, I don't want to be governed.

            And that's why you don't want to talk to me, in my opinion.

          • rog, this may difficult for you to understand. I get along with everyone on this site. They all agree with me on most things like stock up on ammo and that we need a revolution in this country to get it back on order. If you actually read the commentw you will see most do not like the police. So basically what you are saying is that everyone who posts on this site is my posse. Then you want to pretend like you speak for everyone here when you know not one person who posts here on a regualr basis wants you here, that is evident in their comments directed at you

          • “Go, I say go away boy, you bother me”

          • If I bother you, then why are you posting a comment to me?

          • You are bothering everybody. Will it ever sink in your little pea brain?

          • I disagree with some, on issues like legalized marijuana.

            But the folks I truly bother are those that want to destroy the things I stand and support. Like the rule of law, the western justice system, and the right to disagree and still speak our piece.

          • The western justice system, like innocent people on death row or even executed, good job, pea brain

          • I am calling BS. When you disagree and stalk people and they get tired of you you file law suits aginst them

          • He does not get it. No one wants him here

          • TWO…………….

          • Are you ready to celebrate?

          • Indubitably!

  4. Worthless pigs

  5. Here is your "change".
    This is how it is under communist tyranny.
    Under an all powerful state.
    ZERO accountability.

    You people better wake up to reality.
    We will either stand and band together against these CRIMINAL THUGS.
    Or the homeless man will be us NEXT. Do you get that?
    And this is only the beginning under communism. It will get MUCH worse.
    Fema camps, DHS hit teams, Fema camps, GENOCIDE.
    That is how communism works.

    I watched them MURDER two unarmed men who were in "custody."
    It was an intentional and systematic slaughter.
    Then the organs were removed to be sold on black market.
    Bodies incinerated in dog pound crematorium.
    Look at Facilities in RENO Nevada.
    Airport + Detainment Center + Dog pound = DEATH for Americans

    • I watched them MURDER two unarmed men who were in "custody."
      It was an intentional and systematic slaughter.

      Are you for real, or just another of the clinically insane and totally bored?

      If what you state is true, just what did you do about it?

    • So can you prove this?
      "I watched them MURDER two unarmed men who were in "custody."
      It was an intentional and systematic slaughter.
      Then the organs were removed to be sold on black market.
      Bodies incinerated in dog pound crematorium"

      • Whoever that person was, was obviously an idiot and one time poster. I've never seen him here before. Just another insane and chronically bored moron.

        • That is what I figured. Which is why I challenged him. I am not expecting a resopnse. I am sure some troll wil lbutt in and pretend to speak for him

  6. I know somebody else that is mentally ill.

  7. Pertaining to the topic of this thread.
    I have done some research.
    There are multiple video clips online.
    Here is one of them .

    I have a question.
    They claim that Mr. Hall advanced on a police dog in from the K-9 Unit. Why not just release the dog? The dog could have disarmed Mr. Hall. End of situation.

    These murderous cops were not justified.

  8. As the police force of the United States is further calibrated to military-style training with the American people as the enemy, we will only see a sharp increase in horror stories such as 49-year-old Milton Hall’s.

  9. It would be easy for me to respond to this with bitterness, amazement, and ultimately contempt for the officers involved, but that will not bring back Mr Hall nor will it console his family. At the same time, we as citizens cannot stand for officers using their guns for anything but a last resort. This is literally overkill. You can't tell me that six officers didn't have pepper spray or a stun gun among them. I am not an attorney or legal professional of any kind but even I know just from watching various crime shows that when a person fires a gun or stabs excessively (Yes I realize that that is subjective.) it strongly suggests that this is passion driven. Now what passion could these officers have for discharging their weapons so repeatedly and rapidly at an obviously disturbed individual. Yes, he was holding a pocket knife. Yes he took an aggressive stance. But was he truly of any real threat to six trained and armed officers? If these six officers feel that threatened when a mentally ill man threatens them with a pocket knife, how will they react if God forbid armed assailants with fully automatic weapons are nearby? I shudder to think. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  10. This is literally overkill. You can't tell me that six officers didn't have pepper spray or a stun gun among them


  11. My God. My God. What has happened to America. These so-called "peace" officers don't even understand how lawless and dangerous THEY have become.

  12. I wonder how many people will remember this when the prosecutor runs for reelection. These cops were utterly hysterical over a skinny, homeless man with a jack knife.

  13. The guy was a homeless bum. I am not sorry that the police shot him.

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