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Police Officer Shoots Puppy After ‘Fearing For His Safety’

A Michigan police officer shot and killed a 10-month-old puppy this week as he pursued a suspect through several yards in a Redford Township neighborhood.

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According to the dog’s owner, Bianca Alakson, police ignored the “beware of dog” sign on her backyard fence early Sunday morning as they entered onto the property. After reaching her backyard, one officer claims to have been “charged” by the puppy.

“I didn’t know what had happened at first, I just heard ‘pop, pop’,” said Alakson’s boyfriend, Ryan Showalter.

Police claim the officer “feared for his safety” and had no choice but to shoot the puppy twice after it would not stop “advancing.”

“Everyone here loves animals, it’s the last thing we want to do but we have to protect ourselves,” a police spokesperson said.

Showalter refuted the officer’s claim that his puppy was dangerous, saying the dog had no history of violence whatsoever.

“He wasn’t the protector of the house type dog either, he was just the great everybody and love them to death type dog,” Showalter said.

Although police say the shooting was strictly based on officer safety, Showalter says the officer had a different explanation on scene.

“I asked him why and he said, ‘because he was in our way’,” Showalter explained.

Incredibly, officers then arrested Showalter, accusing him of interfering with police on his own property.

“They tried to tell me that I was resisting arrest,” Showalter said. “I was breaking down hysterically in the back seat of the cop car, crying, I didn’t know what to do.”

Showalter was later bailed out of jail by Alakson and is still awaiting charges from police.

Although instances of police helping dogs do appear, such as the recent case of a California officer rescuing a Chihuahua from a busy highway, they are greatly outnumbered by situations where officers use deadly force.

Earlier this month, A Pennsylvania state trooper wildly fired at a family’s dog only feet from a 5-year-old’s bedroom window. Although officer’s claimed the dog was charging as well, the dog’s owner argued that the bullet wounds, which were all in the dog’s side, proved that the dog was not running towards them.

An Oklahoma police officer shot and killed a family’s dog last March and reportedly bragged to animal control how the event was “awesome.” According to reports, the offending officer has received numerous complaints from fellow cops as well as citizens.

Last February, an officer in Idaho was cleared of wrongdoing after killing a man’s service dog outside a 9-year-old’s birthday party. The incident, captured by the police vehicle’s dash cam, showed the officer kicking at the dog several times before he opened fire.

In 2012, a police officer in Austin, Texas shot and killed a dog as it played Frisbee with its owner. The officer would later learn that he had responded to the wrong home on a domestic disturbance call.

Also in 2012, a Texas cop fatally shot a dog as it sat on the porch outside its home, causing several bullets to go through the home’s walls. The officer proceeded by killing a second dog that was tied up in the backyard.

Even though some statistics point to American police killing a dog every 98 minutes, officers are not always successful. Just last month, a California sheriff’s deputy shot himself while attempting to kill a fenced-in dog. Although the deputy claimed that the dog had tried to attack him, the dog was later seen playing with small children in the neighborhood.

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  1. Exceptional reporting.
    Story Leak is fast becoming known as the Cop Killing Puppy website.


  2. Being advanced on by a puppy huh?


    • Surprised that they didn't call in the SWAT team, or at least a Drone strike…

      • Cops For Drone Strikes on Puppies

        • Put that bumper sticker on your truck and I'll bet you get to know the local po-po real well.

          • I know most of the local cops in my area and they are pretty good guys. We did have one that was a prick and was pulling everyone over and writing ticket after ticket and it pi ssed the community off so they fired him. Still don'y know if push comes to shove what they would do. Would they defend the citizens or take action?

          • Yeah, me too. I live in a small town and have none of the issues we read about here. I introduced our puppy to each of them right away.

            As for push to shove, I doubt it. I've witnessed how poorly they handle sidearms, and how easily suspected felons run away from these donut eaters. Nice guys, though. A bit like Mayberry RFD.

          • Good idea introducing your dog to them.

  3. That officer needs to be prosecuted, and his superiors and trainers removed from their jobs.

  4. This is sad, everyone loves a cute puppy.

    But all these stories go to a more important insidious issue.

    Our property should be respected. Our pets don't deserve to die at the convenience of a cop who doesn't treat his employers as real people. This needs to be dealt with in a significant way so that cops only use a gun to protect life, even the life of animals.

    • And everybody hate an ugly hateful troll such as yourself.

      • This from the paid hack sent here to drive folks away…

        6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
        I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

  5. Why do cops hate puppies?

  6. I guess their new motto is shot first and ask questions later!

    May 8th, 2014 Michigan Cops Attack Mentally Ill Man in Disturbing Dash Cam Video

  7. Hey Roger,
    Did you get kicked out from LRC?

    What happened to all of your comments??

    • Don't come here and antagonize him with your crap.

      • Free country, last I checked

        • Well … kinda. That's pretty much what this place is about.

        • Coggy, I think the way you were reacted to says a lot about who went down the line and pulled my comments.

          Some think that pulling comments that deserve to be part of the debate is a legit reaction to them.

          • Coggy told you the other day that his name wasn't Coggy.

            That was in the string of comments you deleted.

          • You as a guest troll have been around long enough to know coggy is a name he has used in the past. Even if it's not his real name.

          • No.
            Quite the contrary.
            I am rather new.

            I happened to catch the exchange the other day, where "Coggy" told you his name was not "Coggy".

            It was sarcasm

          • This name may be new, but the poison behind your comments is as old as Alinsky and the others he works with.

      • Will you do the same?

        You have tried the last two days to decide who posts and who doesn't.
        You don't get to make that call.

        Coggy may not agree with me, but he actually debate.

        • "Coggy" got your number, years ago.

          13 hours ago @ Left, Right & Cent… – DC Drama, Ukraine, Nig… · 2 replies · +2 points
          Dismissed from where ? Here?

          Got to say, in all my years of commenting I doubt I will ever come across a troll that is remotely rabid as Roger.

          You know the old saying Rogere'.

          By their words ye shall know them………..

    • LowPlainsDribbler

      Probably kept re-posting the same comment and got smoked for it.
      You should've seen him trippin on a boat stuck in some ice. Whatever happened to that boat anyways? 0_o

      • LR&C have canned ID and gone w/Discus and a new look to the website which sucks big apples.

        Looks like a copy of Win8. And a shopping bazaar all in one.

        So, people have to register.
        But, they do continue w/edit, reply, report.

        So, all those comments over the last many years are down the drain.
        And yes, that means this last weekend (7-8/Jun) too.

        No more unregistered posting. So look to LRC receiving about as many comments as To The Point. /s
        Hope to see you there. c

        • Yes, for me this is the time Breitbart ditched intense debate…all over again. It's too bad for intense debate. Don't they realize they are losing all their customers because they just don't realize they need to dump their all-time King Of All Trolls?!

          Hahaha, I kid, I kid. I'm sure it's not related.

          Anyway, I do have disqus and I will use it. But it won't be the same of course.

          And yes, I'm more irritated about lost recent threads more than anything.

          I look forward to finding other good ID clients… While there still are some!

          Hope to see you too… In the great beyond.

          • Yep, and Tribune Broadcasting, WGN, Q13, KSWB, WPMT, WGNO, etc. all have ID too and will soon switch to another strange hybrid system like Tribune's New York Station WPIX just did. Due to the stocking, games and obsessed special interest bloggers ID is on the way out unless you're on a hardcore political site, wrestling or a Bronie site.
            If ID changed, and eliminated the "following" option and you could block your profile page as well it might make it a more desirable system.

          • The king of trolls,

            That would be probably alinksy that brags about the damage he does on intense debate.

            2 minutes ago @ http://donbeliveit.blo... – About · 0 replies · +1 points
            "912wolverire is gone because of me."

            1 hour ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 – Florida Attorney Gener… · 0 replies · 0 points
            "Nice to see all the conservative idiots off Breitbart and sucking their toes on websites where no one will ever read them.


            We won!!! "

            His version of winning it's debate or discussion but stopping it.
            I've said so for a long time, and site by site gets pushed too far and switches, the Heritage site went a couple of weeks ago.

          • King Of All Trolls?!

            Roger, you stupid phuck, he was referring to YOU.

          • I know him and know he's done his share of trolling.

            84 weeks ago @ Big Hollywood – Democrats — Why so Un… · 1 reply · 0 points
            I don't post over at Kos and I never did. I am easily bored by "mutual agreement societies". If I felt the way you guys do about issues… my interest in these discussions would go for about 5 seconds.

            clearly, I'm argumentative and take pleasure in being the ants at somebody's picknick / rain on someone's parade. maybe there IS something wrong with me, in that, but I don't care. The way I see it- its a free country. Moreover, I value the "Socratic method". That may sound pretentious – implying that I'm here to offer "constructive" criticism. If I manage to do that then that's great, but I don't expect to be acknowledged.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I almost never posted on LRC you anus sucker.

            You trolled that site and I am getting a statement from them about it.

          • You have posted there and were banned there in the past, on more than one profile.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I have never been banned there. I don't post there. And they are sending me a statement about your trolling.

          • under more than one profile…

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your new lawyer is getting the statement for your trolling there, You have no evidence I posted there regularly.

          • under more than one profile, in 2012 you were banned more than once.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I don't think so. Meanwhile LRC statement goes to your new lawyer.

          • Still deranged and delusional?

            You won't contact him, so this new comment isn't likely.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • So all this is just your best shot at being as upsetting and emotionally disturbing as possible.

          • I'm hoping those who just drop by to offer an opinion might be persuaded to join D as it is rather painless if one just sets up an e-mail account. But, then, they could have done when ID existed.

            So, not much hope there. I hope you do find a good ID client. 🙂

            I can't really describe how much I hate the new site. No, really.

            It seems they've either abandoned their programming (doubtful) or just can no longer spell "schedule"
            but if I were to adequately describe it, I would say they hired a 14-yr-old Microsoft fanboy to do the deed.

          • c_woof-
            You got what you asked for.

          • How do you see that? I did not want KCRW to abandon ID. Notice we are using ID here, the difference is, no report button.

            I think you're congratulating the wrong entity.

          • This "guest" doesn't sound much brighter than Roger.

            No one is bothering to notice that the entire KCRW site was overhauled – not just the tiny section for LRC. Meaning that it has nothing to do with Roger.

          • That is pure horseshlt, and you know it. Roger was in direct communication with them for months. Everyone knows it but you.

            Now who is looking too bright, dummy?

          • You're not looking so bright. And dummy wouldn't be my first word to describe you.

          • Not a real forward thinker, are you Roger?
            You bitched, and pissed, and moaned and squalled like a rented whore unril LRC made major changes.

            Now what?

            Painted yourself into a corner, didn't you, moron? You are running out of places to post with Intense Debate. If you can't post, you can't churn out comments. No, comments, no more Internet Hero…….

          • I can't stop you from making things up.

            But I can explain you're just making things up.
            I wanted them to eliminate guest troll comments.

            You're a coward, but I don't care about that, I do care that you make things up and derail threads.

            They made those changes. You trolled your way into a corner and now you can't post there unless you man up and set up an account.

          • I never posted there, but I did watch the fireworks.

            You pulled everyones comments, then lied about it, just like you did here.

          • As a coward guest troll, you can make up anything. That doesn't mean you have the credibility to have it believed.

          • YO!


            I checked in on you clowns at LRC.

            Pathetic what you allowed Roger to do to you.

            Someone needs to send Sean an email and tell him the password for the new secret decoder ring at Disqus. He was one of the ones bitching the loudest, that he was financially supporting LRC for years.

            I wonder if he is getting his money's worth now?

          • Coggy,


            Your boy Roger got his wish, and destroyed another website. LRC is gone. How many people are commenting there now with Disqus? One? "JeepWonder aka Roger.

            Be careful, when you get what you ask for, the results aren't always good.

            As I recall, "Sean" commented under a generic profile. Is he going to sign up for Disqus? How abut you Coggy? As I recall, you left Breitbart, because they switched to Disqus.

            Roger just won, and you "tools" are too stupid to realize how he used you…………..

          • Considering lately I have ignored his reponses, I'd hardly consider myself used.

            Also, KCRW has completely changed its entire website, not just LRC.
            As I mentioned above, IMHO, it sucks.

            It seems unohu successfully abused the system, along w/whomever was deleting him, but I doubt the major change was sourced @LRC.

          • Coming here now Cog, to use your Intense Debate account? Why don't you use your Dick-sux account and go to LRC and commiserate with Roger?

          • Because then who would see your jovial, encouraging comments?

          • There is a site looking for more people to post comments, they even advertised on craigslist.

          • I site that is desperate for commenters. Sounds perfect for you.

          • No site is perfect.

            They think it's pretty nice.

          • A couple of years back, that was a decent little site. Until Roger and HPDuuuuh destroyed it.

          • Zebrano has been the agent of change there, don't point at me.

            And it was trolls such as yourself that led to the soapings.

          • Hey Cog,

            Are you going to switch over to Disqus?

            You and Roger can talk to each other and control the conversation and debate at LRC.

            For those reading, it will be hard to decide who is the bigger idiot.

          • With you there, it would be settled.

            Do you still plan on cowering behind the guest profile? Oh, you can't.

            So, the only thing they did was eliminate guest trolls. I can't blame them.

        • c_woof,
          So look to LRC receiving about as many comments as To The Point. /s

          Never to be outdone, your boy Roger commented on a couple of threads using his "JeepWonder" alias on Disqus. I wonder, now that he has gotten his wish, will he use Disqus and comment there all day, posting hundreds of comments? I think not. On Disqus, Roger is a nobody with zero points. On Intense Debate, Roger is king of the dung heap. He has 147,000 comments, and 172 points. (which in reality, equates to about a minus three for each and every comment………………..)

          Look at the recent article. When they switched over, there were one hundred plus comments on the article. Now there are four.

          You, and Sean, and the rest of them that were bitching and moaning played right into Roger's hand. That is the game he plays. He did it at Breitbart. He screamed to Breitbart until they changed over, and then he blamed it all on Alinsky.

          Now, all those years of comments and links are gone. Vaporized like the Twin Towers. The only winner was Roger.

          You all lost by pissing in your own litterbox.


          • Like I said above, the entire station has changed. Not just LRC.

          • I agree with you on one thing c_woof, their new format is a joke. It is hideous.

            It looks like a bunch of hucksters, selling trinkets and trash.

            I was waiting for Ron Popeill to start hawking his Pocket Fisherman, or that other idiot to start Slapping his Nuts……..

          • Stil upset you need to actually post under a profile?

            They couldn't take the guest trolls attacking the site and comments, and they fixed it.

          • Let it go CS.

            When you are old and grey laying on your deathbed… Are you going to mourning that old ID reputation that you had to walk away from?!

            I sure hope that no one is so pathetic with such deranged values.

          • Are you going to mourning that old ID reputation that you had to walk away from?!

            You will.

            Roger will…….

          • I will? I have a bunch of sites that you trolls haven't ruined yet.

          • If he was worried about his profile reputation he wouldn't be using a guest feature.

            He is just whining and complaining because it's all he has.

      • Like most liberals, they probably shifted the bill so someone else.

    • Cog,
      It looks like you ALL got kicked off of LRC.

      Roger wins again!

  8. You'd better used containment system for your dear friend.

  9. Next, you or your children, people.

    • Anyone for serious debate and discussion?

      14 minutes ago @ Pissed Off Pirate – Battlezone – Round One · 1 reply · 0 points
      "I am certainly proud of what I was actually doing! Go read my quote. I sound pretty cocky don't I? There's nothing wrong with dividing the opposition. "

      • Just like old times, eh Rog?
        You and Cog, back together again.

        Not many places you clowns can go to and post using Intense Debate. You've been thrown off of most of them, and the rest have switched to the dreaded Dick-sux.

        • Still the guest troll here to stop debate and discussion.

          Just like old times, and I post on lots of places where you trolls haven't drive sites away from intense debate. That's why you're still here trying to target this site and destroy it's site.

      • Roger, I say, I say there son, you are slowing down. You have made 24 posts at Bitchspot, in 25 minutes. Back in the day, you could yammer out four per minute.

      • Got any good recipes for chicken, Roger? Or do you subsist entirely on a diet of bananas?

    • Hey Cog-nut.
      I thought you'd be in porcine heaven over at LRC.

      You and Roger posting copious volumes of Anal-Banal Compulsive horseshlt to each other. Regaling each other with tales of imaginative victories won in the make believe world of Cyber-space.

      Speaking of the Land of Make Believe, how is Coggy's-Corner………?

    • Hey Cog!

      How is that Coggy's Corner website thingey working out for you?

      Maybe you and Roger could go there to Kibbutz.

  10. What I want is some follow-up —
    did this sad excuse for a human lose his badge due to excessive stupidity on the job?

  11. very interesting subject , appreciate it for putting up.

  12. Wonder will never end. Police defend himself with gun against a puppy.

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