Police Chief and Former Intelligence Officer: Media Blackout Over Serious Boston Bombing Questions

May 19th, 2013
Updated 05/22/2013 at 12:35 pm

I recently spoke with current Police Chief and former military intelligence officer John W. Gaissert regarding the mainstream media blackout over numerous portions of the Boston bombings, and I was inspired to hear the former Navy Commander detail the situation based on his expert analysis. 

Much of the hype over the Boston bombings has subsided, and even the alternative media has begun covering other topics like the IRS scandal. That said, it’s always important to remember that key questions have yet to be answered over the situation and are continually ignored by the mainstream media. In particular, issues highlighted from my interview with the Boston bombing eyewitness who revealed that there was a bomb drill taking place the morning the bombing.

Originally dismissed as a conspiracy theory in typical media fashion, it was later revealed that even popular Senators believed there was prior intelligence in regards to the bombing. In an interview with Channel 2 Action News WSBTV, Senator Saxby Chambliss detailed how the circumstances led him to believe law enforcement agencies actually did have advanced information before the bombing that was not properly shared. Information that gives credence to the warnings of Alastair Stevenson, the well-respected coach who told me about his experience with the drill.

Perhaps most shocking to me is the fact that Alastair, myself, and others asking questions about these topics have been demonized as ‘conspiracy theorists’ for even daring to write or talk about them. What’s more, the majority of my work has literally been putting admitted evidence together and examining the reality of the situation — not even offering up my own conclusions as to what happened during the bombings. Yet, despite this fact, simply putting the puzzle pieces together is now enough for the media to send in its attack dogs.

I find it refreshing that respected, experienced, and extremely intelligent individuals like John W. Gaissert are speaking out against the mainstream media blackout not only surrounding the Boston bombings but over developments at large. I may have a little bit different analysis than Mr. Gaissert in regards to some aspects of the discussion, but at the end of the day I enjoy supporting and promoting those who are seeking truth in news. And with Gaissert’s background, I certainly listen to what he has to say.


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  1. Andrew Wye says:

    I'm sympathetic – but why do you seem to be waiting for the MSM to validate your findings/suspicions?
    Plainly obvious that the MSM are a lot of bought-and-paid-for gofers, editorial control of whom is absolute in favour of the Nazi 4th Reich fronted by the unlikely 'black' man mouthpiece – Obama.
    Obama is looking likely to be painted by history as a 'black', lying, homosexual Nazi – who'd have thought it possible? What a perfect front.
    What a perfect cover for their nasty goings-on – (murder, war crimes, mass murder, profiteering, drug-smuggling, graft, fraud, treason, conspiracy to defraud) – have I missed something?
    These psycho-bullies need to be removed asap. – Am I exagerating? – Just do the research – it''s all there if you look.

  2. championofwomen says:

    We live in a country where the government and military can no longer be trusted.
    Just look at the number of rapes in and by the US military it's astronomical!
    Obama hasn't done a thing and keeps letting it get worse.

    The government can set up whatever it wants to and do whatever it wants because no one is stopping them.
    And the same military that is supposed to uphold our Constitutional rights are the same ones breaking them.

  3. Jim Rathbone says:

    I have never understood the reasoning behind the label, “conspiracy theorist.” Why don’t they just call it what it usually is: a well-thought out, well-reasoned, fact-based theory. Which I guess according to the state is bad, evil, and must be looked at with an eye of distrust, since the state sponsored education factories certainly don’t teach thinking skills.
    I write that the state are the true liars and the Real Terrorists: http://rathbonezvizionz.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/who-are-the-real-cowards-and-terrorists-understanding-defintions-of-terror/
    As well as check out Jacques Ellul’s Propaganda and the Technological Society. Both go into detail of what is occurring right now.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    I read the article wondering why you didn’t say which city he was police chief in. Looked it up and I realized why you left that little tidbit out of your story. This guy is a police chief in Athens Georgia. What does he have to do with what happened in Boston? His opinion on the Boston bombings is no more relevant than yours or mine. This is the kind of reporting that makes alternative media look like conspiracy theorists. Your grasping for something new to say to bolster some weak circumstantial evidence. Go out and find some real proof then report it. There is a smoking gun, but no hard evidence. You will never find the truth as a reporter sitting at your computer or interviewing a guy who’s opinions, though they may be valuable and interesting, have no relevance to the story.

    • IRSSucks says:

      As a police chief and military intelligence he has valuable info.

      • el Gallinazo says:

        "This is the kind of reporting that makes alternative media look like conspiracy theorists."

        Think you just tipped your hand Winston. BTW, are you the WInston after O'Brien was finished with you?

  5. IRSSucks says:

    Good interview, well done on both ends…

  6. Reggy says:

    LOL/WTF: "a guy who's opinions, though they may be valuable and interesting, have no relevance to the story." Thx for the stand-up Winston. How can something be "valuable" and have "no revelance" at the same time, in the same sentence. Great comic relief.

  7. Shaw says:

    despite this fact, simply putting the puzzle pieces together is now enough for the media to send in its attack dogs.

  8. James says:

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  9. Continue says:

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