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Police Beat Elderly Deaf Man For ‘Refusing Orders’

An elderly deaf Oklahoma man was beat by two highway patrol troopers earlier this month for allegedly refusing to comply during a traffic stop.


According to reports, 64-year-old Pearl Pearson left the scene of a minor automobile accident before being pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol on January 3.

After issuing several vocal commands from their police vehicle, troopers claim Pearson refused to show his hands. Despite a large placard on his driver’s door stating, “Driver is deaf,” Pearson claims troopers immediately began hitting his face as he attempted to show his ID, which also states that he is hearing-impaired.

After a seven-minute altercation, Pearson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident. According to Pearson, he was denied an interpreter for the entire duration of his detainment in and out of jail.

“Not during the booking, hospital, or time at the jail  was an interpreter provided, even through Pearl requested one,” a statement reads.

Another statement on reveals that Pearson has several family members in law enforcement, making it seem highly unlikely that Pearson would cause issues for police.

“Pearl’s own son is a police officer, as was his son-in-law, who is now a deputy sheriff. He respects law enforcement and knows how to respond when pulled over. There is no reason for someone like Pearl to be hurt like this by those who are meant to protect and serve,” the statement reads.

Sacia Law, Pearson’s next-door neighbor, also agreed that there must have been a major misunderstanding during the traffic stop.

“He’s hearing impaired, you can’t yell at him from behind his car and get a response,” Law told Fox 4. “I know they do dangerous jobs and they put their lives on the line, but that is over the top.”

Despite the obvious misunderstanding, the highway patrol claims they are going forward with the charges while a review of the incident is conducted. The police affidavit made no mention whether or not the troopers realized Pearson was deaf.

Pearson is now receiving financial help from the Total Source for Hearing-Loss and Access group, an agency which provides assistance to the deaf and hard of hearing. A benefit dinner has been scheduled for Thursday at the Garnett Assembly of God church in Tulsa from 5-7 p.m.

Unfortunately, an increasingly violent militarized police force has created a real danger for not only the public, but the country’s countless Constitution-abiding officers.

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  1. This will never stop, or even be given pause, unless threatened by physically-demonstrative, not necessarily violent, numbers of the masses. Yet, as was blatantly demonstrated during the Boston marathon bombing manhunt & illegal search 'n seizures, the vast majority of the lemming sheeple will simply roll/bend over (literally) & comply if something inconveniently interrupts their sleepwalking to the next 'smart'phone use, or unreality TV show mind-numbing broadcast, or spectating of corporate stream-hosted political theater forums & believing they're cognizant of politics' realities. Quite simply – the numbers are against me & you; weep for the human condition, but make sure you duck & cover for you & yours on your own…

  2. Here we go again more police brutality. Who do these pigs think they are?

    • Those pigs are the ones that face danger every day. They are told by the courts they are always wrong. They are cornered by lawyers, liability claims and somehow normally keep our animals at bay and the system working.

      Are there abuses? Yes. Is there bad apples? Yes. But compared to other countries our law enforcement is less corrupt. In Egypt, it was well known that without bribes you didn't stand a chance. Does that mean I excuse the abuses like this one? Of course not. There are laws and the cops that forget it need to stand trial and need to face real consequences. But they are not 'pigs'. When you lower them enough that they aren't viewed as professionals then they won't remember that's how they are expected to act.

      • many people i know have been harrased by police , many police have been caught selling drugs, managing brothels , and being paid off. a friend of mine was stopped by police outside of a bar taken to a back alley with his girlfriend , beaten and his girlfriends jaw broken on the side of a dumpster . maybe when a police officer bashes your cheek bones in , youll view things differently

        • I'm sorry to hear that.
          We deserve better. We should demand better.

          And exposing the abuses is an important step towards that.
          We need law enforcement, and settling for thugs isn't the way to keep our streets safe.

      • We all know that cops face danger every day. But didn’t they sort of know that before they became cops? Personally, I wouldn’t refer to them as pigs. I don’t see pigs beating each other unnecessarily in fits of rage. but if they want to be treated as a professional, they need to act like one. You don’t get true respect just because you don a badge and gun.

      • Everyday huh? They are more of a danger to us

        • Every day. They see the worst in the people they deal with such as domestic disputes. This horrible abuse isn't excused. But for you to ignore the good cops, that's not excused either in my book,

          Why is it you only attack the police and not work towards reforming them and making them live up to their motto, 'to serve and protect'?

          • Why are good cops who expose bad cops considered Rats,and not Heroes? "Things left undone"!

          • There is a culture in government where the most aggressive the most 'alpha' people rise to the top and the more reasonable people punished for attempting to influence the debate.

            As long as that happens then the people will be pushed under the thumb of tyranny.
            Local law enforcement with leadership facing elections is the check and balances. We need to use it.

            The federal agencies gearing up with arms and swat teams? That scares me worse. There are not checks and no balances. That's tyranny at it's worst.

      • If you or I did that to a disabled senior, we would be in jail on felony charges. By the way, I am a disabled senior. Any cop who did that to me would disappear.

  3. thats bull shit, I hope that his son and the rest of his law enforcement family stand up for him and make sure the two so called law enforcement officers get kicked off the force and serve jail time. You know I don't dislike law enforcement but when the bitches that get a badge start taking all the bullying they got out on innocent people is when i have a problem. I hope they go to jail and get a ass whooping of their own. Its unfair to use that power as a leg up when you are trusted to take care of this man, not hurt him

    • As seen by the example of the British cop stitching up a journalist, as witnessed on this site, these cops aren't rogue. They will fall in line with their "brothers in (strong)arms" when they are asked to., just as that example shows you. Being a "Serpico" in a politically driven government department is a death wish. Just ask Serpico. His beef was with bent cops who were running drugs. These guys want to rule, not serve. The game has changed over time.

  4. Law enforcement is infested with bad cops and all the so-called good cops witness actual crimes their fellow officers perform and get away with. It's a silent, sickening loyalty in the name and support of the fraternal order that is shared. They protect and serve each other before anyone else or even the law..

  5. Anyone want to lay odds on this thug getting his job back?

    • There may be reasons outside of the story if they hire him back. For example if they fire him and get sued there may be liability exposure for a city employee.

      Some might hire him back, then fire him for other things to dump him quietly later.

  6. What makes you think he will leave his post.

  7. Kristian from Sweden


  8. I am positive things like this have absolutely no impact!

    Racist FBI 'Cointel' Coloring Book For Kids Advocates Killing 'Pig Cops'

  9. Most of you do not get it!!!! This was not an article about corrupt cops or politics, not was this put here for people to defend. Cops are not pigs and without them we would not have any control over what would happen to our society. Yes there are bad cops and they should be punished but look at the bigger picture. This is about equality for all, treating others with respect, and finding a voice for those who can’t say anything. We have been fighting for marriage equality, and I agree it’s what we need, but we need to fight for equality for all including the Deaf. This means awareness to all people and factions of government about the Deaf community. People please look at this as a way to inform others about the injustice to Deaf individuals like many other communities and spread the words of equality and kindness.

    • sad to see you do not see what is wrong here, this goes hand in hand with what is wrong with policing & having respect for a fellow human being, 90% of the police force is bad & the good ones stay silent due to threats of losing their jobs & being labelled a traitor to the police force

    • Heinrich Mueller

      Yes, equality for all. Deaf people need to be beaten just as much as non-deaf people. All races need to be shot, tasered, and pepper sprayed equally. ISIS, AL QUEDA, HEZBOLLA, HAMAS, BOKO HARAM, need to have the same respect as our police officers.

    • There are good cops and bad cops, blah, blah, blah.

      Except nothing is ever done about the bad cops, who are plentiful and murder, rape, steal, and abuse with impunity.

  10. Cops officers is swarmed with bad police and all the so-called excellent police observe real criminal offenses their other authorities execute and get away with. It's a quiet, sickening commitment in the name and assistance of the fraternal purchase that is distributed. They secure and provide each other before anyone else or even the law.. . CALL For More Details Drug/Alcohol Addiction Treatment – 877-264-2150 . For Insurance

  11. For goodness sake, it is Oklahoma after all, what did you expect?

  12. At least the police are now abusing their own.

  13. This is insense ,No one can hate nobody without any case.god bless than man.

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