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Photos: Concert Venues Now Search Inside Your Pants

In a nation fully immersed in its growing police state presence, even venturing to see a local show now subjects you to unnecessary and dehumanizing search and seizure that was once “reserved” to help “fight the war on terror.”

Even at the lowest levels within the bureaucracy-based establishment system, we are all systematically targeted as terrorists — and the reach is growing further.

I was amazed this past week to witness one of the largest concert venues in Texas, which sits just outside of Houston, completely change their security policies to virtually mimic that of the TSA’s. In less than a year, this venue went from the typical ‘glance and go’ security that was once standard at many establishments to a full protocol that includes the removal of shoes, emptying of pockets, lifting (and sometimes removing) shirts, and even a flashlight search inside of your pants.

Upon arriving at the “security checkpoint,” I was ordered to wait for the next “agent” in line to conduct his search. After being told to empty my pockets and show them the bottoms of my pocket linings, the “agent” instructed me to lift up my shirt and allow him to use his flashlight to search down my pants. Due to my cooperation with the highly necessary procedure that I am entirely sure leads to the detainment of numerous ISIS operatives (as they meanwhile can openly cross the border with zero response from the United States), I was allowed to keep my shoes on.

A private ‘agent’ led by police pulls my pants away from my body and searches with a flashlight after telling me to partially remove my shirt.

Concert Venue Searches More Invasive Than Airport Ebola Searches

Perhaps the most concerning conclusion reached from my invasive search, however, is the realization that these concert venue searches are actually much more invasive and thorough than our international searches conducted on potential Ebola victims traveling inside the United States.

In fact, they are virtually nonexistent.

As one of these “agents” was using his flashlight to examine down my pants, it became highly apparent that a large majority of the public quite simply realizes that the new police state doctrine of the US is built on a foundation of sand. As US citizens are harassed at their favorite sporting event for attempting to carry in a can of high fructose corn syrup soda by private “agents” under the leadership of local police, real threats are completely scoffed at.

Thousands of potential Ebola victims are entering the US without any significant precautions. The border is so open and lacking patrol that individuals dressed as both Osama Bin Laden and an ISIS operative both managed to cross through it.

We, however, are the ones being treated as the real terrorists.


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  1. The 4th Amendment was drafted because the Brits used to do things like this.

    Why does the constitution mean nothing to the people that swear to uphold it? Why even bother that sham?

    • It has come to attention you are discussing our settlement on another site. You are claiming I was forced to make an apology which is a lie. A cease letter was sent out by your attorney yet you continue to violate the terms of the settlement and lie about it. You ate without a doubt the biggest f ucking idiot in the world. Thanks for making that comment. Unlike you I am not forgiving and you just f ucked up

      • Quote me. Better yet try reading the comment before referring to it.

        And you may want to suggest to alinsky he considers settling.

        • I sent it to your attorney. Call him. Saying I was forced to apologize is a lie. Posting my apology on different sites when in the settlement it says only 3 sites violates the settlement.

          I will suggest nothing to anyone. You won't find him

          • Time will tell, you didn't think I'd find you either.

            And I won't discuss the terms here, I agreed to keep it confidential.
            Unlike some others, I keep my word.

          • But you will discuss it other places. And lie and say I was forced.

          • I do not know about thes things you are saying, but he is a big fat liar and lies to me for 6 hours some where else. I bet he likes big fat liar Rush Limbo also sense they are both big fat liars and I am a conservative veteran. I hate liars and I hate cowards.

          • Still the little spammer with no idea of how stupid you are?

          • You can not fix stupid, as they say. But you can stop lying so why wont you stop lying? That makes you more stupid than me. I might be stupid but I am not a stupid liar like you.

          • You may have so much stupid it can't be fixed

            Do you realize this site has a topic and adults try to come here to discuss it?

            Of course you do.

            Would you want to be searched as you stand in a concert reading a copy of the constitution that says this:

            Amendment IV

            The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

          • I can not fix how smart I am but I do not lie like you.

            I have been to many places that have security and that includes getting wanded and frisked. It is what keeps people safe from killers like that school shooter and killers on Navy bases I have been to. I would rether be safe than sorry and dead. A concert is not the same as 4th amendment that talks about government searches. Maybe you are not so good at the Constitution.

          • So, then read the amendment that rules all government and try to explain how it applies to people getting searched without any probable cause.

          • Concerts are not government so it does not apply to this. YOU read the amendment and show where it does. And you are still a liar from the other place and you do not know about what the 4th amendment is about.

          • But the police are government employees and it does apply to them.

            Unless they have probable cause. Is someone have a gun magazine in one hand and the other on a bulge in their jacket pocket for example.

            Try reading the amendment and then remember until Obama we knew we were safe in our own homes.

          • This story is not about police, it is about security at a concert and security is never police at places like that. You do not know what the story even says it is not the TSA or police it is rent a cops. You are not smarter than me you are not.

          • Read the story, then come back to comment on it. Of course your'e not that smart and the big words confuse you.

            Try the picture with a little bit of words under it, what does that say? Oh, that's too hard still? Let me help you.
            "A private ‘agent’ led by police pulls my pants away from my body and searches with a flashlight after telling me to partially remove my shirt."

            "Led by police" You lose, again. But feel free to lie about that too. It's just what you've been doing for over 6 hours.

          • How would I lose if it says a private agent ? And just because this story was wrote by a cop hater does not mean the agent was a cop. You better read the whole story again the cops were not looking in his pants and the 4th amendment was not applied because it cant be. You are not as smart as you act like and you are rude for no reason.

          • An agent working under the direct supervision of a law enforcement agency is in effect an employee of that agency and the police officer would be violating the 4th amendment when he directs the agent under his control to do so.

          • You better learn how to read better because that is n ot what this story says. He said he went to a concert but then he says and I quote

            As US citizens are harassed at their favorite sporting event for attempting to carry in a can of high fructose corn syrup soda by private “agents” under the leadership of local police, real threats are completely scoffed at.

            He was not talking about the concert he went to he was talking about some sporting event that is different than this story. He did not say rent a cop at the concert were under cop leadership. He implied it to fool stupid people like you and you fell for it. Who is dumber you or me ? I say you are and a liar too.

          • And those agents are led by police.

            That makes the police responsible for what the cops tell the agents to do.

            You aren't very good at this. Do you ride the short bus to school every day, or just when the class has extra help to deal with you?

          • You are stupid and a liar. He does NOT say in this story that the rent a cops were under control of the real cops. I have been to concerts and rent a cops are hired by the venue and are under the control of the venue. You are trying to read into this story what isn't there and what the author is tryhing to make you believe and you are both wrong and trying to make something out of nothing. Do not go to concerts any more and this will not matter to you. You are paranoid besides being a big fat liar.

          • I didn't say he said that.
            I quoted what he did say.

            "A private ‘agent’ led by police pulls my pants away from my body and searches with a flashlight after telling me to partially remove my shirt."

            Then I took that a step further. Should you go have some more macaroni art to eat?

          • You do not have proof cops were involved at all and his story says 'led by police' and I say bullshit. The girl in the green shirt and shorts is not a cop and there are no cops in the pictures AND lifting up your shirt does not mean he had to particially remove his shirt. This guy is a liar and you saying his lies over and over makes you a liar. Look at the pictures and eat your own macaroni art.

            You are the rudest person I have ever run into and I will make a real not Guest account so I can talk to you more. Why wont you say you are a veteran ?

          • Sure I do, have you read my comments for the quotes I've been using?

            I didn't think so.
            And frankly, you're the stupidest person, but I don't want to insult the stupid, You must be a liberal, am I right?

          • He will tell you some of his relatives are veterans. He likes to ride their coattails.

          • Isn't it odd (hahaha) that Rogie refused to ever answer a single question "Guest" posed to him? Far as I can tell, he only posed two:
            1. Can you provide one comment you made out of 67 that was on-topic?
            2. Are you a veteran?
            And yet the 'discussion' went on for what looks like almost 8 hours. Rogie has something to hide.

          • I have often wondered if Roger was drawing a Crazy Check. Do you think he could be defrauding SSI?

          • I've often wondered if the posse was sitting around adjoining funded work terminals at media matters drawing a George Soros check.

          • Short answer, yes. I sure hope no one has turned him in to SSA for investigation or he'd have to get an actual JOB like the rest of us.

          • Short answer, you are so repellant and so saggy it would take them 45 minutes to search the fat folds just around your neck and lower hair lines.

          • Isn't it strange that you came to a story about 4th amendment rights and spam it knowing you're so repulsive nobody is going to check the fat folds for anything?

          • And you ride the coat tails of such greats as alinsky, and marx.

            You should have been more selective when you chose idols to worship.

          • You are wiser than you appear. Rock on, guest.

          • What is this guys story ? I asked a simple question and spent the 6 or more hours waiting for a simple answer. How does he get away with the lying all the time ? Doesnt any one call him out on it because I sure will.

          • What is your story? You sound as lame as alinsky, the person who writes for Smith. He slips now and then and gives it away.

            Are you just another new fake persona he's using?

          • He's the ebola of IntenseDebate. Please observe the quarantine.

          • Really Alinsky? This from the guy who bragged you took down sites, site after site and then how the moderators couldn't block you when they tried to?

          • We all point out his lying. He does it daily.

          • You all claim I'm lying and I explain why you're just trolls name calling daily.

            How is that quota coming, if you keep missing it, will you lose your funded workplace terminal to a better troll?

          • Roger likes to talk about bulges.

          • You seem to hope so.

            Still dealing with those issues?

            Go someplace that cares.

          • He is a liar. A no good loser

          • Did you post that from a bathroom or something where the boss can't see you?

          • Sure did loser

          • I know wee is just not the brightest bulb, but I don't think he's stupid enough to post that. Alinsky are you posting under his name?

          • Don't get me pulled into this. It looks like you violated your settlement and are now in a lot of trouble.

          • So, you going to start getting lazy again with ISP's at the local coffee places?

            And I didn't violate anything, I (unlike you) know what it says.
            And I also know wee isn't supposed to be posting at work, they have firewalls up to stop it. It was not the brightest comment to say he was posting from a bathroom or someplace where they couldn't watch him.

          • I also don't know how you are able to post from "work" 14 hours a day, and neglect your "girlfriend."

            Is it true that you are on welfare?

          • Good, you don't need to know.

          • Would it violate your settlement if Wee told us you have never had a girlfriend, you don't have a job, and you talk with a lisp?

          • If wee makes those things up it's just something that was made up.

          • He keeps saying rude things to me about how stupid I am but I think he is mentally sick so that is why he might have 14 hours. He sure has many comments more than any one I ever saw.

          • I can do much better. Trust me.

            And I have more trolls like yourself spamming my comments than anyone you have ever saw.

          • It's easy to have that many comments……when you have no life. He likes chatting with men he meets online.

          • His lust for his "life" seems centered on men….pehhh, I don't care if a man or woman is gay and I feel sorry for those who lack the fortitude to come out in the open about it. I've noticed it's usually the fake christians who hide in the shadows like that.

          • Oh no, I am supposed to follow you and now you say I follow men? Are you a transgender that went horribly wrong?

            The smell, is that a risk of being post op?

          • Roger won't talk about having a girlfriend (as if) because it's too personal. *wink*

          • You closet cases sure seem way to interested in my sexual interests.

            I'm not interested, nothing beyond that is any of your business.

            Ask the apparent fag hag about taking 'no' for an answer.

          • Yeah, that's too personal, but saying crap like this to me is OK in his book:
            1. You never told me that poof's vagina smelled.
            2. Should I stand back and let you call poof dog shit?
            3. Yes, but there are other ways, vinegar and water comes to mind.
            4. Salad? I'd imagine you are a three day old tuna salad. Can someone please crack a window, I need some fresh air!
            5. The stretched out bra straps, the way your belly wiggles around when your boobs flop at your age…. the possibilities are limitless.

            But he's not a hypocrite, dammit! Just ask him. Oh, never mind, he never answers questions.

          • Saggy, you haven't denied a bit of it.

            So, I must be hitting the mark. It's not to late for you to change, there must be a big pool someplace you can sink into the water and soak some of the crusty stuff off.

          • I see he still hasn't learned the difference between "to" and "too".

          • And you haven't learned the difference between quota spam and actual content based comments.

          • I think you might be right about that he keeps lying to me for 6 hours now.

          • I think you've been calling me a liar and can't even figure out what words like 'focused' and 'replies' and 'topic' mean.

          • You are a liar I have showed you that over and over and now you do not know about the 4th amendment or concerts either because they do not have the police there to search people. Do you go to concerts ?

          • You have claimed that over and over. But every quote you use to make that claim only proves you don't know english.

            Go eat some more macaroni art and wait for the short bus to take you home.

          • I know english very well HELLO. I admit I am not a good writer but I try. You should not say such rude things to people you do not know it is very rude. You do not answer questions you just say I must be a retard but you do not sound smarter just ruder.

          • Then don't deserve those rude things.

            See how that works?

          • You are not a veteran are you ? If people spam you comments as you say it is because you spam them with 76 comments when they do not talk to you even 1 time. If you are not a veteran but treat us like shit, you are not a patriot either. I have not done any thing to make you be rude to me I only ask you 1 question and you have hid and evaded and avoided it all day long. You deserve spam trolling as that is what you give out.

          • You are a special ed student aren't you?

            And you might want to make sure when you post a comment it's on the right site. This isn't a site where I posted that many comments yesterday.

            Go eat some macaroni art.

          • Are you a veteran ? Can you answer that question or is it to hard for you ? Grown ups do not have macaroni art so maybe you are just a child trying to act like a big person but are you a veteran ?

          • Are you a special education student?

            Do you get to put on a helmet and ride the short bus to school every day? You are the child and you're not even doing that very well.

          • I have read many comments here today and I do not like that you talk about children it sounds like you are too much interested in children with your talk about special ed children and macaroni art. Is there something wrong with you that you did not do your patriotic duty and serve you country ? I think I know what that is.

          • You don't like to talk about anything that's real.

            And I don't like to talk to stupid people that are deliberately being stupid. You do know what that means, don't you?

          • "Then don't deserve those rude things."

            See what I mean? He's not very good at the whole writing thing.

          • And you're not so good at the whole 'thinking thing'.

          • I think Roger also isn't a good writer, that's why he had to pay for his books to be published. I'm not kidding.

          • I think you're a lousy writer that's why you just focus on spamming all day long.

          • Roger, without a doubt, that is the funniest thing I have read in weeks.

            You, of all people critiquing someone else's writing ability.

            You are hilarious.

          • Yes, and why don't you go ahead and provide a link to your books so I can shred them the way the posse does with mine? Only I'd actually read yours.

          • I suspect he likes boy bands.

          • I suspect you are at all of them and would have seen me if I did.

          • "I know you are but what am I?"

          • You are an artificial person created by the posse so that Alinsky could have alternate views and pretend to be more than one person when he wanted to have a discussion with someone.

          • "Posse troll growl bridge pretending still funded work terminal?"

          • And you seemed to recognize all those terms, even on your limited mentality. Does your mom quiz you each day as she snaps your helmet on?

          • "My God he's dumb."

          • My goodness, you're so dumb you barely managed to cut and paste that.

          • Well I hope you never find him and go broke looking for him. Now phuck off you pos. Bye

          • You hoped the same thing before you had that encounter in the parking lot too.

            Shouldn't you be at work sorting trash?

          • You may an the p ussy that ran away? I don't sort trash you phuck. Get your welfare check yet. Go back to writing more trash books that fail like your law suits

          • Sure you don't, not even in your old beat up car.

          • I don't and your attorney knows that. So you just lied again. Fender is replaced. Car is put away for the winter

          • How nice for you. I hope you have thick socks and warm boots.

            Maybe it will start again in the spring.

          • I I am driving my truck now. You know it only costs me about $150.00 to transfer all my property out of my name. How much did you spend? Since you want to discuss money

          • Sure, of course. We all know how 'credible' you are. Is all the trash sorted down at the meat plant?

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            I see your new book failed like the other trash you tried to write

          • See, you came out of this not knowing jack about me.

            But I know a lot about you.
            I'd love to stay and chat but I want to make sure my credit cards are locked up safe and sound.

          • I Dont care what you know about me. The important thing is you only know what was allowed. Misdirection was used against you. You never figured out my wife's name or where I live. I know your address

          • I know more than that.

            All that bravado, it sounds like jailhouse jive.

          • No you don't. You only know what was allowed. Misdirection was used and u failed

          • And you're allowed to think that.

          • and jeepwonder came out of the cave

          • And the troll with nothing to add and too much a coward to use a profile for posting that nothing would never guess where I traveled to today.

            And don't worry, it's really nothing I'd want to tell you about, now.

          • Came back from space with nothing to add

          • You sure did, and the apparent fag hag must have held your hand the entire time!

          • Did you go to the dying navy site?

          • That place is seriously dead, and they're all up in arms about it. Boo Hoo — but at least they can't blame any of the "troll posse", since none of us comment there.

          • You don't need to worry about it, you aren't allowed.

          • HPD is all upset

          • did you try and realize you can' get in?

            It's doing better than the growl did after Zeb castrated it.

  2. Whose concert was it?

  3. What an excellent piece of journalism. I wonder who Anthony was seeing in concert?

  4. This website is my favorite. Good writing, Anthony.

    • I agree, Anthony.

      • Haha! Maybe it's Ms. Anthony? Or his mom?

        • Haha, did you shake all the saggy body parts to come dragging over here to insult more men?

        • I'm going with office intern.

          • That would be an office intern at This site doesn't have one…unless they use their InfoWars office?

          • And where would you fit right in?

            Well, at most waste management plants you might not smell so bad that they wouldn't want you to stand out in the parking lot. And the flies would blend in too!

          • Why would this site have a separate office?

          • Why would you pretend to make any sense?

            Alinsky, the posse may have taken the day off in part yesterday, but you're still just not the A list of trolls.

        • See, you mention "mom" and guess who comes running? You did see he read and reviewed a book about family dysfunction, right?

          • Of course he did. Ever see a man without mommy issues throw out the verbal vomit he spits out in my direction? I truly haven't. Yes, I did see that review and found it very telling. I know of no one who reads a self-help book for pleasure — they read self-help books to deal with issues they're trying to cope with. It sounds like he had a wretched upbringing and hasn't quite moved beyond it.

          • Of course I've known ugly overweight women, but they didn't all hate men the way you do.

            Is this how you cope with all the rejection that you know you deserved?

          • Your mother would be hurt to hear you talk about her that way. Revenge is sweet, no?

          • My mother would ask me why she deserved it, read some of her comments and want to open a can of whoopass on her too.

            You don't have any class Alinsky, you wouldn't understand how it thinks.
            And clearly saggy doesn't either.

          • Your mom sounds as unstable as you.

          • You sound as pathetic and anti-social as saggy.

          • I struck a nerve with the "mom" thing, huh?

          • I struck a nerve with the closet issues thing, huh?

            Don't like mothers with traditional values huh?

          • Traditional mothers don't raise homos like you. They cull them.

          • Do they? You wouldn't seem to know about traditional families.

            And frankly your apparent fag hag doesn't either.

          • I just told you. Don't ask me again.

          • No, you pretended to know about something you clearly don't.

            Is the handler at your funded work terminal screaming at you to go faster?

          • You are an imposter. I have no idea what roger's mother might think about roger. I don't know if she even met him. Please stop dragging my good name through the mud.

          • I think this is pretty telling: "…open a can of whoopass on her too", which indicates to me that's what he'd like to do to me. Odd — his crap impacts me in no way…I wouldn't bother taking 3 extra steps to get near him, don't care enough about him (actually, I'm rather indifferent to him) to have any emotion invested in him, How empty must one's life be to give so much energy to an anonymous commenter on a [loser] right-wing forum? I have no desire to open a can of whoopass on him — I have a husband, son and some very buff male friends to do that for me. =)

          • Saggy, I realize you're old and a liberal. But you just can't help yourself.

            She would think I opened a can and she would also.

            You just can't keep up. The fat, the flab, the stuff flopping around and the lack of fresh air probably all contribute.

            And if you didn't have any emotional investment in spamming and trolling with your closet case trolls then you as an apparent fag hag wouldn't have bothered with that long comment now, would you?

          • There might have been some abuse in that relationship, hopefully not of a sexual nature.

          • There may be abuse in your internal thought process, the talking points are sure abusive, that explains the closet issues you seem to exhibit all the time.

          • "There may be abuse in your internal thought process…"

            My god you are dumb.

          • Did I Hit a nerve?

            Ask the saggy old worn out thing about it, the apparent fag hag sure does like to march her little soldiers around, doesn't she?

          • Would you stop word scrambling? You make no sense at all. Are you drunk?

          • Still have nothing to add and just too stupid not to?

          • Still have a gay looking mustache?

          • Why do you want to know?

            Closet cases, you are really not all that good at fooling anyone.

          • Alinsky, want to try again?

            And you live in so much mud, it hates to see you coming, it just doesn't know where in Arlington Heights you buy coffee.

          • See, you mention a conservative site and the posse comes running.

            Are you almost on schedule with your quota for today?

  5. Excellent expose as always.

  6. Finally someone is exposing how all of our rights are being taken away by private companies allowing us to enter their building.

  7. “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” Thomas Jefferson

  8. How Many Constitutional Rights Have Americans Lost? January 6th, 2014

    Preface: While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest. This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.

  9. There are global testing companies that provide computerized exams for civil, private trades, police and governmental jobs, that do almost the same type of screening before you take their test. Almost like a TSA pat down. I think it's over kill just to take a test .

  10. This is what happens when you don't regulate the private sector.

  11. A blatant violation of the 1st Amendment!!! Separation of Church and State violation. This mayor needs to be impeached immediately.

  12. If these people are intent on searching, why don't they go to Dallas and search for Ebola?

    • That would be too much common sense.

      • Yes, rent-a-cops should be in charge of potential pandemic circumstances. That's common sense.

        • You liberal hack posse trolls are now, and it's not working out so well. Unless Obama is trying to help it spread.

        • They would probably do a better job than the CDC.

          • Please elaborate. I need a few laughs.

          • You were just at a site commenting that discussed this regime and their treasonous reaction to ebola. You really should pretend to keep up on the stories were you post comments.

          • "You were just at a site commenting that discussed this regime…."

            What the hell are you talking about? Speak English.

          • Still don't get paid to make any sense at that funded work terminal?

          • Please learn the difference between "where" and "were".

          • Please learn the difference between spam and intelligent comments.

            Then learn to refrain form the former.

            Of course the posse trolls will be upset with you…..

          • You do not think the CDC has failed miserably?

          • Of course I don't. I may be a day or two behind in the news, but it seems to me so far, two Americans have contracted Ebola in this country. That's an infection rate of .0000000063% of Americans. In both cases, the hospital made their own protocols for safety, far and away from the CDC. Aren't you one of those "smaller government less regulations" kind of guys? Your hypocrisy is showing.

          • You seem to be determined not to just stay behind on the news, but to then pretend you have any credibility at the same time.

            Of course they don't hire troll to act smart.

          • Well when the CDC does not take appropriate steps to contain an outbreak and tells us first that Ebola will not make it to the US, then they say it won't spread. Now they have been wrong twice.

            2nd Nurse has traveled to several different cities with symptoms…More will be diagnosed soon.

            This is new news too:

          • Its all a scare tactic by the media

          • IMO we will know more after election day.

            They lied and said it was not airborne, now they admit that it can travel up to 3 feet in the air. My point being the CDC and gov's story keeps changing over and over…but you are right, it could be a psyop. My gut still says either bioweapon, and or purposeful spreading.

          • Yesterday when Obama had to back down to the joint chiefs on quarantining the troops I had hopes the military might defy him more often.

        • So, with all due respect, rent-a-cops are in charge of Homeland Security, and within the last hour, President Obola just appointed an Ebola Czar, with zero medical knowledge.

          Make you feel more secure?

    • Iremember — where ya been?

      • He's been trolling under an alternate fake guest name probably saggy,

        Have you been out grazing today?

        • This is just a hunch on my part, but I sense Iremember does not look to you to act as his proxy and answer for him. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling he'd bitch-slap you for trying. So scurry along and stop trolling every comment that isn't to you or even about you, k? It makes you look like the attention whore you claim not to be.

  13. Alinsky,

    You are a liar. You said Greece would recover…LIAR! Good job globalists.

  14. They can search down my pants anytime they want, I'm not shy or ashamed.

    • And in your ancestral homeland what would be good enough.

      Here we want to keep our rights, the 4th amendment wasn't written by 'shy guys' but by men that knew they had enough of tyrants.

    • Ah yes, your "ancestral home", but it's not because you have hispanic name because Roger isn't a bigot. Nope, anyone with a foreign-sounding name is an import, an immigrant as it were. No one with foreign-sounding names was born in the United States. Foreign-sounding like McCreary or Bordeaux or Cervantes or Nuygen or Wong or Katamoto or Palinski<—them's all ferners.

    • Juan,

      What is your email address and password?

      • I don't know why I'm not getting replies in my email, so I'm a little late.

        My email and passwords are not what I keep in my pants.

        • Sam, you poor thing. I know they assign different traits to new trolls.

          Are you the troll that would have been the 'dopey' character in snow white?

        • Well you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, so why not provide me with the info?

          • Well you see I'm not going to give you that information, but I'm not sure if you're being serious or not, because I said
            "They can search down my pants anytime they want, I'm not shy or ashamed"
            Do you think I keep that information down my pants?
            Because that is what I'm not shy or ashamed of I suspect/hope you're trying to make a joke.

            Again I don't keep my email or my passwords down my pants.

          • No I do not want the information. But I am trying to illustrate a point that of course you will not give me your personal information. Yet you joke about someone looking down your pants, which to me, is a violation of privacy. You would not allow someone to watch you change clothes in your home, or a locker room would you?

            Why do we loose the basic right of privacy just because some rent-a-cop says so?

          • If you don't want to be searched going into a concert venue, don't go. I don't have an issue with being searched….I'd prefer it over being shot by some zealot who wants to make a name for himself right before he sticks his gun in his mouth and blows his brains out.

          • Is that what the founding fathers wanted?

            If you don't want to see protesters at an abortion clinic just don't go.

            See how that sounds when you turn it around?

          • Why do you think the protesters are there? My god you're dumb.

          • Protesters at where, the concert the story is about?

            You really should read the comments before responding to the comments.

          • Did you forget the nonsense you typed already?

            "If you don't want to see protesters at AN ABORTION CLINIC…."


          • Read the thread before you pretend to understand the thread.

          • Ask me again "protesters at where" after having said " to see protesters at AN ABORTION CLINIC". My god you are dumb.

          • Try reading the comment. Then read the comment I was replying to.

          • Okay, done. Now then, ask me again "protesters at where" after having said " to see protesters at AN ABORTION CLINIC". My god you are dumb.

          • Read the thread.

            Don't expect me to go slow for your version of troll stupid.

          • You have higher odds of getting into a deadly car accident than meeting another Holmes.

          • I'm tired of trading personal privacy for security.

          • They aren't tired of doing it.

          • I'm tired of getting carded at the bar. *wink*

          • Perhaps the gay bar bouncer is just wanting to get you name.

            And frankly that's not something I want to hear about.

          • "Perhaps the gay bar bouncer is just wanting to get you name."

            Stupid as always. Learn English.

          • What's wrong, did I guess it?

          • I see he's focusing on you today….you'll probably win today's contest. Hard to tell for sure yet, but obviously he's drunk again. Uh oh — he'll prolly call in his mommy to open up another can of whoopass on me. Mesoscared.

          • Oh saggy, you're just boring. Still struggling to fit into that chair and vent bittern insults all day just gets rather routine for you.

            The flies, have you considered setting them free?

          • What is "bittern"? My god you are dumb.

          • What is a really lame troll doing at a funded work terminal?

            Can't they find better? Or do they want someone this stupid to irritate the thinking folks at conservative sites?

          • Me too.

          • My point was I'm not hiding anything illegal. Search away, this is not the same as in my home and you know it. I've gotten dressed in locker rooms before.
            We loose the basic right of that type of privacy because there could be a James Holmes going into a public venue like that.

          • Your point is stupid and doesn't work.

            The fourth amendment mentions being secured in our persons. They don't get to feel us up unless we give them a reason to, and their wanting to snoop isn't enough.

          • Feel us up? Did you even read the article? My god you are dumb.

          • Do guys get felt up? I thought that was a gal/boobies thing, 'first base' as it were. Uh oh — he's doing that gender thingy again where he can't tell the difference between boys and girls, isn't he?

          • Oh saggy, your'e back. Did you get all the flies up and ready to ride the broom to work too?

            You can ignore the fourth amendment hoping to get groped at every venue that might have security. Most folks, including the founding fathers knew it was more than a paid hand where it doesn't belong.

          • Roger likes to discuss feeling people up. Remember the 14 year old boy masturbator story?

          • You seem to hope so.

            You closet cases, can't the apparent fag hag talk you past the rejection?

          • How could I forget? He posted over 200 comments on that one.

          • How could you forget, you were challenged and couldn't spam fast enough to make any sense.

          • He loves the shirtless underage boy stories, or so it seems.

          • Just because you do, and you want us to have things in common doesn't mean I do.

            You need to learn about a thing call 'reality'.

          • Yeah, Juan — your point is stupid and Roger's is brilliant **cough, cough, choke, choke**. Funny thing, though, this search at the concert venue was entirely legal. In one of the photos you can see a sign telling people they're going to be searched. If it were illegal or violated someone's ACTUAL Constitutional rights, it's likely the ACLU would have stepped in years ago and taken it to court for interpretation. I do not trust Roger's interpretation of my rights, nor should you (that's what courts are for, they are NOT for frivolous lawsuits because someone got hurt feelers). He still hasn't figured out that our "creator" (in my case my mother/father) did not give us our rights under the Declaration of Independence, which he claimed elsewhere. I guess he forgot our rights in the United States are contained in the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

            He'll now commence to inform us both how stupid we are by pulling out one little phrase in the Declaration of Independence — you remember that rag, right? The one where we declared ourselves independent of Great Britain? Anyway, he'll use this phrase to try to convince us how brilliant he is….I wonder why he isn't a constitutional law professor? "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Don't waste your time with him, he's been schooled on this repeatedly and refuses to hear the truth so he can wallow in his lack of even a 5th-grader's knowledge of our Constitution,

          • Still can't follow a train of thought?

            If the police were leading the searches without any probable cause, then they were not legal.

          • Since you mentioned "felt up" now Roger is talking about a "train". Sick.

          • You seem to have all those closet issues, and seem to run to the apparent fag hag for help with them.


            I'm still not interested, explain that to saggy.

          • What issues? My god you are dumb.

          • Is that what your "girlfriend" said to you?

          • Is that what your other closest cases said to you?

          • No, just you.

          • Still can't take no for an answer?

            You really do need a better fag hag.

          • I think Mr. Liberty was one of those guys that didn't shower in high school gym class.

          • I think you're one of those guys watching the other men in the gym.

            The closet cases are so pathetic. Ask the apparent fag hag about it.

          • Haha I played college football, I am pretty sure I have been around more naked men than all of you combined. That is not the point, the point is privacy. If a teammate stood next to me and examined me while I was changing or showering I would feel like my privacy is gone, so would you. There is a locker room code. Having some rent a cop look down my pants would create the same feeling or eroded privacy IMO.

          • So don't go to the concert if you are so sensitive. Problem solved.

          • Why should we give up the 4th amendment? If marxists such as yourself want to take it away, then fight it out in the amendment process.

          • You do know the 4th amendment isn't relevant to a private sector security business, right? Of course you don't.

          • In Rogerville, his creator gave him the Fourth Amendment via the Declaration of Independence.<—Do you see why it's pointless trying to discuss rights with him? Now he thinks the Fourth applies to searches by non-government employees working security at a concert. He'd definitely flunk on that old TV show, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader", or whatever it was called. He's clearly NOT smarter than most children age 7.

          • Saggy, you both pretend it wasn't cops there overseeing what was going on. It's in the story.

            But that won't stop you from pushing your marxist talking points.

          • You do know that the cops were overseeing it? It's in the story.

            And you are having a double standard. If cake bakers in Colorado can't do what they want in private business then these rent a cops can't either.

          • My god you are dumb.

          • My goodness you're mindless troll using talking points at his funded work terminal.

          • You can't even get your same-o lame-o comments right.

            "My goodness you're mindless troll"

            Try fitting an "a" into that.

          • Still at that funded work terminal trying to push the handler's talking points?

          • Still showcasing your stupidity? Of course you are.

          • Of course he is.
            He always envisioned himself a Ballroom Dancer on DWTS.

          • Still showcasing you funded work terminal? Of course you are.

          • Says the troll sitting at his funded work terminal with a quota of spam to spit out.

          • And there is an expectation of privacy in public that you set aside in a locker room.

          • You phony bologna. You are the same hypocrite that said there is no expectation of privacy in a bathroom. My god you are dumb.

          • Nailed it!!!!!!!

          • Of course he didn't. But as a mama bear out (an apparent fag hag) defending her special l little guys, of course you would pretend it.

          • Stil upset that men in locker rooms don't gape at each other if they're straight?

          • Still looking at underage shirtless boy's in articles?

          • Still chatting about it with the other closet cases and apparent fag hag?

          • I love that he keeps using "apparent" with the fag hag thingy. I believe he's trying to protect himself legally…like I give a shit what he says about me and would waste some court's time on a frivolous lawsuit like he's done.

          • I just love that you don't use any qualifiers when you stick your fat wrinkled and bloated neck out.

          • "We loose the basic right of that type of privacy"

            Umm where does it say that in the Constitution?

          • It doesn't say that, and if we have to get serious and no joking then I agree with you on our 4th Amendment rights being taken away, but they've been being taken away for a long time this isn't recent.
            BTW you did know this is a private venue. It wasn't the feds or the sheriff department, or even Obama searching them.

            "The Fourth Amendment does not apply to searches carried out by non-government employees like private security guards".


          • This is recent.
            If the marxists want to warp flawed legislation like the patriot act meant to spy on overseas terrorists and use it against us at home, then be honest and legislate what you want instead of mis-using other laws.

          • George Bush was a marxist? My god you are dumb.

          • Try reading the comments before responding to them.

          • Still think Obama signed the Patriot Act? My god you are dumb.

          • Still think the patriot act authorizes wire tapping on domestic calls without reason?

            Ed Snowden needs to explain this to you.

          • That's exactly what it does, moron.

            "Under the Patriot Act, the FBI can secretly conduct a physical search or wiretap on American citizens to obtain evidence of crime without proving probable cause, as the Fourth Amendment explicitly requires."

          • That is not what it does according to the person who wrote it.

          • My god you're dumb. Let's review, you asked "Still think the patriot act authorizes wire tapping on domestic calls without reason?"

            I have shown you that's exactly what it does and you counter with the NSA's mass collection of data. That's comparing apples to oranges to anyone who has a brain. You lose, but you are used to that.

          • My goodness the funded work terminal troll is dumb.

            Read what the author says.

            Notice I used two separate links as sources both with credibility.

          • Notice both your links once again prove you wrong? They both say that The Patriot Act allowed for warrantless wiretapping. My god you are dumb.

          • trustfunded is right.
            My God you are dumb.
            If Bush didn't know what was in the Patriot Act before he signed it, or how it could have been used he should have hired someone smarter than him (that could be anyone but you) to read it out loud to him, and interpret it for him.

          • I realize that a fake latino would want to name call.

            Why is it liberal hacks always pretend to be something they're not?

            In your case it would be latino, and capable of discussion.

          • My God you really ARE dumb.

            The irony of you giving me crap for calling names while calling me "fake latino", and a "liberal hack" are not wasted on me.

            Typical far right winged Tea Partier Hypocrite.

          • You are a fake latino, and you are a liberal hack.

            The irony is that you deny it when it's so obvious.

            Want me to use a 4 leaf clover, and call myself Sean O'Leary and then get upset when someone thinks I might be Irish?

          • Do you know what Roger? You can go by what ever you want to.
            Do you know something else Roger? I don't know why but the fact that you get very pissed off at me because of something you concocted in your own little brain.
            Makes me feel good.

          • Juan, the pretend latino, is this where you don't know about what happened before but still pretend I was overreacting when I sued for someone calling me a… well, what did he apologize for?

            4 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – Stupid and Lazy · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on
            just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

            When you lay with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Let's see if you're able to figure that one out.

          • Top o' the mornin' to ya, Mr. O'Leary. Erin go braugh and all that stuff too.

          • Still the ridiculous saggy thing?

            Do you think if they roll you out to sea you can swim over and visit the blarney stone?

          • LOLOL.

          • It's all you have, is a pretense at humor.

          • I could use that same argument about your boy Obama and his non- "Affordable Healthcare Act".

            The only difference is, Obama KNEW what was in it from the beginning. He perpetrated the largest fraud on America in history.

          • People (the dumb ones) seem to think the 4th amendment applies to private sector business and not exclusively towards our government. SMH

          • You seem to think the bill of rights protect gay people that want to buy wedding cakes in Colorado.

            Of course our protections follow us any place in the country.

          • Stop offering me gay cake. I'm not interested.

          • Did the closet case trolls and the apparent fag hag say to try that?

            I'm still not interested and you really should figure out what 'no' means.

          • True it is a private business.

            True they can do whatever they want.

            True government buys from/pressures data compnaies for info. So there are ways to circumvent the 4th Amendment. See Yahoo's lawsuit.

            But America is becoming a police state. American's are letting it happen. Stories like this prove my point that privacy has erroded.

          • If that's the case then bakers in Colorado can reject doing gay weddings, and pastors in Dallas can preach about homosexuality.

            We know fascists won't allow that.

          • Take a f u ck ing train next time, asswipe. It's a free country.

            But if some nutcase, Alex Jones belt-buckle wearing racist decides to get on an airplane, then I want my tax dollars going to make sure they search the living f u ck out of you. I want you crying about your BS freedom as they protect the lives of my loved ones and me.

            I want them looking up your butt hole, document every one of your Bundy Ranch tattoos and then x-raying your body until it f u ck ing glows.

          • Alinsky, you came out from behind all the fake guest profiles!

            And you might want to realize that name calling isn't actually proving a point.

          • You appear to be quite uptight this morning.

          • Don't you mean uppity, you POS racist fu c k?

          • Boy, I say there boy, settle down.

          • Your daughter had sex with a few black guys and now I have to hear all your crying and moaning about it.

          • Dats right Big Daddy! We gibs her da black snake moan……

          • Alinsky, hiding behind fake ISP addresses and guest profiles only makes you look weak, and of course racist with comments like that.

          • Self defense against pedophile homosexual stalkers doesn't make me look weak. It makes me look well thought out.

          • You are the deviant sexual stalker.

            And you have more image problems than just looking weak.

          • You wish she never fell in love with a black man that was smarter and more successful than you could ever be.

            So cry to me, cry and moan and stomp your racist little feet around.

            Let me watch.

          • Still stuck on skin color?

          • Still pretending to be other people so you can trot out your real thinking, racism.

          • You needs to be leabin my boy Alinsky alone. He gots himsef enuff problems jes tryin to spell and punxtoate kerectly.

          • Alinsky have you considered manning up and facing consequences?

          • Hey Alinsky!

            There is a new shirt in the Infowars store you might like…

          • Alex Jones always cashing in on death and tragedy. And he knows the dumb f u cks that listen to his horseshit will gladly pay.

          • And you have a way of pretending he is wrong for not ignoring the cases the MSM all decided need to be ignored.

        • "Sam"?

    • Hey Juan — do me a favor, k? I know you read a good many of his comments, watch the differences in the tenor of insults he hurls at men vs those he spews at me. When you see one to a man that's outrageously foul, discussing their genitalia in particular, let me know. I don't ever see those comments and I'm pretty sure he reserves them for me based on gender — mommy issues, but that's beside the point. Anyway, if you see one, let me know, thanks.

  15. "Concert Venue Searches More Invasive Than Airport Ebola Searches"

    I agree with the author, airport searches should be more invasive.

    • You sure are determined to miss the point.

      Ebola checks are medically necessary.
      Venue searches are politically motivated to train us to submit and give up our 4th amendment rights.

  16. See what happens when Capitalist tyrants aren't kept in check by government?

    • Do they expand an economy, develop a capitalist flexible market place that finds solution and innovations?

      There was a reason Apple didn't start, grow and develop under communism.

    • Lol you are real desperate lately…how is this capitalisms fault?

    • You are completely full of shit. The government has not been the force of reason protecting personal privacy, rather our "representatives" consistently lead the way towards obtrusiveness. A government guided by ypur principles is every bit as bad as a government that adheres to the philosophies of monkey boy.

    • I detest long threads….but it seems obvious to me that he's selling because his lawsuit put him on the fast track to bankruptcy. I knew there was no way he'd be able to pay $40,000+ to have his 166,900+ comments duplicated for an actual jury trial, let alone the fees for his 'crack' PI, so he needs cash fast. And then there's the fact his residence is within 1 mile of elementary, middle and high schools and there's those restrictions on where people of his ilk can live. And then there's the restraining orders…..

      • I believe you are exactly right. I didn't know about the restraining orders.

        • I believe you can try that in court when you try to explain all the deviant sexual stalking you've been doing.

          • HAHHAHAAHH!!

            Dismissed with Prejudice already bitch. And you will have to sell that s h it hole you live in before you have money again. But I do hope to see you spend it all on me again.

            But hurry, you already lowered the price 4000 dollars and no one wants that s h it hole, especially one getting some much gay prono sent to it everyday.

          • Still can't defend any of your personal ideologies? Still can't admit that we settled? Still can't admit that settled cases are dismissed?

            5 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

            Have you wondered what sort of apology I'd want from you? Wow, that would be more than just one paragraph! You keep swinging in the breeze as you, a pathological liar keep trying to pretend that you aren't the lame troll that we both know you are.

            Are you going to generate another new profile to pretend you can be clever?

          • I never settled with you virgin. And you need to sell the sh it hole you live in for 60000 dollars more than you paid for it. Pay off all your attorney fees and PI fees, and taxes. Then find me, then file a new case in another state.


            Meanwhile I haven't spent a dime on you, and
            never even think about you when online.

            I own your soul.

          • You are still doing your best to hide, for now.

            And there is nothing wrong with making money.
            Just because you haven't figured out how, it only means you don't figure much out. For example you haven't figured out that marxism always fails and seem to still advocate for it.

            You never discuss issues, so it's hard to tell.
            You don't even own your own soul.

          • Any money you make you spend on me. HAHAHAHH!!

            I own your soul.

            You bought that house three days after you filed your case against me. And you put the house back on the market as soon as you lost to me.

            I own your soul.

          • You don't even own your own soul.
            You may not even have a soul, and you are so scared that you hide behind all your fake ISP's it seems I control you.

            You are so scared that you search constantly to see what I'm doing, I control you, I haunt you, I scare you to the core.

            And all this deviant sexual stalking only shows you know it.

            That won't stop me from showing you act in every possible way to damage me and my business activities from book reviews to realty. Damages, can you imagine how much better I'd do without you deviant stalking? I can, and I don't need to split my attention now, you're the focus.

          • I have always been your focus. You just went after Wee because he gave you his attorney's phone number.

            I gave you nothing.

            And I have been protecting myself since Cowboy put a 5000 dollar contract on my head. And stay protected from Breitbarts lawyers, Navy's computer programming skills , and a gay virgin's lawyers and PI.

            I am free to do whatever I want, and say whatever I want to you.

            A Judge even dismissed with prejudice a year long case you had on m,e.

            I never lose.

            Your books are s h it, that's why they fail.

            Your house is s h it, even with the remodeled kitchen, and that is why you keep lowering the price on it.

            You will be lucky to get 70,000 for that s hi t hole.

            A woman was murdered, stabbed in the neck several times in August in a house just minutes from yours by foot.

            The property value of that area is going down, No water. hot a hell, and the white racists from Nevada don't want to live next to MLK Memorial Expressway.

          • I have focused on over 35 trolls, you are the most cowardly.
            Nothing more than that.

            But I have been your focus since 2/12.

          • 2/12?????

            You have been focused on me since Breitbart. I have seen their emails to you, begging for you to stop thinking about me, to just let it go.

            You can't. I control you through your OCD and made you move from Nebraska, and made you spend all your money on litigation and now I'm making you spend anything you get for that s h iot hole.

            I own your soul. I am your addiction, and I own you for the rest of your life.

            Meanwhile I haven't spent a nickel on you, and never even think about you as soon as I go off line.

          • You were one of many, just another typical mindless troll.

            And what were you saying at the time?

            1 hour ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 – Florida Attorney Gener… · 0 replies · 0 points
            "Nice to see all the conservative idiots off Breitbart and sucking their toes on websites where no one will ever read them.


            We won!!!

            I still go on Breitbart as an imposter and use all your names."

            Yes you admitted you were only there to derail and stop discussion. Even back that far.

            7 weeks ago @ – Obama's #OccupyWallStr… · 4 replies · -1 points
            "Hello administrator.. Am I putting your mouth to work? Why don't you block me from making new posts?

            I gues you will have to just keep deleting my comments all night.

            Meanwhile you propaganda whores let these conservatives post vile comments all day long."

            And you admit that you were deliberately working to frustrate the admin. Just like here, only you bragged about it then.

            And you can't not think about me, it's part of being a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Now you are boring me again

            I notice in the pictures of your house it has quite a lady's touch, yet you don't have a girlfriend.

            Why is that?

          • The mouth says one thing, the actions say another.

            What's wrong, can't you hack my auto dealership and find out what oil I have put into my car?

          • I know what kind of romance novels you jerk off to in your car.

          • No, you know what romance novels you fantasize about. I'm surprised you took down your avatar of the last bookcover boyfriend.

          • In Rogers world, there is only one word that sums it up. Phantasmagoria.

          • And in alinsky's world where he pretends to be so many voices from inside his head, there is no repeating his favorite words.

          • It must have been heartbreaking when the lady Judge threw your case out.

            You being such a misogynist, I'll bet that was a very hard pill to swallow.

            It appears that your party is over.

          • It must have been frightening when the court accepted the settlement, knowing now I have a single focus.

          • Single focus? Surely you jest. It had to be totally embarrassing when the Judge banged the gavel, and said "Case Dismissed, with prejudice."

            Especially since you bragged to everyone on the Internet that you were winning.

            You remind me of Charlie Sheen.


          • Why do you think I lost?

            I got enough of what I wanted, and in a way that WTE could accept, of course nobody can disclose the terms of settlement, but I did see WTE posted this publicly.
            5 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

            Did the Nazi's do that much when they were tossed from France by everyone but the french?

          • Word is that you got ten dollars, and it was smeared with Ebola.


          • Winning is different for different people. He did all the correspondence with the attorney so I can't speak to the mail or any condition it may have been received in.

            And I can't speak to what you might have considered a victory.

            I know my values are totally different than yours, and what the word is, that what ever happened Alinsky is still messing in his pants and knows he's in trouble enough to hide like a cockroach when the lights are turned on.

          • You're the troll. Suing 35 people because they Dont like your vile egotistical sexist ways .

            Do something positive with your life, like getting hit by a train

          • Still have nothing to say and are just too stupid not to say it?

          • I said what needed to be said. You're too stupid to understand English you phucking POS. Go run out in front of a train.

          • And the judge dismissed his case WITH PREJUDICE 4 days after I provided his attorney with a link to his 166,000+ comments, instead of the few he cherry-picked for filing his bogus lawsuit, so they'd know how dirty his hands are if he ever ended up in front of a jury. I'm sure that was just a coincidence too.

          • Saggy, as a stretched out old thing that doesn't seem inclined to deny being a lesbian 400 pound hooker, I am surprised you think the number of comments having nothing to do with you means anything.

            And saggy, I didn't lose.

            5 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          • Roger, as a old thing that doesn't seem inclined to deny being a male hooker.

            Yes you did lose.

          • I did deny it. She's quoting me incorrectly since I categorically denied being a hooker.

            Yes you are wrong.
            5 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          • He doesn't deny being a male hooker AND admits he's neither male nor female. It's a big day in RogerLand.

          • You sound so agitated, if you just hosed down and cleaned the food hidden in the fat folds you would be so much more comfortable.

            And saggy, I realize you're cranky with the itch, and cranky because you have no personality and certainly no class or dignity.

            But what did I actually say?

            1 hour ago @ Storyleak – Photos: Concert Venues… · 0 replies · 0 points
            Unlike the liberal possible prostitutes on this site, I am not a male or female, even a transgender hooker.

            Does that say enough to put Alinsky off?

          • I have known you have gender identification issues. I'm glad you can address the issue now. I hope you will be happier.

          • You know you hope I do.

            You closet cases, you really need a better fag hag.

          • He did lose. Its so funnu

          • I bet he already has a new attorney. They must have dropped him like a pile a s hit on fire after they read his 166,000 plus comments.

          • In another state perhaps?

            And if you watch for my name it may not show up right away, since we know what to avoid.

          • Maybe. I have your social security number, so I will find out for sure.

          • And maybe I have that comment to show you intend to cause me mental anguish, along with posting all the personal information that would support your being a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Don't be sad.

            I noticed your brother removed his name from every website search engine.

            He must have been pissed I know where he lives as well.

          • Don't be sad, you can't stalk him the way you do me, that must bother a deviant sexual stalker.

            And why do you want to know where men live?
            Because you can't defend what you believe, have nothing to actually discuss and think that being shamefully inappropriate is something to be proud of.

            Why not explain that to a jury?
            What am I saying, you can't and you know it.

          • I already posted where he lives.

            But who cares&gt; He doesn't come online stalking men. So I don't need to post anything more about him.

            It's just funny that he got so upset about it and pulled all his information from all the search engines.

            Don't worry I have all that saved anyway.

            You make me laugh with your jury talk. Even after your case was dismissed with prejudice you try to scare with your empty threats of litigation.

          • You have posted names of people you think are related to me, but weren't.

            So, it's just another example of deviant stalking.
            You know you can't defend your positions or actions, that's why you are struggling so hard to avoid consequences.

            All the fake ISP's show that. Too bad you're just another moron that wasn't careful at places like coffee shops in Arlington heights.

          • Arlington heights????????????????????

          • Yes Arlington Heights, and no I'm not giving you my step by step search, why would I warn you?

          • New England just scored. I am going to watch the game. You stay here and be gay.

          • Are you pretending to watch the game instead of the men?

            I'm shocked, did the apparent fag hag suggest that?

          • I see you broke another website. They even quit posting new articles here.

          • I see you have another failed comment. You even cancelled you profile.

          • "You even cancelled you profile."

            No. I did not cancel you profile. I deleted my account.

            Failed comment?

            How well did that lawsuit succeed for you?

            It was dismissed, therefore, you failed miserably.

          • Zebrano, still posting from a guest name since you cancelled your profile?


            It was settled out of court, even a frog like yourself should know what that means, so the judge dismissed it.

            You really may be as stupid as you pretend to be.

          • "And if you watch for my name it may not show up right away, since we know what to avoid."


          • Nope, unlike you I love the ladies.

            Not the apaparent fag hags that are totally repellent, but then I don't make the mistake of thinking saggy is an example of femininity.

          • Something happened that made them tell him it was over, his case was kaput, down the shltter. I don't care HOW low-life a legal firm is, there's no way they'd go forward with the knowledge of how he is in the cyber world. "Not a leg to stand on" might have been the kindest thing they said to him as they sheepishly headed into court before Judge Berry and agreed to the 'DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE' ruling just to maintain their license to practice in Nevada.

          • Exactly.

          • Exactly? Settling out of court is just that.

            And you are my focus now.

          • Do you often focus on men you meet on the internet?

          • Do you often hope I do?

            Closet cases, you really need someone to explain 'no' means no.

          • Something happened that…..oh, we settled out of court!

            5 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

            Why would I go after a man willing to settle when there is a deviant sexual predatory stalker to focus on?

          • Right! Who would represent a idiot like that? Someone wanting to make a buck

      • You detest skinny threads, but then you haven't been able to fit into threads anything like skinny in years.

        And you seem so brave as anonymous troll. Keyboard commando, it doesn't fit you much, how about keyboard whale? That would suggest the fish smell……

        • How am I being "anonymous troll"? You really are nucking futs.

          • You sure seemed to think it was fine to post my name and address, even claiming you had someone photograph me, on the sly.

            But you seem to enjoy total anonymity.

          • Nothing 'new' about people knowing your name — you're the one who put it out here for the entire world to see. ROGER RUSSELL, AUTHOR EXTRAORDINAIRE. ROGER RUSSELL, VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE(S). As for where you were photographed, a reading comprehension course would serve you well. Did I ever say specifically where you were photographed? Nope. Do you seriously believe everyone else is as stupid as you prove yourself daily to be? Pfffttt…hardly. Did your attorney tell you (after another payment) that YOU can't disclose someone's personal information if they've not made it available for public knowledge? You know, posting someone's real name if they haven't disclosed it? I'll bet by the time Alan Shifman is finished with you, you'll understand what 'defamation' is really all about.

          • And there is nothing new that you're saggy, stretched out and go through a lot of rotted broom handles.

            Saggy, all that doesn't mean that your'e not hiding behind your keyboard. Why? Are you afraid that I'll be as ill mannered as you when I find out what sort of loser you really are?

          • No, stupid stalker boy. I fear for my life when it comes to you. You've made threats about shooting me — twice — and you stalk me 24/7, SOP for serial rapists/murderers. That's my fear and I've expressed it to your crack legal team as well as many others. Your semi-veiled death threats aren't to be taken lightly, and I haven't taken them lightly.

          • Didn't you just mention the term defamation?

            Yet here you are a beached whale saying you fear for you life when it comes to me?

            Me? A person who never advocates violence outside of self defense? You own me an apology unless you an explain any reasonable threat I might cause you.

          • What part of this could be construed as anything other than you threatening my life by shooting me — for saying "Break a leg there, Roger"?

            "Roger175p· 51 minutes ago
            I already have, and you break my leg I defend myself. It's true you have a lot of padding, all I need to do is aim low, you have all the important body parts sagging nearly to the ground."

          • Self defense by someone with no record of gun violence could mean any number of tactics. And unless you are a total idiot, self defense only means defending oneself.

            So, the only way you would think of my saying that would cause you harm is if you intended to attack me physically, are you admitting you plan on attacking me?

          • Hahaha! I see your reading comprehension skills haven't improved in 26 days, although you've been given the meaning of "break a leg" repeatedly. If you consider threatening to shoot/kill a sweet li'l grandmother for wishing you luck, best wishes for convincing LE you were only contemplating acting in self-defense. Now if I'd said "my big burly biker husband, my 6'1" 200-pound son and my VERY buff male friends are going to break your leg", then maybe self-defense would work for you. But the death threat stands just as you wrote it. Here, one more time for good measure:

          • Ah, I see your saggy lack of personality hasn't made your angry rants any more reasonable. Is it the itch, the smell, the flies? What has you so upset today? Did another man escape you and realize how repellent you were?

            And unless self defense means tracking down your wide backside then it's not what you pretend it is

            Saggy, you are owned on this like all the other lies.

  17. This guy's sense of funny is as bad as Roger's.

    This is why liberals always win, we have wit and humor, while you have snarky and cynical sarcasm.

    What a hack. You cry about geniuses like Jon Stewart and Colbert and then try your best to imitate them. You failures.

  18. This is hilarious.
    Barak Ebola's EBT Card was declined…………

  19. This is an interesting article about all the racist f u cks that exploited "The Obama Phone Lady." to sell their own agenda and propaganda.

    • There was a comparable video making the rounds, it was of two Hispanic men sitting in the back of a vehicle bragging how they'd come into the country illegally and were getting all kinds of benefits. The wing-nuts ate it up, re-posted it tens of thousands of times. Turns out, it was as fake as Sarah Palin.

      • I wonder how many of those right wing nut jobs will learn or even care that it was fake as they post another racist video to go viral.

        • I think it depends on whether people are willing to look at more than uber-conservative websites. I try to look at both, conservative and liberal, to hopefully get some balance. But if all I ever looked at was Storyleak or ImpeachObama or BirtherIdiocy, I'd probably believe all the right-wing blather/conspiracy theories too. If you're spoon-fed (or spoon-feed yourself) nothing but hate, uber-conservative or uber-liberal, your taste becomes adapted to it and it tastes "normal". IMO.

          BTW, the Birther site is no different than a white supremacist site, especially the garbage a few regulars there post. It's truly one of the ugliest sites I've ever seen.

          • They aren't willing.

            I think most liberals try to help any logic and reason to conservative ideas, and are willing to use them.

            But conservative reject anything that doesn't go along with tier preconceived emotions and the specious logic they use to justify them.

          • I know [fiscal/true] conservatives that will at least listen, so I won't lump all conservatives into the same pile. Baggers, though, are an entirely different breed. What began as a movement to cut taxes has become a festering pot of racism, religious zealotry, bigotry and regressive thinkers. But they've rendered themselves irrelevant, and true conservatives are staying away from them in droves.

          • You only know what your talking points allow you to know.

          • I think Jones uses logic too. Here is his interview with the "Obama Phone Lady".

            I have never seen an interview of her from any MSM source. Jones is a true journalist.

          • I just provided a link to WHY it wasn't picked up by the MSM, because it's a racist story.

            Alex Jones is a profiteer of racism. And you eat out his fat ass.

          • MSM is racist.

          • You are racist and this site is racist and Alex Jones is racist.

          • You are the one hung up on skin color, why try to deflect?

          • Just like the Obama Campaign using her as a pawn.

          • The Obama campaign never used her as a pawn you racist f u ck, that is pure Alex Jones, and his conservative friends at Drudge did to that poor woman. Exploiting her for your failed conspiracy BS.

          • Sure they did. Without the fascist dictator wanting it to happen, nobody would have known she was alive.

          • Just like we have never heard of your girlfriend?

          • Why would I discuss things of a personal nature where a deviant predatory sexual stalker is watching?

          • You mentioned everyone else in your family. So that excuse make you look more queer.

          • You aren't sexually interested in everyone else in the family evidently.

          • Odd. You sure don't mind discussing anything and everything of a personal nature in commenting to me. I guess that makes YOU the deviant predatory sexual stalker.

          • Saggy, did you rub more old rotted shrimp on your neck to kill the bad smells?

          • Umm maybe you should watch the interview, see you are the one assuming she is just a poor woman. She worked for the Obama Camp. She admits it, you racist.

          • She didn't admit to working for the Obama camp you racist butt plug f u ck.

            Your propaganda and racism makes me physically ill. How dare you call yourself Liberty.

          • 14:30 in the video, you lying sack of lazy crap. She was used and pawned. Racists.

          • Alinsky is the worst debater, EXPOSED like always.

          • You and Alex Jones USED this woman. You exploited her for your conservative agenda to sell more belt buckles.

            You are a racist and a liar.

          • And you exploit and use this site.

            You are the one hung up on skin color and a liar.

          • She thinks the Obama Camp exploited her…Alex got the real story. Not a fake race baiting agenda story like MSM.


          • Still stuck on caps? Still stuck on foul language?

            Alinsky come on, give me more hints!
            I want to keep that clock ticking!

          • Holy cow, Alinsky is in full on meltdown.

            Been proven wrong one too many times I guess.

          • YES!!!!

            I high five your efforts and results.

          • I am tired of your racist BS and lies.

            She DID NOT WORK FOR AN OBAMA CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            She never SAYS it on the video, and you better back that s BS up with some facts!!!!

            I know you work for this site or Alex Jones in some way, and you are a propaganda whore, and racist POS!!

          • You haven't come back with any facts to show he's wrong. Why don't you try that?

          • Lol I do not work for either. I work for Liberty and Truth. You are sounding like a conspiracy nut job. Get a grip guy.

          • You work as a propaganda whore.

            She never says she works for an Obama camp on that f u cking video and you better back it up with some facts instead of distracting with your b i tching about how I talk to propaganda whores.

          • You do alinsky.

            You were owned, and you are struggling with it. Why not just adjust your world view and learn from the exchange?

            That's what most people do, "learn".

          • Watch the video 14:30 to 17:30…FACTS lol you are sad.

          • BULL SH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            SHE DOES NOT SAY SHE WORKS FOR AN OBAMA CAMP AT THOSE TIME CODES YOU F U CKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I just told you what she says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You are just losing it.

            Did you realize you licked the wrong thing?

          • WHAT THE F UCK??????

            She doesn't say she works for the Obama camp at 14:30 you propaganda whore POS!!!

            You can't debate!!!! All you do is lie like the racist f u ck I exposed you for.

          • Still just an angry loser?

            Of course, it is you…!

          • What did you do? Listen for one second? 14:30 to 17:30 she describes her entire experience. You are pathetic. She clearly says she was used, and sacrificed, when she worked for the campaign.

            You have zero credibility.



            She mentions working with a field service company, you stupid b it ch!!!! She never ONCE says she worked for Obama. She says "they" referring to her field service employment, you lying cocksucker!!!!

            F U CK ING propaganda whore.

            You are dangerous to America. And you must work for Alex Jones or this propaganda site to be so f u cking stupid!!!

          • I never said she worked for Obama the person. I said she worked for his Camp. Which is 100% truth. You double speak SOB.

          • SHE DID NOT WORK FOR THE OBAMA CAMP YOU POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            She worked for a field service company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • MELLLLLLLTTTT DOWNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!



          • And when you were caught you reverted to foul language and caps.

          • Lol this is how you are acting right now Trick.

          • Look at you propaganda whore, trying to argue like you are a girlfriend.

            Where are your facts!!!

            Stop bitching about me yelling at you, whore!!

            She does not say she works for an Obama camp, how f u cking stupid are you??

            You just make s h i t up based on how you hate black people and Hispanics and then laughh when someone gets angry at your blatant RACISM!!!!

          • Funny, she mentions her white managers were full of "stuff" meaning "sh it"…Does that make the Obama camp racist?

            You need to look up what Stockholm Syndrome means…because you are suffering from it. Your endless support of globalists is a perfect case study.

          • Yep, right on cue. Mr. Liberty ignores my question and tries to pivot to something else.

            You are desperate to change the subject AGAIN!!!!

            Where did she state she worked for an Obama camp?

            You are caught in another one of your lies, and you have no way out of it.

            But you are getting a great blowjob from Roger, as always.

            Alex Jones bimbo f u ck!

          • 14:30 to 17:30 she states it. You are starting to sound nuts.

          • She says she works for a field office. I told you that.

            That does not mean she worked for an Obama camp.

            You are a liar, I gave you many opportunists to back up your lies, and you refuse.

            and you continue to lie.

            You really should work for this website or Alex Jones, because your racist lies and constant propaganda is excellent.

          • You already work for the globalists, so you are an excellent liar.
            Numb nutz, what does she say 25:30 to 27:00?

            Exposed again….

          • You work for the racists and tell lies.

            When did the Obama phone video go "viral"

            She says this on her facebook page. Notice the word "after" in her sentence

            She did NOT work for an Obama camp you POS.

            I've campaigned for Obama both terms after my video 'Obama Phone' went viral, then they gave me an office job because I did 'too good

          • You just proved my point thanks. She said she worked for the campaign. You loose.

          • I worked on an campaign myself to get people to vote for Obama, BUT IT WAS LOCAL YOU DUMB POS, NOT FOR OBAMA'S CAMP!!!!!

            How f u cking stupid are you????

            And you ignored her face book lie!!!!

          • Did you get paid? Like she did.

          • No.

            So what?

          • Sure….
            Why is it that you don't have the ring of sincerity in that answer?

          • You were a volunteer. She was paid, by who?? The Obama campaign.

          • No she wasn't you dumb POS racist!!

            Read my comment below.

          • Still the childish name caller? You lost and you know it. You were owned, and you know it. You are a punk and you know it.

          • Caps and foul language?

            Did Alinsky say to lose your cool when being owned?

          • He is not going to let you suck his cock Roger.

          • He hasn't asked, he has you.

          • Mr. Liberty, is one stupid f u ck and liar. He said this…

            "You were a volunteer. She was paid, by who?? The Obama campaign."

            NO YOU STUPID POS!!!!!

            Ever heard of companies that start grass root campaigns, you dumb fu ck?

            She never says she worked for an Obama camp on that racist video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Here is an exaample of a conservative one. You are clearly just stupid. No wonder you believe Alex Jones's propaganda and buy his belt buckles.

          • He owned you.
            You lost it, and you refused to learn from it.

            And here's an example of why liberals never succeed once they gain power. Agenda over facts.

          • You are so off base it is sad.

            She was paid to campaign for Obama. Insto facto she works for the Obama campaign. You can twist it any way you want, facts are facts.

            You are desperately trying to back peddle, it is quite hilarious.

          • You are now making up s h it.

            Politicians don't give money to these field walking companies, you dumb POS.

            Obamas campaign gave her NO MONEY!!!!! Hence your Insto facto BS goes right back up your big a ss hole!!

            You propaganda whore.

            I can't believe how f u cking stupid you are.

          • Speaking of people making things up, 'member BubbleButt saying he doesn't live on Locust? My niece drove by there over the weekend — he lives there, she actually saw him and got a pic with her iPhone. Better than Google Street View, baby!

          • Holy Shit!!!!!!!

            Your niece is a HERO!!!

            I'll give her $1000 if she can produce a picture of him with a girlfriend.

          • Saggy is lying.

            And I doubt her niece has the money for more than a obamaphone.

          • Haha! She's not all that willing to go back to that neighborhood any time soon! I lived in a little town not that far away from there as a child — I lived in Genoa. I have relatives all over that area, but I owe her for the favor, she's not too fond of being in depressed areas like that.

            Once I transferred it to my PC, viewed it on my 24" monitor and confirmed it was him, I deleted it. The camera adds 10 pounds (or in his case, more like 30) and one look was all I could stomach. I think he might color his hair — but that's noticeable when you compare the FB pics with his avatar and TeaBagger pic.

          • He is 30 lbs heaver? HAHAHAHA!!

            The fat, saggy virgin has let himself go.

            Don't tell Steven, Cody, or Justin.

          • He just looked chunkier than in that creeper pic with his pants half unzipped.

          • Saggy, you both can pretend all you want. Post the pic, oh you can't. There never was a pic that wasn't taken.

            Do you expect me to react by making claims like you do?

            I could claim I was at seaworld and they had a fat mean whale in the back lot eating too much and spitting on people, then ask if you are finally getting get recognition you deserve?

          • "There never was a pic that wasn't taken."

            Mealy-mouthed xenophobic lying prick of a bigot.

          • Cut and paste insults?

            Saggy, I see you have no standards. I've known that for a while now.


            And the pic never existed, if she took it, then it isn't me in it.

            But the apparent fag hag, "her bloatedness" doesn't let facts bother her when she has an agenda.

          • Your niece is probably a figment of your imagination.

            If she drove by that house then who ever she photographed isn't me, you need to look at the pic and see for yourself.

            Saggy, you're as rotted inside as the food you force down.

          • Liar.

          • Nope, you sure do think that means something when you toss it out.

            Saggy, what's wrong, are the flies dying off in cooler weather? Is it the passing of the current generation of the little buddies that stand by you when nobody else gets down wind?

          • Saggy, can't you make up better than that?

            Why don't you post it someplace, this I have to see.

          • LOl I can't understand why you argue the same incorrect point over and over again…You are lucky I am going hunting for the rest of the week, I am enjoying your meltdown.

            Which brings a new question to mind. Have you ever spent any time in the great outdoors? I bet you can't even start a fire or string a fishing line or sleep in the dirt!

          • I don't kill animals, you blood thirsty f u ck.

            I use a lighter. I'm not a f u cking caveman.

            I sleep in a bed, and I don't have an Alex Jones 1776 blanket.

            You lost, you were exposed as a liar and propagandist.

            An Alex Jones ass eater.

          • Haha you are one pathetic human being. What good are you to society? What kind of environmentalist are you? You haven't even lived off the land!! Stupid trendy yuppie who has no idea what it is like to be one with nature, yet you lecture me. Jones has some words for you…

          • She didn't work for Obama, and your desperate pivot is typical of a pathological propagandist.

            Alex Jones's can get dumb f u cks like you to buy all the belt buckles he wants, but you will always be exposed by liberals like me.

          • Lol, “desperate pivot”? Please…I was giving you a break from being exposed and offered a new topic. The new topic is how you are twice my age and twice as pathetic, you have never worked a manual labor job, never lived off the land, nor have you ever beat me in debate. All you got is your agitation tactics, but we all know those don’t work…so you basically are just cannon fodder for globalists. Getting used like the poor “Obama Phone Lady”. She is awake now though, and you bet your ass she is awakening her community to your globalist enslavement schemes. You loose like always.

          • There is no new subject, you RACIST F U C K!!!

            You LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            She NEVER worked for Obama;s camp!!!!!!

            You are such a f u cking tool for Story Leak and Alex Jones's propaganda RACIST BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Then you ALWAYS try to change the subject because you KNOW I f u c k e d your BS right back into your ass!!!

            You don't know how old I am you stupid F u ck, you are just as f u cking stupid as Roger, went on for weeks fooled by Roger's paranoid delusions the same way you are with Alex Jones.

          • She said what she said.

            You just don't like it.
            Do your realize you have been played and exposed? That this regime has been a house of cards and it's starting to collapse?

            I've tried to warn you that the useful idiots are always the first to be thrown under the bus.

          • Still waiting for Mr. Liberty to admit he lied and is a racist f u ck.

          • Why would he do that? It's not true.

          • Why do you pretend to want you f u ck a vagina when it has never been true?

          • Why is it that you and two other trolls all started at the same time?

            Did you slip and show you're doing all three perhaps?

          • Why do you think you are entitled an answer?

          • Why do you think you're entitled to destroy sites and stalk contributors to the threads?

  20. More evidence that the Ebola outbreak is man made and the US's fault….I hope this is not true.

    • It's not true. Stop listening to Alex Jones's BS and trying to sell t-shirts off this serious issue you propaganda whore.

    • A discussion of U.S. involvement in syphillis experiments 60 years ago and raw speculation about the source of the ebola outbreak is not evidence.

      • That is the second doc in Africa to accuse the US of spreading Ebola…with our track record I am extremely suspicious now.

        • I am suspicious as well … my suspicion includes African doctors.

          • Could very well be. What would they gain from infecting their own people though?

          • Their traditions lend the people to infections.
            (IE raping a virgin is said to cure aids)

            But you bring up an important point. Someone was familiar with those practices and had something to gain by this. It's a matter of following the dots.

          • That's not what I mean. Perhaps more helpful to ask what's to be gained from painting the United States as the source of this infection. Leverage? International aid? I really don't know.

            I do know that the "evidence" provided is little more than coincidental. Why wouldn't the international health community be conducting research into ebola at the source of the virus?

          • "Leverage? International aid? I really don't know."

            Good point. The medical systems in most African countries is horrendous. It is nearly impossible for them to contain the disease. Plus the countries with the greatest number of infections, Liberia and Sierra Leone, are on the verge of civil war.

            IMO they will receive aid regardless if the disease is started by the US or them.

            "Why wouldn't the international health community be conducting research into ebola at the source of the virus?"

            The international health community will not investigate and will not put in a strong effort to contain because they will profit greatly from an outbreak. Get more gov funding and more revenue from vaccines. Typical problem, reaction, solution.

            I encourage you to research the leading big pharma company in the vaccine race. Tekmira. They have strong connections to the DOD and Monsanto. Which again raises my suspicions.

          • I just received an e-mail from Dr. Broderick. It seems he learned about the human expirementation from his now deceased uncle, who was one of the test subjects. This uncle was also a Nigerian prince with an estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The good doctor has offered me half if I will help him get the fortune out of the country.

          • Wow, too bad the growl is shut down, they'd discuss that for ages.

      • It shows a history of tactics.

  21. So how did that chit flavored thing I sent attorney smell? Did u notice the brown marks on it?

  22. Chit smelling money orders. Hahaha!!!!

  23. Story broke by Storyleak getting national attention. Liberty is rising!!!

  24. Roger @ Storyleak – Photos: Concert Venues…
    4 minutes ago · 0 replies · +1 points

    someone licked it off.