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Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian Water

Employees with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dumped more than 45 liters of concentrated live polio into the water at a Belgian treatment plant earlier this month according to a statement from health officials.

Aย press release from the Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in Belgium stated that “human error” resulted in the live virus making its way into the Lasne and Dyle rivers in Rixensart on Sept. 2.

“The liquid was rejected, according to initial information provided by the firm GSK, due to human error during the process of vaccine production,” the press release states. “The water from the treatment plant in question is not discharged to the supply network for drinking water.”

Swimmers and fishermen face “limited” danger according to a risk analysis conducted by the Scientific Institute of Public Health and the Supreme Council of Health, which also encouraged worried residents to contact their doctors to debate “re-vaccination.”

“For precautionary measures, samples of sludge and water from the treatment plant, the Lasne and Dyle will be taken to permit an assessment of the persistence of the virus,” stated the press release. “Pending these results, it is advised to avoid contact with the water downstream of the WWTP Rosieres, to the confluence of the Lasne with Dyle.”

While details are scarce, the incident raises many questions given the vast amount of technical safeguards allegedly in place as well as the company’s questionable history.

GSK’s disregard for human life resulted in a laughable $93,000 fine by an Argentinian judge in 2012 after 14 babies died during illegal lab vaccine trials.

โ€œThese doctors took advantage of the many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials,โ€ a health professional said. “Laboratories can’t experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries.”

A confidential GSK document leaked to the press in 2012 also revealed that the company’s 6-in-1 vaccine Infanrix Hexa killed 36 infants within a two-year period. The document went on to detail 1,742 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine, 503 of which were extremely serious.

In 2010, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials revealed that GSK’s Rotarix vaccine secretly contained swine virus DNA. Traceable levels of DNA from the avian leukosis virus and the simian retrovirus were also found in GSK’s measles vaccine and RotaTeq vaccine.

Other major pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer have been engaged in major criminal behavior as well. During the 1980s, Bayer knowingly sold HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs across the world, resulting in a decades-long lawsuit.

GSK is currently testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on volunteers in Britain and the United States.

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  1. BigPharma — can't live with 'em, some people can't live without 'em. A necessary evil.

  2. Check out the series that Roger loves to read.


  3. This is why I only use natural dietary supplements for all of my maladies. If only I could find a reliable, credible source for them.

    • This is why Joe is a hardcore communist that wants to follow the rules of Alinsky and stop any discussion that legitimizes his opponents, since he has no way of actually showing his thinking leads to any sort of utopia.

    • I'd bet money that if you scroll 'n roll through older stories here, you could find a link….I hope so for your sake.

  4. I see a glaring omission in this article that is in the press release.

    "The Scientific Institute of Public Health and the Supreme Council of Health have conducted a risk analysis and confirm that there is no public health risk for the population."

    I wonder why that statement didn't make it to this article on Storyleak (or inforwars).

  5. Science lessons with Roger…..

    1. Aluminum doesn't corrode
    2. Gold is an organic metal
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    4. Affluent smells bad
    5. Birds are warm blooded mammals

  6. Roger Russell, metallurgist and biologist, has proven that chickens are mammals because he's plucked them and they have hair. I believe we can all now rest assured that on any science-y articles, Roger Russell is our go-to guy.

    • I have stated they have hair, since I've plucked them.

      Saggy, you really need to learn to pretend you're paying attention.

      • You've stated chickens are mammals. You're nuts.

        • He has pulled out chicken "hair".

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          • Poor little patients, they must quake when they hear your cold shrill voice insulting the door and demanding that it open for you…..

            2 days ago @ Storyleak – Unprecedented Global M… · 5 replies · +3 points
            It's pretty incredible, isn't it? I work in healthcare and deal with the mentally ill on a daily basis. Other than severe paranoid schizophrenics, I've never encountered anything like him…it's almost like his fingers have Tourette's. He's obsessed with me, obsessed with what he thinks are ways to insult me. Pehhh…..I'm not aware he matters to a living soul, he sure doesn't matter to me.

            I am, however, quite disappointed in this web site for condoning his actions…supporting them, as a matter of fact. I intend to make other websites aware of the lack of decorum the two men who run this website appear to encourage. There's always some numbnutz who resort to name-calling on a forum, SOP for many, but what Roger does is at a completely different level. Deplorable is right.

          • Considering I know what both of her jobs are you are being very entertaining. Please continue.

          • Considering your job at the work terminal has quotas, I suppose you will just continue, even if you know nothing and can add even less.

          • You Chicago area communist community trolls don't know much about the food chain, do you?

            When plucking a bird you don't pluck the hair. What a moron, is that why you don't think tin cans rust alongside the road?

          • Yes, tin rusts. *wink*

          • Yes, you're a troll *wink*.

        • I stated what? Quote me saggy.

          I am looking for those exact words "Chickens are mammals."

    • The kind of cocks that Roger plucks DO have hair.

      The kind of cocks he wants to pluck aren't old enough to have hair.

      • The kind of things a deviant sexual stalker hope for, they are so predictable.

        Joe, can't you go to the same bathhouses Obama did, you might scare up someone like he did, but try not to get such a manly partner, Michelle can't use enough hormones to cover for things.

  7. Interesting article but we should really be discussing Benghazi.

    FOUR Americans have lost their lives there.

    that's TWICE as many killed compared to the number of Western Journalists beheaded by ISIS.


    And that's also about 1/1000 the number of troops lost in Iraq.

    1 out of 1000!

  8. Roger has taken special interest in this story. It's almost like this story is 14 years old and got caught masturbating.

    • Wow, the posse of trolls must be stuck on teens avoiding responsibility for their actions.

      Did you all meet at the bathhouse or something?

    • Great, just great. Now that you brought it up, we can expect 200+ comments by him. *Whispering here* Don't bring up the word "masturbate" or any form of it, k? It gets sets him off.

      • The two of you were of course banned from that site since you went to spam the place.

        So, I don't expect you either one to be honest about the actual issue, accepting responsibility for your own actions.

        Saggy, in your case it might be hard, since you just don't have the personality to deal with things.

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          BTW, how's the CephRog site doing since you destroyed it?

          • Saggy, are you genuinely this repulsive?

            The story was about how the teen reacted and how nobody accepted responsibility for their actions.

            If you want to think about teens doing things in poor taste, good luck finding that kind of site. Are you a cougar preying on teens or something? At your age and level of hostility towards men that may be your only option, finding some naive youth you can fool for a short period of time.

          • I'm not going to justify your disgusting behavior on that site over that story by responding to your ridiculous comment.

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          • Saggy, you don't have to justify MY behavior, and there is no justification for yours.

            Why would you bring up much of anything you do? Because you're an ill mannered cranky foul mouthed harridan.

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            You were the reason Breitbart changed to Disqus.

            You phucking people should be institutionalized.

          • Is he and his actual posse of trolls what happened there after Mr. Breitbart's death? Shameful, because despite my difference of opinions, it WAS a decent site.

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          • You are a liar Roger.
            This site never had a "very active bunch".

            WTF are you yammering about?


            Reply, Monkey:

          • You still don't remember much, do you?

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      "Not with teh smell of trolls such as yourself out and about." Our Li'l Rogie seems to be getting a grasp on writing.<—-OMG, I cracked myself up with that one!!

      • On a positive note, Saggy is just about missed most of her normal insults and has had such lame comments with no content it's been less offensive dealing with the ill mannered shrew today.

  9. Why is Storyleak restricting commenting on their newest story? Is it because their headline, "SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE VOTE STOLEN, MASSIVE COVERUP ENSUES, USUAL SUSPECTS ID’ED" is inaccurate or misleading? Who "stole" the votes, where's the "coverup", who are the "usual suspects"? This doesn't pass the smell test.

    • Saggy you trolls make it necessary, or you would have squatted and started ruining that discussion too.

      • No "discussion" was allowed. And if you'd notice, I was the first commenter to post there, a very legitimate comment. I'm still waiting for perhaps the author to point out the stolen votes, massive coverup, usual suspects. Sounds pretty iffy to me — I think the author and people of your mental ilk believe fear-mongering translates to something other than fear-mongering. Probably because your idols, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin use fear-mongering to roll in the bucks. You and your cronies have fallen for it hook, line and sinker because you lack critical cognitive skills. And in your case, because you spend the better part of each day drunk or high.

        • Good, if there was, you would have spammed it.

          And your legit comments are always followed by another of your posse trolls to destroy any chance to actually debate the topic. Saggy, this isn't your first story and your troll buddies are predictable.

          No wonder the admin pulled so many of your comments under the deleted profile.

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            As for having comments deleted, I don't have a problem when a site is embarrassed and pulls comments that point out hypocrisy or 'untruthiness'. But speaking of deleting comments (I think this site deleted 5 of mine after one of your tattle-tale days)…..weren't you bragging to your posse troll pals about how difficult it is for you to delete your comments from sites where Intense Debate isn't used any longer? Better keep working on that — your libelous, defamatory comments about Peter Elliott are still there from 14+ weeks ago are still showing — those you didn't manage to delete on LRC before they switched.

          • Saggy, why is it with all the various members of the posse that you don't have a higher rating, and why don't I have a lower one?

            Could it be that your flawed views, insults and trolling just aren't selling very well?
            You should be embarrassed to be so repeatedly pulled, it shows that your agenda based on posse hostility to conservative thinking isn't going over well here.

            I was not bragging about pulling comments, I was stating a fact, that it's not easy and yet Alinsky managed to hack into the system and do it anyone.

            You are so wrong, so bitter, so unable to keep up. You can't discuss the facts, you lurk and pounce on any flaws or mistakes however small and unimportant they might be. Better just crawl back under the bridge and take all your flies with you. It might be hard to get all that extra flab comfortable under there, but you just aren't up to polite discussion with adults.

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        • Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin

          = establishment scum

          Luke Rudkowski, James Corbett, Mark Dice, Alex Jones

          = patriots, heros.

          IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I've only heard of Alex Jones…but you already know I don't visit what IMO are conspiracy theorist sites….although this one seems to be more and more that way with every passing story. Have a great remainder of the day, Mr. Liberty — I'm headed to work for a while.

          • Saggy, you keep insulting this site and calling it names.

            Why don't you pass on the dramatic exit scenes and threats to stop demeaning this forum with your stench and just go away?

            You might find a site you like, like at huff post or some other liberal hack site that agrees with the posse of chicago area communists.

  10. Looks like Roger R. is trying to hide.

    Roger Randolph Russell

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    Timothy Russell

    • Joe Allen, communist and Chicago area activist….

      Were you there when Obama met Larry Sinclair?

      Now, back to the spam you just posted. Most of those people I am not related two and I'm curious if I have even met them, I don't think so.

      But it certainly backs why you are so unwelcome at so many sites.

    • Roger @ Storyleak – Pharmaceutical Giant D…
      14 seconds ago · 0 replies · +1 points

      I'm curious

  11. Roger — I wasn't talking about someone defaming you….learn to read, it will serve you well.

  12. Well we can see the fake christian will never stop. Even after he got his apology and settlement check which WTE can't disclose how much it was but anyone with one hand can figure it out. He thought he could since Patriots he is wrong

  13. Hey everyone!!!1

    Roger got only 5 dollars or LESS from the lawsuit. Someone posted it (not Wee) an imposter, but Roger didn't deny it, so that means it is true.

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    And he claimed victory???


    My god!!!! This is the funniest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And to top it all off, AFTER I caught Roger jerking off to romance novels with shirtless men on the covers, he is now trying to use his famous "I know you are, but what am I?" to distance himself and distract from this……

    • Hello Joe Allen! He wants to pretend he didn't get mopped up all over the place. I can't discuss the settlement and neither can he.

      You still sound excited about romance novels Joe, did you have to take some time off to use some more lotion?

      And D. (I won't use his entire name, but that is something you do even with people you think are my family) says anything that pops into his tiny little mind. It's his way of escaping his eking out a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

      • I recall seeing you tell some TopSnot guy or 4Constipation your "employer" made it easy for you to relocate and that you were considering it. So with Amway you can do that?

        • Saggy, you're just not any better than this.

          Only the dog isn't sagging everyplace, and probably has better teeth.

        • Roger only got 5 dollars on a lawsuit and is claiming he mopped the floor with Wee???


          Roger's lawyers f u cked him in the a s s hard!!!!!!

          • Joe Allen is trying to deflect so I won't come after him next, at least not as fast.

            Joe, if my lawyers sucked so bad you would have called them and said so.

          • Wanna know what I think? Doesn't matter, I'm gonna tell you anyway. I think when push came to shove Roger's 'crack legal team' finally read about 30,000 +/- of Roger's comments, rather than the few he cherry-picked to base his frivolous lawsuit on, and realized he didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning before a jury because of the hypocrisy he shows daily. They wisely informed him to settle and to settle quick for next to nothing.

            Just my opinion, I could be wrong. But what are the chances of that?!? =)

          • Saggy, there you go again, pretending you think.

            When you tip the scale at 30,000 are your friends going to be honest and tell you what they really think?

          • Roger honey, that argument works both ways.
            We certainly are not friends.
            Nevertheless, I told you to STFU
            at 25,000 comments.
            at 50,000 comments.
            at 100,000 comments.
            at 125,000 comments.
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            Yet still you persist.
            See, sometimes, even the friendliest advice goes unheeded, as evidenced by your pathetic, unruly, undignified and dishonorable behavior. You are a mental case, one of those special ones, who cannot get out of bed in the mornings, without having multiple enemies to face.

            You are the Don Quixote of Cyberland, tilting at your imaginary windmills, with your nickel pony Rocinante, accompanied by Duclinea (4Constipation) and trusted servant Sancho (Looking4HisSanity).

            Such a pity, that nobody is going to commission a statue on your behalf and place it in the Plaza de España………

          • Still have nothing to say?

          • I think you are spot on, but let me add, I don't think his lawyers gave a s h i t anyway. They just wanted to get their payments from Roger and now they are done with him. They took that virgin for all he was worth and then made him settle for nothing.

            But 5 dollars??? OR maybe even less??? That is just f u cking wrong. They must STILL be laughing their a s s es off about it.

            That's why I'm not worried at all.

            Roger got f u cked by everybody.

          • Joe, are you aware of the legal standards for things in Illinois? You may want to brush up.

          • You seem oblivious to the legal standards in California….you may want to brush up.

          • Saggy, adjust your undergarments so you're not in such pain. You may want to brush up, and perhaps even develop a personality so that you don't have to be so confrontational, particularly with people you can't intimidate and nag to death.

  14. Shame on me! I predicted 300 comments on this story, Roger made sure there's already 500+. Oh, our li'l troll is a busy one today.

  15. Does anyone want to post about the article?

    • There was a time when it would have had comments about the article,

      Those days are past and the people that try don't get a work in edgewise with this new bunch.

      But I hope Glaxo pays to get this mess cleaned up.

  16. Awful news I guess, how could someone make such an error, by compromising the water of two rivers ??

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