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Pentagon Prepping for ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’

High level government documents reveal that the Pentagon is preparing in full force for ‘large scale economic meltdown’ and massive revolt via the US public — exactly what we are criticized for doing. 

pentagon-economic-collapse-riotsYou see the Pentagon and agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD) are in full scale emergency readiness in their own words for ‘cataclysmic’ events that are believed to ultimately ignite riots in the face of chaos and economic collapse, and it’s all out in the open. And it’s one of the reasons that we’re seeing such a massive amount of spying on activists of all kinds, alternative news writers and personalities, and basically anyone preparing for themselves.

The US government is dedicated to logging such information into a major database in order to ‘prepare’ for the coming collapse that they are predicting in their own documents for all to see. Collapse predictions that have turned into ‘war games’ by the Pentagon, which in 2010 were orchestrated to prepare for what the Pentagon dubbed ‘large scale economic breakdown’ and the disappearance of essential services like food.

In this same ‘war games’ exercise dedicated to domestic response, exercises were ran in order to prepare for ‘domestic order amid civil unrest’.

Military to Stop ‘Domestic Resistance’

A thread that is seen throughout these tests is the concept that civil unrest will unfold and prompt military action against the public. One of the largest examples of this is the US Army’s Strategic Studies Institute paper that talks about about the ‘threat of domestic crises’ that are expected to lead to massive unrest throughout the nation. Spurring more paranoia into the notion that every citizen is a terrorist, the report starts talking about everything from economic collapse to a loss of functional political order brought upon by a ‘hostile group within the United States’ that could access weapons.

In such scenarios, the report discusses how the DoD would then be ‘forced by circumstances’ to come in and stop ‘purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency”:

“DoD might be forced by circumstances to put its broad resources at the disposal of civil authorities to contain and reverse violent threats to domestic tranquility. Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.”

To go along with this, and the idea of the military coming in to stop domestic resistance in the midst of an economic collapse, the Pentagon has gone and created a force consisting of 20,000 troops whose sole purpose is to be available for civil unrest and catastrophes — all based on the 2005 Homeland Security program to prepare for ‘multiple, simultaneous mass casualty incidents‘. Yet again we see this link.

But don’t worry, changes have been made just one month ago to allow for the Pentagon to directly have absolute authority over domestic emergencies and ‘civil disturbance’ at large. As reported in a Long Island news publication and properly summarized by The Guardian as further preparation for some form of domestic meltdown:

“Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.”

What does this mean exactly, to engage in the activity necessary to quell large-scale civil disturbances? Well, for one it is the blank check ability to go ahead and stop major protests amid domestic turmoil. The kind of protests we’re seeing around the world, from Egypt to Brazil. The kind of protests where citizens have had enough.

And going by the Pentagon documents mixed with the DoD papers, it appears the military believes America may take to the streets amid an economic collapse or ‘domestic disturbance’ of large caliber. And you can be sure that virtually all citizens that question the government are the targets of military intervention, as we see in the DoD’s own Army Modernisation Strategy, detailing ‘anti-government and radical ideologies that potentially threaten government stability‘ as a major threat.

Yes, you read that right. The DoD is classifying ‘anti-government and radical ideologies’ as something that threatens government stability. When a major ‘domestic disturbance’ comes along that all of these documents are discussing, such as perhaps in the form of mass protests, it’s the ‘anti-government extremists’ they will be coming after.

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  1. "What does this mean exactly, to engage in the activity necessary to quell large-scale civil disturbances?

    It certainly means that at the domestic level; the government as a whole is granting itself the authority to render its populace subjects or in Agenda 21 terms capital and resources of the government to be allocated.

    "The kind of protests we’re seeing around the world, from Egypt to Brazil."

    At the international level, it does give cause to nations of the UN Security Council to deliver deliberations requiring a UN Resolution in response to the government's domestic policies in response to civil disturbance/unrest. Additionally, Russo-Sino certainly would have taken note of US Foreign policy, and mass civil disturbance/unrest ultimately decisively removes the US from the geopolitical balance of power enabling Russo-Sino to effectively use the US's foreign policy against itself either unilaterally/through coalition or through UN Resolution.
    It would be incredibly unlikely that the US's international rivals who were accelerated in Russia's case recovery to China's boost through globalization in addition to the rest of the BRICS bloc as well. The past precedents have largely been set by the US and allowed by Russia and China.

  2. DHS Practices Mowing Down Civilian "Zombies" During Anti-Terror Training Exercise

    SAN DIEGO, CA — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ran anti-terror drills in which civilians dressed as zombies were gunned down indiscriminately by soldiers and police. Detailed makeup was used as well as pyrotechnics. This exercise was coordinated by the HALO Corporation.

    They are a defense contractor. What would a defense contractor be doing this? I will speculate conditioning!

    HALO Corporation’s Counter-Terrorism Summit

    • MR.LINCOLN,in a vision from the LORD he showed me,THE POLICE GANGS AND MILITARY attacking small towns all over america,THERE WAS NO WARNING,they drove into small towns and JUST OPENED FIRE,it was a "RED DAWN ATTACK" on everyone,so get ready america OBAMAS PLANNING TO ATTACK YOU…and DON'T take the MARK OF THE BEAST if your captured,their going to kill you either way,so DON'T do it………………………………

  3. Folks every possible scenario has been war gammed over the years-I've been involved in several. No need to add fuel to conspiracy fires. Those that fan the flames-why do they not take other things that are more likely to happen seriously? ie Earthquakes, disease outbreaks etc. This goes along with rumours of FEMA gulags, various U.S. Govt agencies apparently buying up all the world's supplies of ammuinition etc. I live to the North of you-a place where most of you could probably not place on the map due to the incredible ignorance of your population and the travesty of your education system-why not focus on these issues? All the crazy talk ends at your border. In the Candian Forces we war game too-more realsitic scenarios. FYI 2500 Canadian troops were the pointy end of the stick for four years in Afghanistan-statistically American troops were safer in Iraq than front line Canadians in Afghanistan-I mention this before some ignoramus starts mocking our military which again held its own in both WW1 and 2 for two and a half years each time prior to American involvement. Oh and you can thank us for your anthem penned after we burnt down the white house when we invaded you during the war of 1812 which we celebrated last year. Focus on making America great again as currently your country is rudderless and in a sad state.

    • You are an angry little Canadian eh?

    • Mr. Pope, I have several good Candian, as you put it, friends, and you are a disgrace to them.
      Wake up. Your govt is as evil and corrupt as ours — you are defending the indefensible. Defy the tyrants and join those of us working for peace, liberty, and prosperity.

      • Bea,

        I think Jeff is a troll.

        I'm Canadian too and I can tell you that any Canadian who believes that because we live on this side of the border that the madness in the world will not affect us is delusional.

        Political Liberty is the birthright of all men and women and in all places. It is as much at risk here as anywhere else.

        Our politicians (Liberal and Conservative) and bankers are as bought and paid for as all others. We cannot wrap ourselves in the flag and hope to escape the fall out of our leaders corruption any more than you can.

        Truly – we are in this together.

        Peace and Wisdom,

    • Just another jealous Canadian subject. Who won the war of 1812?

      • Nobody won that one. Each side has a few battlefield victories famous in their own propagandospheres (Battle of New Orleans, Battle of Washington) but in the end peace was restored with no gain or loss in territory. What the end of the war did mark was the beginning of two centuries of uninterrupted UK-US condominium — down to and including Syria 2013. So i guess you might say the "English-speaking peoples" won, and the people of the world lost.

    • JEFF, I also am Canadian, 72 years of age in fact, and you are so far from the truth and facts that I can only believe you are a troll.I might be willing to give you credit for your “rudderless” statement BUT that is all. If you are SINCERE and not a troll then I suggest you wake up to what is happening and has happened in Canada. Are you aware that Canadians DON’T, in fact, even own their “own” property. the British Monarchy does. Without property rights we are in fact a SERFDOM. the only difference between Canadians and Americans is we always have been and continue to be subservient to the “Queen” and thus are still a COLONY, in spite of what you may believe. Americans stand in the way of WORLD GOVERNMENT Tyranny,(simply because they have a CONSTITUTION, much better than ours ( Gun rights for example) plus we Canadians are so used to being serfs, we are no real threat to the World Government psychopaths.WE automatically OBEY authority. Americans do not and I say GOOD FOR THEM. Yes Americans have their faults and idiosyncrasies, but their love of freedom is NOT ONE of those faults or idiosyncrasies!!! Do your homework Jeff-I HAVE and could go on for paragraphs but believe I am wasting my time and effort on a fool. For an amateur like you I would suggest you start with online Alternative media, like INFOWARS ( one of hundreds of sources) instead of the Toronto STAR ,Globe and Mail or Toronto sun!!!

      • Americans DON'T own their land either all our deeds say Tenants, we are living a lie, we are all owned by the Monarch when we allowed the Federal Reserve to take over the money system, our courts all the fringed flags of maritime law, another Monarch symbol, so we think we are have a Constitution & a Bill of Rights but, our SS number now makes us stockholders of the Corporation of the United States.

    • God save us from the bed-wetting Canadian warmongers. Thanks for your disgraceful service to the corporate Police State. Did you ever stop and ask who you were slaughtering women and children for? You're nothing but another brainwashed, unempathic ape in a ridiculous costume.

    • I just remembered ,JEFF POPE. If I recall correctly you are connected to the CONSERVATIVE party in Canada. Your name did seem familiar. I am not sure how connected but that you make you a TROLL, as I said, I suspected, in my first comment to you. For those Americans not too familiar with Canadian Politics. I refer to the conservative party as servants of the Zionists .If anyone can remember HARPER,the leader and Prime Minister( fraudulently, I might add) of Canada recently was "knighted" by a Zionist group in New york, bends over backwards ( or should I say forward) for the Israelis and takes every advantage and moment to deride and disrespect Iran. Shame on you Jeff…and JEFF, I am one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the Libertarian Party in Canada-your arch enemy !!!

    • You sir, Jeff Pope, (In light of all the visable info available are a brain dead individual, lost in the world of
      the "4th Reich's" cognitive dissonance. I guess the Gov ( DOD) purchase of billions of rounds of consumer ammo is all false, I guess that the FEMA camps are "conspiracy talk" the millions of storage coffins-the destruction of our Constitution by a series of presidents-America has been destroyed by conservative pro Tyrannical Fascist mercantile crappers like you-1776 before 1984, Go back over the pond and stay with the tories and their prehistoric encampment

  4. CHEMICAL WARFARE via drones or light aircraft. These people are ruthless. “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” George Washington

  5. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen someone so full of himself for no real reason in a long, long time. Well done. "I live to the North of you-a place where most of you could probably not place on the map due to the incredible ignorance of your population and the travesty of your education system…" It's good to see someone that actually believes everything he reads. I was assured people like you existed, but had never seen it before for myself.

  6. It’s “…exercises were run…” and not “…exercises were ran…”

    • And going by the Pentagon documents mixed with the DoD papers, it appears the military believes America may take to the streets amid an economic collapse or ‘domestic disturbance’ of large calibe

  7. Canadians are just a bunch of brainwashed subjects that enjoy being ruled. I was just up there, they don’t live that great. Other than the tourist areas, most residential areas are modest at best. They have to beg immigrants to come in.

    • Carmine – I'm curious why you would bother visiting Canada when your disdain is so very apparent? I have this uncomfortable feeling that your attitude is EXACTLY what causes many Canadians to see us as Ugly Americans!

      It obviously has not crossed your mind that perhaps their values ("most residential areas are modest at best") are not identical to yours? Perhaps if you looked past your own caricatures of what is important you might find their love of nature to be more revered than the roof over their heads! Perhaps that very thing is why last time I looked Canada was far more stable economically than we are!

      Canada has its problems for sure but you have not cared enough to find out what they are. Stay out of there! You just give America a bad name and you would not be a welcome guest!

  8. Knock it off. One stupid Canadian spouts his ignorant mouth, and another stupid American spouts theirs? Canadians are in fact our friends, and we are in this fight along with the rest of the world to expose the liars who choose to get us to divide based on trivial issues, names, and wierdly constructed borders of their choosing.

    I really appreciated the kind appreciation of Canadians in rebuttal of us Americans being all evil. We certainly have our idiosynchrancies (evil ones) and we certainly should listen more to other nations instead of pretending we are the “leaders” of the world. “Freedom” is not owned by Americans nor Canadians, but is something we share in common. I love my Canadian neigbors more than I probably love some of my own ignorant American citizens, simply because they have shown themselves as friends, innovators, and route for our sucessess (where we haven’t failed) in freedom. We should as Americans at least return the same courtesy, don’t fall for some ingorant troll from Canada that tries to call names and throw sticks. To join in the same nonesense only demeans and reinforces the view that all American’s are really war like apes.

    • HOT ROD,you are a dumb ass,CANADA and the russians are going to INVADE america and its going to be a blood bath ,THEIR MILITARY ARE FRIENDS WITH THE RUSSIANS,and they are already bragging what their going to do TO THE DUMB ASS AMERICANS,the canadians hate americans and so do the russians……..

  9. I'm new here so please excuse my naivete, but I just spent time reading comments, and frankly it seems a waste of my time. I had hoped to find a real discussion about the topic at hand, not this kind of playground name calling. Folks this is all diversionary tactics to keep us from trying to figure out what to do in our personal lives in the face of whatever may be coming our way. We are all going to need each other when it hits the fan. A famous American once said, "can't we all just get along?". We have a common enemy, our "fearful master", and that is where we should be putting our attention. Please, lets join in Solidarity against that.

  10. When the American people finally figure out all that has been done to them over the last 100 yrs,, including but not limited to the copyrighting of the law so we cant use it in our defense,,,,they are going to be unhappy campers…That’s why they buy the ammo at DHS..

  11. Why doesn't every adult residing within our territories of Great Turtle Island NOT know that canada is NOT a country and never has been? Same goes for the united states of america?

    A critical IMPERATIVE – SEE: John Taylor Gatto – The History of Education.
    This is the reason we need to take our hands from each others throats.

    Corporations! BOTH of them.

    “…CORPORATE CANADA in USA. This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036…”

    Google: Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen

    As indigenous people of this continent we have a great deal to say but we also know few ever want to hear what it is we are saying and have been saying for over 500 years.

    We are forced to communicate within the lexicon of the non indigenous. This does not serve us well at all.

    All of your political constructs were designed to enslave everyone from the get go and pin each against the other. Why did we, as individual entities read this article? Why are we trying to communicate?

    The dam that has contained the 'illusion' is breaking, that's why.

    Here's a 'major detail' that most non indigenous can't wrap their heads around.

    NOT one TRIBE or NATION recognizes the IMPOSED BORDERS across Turtle Island. Our position has never changed nor will it. International Jewry and the history of this continent bears in depth research.
    The Palestinian plight at the hands of the Zionists and it's vicious settlers. Who's dismissing the parallels?

    The jews created the jesuits. This should hit the mind like a bolt from Tesla.

    I want individual people to realize exactly where they stand and above all know that we are Sovereign individuals within our Sovereign Nations and Tribes. Full stop. The real fight has been with their imposed authority and jurisdiction and if you research you will discover they have NONE.

    Where does that put those who believe they belong to a country under these created flags? You're not canadians nor are you americans. You are of your fore-parents genetic lineage and unless you're indigenous, you are a collection of other genetics from around the world.

    It's difficult to have to move and communicate within the lexicon of the created illusion.

    I believe it is the responsibility of each person to educate and deprogram themselves from these monstrous beings behind the corporations of death and destruction. It's always been a land mine for us but now that they are coming full force for the entire population? The last thing they want their subjects seeing is OUR power and authority.

    Their entire construct is an illusion. Go in and have a look at: WATER WAR CRIMES website.

    Benardo says it best, Truly – we are in this together.

    For an inside look, check out:

    Let's get em together.

  12. Gentlemen stop fighting with each other and Get to know God, you will be meeting him soon most likely by the looks of things the government has prepped for, bullets, armored vehicles, food storage,Plastic coffins, DHS must be ready by 09/31/13, fema camps, 15,000 Russian troops here….. We have a nasty problem about to be in our face. Lets come up with ways to warn others and prepare our family and friends. and most of all PRAY !

    • Billy, you are 100% right.

    • Sorry to bust the party, but gods don't exist, and simple-minded idiots who think they do are what has caused this mess in the first place. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are 3 of the least religious countries in the world. When was the last time they were involved in a war?

      Religion breeds intolerance. It is fundamental to all religions to be hostile to every other religion. Which is what you would expect with so many people preaching that their holy book is right and yours is wrong.

  13. Folks this is just what they want us to do, fight with each other for dominance. Don’t insult and put down, help each other to understand what is going on. The reptiles are creating the chaos so that we will turn on each other and simply die so that they can save the bullets. Their credo is contained in the Georgia Guidestones. They want the planet population to be under 500 million to “save” the planet. Meanwhile they destroy the planet with radiation and corexit and fracking. I grew up in the 60’s when we had real opposition to their wars and military. It totally scared them and now we have zero tolerance for any kind of demonstrations or protests. We all have to go underground with passive resistance and protest the corporations by not buying their crap. Don’t buy the iphone or use wifi or the latest att crap. Don’t join the military and don’t get into debt. Clean up your diet and stop drinking beer, you don’t know what is in it. Fluoride kills your thyroid and so do mercury fillings. I should know… This has all happened before in Atlantis. The reptiles tried the same crap and then blew everything up. Maybe it also happened on Mars, who knows? Don’t get into their evil energy, rise above it and overcome this world. This world is the illusion don’t fall for it, nobody gets out alive. To him that over cometh will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Be an over comer, not a succumber. It is all a war for your soul, that is the prize. Hang onto it for all it is worth.

  14. The President of the United States, under certain circumstances, has the authority to command the Alabama National Guard and, as of 2013, the entirety of Alabama State Law Enforcement. The second amendment helps to ensure state sovereignty; lawmakers are throwing it away with both hands. Careful everyone. Alabama has ceded control of state commanded guns….and this functional merger of state law enforcement with federal homeland security was done by progressives posing as republicans, THIS YEAR. Calls are being made for Convention of States, just months after. Careful. Check your own states; mine is over-run with enemies of the Constitution.

  15. Sometimes I sit here and read this stuff and shake my head in disbelief. And this is one of those times.

    To the author that wrote this article and to those of you who believe this stuff out of the box, you need to get a life.

    Here is why. I am a United States Navy Service Connected Disabled Veteran. And although the U.S. military is the most powerful force on this planet, there is one HUGE piece of information and one HUGE reason what this article talks about is nothing more than extreme scare tactics and innuendo….

    Do you really think true American military personnel and those like me who serve to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic” are going to turn against our own people and go against all we believe in with the U.S. Constitution?

    If you do, you need to see your physc doctor.

    While ANY organization will have approximately 15% of its people be those brown nosers and what we call “yes men” types that will just follow along or are so gung ho they do before any thought, the other 85% of the U.S. Military WILL refuse to follow any such orders.

    And for you detractors that say we “must” and “have” to follow orders… NO WE DO NOT if those orders are unjust, illegal, immoral or anti-Constitutional.

    If you really want to make a difference and talk about some REAL threats, they start talking about things that are possible like economic collapse, natural disaster or WWIII. For me, I am at a toss up on weather it will be some natural event or an economic collapse that comes first.. Something is going on but what it is, in reality, none of us really knows.

    • Yes the military will turn on the civilians, easily and quickly.
      1) 99% of humans are cowards. If they are ordered to do an evil act, they will do it because they are too afraid to stand up to authority figures. And they don’t have to worry about the consequences of their actions because “I was just following orders”.
      2) Most people think the media is real. They will be told: “these ‘liberty’ groups just want to kill women and children, they don’t really care about freedom, they are terrorists”. And since most people ignore reality and believe the media, they will believe these lies. And any that don’t will go along with orders anyway because see #1.

      Do you honestly think that all 25 million Germans in WWII were evil Nazi monsters that wanted to murder Jews? Of course not, there were only a few in key leadership positions. Everyone else was “just following orders”. The exact same thing will happen here.

    • Malakie – first – THANK YOU for your service to our country. We are forever in your debt.
      Second – MY military – I have tremendous faith in the good in the majority. And I emphasize "my" because this is MY country, my people – my son is retired Navy, my Father, brother, too many to count uncles, nephews, nieces….you name it – my family can proudly count many who stood up for me and mine and others and paid the price every one in ways I do not even know and even as a mix of humanity – I KNOW in my heart and mind that they (OUR military) all would have/will protect this country as per their oath given!

      That said, please, two things.
      I cannot understand what happened in both New Orleans and Boston where our "best" did in fact participate in martial law situations. How on earth could that have happened?
      And just as important, this video – – please – your input on it.
      THANK YOU.

  16. “Primary risks to Army modernization involve loss of support by the Administration or Congress. Even small cuts in modernization funding will impact Soldiers in today’s fight”?

    Well, it’s not too difficult to figure out what the Dept. of the Army thinks of people who want to eliminate the 16th am, the Federal Reserve System, or government borrowing. And can you imagine the panic attacks that would ensue in the Pentagon if there arose a powerful movement to replace the “FIRM Union” mentioned in Federalist No. 9 with a new confederacy of republics?

  17. I am an English-born Australian who feels no allegiance to either of those countries. My country is a neutered colony which exists under the illusion of independence. I feel a stronger sense of belonging to America than I do to the nation in which I currently reside or the nation in which I was born. I believe strongly in the principles which the Founding Fathers fought for.
    In my more rebellious youth (about 3 or 4 years ago) I was homeless and entangled in a fairly criminal lifestyle. As a result, I have a criminal record, but I also have an understanding of the world which few others possess.
    It is my desire that, should a war break out in the CONUS, I will travel over there to join like-minded free thinkers, men and women who believe in the fundamental principles of liberty, in the fight against tyrants and oligarchs.
    I know how to fire and maintain both a handgun and a rifle. I know how to follow orders, and I have a modest intellect which has had life-long inclinations towards topics of military equipment, strategy, and history. I strongly believe that I am able to contribute to the fight against tyranny.
    If anybody is capable and willing to tell me how I may be able to travel and participate, then please contact me. I do not wish to stand idly and watch the nation once known as the Land of the Free be turned into the Land of the Slaves.

    • You know how to fire and maintain a hand gun and a rifle. Okay, but do you know how to fix blenders? My blender broke one night while i was making mojitos for a small group of friends, not very close friends, just some folks from work, and carl, the nice gentleman that works at the cleaners. I ran into carl when i was buying ice and i invited him. I must have blended about 7 drinks before my blender started making a sort of taaaaa taaaa noise. It doesn't blend or crush now. I could get a new one, but it seems like a terrible waste. Maybe you could try fixing blenders, read a few books and then try to fix this one.

  18. Question to the autor The dod has a plan to take people down for continuity of govt sake. Does dod has a plan to take this illegal,immoral govt down ,restore the constitution as it is suppose to do by oath ?

  19. when communities were centralized.. people found their Nitch and produced the needs others wanted and everyone bartered.. communities swapped with other communities..

    then came Corporate Monopolies and the desire to make everyone dependent upon Corporations for their needs rather then small mom and pop shops or community resources where people had their needs met..

    a debt based currency that creates Inflation decreases the buying power (value) of the dollar which raises costs of goods.. .. a mounting deficit do to borrowing against nothing and charging interest for it on each dollar borrowed..

    now all this talk about a Collapse which is the result of Corporate Greed and out of control Governance..

    theres talk about preparing for a Collapse of this System thats been put in place thats only profited a few and strung a few others along that arnt needed anylonger.. (Middle Class) and the need to Power up a Government with weapons to keep peoples anger with it in check..


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  21. WAKE UP Americans!!! Did we forget we still have choices? Because we are so mired in the immediacy of situations, we don't often have a "helicopter view" of the economic deception being perpetrated upon us!!! the money by creating a groundswell of necessary change before we reach a full blown "economic collapse"

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  23. I've been trying to wake the SHEEPLE up; however they are worried about Scanda, SuperBowl, Rihanna & Beyonce. They are ALL DISTRACTIONS of what is REALLY going on in AMERIKKKa !

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  25. I am sure glad we built those FEMA re-education camps. For those who despise our beloved President .. Enjoy your free shower on arrival. hahahaa.

  26. this is amazing blog post thanks for sharing this.

  27. I am genuinely glad to glance at this website posts which contains plenty of useful facts,
    thanks for providing these kinds of information.

  28. When was once the military successful at stopping domestic resistance?

  29. Here is why. I am a United States Navy Service Connected Disabled Veteran. And although the U.S. military is the most powerful force on this planet, there is one HUGE piece of information and one HUGE reason what this article talks about is nothing more than extreme scare tactics and innuendo….

  30. Interesting story, I'm just sorry I didn't see it when it first came out. Too bad, no one will ever see my comment on this old story and discuss or debate it with me….unless they stalk me.

    • Obama and communists do this every time.

      It's the Cloward/Pivon strategy, destroy the current system to usher in the utopia. And if you didn't deserve to have your lame comments challenged then, perhaps the old saggy thing might have some credibility.

      • Fool, you got played. You really are her bitch.

        • You're the fools. You are getting played and Obama or his handlers (Soros?) consider you a bunch of dogs to be used. If your statist version wins, what happens? No freedoms, no economic growth outside of state approved 5 year plans, its' a vision that has failed every time it's tried.

          • Poof owns you, you are her bitch.

          • Joe, she can't even own her own hormones. All being ill mannered makes her is 'low class'.

          • I am not Joe, fool. Poof owns you because you are her bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Of course you will deny it, he denied being smith even after using his jamal jive on the wrong profile. But in any event you're his equal in low standards and lack of ability to actually discuss issues.

            And want to bring the site down with you.

          • You do not deny that Poof owns you. You are her bitch. You stalked her here.

          • Joe, I already have. And you have shown you're just as low class as she is by ignoring it and then spamming as if you can ignore the obvious.

            Still a second class failure hiding behind guest profiles since you can't challenge anyone on the merits of your arguments?

            Still the troll, still a loser.

          • I am still not Joe, fool. He does not hide from you. I am not hiding from you. I am just showing you that Poof owns you, you are her own little bitch. What a fool you are every day. The person you hate the most owns you. You are to be laughed at.

          • Do you realize you just proved my point, again?
            I doubt it, you're simply not bright enough.

            More attacks, not even the attempt to pretend you are able to discuss anything.

            So, you're not owned simply because you're not worth anything as a possession. A half baked useless idiot.

            You aren't my nemesis Joe, you're a parody.

          • I am still not Joe and I do not know who Joe is except someone else who hates you. I have not commented in over a year but I watch you all the time. You have been owned by a woman and that is the funniest thing I have seen you do in 5 years. You are a wuss and you are Poofs bitch.

          • You are still a pathetic parody.
            And if marxists who want to destroy my country and way of life hate me, that's a good thing. And any pretenses that you might spew have no credibility, being a second string troll does that.

            Are you also going to claim you're a conservative executive with a 6 figure income and a veteran background? Joe, you just can't keep up, and neither can the ill mannered shrew.

          • I am not a conservative or liberal, I don't care much about politics. I am not an executive and it is none of your beeswax how much money I have it is none of your business. I am as much of a veteran as you are. I am just a watcher and I have watched for a long time until that woman owned you. You are her bitch and that is funny. I have not insulted you I am just telling you what everyone sees. It is very funny to watch you deny things but you know they are true.

          • Joe, so you pretend not to have any irons in the fire, no dog in the fight and you just happen to coincidentally back the ill mannered shrew in the same terms Joe would use.

            You're not clever Joe, watching over your shoulder and waiting for that tap is pushing you towards the edge.

            You know it's all rubbish and that Saggy can't control herself. But don't let facts bother you.

          • I am still not Joe and you are sorry about that because it sounds like that is who you want here. I don't have a dog in the fight. I stopped fighting with you a long time ago and far far away. You are just funny to watch and you are too paranoid. You are too paranoid because you know you are Poofs bitch.

          • Still pretending you have enough credibility to be a nemesis instead of the comic relief Joe?

            You do have a dog in the fight you are here pushing your posse saggy thing. You are sad to watch. You're boring to listen to of course, since you never have anything to say. That's the drawback to your having so many guest profiles, you avoid content so you don't convict with yourself later and you come across as a lame nothing.

          • I STILL am not Joe, stupid. But what difference does it make? She said something on an old story and you stalked her here because you are her bitch and that is funny to see.

          • Still pretending to be someone else Joe?

            You have no credibility, nothing to add, no style to say even a little with elegance and yet you say you have no dog in the game while you push the posse agenda to the tee.

            You're the bitch and it's sad to see.
            Cant' you go someplace else Joe? Don't you have a communist site to post on?

          • You are a free man to believe what you want but I am not Joe. Poof owns you and you are her bitch in denial.

          • And you're a free fool to do this night after night and pretend you aren't sticking to your agenda and personal habits Joe.

            And I seem to own you, I can keep you here spamming for hours and days.

            It must be horrible to be so driven by OCD like compulsions.

            You need to pick out your failed communist ideals like the monkey needed to have help pulling things from it's hide.

            You are the sick monkey Joe.

          • You are Poof's bitch.

          • You may be, but I'm not interested in the position. You show how shallow and empty she wants her broken drones.

            Go pull something out of your empty hide and try to heal a bit from the failed ideals you push here.

          • What straight man has ever said this?

            69 weeks ago @ - Chris Matthews: Weiner… · 0 replies · +9 points

            "I'm wondering what kind of tingle up the leg he got when he watched?"

          • What sort of self tormented closeted gay man wants to know?

            And I do wonder what tingle Chris Matthews got from Obama, and how he thought he could be considered an impartial journalist after admitting it.

          • What straight man has ever wondered about tingles up another man's leg?

          • What sort of closeted gay man wants to know?

            The comment was on a journalist making the comment, one that is straight forward and obvious.

            You tortured closet cases are sad.

          • What straight man has ever wondered what tingles up the leg of a male journalist?

          • What closet case on National TV brags he has them?

            If you want to call Chris Matthews gay, then go for it.

            If you want to come out of the closet, just get it over with.

            But for me to suggest the comment raised questions? Well, you're just trolling again as you sit at your funded work terminal.

          • What straight commenter has ever wondered enough about the tingles up the leg of a man to inquire online about it?

          • You are correct. This straight man has never wondered about men getting tingles up their leg.

          • Why don't you go back to the quote and see what story it was posted on? Chris Matthews is a hack, just like you are, and he sits at a funded work terminal too! What a strange coincidence. Both men that think of other men as sexual objects and then you go beyond that hoping other men might be the same. No thanks, I'm not interested.

          • I know men who wonder about…oh, you were asking about straight men. Never mind.

          • Saggy, do straight men threaten you? Is that why you hate them so much? Poor saggy, at your age it would seem like you have more important issues to deal with besides trying to neuter every man around you.

          • Straight men wonder about tingles up a woman's leg…..and then there's Roger.

          • Yes, saying that this site isn't about you wanting to discuss sex with other men. Not about Saggy and her hate for real men that stand up to her, and of course the posse agenda is the underlying goal for both of you.

            Poor saggy, poor little 'funded work terminal' liberal hack.

            You both are so deserving of each other. Too bad you don't take it to the little pony site and chatter there.

          • Roger 174p 0 hours ago @ Storyleak - Lawsuit: DEA Gave Reco… · 0 replies · 0 points
            "I'm interested in allowing you chance to manhandle me."

          • Still can't do complete quotes? Does the work terminal not handle those unless the handler approves them first?

          • Would it sound less gay?

          • It depends on how you say it. If you want to come out of the closet, just do it but leave me out of it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I believe you, Mr. Your Nemesis.

          • You are probably talking to yourself again Alinsky.

          • He is a bitch

          • Like Saggy?

            No, I don't have her lack of personality and manners.

          • Well, he's definitely MY bitch.

          • Well, you're definitely feeling alone and not liking being the only bitch and looking for more company.

          • Wanna try that again in a grown-up version of English?

          • Saggy, want to try it after you take some more estrogen?

          • That's for sure. I have seen a lot of dumb bitches in my day but the bitch roger takes the cake.

          • Guest, why do you pretend you have any credibility? When a new troll shows up too afraid to use any sort of actual profile that means the posse just has a new fake person here to spam some more.

            Poor Joe, does he have another voice in his head?

          • Listen bitch with your history of stalking and suing people why would anyone make a real profile. No one wants stalked by a bitch like you

          • Wee, is that you?

            Better be careful that your collar doesn't get caught in the doggie door.

          • Dumb ass. We're all one and the same, so when you try to 'out' someone, you're only talking to Lips PoofShesGone trustfunded Iremember Alinsky Wee and a myriad (myriad — a countless or extremely great number.) of sock puppets. Moron.

          • Poor saggy, are you just so tired of moving your arms around that you can't really type and think at the same time? You never bothered, but now you might have an excuse.

            The posse sure does march lockstep, you're right there. The agenda demands it.

          • I am alinsky, poof, wee, guest, hpd, topshot, trustfunded, and patriot. You are bitch

          • You're the angry mongrel here.

            Too bad you can't find a site that wants that kind of person.

    • That was hilarious.

      You are the center of Roger's life now. He will follow you everywhere you go.

      He is desperate to talk to anyone because no one will talk to him in real life.

      And he reads romance novels.

      • That was pathetic Joe, that you would pretend so badly, and execute the thread so badly.
        You are the lonely deviant sexual stalker and you can't stand that I might have an actual discussion and turn my back on your spam.

        And you need lotion when you talk about romance novels, they seem to excite you.

      • This really is hilarious. I make one (bait) comment on a story that's a year old, and he's Johnny-On-The-Spot right here to comment. I took the day off from commenting here, but it looks like someone schooled him a bit about being owned. Bottom line is that he can't resist — he's incapable of it. Imagine trying to function in the real world while lacking any self-control — no wonder he has no job.

        • Saggy, you are not hilarious.
          Hope you manage to have enough to bid on the little ponies!
          Bottom line is you have lots of lines and not just on your bottom. You're incapable of rational and civil discussion, and the posse is here to make sure that doesn't happen.

          Too bad you have no personality and no self control. Being mean and ill mannered only gets you so far in this society saggy.

          • You loser, Roger — you total loser. You actually stalked me to that pony site then thought better of commenting there. OMG you're hilarious!!!! Ouch!!!

          • Saggy, you can try to say that. But I'm not the real loser.
            Can you see the skin stretching and wrinkling more each day? The sagging drooping body parts must be so annoying as you try to pretend that age hasn't made you into a sad huge shadow of what you used to be.

            Even cosmetic surgery could only help you so much now. Ouch!

        • Almost like he's your bitch.

          • Almost like she's pushed you into saying that.
            And you still sit at your funded work terminal spamming all day long at work.

            Almost like you are her bitch and don't like her jerking your collar. No wonder you are hinting so much for a man, just keep in mind she's not typical of feminine ladies.

          • Roger 175p… 25 minutes ago

            "My name is pee wee herman, have you seen my bike?"

          • When a hack is funded to sit at a work terminal and spam sites that have important issues out in the open, they deserve to be mocked.

            You deserve to be mocked in the worst ways, but as a low level useful idiot it would be wasted on you.

          • Yada yada woof woof blah blah phucking blah………….


          • Still can't remember how to actually discuss anything?
            Still can't remember how to be relevant?

            Still can't remember what it was like before you joined the dark side and started working for the posse?

          • Roger 174p 11 hours ago @ Storyleak – VP Cheney Issued 9/11 … · 0 replies · -1 points

            I'm a water jug with Perrier inside me.

          • Still can't do complete quotes?

            Low level trolls probably can't even do complete sentences.

          • Roger 174p

            "That puts me in running with the biggest angry dyke like woman I know" 

          • Is that your way of admitting she's a bull dyke kind of thinker?

          • Pssst…..that's your quote, dummy.

          • Pssst…… and you quoted me why? Were you just afraid to say it on your own? Saggy does have a temper and no self control, so no wonder you wanted to blame your thinking on me.

          • To show you are a moron. Any other questions?

          • When will that happen?

            Or are you just going to lie and pretend you already have? When you were chosen to sit at that funded work terminal did they know how lame you would sound?

          • The lying, I knew that happened daily. The funded work terminal and sounding lame, yes… you do that daily.

          • I agree, you lie daily. Any other questions?

          • You just lied again.
            Always at the bottom of the liberal cesspool?

          • Roger 175p 10 weeks ago

            "You are at the bottom of the liberal chess pool."

          • Yes, you are. And you probably can barely master checkers too. That leaves you with saggy and the other trolls. Without a clue and not smart enough to realize it.

          • That bronies site is the first time I've ever seen him steer clear of a site, although he followed me there like a puppy (or a bitch!). I'll bet there are other sites he'll follow one (or both) of us to……

          • That comment on the brines site shows you have no respect for the hard work that goes into a site, and of course that you feel entitled to push your way in anyplace.

            A lack of respect, a narcissist outlook on life, it's like you're a obama strategist.

          • Hello there Mr. Caulksucker.
            Still have that caulking gun in your mouth?

            Perhaps you were pricing tube-steak?
            On your limited budget, if you can't afford some Hebrew Nationals, at least get the cheaper cuts of Oscar-Meyer. They are made of Lips and Tips……….

            21 minutes ago @ Birther Report: Obama … – AT: Obama's Illegal L… · 0 replies · +2 points
            I just priced some beef cuts. I may have to settle for bread.

          • Oh look, it's the troll back again to pretend he's rational.
            Still can't fool anyone?

          • I don't think that's the meat he's interested in.

          • You don't think and I wonder if you like the taste of fish perhaps?

            Saggy, you trolls just don't get it. I don't feel so threatened in my masculinity that I need you to validate me as a man.

            You're just a failed non feminine mongrel that hates me in a pack of mongrels that want to love men and can't quite come out of the closet. That would make you a 'fag hag' of sorts saggy.

            So, frankly I'm not going to discuss meat with you. Even if you bought a 5 gallon jug of massingils.

          • He said he won't discuss meat with you. He may be saving that discussion for male commenters.

          • Still hoping? No thanks, I'm not interested.

            If you want to come out of the closet just do it, but leave me out of it.

          • Okay, I will leave you out of the closet. Well said.

          • You just can't take no for an answer any more than the other one, Alinsky.

            You two should just settle down and make do with each other. Then everyone else can be a little less concerned about who you're interested in.

          • Is that your fantasy?

          • You seem to hope so, and I'm still not interested. So stay in the closet, leave the closet, heck redecorate the closet for all I care.

            But I don't need to know about it.

          • Do you think his fascination with my boobies is because he's trying to accept his own need for a man-bra? I'd check out his pic again in the khakis, but with that fly half-way open, it creeps me out too much to look.

          • Do you think you're any less repulsive since I can't see you look like Helen Thomas's ugly older sister?

            You creep me out with all the ill mannered hatred you come here to throw around.

          • Perhaps he likes to talk about things he can't have such as your boobs, intelligence, and 14 year olds that get caught masturbating.

          • You both certainly seem to.

          • Hello Poof.
            I too took the day off yesterday.
            What is the point of watching Roger talk to himself?

            Speaking of "owning someone", and "making someone their bitch", you might find this interesting.

            Roger got owned last night.
            Lips made Roger her bitch at the Cephus-Roger Jerk-a-thon. Roger is insistent now, that Lips is you.

            Knowing full well going clear back to Bleatblart that Lips is Lips, and you are relatively new here, is is accusing Lips of being you.

            This will be………interesting.
            Talk about someone being delusional…………

          • Oh look the posse is all here to spam and block and derail.

            What's wrong are you afraid that the site might still be viable?

          • "Spam and block and derail?"

            Technically, I do not think applying that term to a dead thread that is well over a year old is applicable.

            But then again, I know that using your logic and rationale, things work differently in Roger's World………

          • Technically you don't count.

            And how does it work in the 'troll's world'?
            Poor Ican'tremember just keeps going in little circles like a confused yap dog.

          • I see Lips took you to school yesterday at the Cephus Jerk-a-thon.

            Pretty bad, when you spend all weekend here, and end up talking to yourself with Lips and Cephus.

          • I see you are pretending she did.

            Saggy may have the corner on mean spirited bad manners and ill fitting attire, at her age it would be hard to have clothing that looked normal. Helen Thomas never did it, and I would imagine Saggy is almost as beautiful as Helen on a really bad day.

          • I got the impression that Cephrus was just about ready to ban Roger after Lips made her case.

            I guarantee you Roger keeps his mustached sealed tight about her over there from now on.

          • You get lots of impressions.
            Like that list of sites I still post at, that you pretend I can't.

            And as for Breitbart, that's not what you said at the time Joe.

            2 minutes ago @ http://donbeliveit.blo... – About · 0 replies · +1 points
            912wolverire is gone because of me.

            1 hour ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 – Florida Attorney Gener… · 0 replies · 0 points
            Nice to see all the conservative idiots off Breitbart and sucking their toes on websites where no one will ever read them.


            We won!!!

            I still go on Breitbart as an imposter and use all your names."

            ejdulis replied to your comment on Scratch that, trying Intense Debate. / Politics, Guns & Beer:

            "I see others have taken my idea of impersonating you and others like Cowboy logic and winsorwhore.

            I am glad to have made such a great contrbution to the destruction of this site."

            Alinsky Hero USA replied to your comment on Scientists Developing Real 'Terminator' Autonomous Robot / Storyleak:

            They were down for over three hours and now all comments need to be approved. they only have five commenters anyway. And all ll five are retards.
            Go to comment "

            7 weeks ago @ – Obama's #OccupyWallStr… · 4 replies · -1 points
            Hello administrator.. Am I putting your mouth to work? Why don't you block me from making new posts?

            I gues you will have to just keep deleting my comments all night.

            Meanwhile you propaganda whores let these conservatives post vile comments all day long."

            7 weeks ago @ – Cain: I Would Not Want… · 1 reply · -3 points
            It takes them about a day to ban me. It takes me about 5 minutes to start a new one."

            7 weeks ago @ – Cain: I Would Not Want… · 1 reply · +1 points
            Every time they ban a profile, I laugh my a$$ off.

            I wish I could see the staff of moderators I am making crazy."

            Joe, it's not me that moderators spit at.

            And why aren't you bragging about it now?

          • This is pretty amazing stuff you've posted, Smeggie. You're still upset that a dead guy, CowboyLogic, destroyed your little game at Breitbart, aren't you? Let it go — dead people can't read comments on forums and the other people who proved you the fool years ago have moved on with their lives. Your obsession with the past and dead people is beyond scary — who besides you is paranoid about someone rotting in a grave?

          • Saggy, the posse trolls have been active longer than you have needed better support hose.

            And nobody destroyed my commenting on Bretibart I still post there.
            Saggy, you're just as clueless as you are repulsive. Your obsession with attacking men strong enough to defy your brand of 'bull dyke' thinking shows you're scared of not having complete control over every situation. Leona Helmsley type people are reviled, and it's no wonder you realize you deserve the things people say about you.

          • I don't see where you've posted as "jeepwonder". You know my Disqus moniker and know I've commented there this morning and on which story — go there and post a comment to me with your regular Disqus account.

            And go to TopSnot's site and post a comment. You already know I can't respond — hey, it can be something non-controversial, even a 'good afternoon' to your buddies there.

          • Saggy, you own the wimps here, why don't you tell them what to do.

            I'm not yours, you don't own me and frankly you repel anyone that reads your comments, that's your value to the posse. Doesn't that say something about you as a human?

          • Wonder why he didn't prove you wrong……

          • Wonder why I should bother?

            You're posse trolls, it's not like you have anything saying worth even paying attention to.

          • "…it's not like you have anything saying worth even paying attention to."

            Well said.

          • Still have nothing worth saying?

            So, you're just here to flirt then, it certainly isn't with saggy.

            Go away, I'm still not interested. What an idiot, is it that you're just too ugly even for Joe?

          • Your mustache looks extra Village Peopleish today.

          • You sure do pay my stache way to much attention dude.

          • You are way too old to not know when to use the word "too" instead of "to".

          • Too old, but not too bright. I'll bet he sits around when he loses internet during electric storms and wonders why his self-published "books" aren't on the NYT best seller list!! *snicker*

          • Too saggy, but still sagging further every day…..

            When you lose internet connections because a stupid man set it up and you just know they can't do anything right, then you wonder why you don't have any books selling as well. *snicker*

          • It's almost like he can't……you'd think his pals there would welcome a friendly "howdy" from him. I don't see him lasting much longer with his new she-pal at CephRog, either.

          • Some folks come here to discuss issues and debate them. It's obvious you can't. You'd think some of your friends would at least give you some air freshener or perhaps a case of deodorant, or even addresses for places that can help you with support garments.

            I don't see you lasting at all anyplace, and you've been banned at Cephus, so I don't see you knowing what works with him, or any man for that matter.

          • Only a dumb bitch would save others comments

          • You all must be busy saving them then.

            Woof, woof! The mongrels just can't help themselves.

          • Hey Rogie — thanks for reminding me. Want me to invite c_woof back to prove what a liar you were on the Isla Vista shooter's father, Peter Elliott? Heard anything yet (in the form of certified mail) regarding your libelous, defaming comments about him?

          • Go for it hag, you like to boss men around why not put him on the list of fools you think you can control?

            Saggy, you can't control your support hose, why do you think you can control anything here on an open forum?

          • Why would I save comments? Only worthless bitches like you do that

          • Why would you come and spam the site?

            Only worthless bitches like you do that.

          • Oh is the bitch roger getting angry?

          • Is the guest bitch mad that I pointed out the obvious?

          • What was that bitch?

          • The angry mongrel is still snarling and wondering why it's treated like a rabid beast.

          • Polly wanna cracker?

          • You seem to need something, perhaps Alinsky can help you out.

            I certainly won't.

          • Well, I'm definitely NOT Lips, and she definitely is NOT me, and both of us like it that way just fine — I don't even have to ask her to know that as fact.

          • Of course, and Joe only does his very own profile too.


          • In case you haven't noticed, his detective skills are equivalent to his language skills.

          • In case you haven't noticed your talking points are equivalent to your limited cognitive abilities.

          • So you don't think he could make a living out of being a private dick? Odd, I think he's a first-class dick.

          • So, I don't think you could make a living sagging on your broom flying around trying to control the posse here as they work to diminish the site?

            Odd I'd think you would at least think you deserve a nice water bowl and a chew bone if you're going to act like a mongrel.

          • Liar liar pants on fire — "Odd, I'd think…." — you don't ever think…..period. You just stalk-and-comment, stalk-and-comment. It's OK, we accept you for the loser you are.

          • Saggy, are you still dragging your canckles around?
            I think and that bothers you. I mock you, and your vastly overrated small little mind and that bothers you. And I realize you're a rejected sad pathetic woman that bothers you even more.

            OK I accept that you're an ill mannered old shrew that people avoid.

          • Hello, Iremember.

          • Yes, you both are members of the same team. I'm just shocked you said hello here instead of emailing him.

          • Are you Iremember? I was very clear who I was saying 'hello' to, Honker. MYOB.

          • Are you saggy the small minded mean spirited shrew that looks almost as good as Helen Thomas?

          • Somebody is feeling left out….

          • Jesus Christ — I said "hello" and he's so jelly he had to stick that huge honking schnoz into it. Do you know how creepy he is?<—Rhetorical question.

          • Still the foul mouth shrew? Still the fish oil that smells up the cutting board after someone's left it there for a few days?

            Do you know what ugly is, inside and out? That was a rhetorical question BTW.

          • You make no sense.

          • You can't make sense out of the obvious saggy.

          • Is it obvious you are gay? That makes sense.

          • To a guy trying to come out of the closet it might.

            But to straight people what makes sense is you are conflicted and dealing with self hate.

          • At least I'm not gay.

          • Sure, of course. (sarcasm).

          • Lead him around by his leash. This should be fun.

          • You would know about that, but frankly that's not the focus of the site. Have you tried to actually discuss the story? Saggy is bad mannered enough without you encouraging her.

          • You're right, I would know about leading you around by your leash. Good point.

          • Still can't bring yourself to just come out and say what you are thinking?

            You're thinking I'm not interested and if you just insult me enough I might (at that point you probably realize how clueless you are) treat you as badly as saggy does?

          • ↑ Word salad.

          • Your limitations and short comings speak only to your own condition.

          • I think he's hoping if he gets his word salad out there enough, someone will toss his salad for him.

          • I think you're hoping if you're angry enough, if you're mean enough, if you are ugly enough, if you get fat enough, if you get enough blame for all your problems and issues that they won't notice how you have sagging body parts hanging in all the wrong ways and places.

          • Wonder who the guy will be.

          • Probably some well-"groomed" fundy — maybe one of the Duggar boys since the age of consent is 16 in Arkansas.

          • Poor saggy. You just hate men, don't you?
            Angry mongrels often get tossed outside when they behave badly.

          • You are stuck on men, it seems.

            Can't you just come out of the closet?

          • Here's Roger yet again trying to encourage men he meets online to come out of the closet.

          • This is like a Roger gang bang. And it's getting quite sloppy.

          • You guys are sloppy, but that's not why you're part of the posse, they won't care if you never make sense, You're supposed to be so repulsive that nobody wants to come here.

          • Your comment made me think of Google's listing for Rick Santorum. It all seems to tie in with Roger, too. Co-ink-eeee-dink? I don't think so.

          • Your comment made me think of a really ugly little dog yapping. It all seems to tie in with you and alinsky and the other trolls. You're like a pack of dogs chained up in a junk yard barking all night long since nobody cares about them.

          • Oh, you wish!! I'll bet every night you get down on your knees and pray that any of the commenters around here are gay….sorry Rogie — hit the fundy kiddie sites, those places are full of 'groomers' like you.

          • Saggy, your 'bull dyke' kind of thinking is oozing out.
            Sorry saggy, I know you try to not wiggle too much as you struggle to walk, but it's just that all the gay guys you hang with seem to be struggling to come out of the closet. Are you a mean 'fag hag' or something that even repulses them?

          • 111 weeks ago @ Big Peace – The Military Should No… · 3 replies · +2 points

            "Maybe the gay guys on the west coast are totally and completely different out on the west coast. 
            I've had them even explain the size and shape issues with previous and current lovers at my desk"

            Was it like heaven for you?

          • Nope, it was almost like having a possible scank like you around, only they were polite and trying to fit in.

          • You moron. This story is over a year old and none of the big "BOO, SCARED YOU!" predictions have come to fruition (fruition: the point at which a plan or project is realized.)". So what would be the point in debating a dead issue?

          • Yet here you are saggy, yapping and running in circles like a inbred little lap dog.

            Only with your age and other weight issues you wouldn't fit on a lap.

          • Please learn when to use "a" compared to "an". Your English is atrocious.

          • Please learn to not say anything when you have nothing to say.
            Your lack of content is atrocious.

          • a gay

            a homosexual

            an appetite for cock

            That should help.

          • That seems to be you.
            And those romance books sure got you all worked up Joe.

          • Female dogs like roger like being lead around

          • He's my bitch. =)

          • Saggy, you can't even get anyone to own you, unless they hold your leash with surgical gloves.

          • She owns you.

          • She may march you around, but she can't even manage to control a thread when I'm gone for a couple of hours. Sounds like she's just suffering way to many hot flashes.

          • You've been gone for years.

          • Like saggy's estrogen and manners?

          • Like your mind and libido?

          • You sure do expose yourself.

            I think everyone knows that's where you're coming from.

          • Please don't think of me being exposed. It makes it sound like you're a peeping roger.

          • Then quit exposing yourself, it makes you sound like an alinsky fan club member, TMI.

          • Seen his latest selfie?
            Although his eyes aren't as dilated as the VillagePeople one he uses for an avatar. Meth, crack and ADHD drugs dilate pupils like his are. I don't think there's a connection, do you? Normal people always stay up all night and day posting comments ad nauseum….right?

          • Saggy, I found your latest selfie. You didn't tell me you had been through medical issues!

            Did they manage to get them all?


          • "Almost" like he's my bitch???? There's no "almost" about it. He followed me to the bronies site!!!
            EDIT: He just followed me to some other site…..

          • Almost? Not even. Saggy, I own you and just remind you how easy it is for you to be managed since you have no personality. You have no manners so of course you react badly every time, and the flies keep you on edge so you can't really think anything through.

            At your age, I'm surprised you can find a computer chair shaped to allow your bad posture and shifted anatomy.

          • What would you know about a woman's anatomy?

          • What would you know of logic and actual accomplishments?

          • pssst — obviously he knows nothing about a woman's anatomy, he couldn't even answer the most basic question and tried to steer you away from it. Subtle, isn't he? Haha!

          • Pssst……. obviously you know nothing about your own anatomy, If you stand if front of a mirror and try to figure things out the thing probably breaks.

          • He knows about the female anatomy,he just has never had any desire to experience the female anatomy.

          • His experience is confined to that of a caregiver….that's obvious. And he hates/hated the woman who needed his assistance. His misogynism is the classic aftermath of years and years of caring for someone to the point he hates all women. It's very sad to me.

          • And that lady's super hot son only would visit on Sunday's.

          • You just can't make up enough bad things to say can you Joe.

            And if you had not gotten all the romance novels so 'splattered' you could read them again. But now you're just stuck with damp hands and nothing to do.

          • Who would trust that butch to be a caregiver?

          • Who would trust yet another posse troll? Why can't Joe at least make up a name for you?

          • These nice on here trust me more than they do you bitch

          • Still can't talk straight? What happened are you picking hair out of your teeth from them making nice?

          • Your limited thinking wants to think so, and since I'm not here to discuss sexual deviants with puriant interests don't expect me to tell someone as repulsive as you anything saggy.

            Your man hating ways are a classic aftermath of years and years of men being smart enough to reject you. It's not sad, it's frightening to think you might still be at it.

          • "Good boy, now sit."

          • Roll over and then go lay down.
            Adults may want to discuss things and you're yapping with saggy just gets annoying.

          • Why do you want me to lay down? I told you, I'm not interested and there are probably better sites if you are into meeting men online and getting them to lay down.

          • Still hoping?

            You may think you are still in the closet, but it's not a big shock to me that you're hinting and flirting like this.
            You and Alinsky are just two peas in a pod.

          • So you don't want me to lay down anymore? You're done with me?

          • Still have nothing to say, and no clue how not to say it?

          • 'By age 16 a boy…..' — how did he word that again? Something about "markings"….

          • Saggy, as a mental health expert, you should know even from your personal experience that you didn't get repulsive all at once. You started, dreamed big and practiced on everyone that couldn't avoid you.

          • Roger 175p 11 hours ago @&nbsp;Bitch Spot&nbsp;-&nbsp;What Ever Happened to …&nbsp;· 0 replies · 0 points
            "At 14 he should have the markings of a young man."


          • Why, you didn't develop your failings as a troll all at once did you?

          • What "markings" on a 14 year old boy were you referring to, pubic hair?

          • What markings are there for posse trolls?

            Are you referring to the things you need to come out of the closet?

          • Are you asking me if I am 14 and have pubic hair? I'd rather not discuss that with you.

          • Quote me.

            It may be that as a self hating closet case you just dreamed I said something like that. I didn't. If you want to be a perve talk to Alinsky he seems into it.

            And it might help him realize he isn't getting anyplace with me.

          • You can't even spell your insults correctly. Learn English.

          • You can't even say things worth reading, try logic.

          • Yet here you are, reading every word I type.

          • Yet here you are still hoping and pretending I read every word you type.

          • I guess you read my comment. Thanks.

          • I guess you hope so, and no thanks.

          • Still have nothing to add and are just too stupid to realize it?

          • Age of consent in Nevada is 16….17 in Nebraska. If you've ever wondered why he relocated, there's your answer — a year can make a tremendous difference when pervs are grooming young men…..markings?????????

          • I don't think Roger waits for consent from the 16 year old boys he is interested in.

          • I don't think you want to face me in court after lying like that Joe.

          • And the age of consent in your state does it stop shy of your advanced years saggy, or do people just naturally avoid you for other reasons like the smells or the drooping body parts?

            A year can make a tremendous difference to sexually active people when you're trying to groom another spineless man that is too scared to tell you no.

          • I just found another 5 dollars laying around, so let me clarify what I said.

            I think Roger rapes 16 year old boys instead of waiting for the consent.

          • I think that is defamation and You just made me more determined than ever to face you in court.

            Joe, why make this hard on yourself? If you think you can defend your comments, why hide like a scum sucking cockroach?

          • I wonder if I could just send Roger the 5 dollars in the mail, or if he wants to spend thousands more on a court date to get it.

          • Ask my attorney, or are you too busy coming up with new Chinese ISP addresses?

          • I think he'd rather have a date with you.

          • I think I'd rather not date either of you.

            One is fishy and the other is swishy.

          • Then why have you said you ARE interested?

          • Then why do you pretend that was my entire comment?

          • Was there more? Did you go into graphic details about your interest in MANHANDLING?

          • If you weren't a worthless troll, you'd know that.

          • Roger is begging me to call his attorney again. I guess he ran out of money to have his attorney call me.

          • Joe, you used his pic for your avitar.

            It's obvious you want to talk to him, you just don't have the nerve, you never do that's why you hide in your mom's basement writing for web sites that couldn't care less if they ever hear from you again.

            If you had more nerve, do you think it might have been you instead of Larry Sinclair?

          • Wait, that's your lawyer in his avatar (notice proper spelling)? Why does your lawyer have his shirt off?

          • Wait, why do you think I meant his current avitar? Ask him where he found that current one, I bet he would need lotion to tell the story the way he wants to.

          • Roger made sure to find a young hot lawyer to be his daddy.

          • Roger has asked me where did you find that hunky, shirtless man that is pictured in your avatar. He is REALLY interested.

          • Still can't tell the truth? The two of you sure do sound practiced in your routine, way practiced.


          • I asked him for you. I guess he got that picture from a book you read and raved about. Is it a romance novel?

          • You go ahead and discuss it with him for hours and days and why don't you just do that instead of spamming the site here?

          • Roger tells lies until he actually believes them himself. His cumpulsive lying often results into pathological lying.

            He is in so much denial that I found out he is reading romance novels with hot shirtless men on the covers, that he has convenced himself that I read those books and worte those reviews.

            To face the reality, to face the fact that he got caught jerking off to men is beyond his mental capabilities.

            Like a psychopath looking in a mirror.

            I found my avatar under Roger's Amazon account.

          • Still all worked up over those romance stories Joe?

            Still hoping being a deviant sexual stalker is a plus?

            It's not and I'm still not interested.

          • You sure do admire a man you are too scared to call. Is that why Sinclair got to ride with Obama and you're just another failed Chicago area communist Joe?

          • Roger is trying to set me up for a sexual encounter with his lawyer.

            I was wondering how he got paid.

            Roger was just another one of his 5 dollars whores.

          • Are you just wondering what Larry Sinclair had that you didn't?

          • "Roll over and play dead"…..wonder if there's a living soul who'd offer to scratch his belly? Oh, puke.

          • Poor saggy, did someone smell you and think you were decomposing?

            And you won't get close enough to find out.

          • HAHAHAH!! What is the name of the Bronie site? I want to ask them if they like Roger's review of Steven Dallas Billionaires.

          • I'm sure Roger's review will be a big hit with that crowd.

          • And that crowd will be a big hit with Roger.

          • it was a pathetic Saggy that went there hoping the bidding wouldn't go to high to keep things priced out of her range.

            It was painful to watch her admit that's just as poor as the rest of you.

            Conservatives dont' depend on funded work terminals.

      • I have written Kirsten Osbourne, the acclaimed author of the romance novel Dallas Billionaires , Steve, Justin and Cody.

        And told her about her biggest fan Roger Randolph Russell.

        I told her about his wonderful reviews on Amazon and how his love for the series is now being promoted on Story Leak, Speak Out America, and Birther sites.

        I am sure she will be thrilled to know she has men reading her books. I asked her if she has any other men, not gay men, that have ever enjoyed her hot romance series before.

        Hopefully she will write me back soon and let me know.

        I also told her she can contact the Reno Tea Party, and gave her the email address.
        I also gave her Roger's email. Hopefully Roger will let us know if she contacts him.

        • You think you will fool her?

          Did you wash your hands before you wrote her, since you were so excited by the men in the books?

        • Was Roger banned from Speak Out America because I outed him about Steven, Justin and Cody?

          • Why would a site you are not allowed at care if you get this excited over men?

          • I think Top S h i t banned Roger.

            He found out Roger was reading Steven Dallas Billionaire, and banned Roger for life.

          • I think you just can't stand that a site survived you and mocks you to your face.

          • Go there and make a comment. Prove Alinsky wrong. We'll wait……

          • Why do I have to prove anything to a woman that won't admit it when I do?
            Saggy, you don't have the credibility to have anyone believe you anyhow.

          • He skipped replying to that challenge.

          • Did I? Check my comment stream Joe.

          • When Roger can actually show he can do something, he is quick to prove it.

            But when challenged to mention a girlfriend or wife, he always has an excuse.

          • Why would I discuss that around a deviant sexual stalker such as yourself Joe?

          • That information is too personal for him to talk about. He seems to feel more comfortable discussing with men he meets online, stories of 14 year olds that are caught masturbating.

          • He always has an excuse for not mentioning a girlfriend or wife, always.

            And he has gone full homo ever since i caught him reading romance novels with shirtless men on the covers.

          • Still hopeful? It's not going to happen.

            And you were the one that went bonzo over those books. How sad, have you ever figured out what Larry sinclair had that you didn't?

          • That information is just so tempting to both of you, and neither deserve any of it.

          • Well it could clear up a couple things, that's for sure.

          • I think it's already pretty clear.

          • Yes, clearly you're a deviant sexual stalker that won't take no for an answer.

          • I'm already clear, you're both way to interested and I'm not.

            Deal with it. At least you have each other.

          • I think you spelled "clear" wrong. It's actually spelled "queer".

          • I think you love the word queer and were hoping I'd use it instead.

            I'm still not interested. If you want to admit you're gay, I don't care one way or the other, just leave me out of it.

          • Roger admits it is gay gay gay as f u ck to be reading Steve Dallas Billionaires.

            And he wrote in his review he wants to read the whole series…

            "I would imagine the author will spin off the settings for the other characters, and when she does I'll be looking forward to reading them and comparing the effort."….

          • Still breathing heavy about the romance novels? How sad.

          • Yep, he has been banned from Speak Out America!!!

            Mission accomplished!!!!!

          • I wish I knew the exact quote, I know that Iremember has it. But it's something like, "I make good and interesting comments", followed by some version of "PLEASE UN-BAN ME, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON IT?? I PROMISE I WON'T INSULT OR STALK OR TROLL!! INTENSE DEBATE IS MY ONLY LIFE!! PLEEEEEZE???"

          • So the bitch roger got banned from his bitch site? That's funny bitches banning bitches

          • I don't know if he got himself banned there or not and I don't care. It certainly wouldn't surprise me, even conservatives find him to be a lying blow-hard who stalks/trolls 24/7. I wonder how many comments he's up to now?

          • You don't know anything, yet that hasn't stopped you from spamming sites yet.

            Saggy, it wouldn't' surprise me if you are a man hating ill mannered shrew, one that only cares about getting out of bed without smacking her knees too hard with body parts flopping around where they don't belong. Upper arms can get so ugly on old shrews.

          • If he can still post there, then I guess they are ok with gay marriage.

          • Why, they don't allow you and your spam there. I bet if you went to tell how excited the romance novels made you, they would be called dung tracked in and the pulled, even if you posted it 151 times.

            You trolls, are a legend in your own tiny little minds. Nowhere else.

          • So, you guys aren't posting comments about anything, you're just running around like a bunch of screaming monkeys.

            I haven't been banned and you guys will have to make up new talking points.

  31. Your website is so cool. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this blog. dissertation writing help

  32. I don't know who "Your Nemesis" is, but they've definitely got Roger's number. Today should be a fun one.

    • Saggy, you probably saw the posse schedule and know who was working last night.

      Saggy, I've got your number. You are a yapping ugly and saggy doggie. You can't think of what you should bark about but you have this instinctive need to yap and run in circles hoping someone will drop you a biscuit and not just throw you out in the back yard.

    • His number is 666

    • Does anyone remember a commenter that used the guest name SVU?

      She was wonderful, but she stopped commenting about four months ago.

      • Doesn't sound familiar to me, but I've only really been around for about 4 months other than 2 little commenting spurts a few years back.

        • Oh come now, your kind of crazy stick around longer than that saggy.

        • Please don't say "spurts" around Roger.

          • Yes, the two closet cases that stalk my comments will get too excited.

          • He's trying to pretend now that when he says "saggy" it's about my upper arms. Little does he know I could out-bench press him by about 100 pounds. I'm busy cyber-throwing my tits in his face right now….. =))

          • Oh saggy, as you well know at your age everything sags. From your ear lobes to upper arms, to thighs and canckles. It's just something old overweight shrews deal with. Jowls, they can be a bear when the neck is too think to turn your head and you have to shift all your weight to face someone.

            That probably gives them a chance to escape you too.

          • Ah Ah so this is where everyone is.

            Roger I want you to try something for me.
            Don't write an answer to this, I want to see if you can go without getting the last word in.
            Some/most of the things you say don't make any sense and are just filler because you have to have the last word whether it makes sense or not.
            It would serve you good to just shut up once in awhile.
            Okay now really try.

          • He likes to be on the bottom.

          • Ick. Puke. Blech. Barf. Spurt?

          • Yes, you hate the idea of men and sex.

            Saggy, the idea of you and sex is repellent too, if only you were more like real women.

          • Who said anything about sex? You sure have a one track mind.

          • His comment is proof positive that he doesn't know a damn thing about me! I always knew he made stuff up (cuz he's a pathological liar), but that one's REALLY off the mark. I'd sure like to know why he thinks of me when he's thinking about sex — I guess he hasn't figured out yet that I don't have the member/unit/johnson/trouser snake he craves.

          • Your comments are proof positive that poor saggy and her friends don't care what you use for spam as long as you don't let anyone come here for actual debate on the issue the site hopes to bring out for public awareness.

          • Oh for phuck's sake, ThumperHumper — this story has been posted here for over 13 months, sitting on the site's right-hand margin and you've never once come here to do any of your phony, fake "actual debate on the issue the site hopes to bring out for public awareness". Did you even NOTICE how old this story is? You phucking phony….you only came to this story to stalk me, Poof'sBitch®.

          • Oh for the sake of everyone else in the room with you, can't you find a way to deal with the flies buzzing around you?

            This story has been here, and others have been at this site and you still spam them at will with no attempt to even pretend you care one way or the other. You're just fluff, here to stop any debate as part of the communist posse.

            Do you fake everything else as badly as you fake debate here? No wonder you face so much rejection.

            You're the bitch, and you're just yapping away saggy.

          • Phucking idiot — you didn't even notice how old the story was!! You didn't even notice!! Hahaha!! That's absolutely priceless!! You're so obsessed with me you've followed me to a Little Pony site, an HGTV site, some site about military pay where you managed to soil yourself all over and admit you've never done a damn thing in support of my country…'re a phucking phreak, Poof'sBitch®.

          • Speaking of idiots that are just too ugly and too mean to have any screwing, you didn't care about the story but your agenda to push the posse agenda.

            You're the freak saggy.

          • What the hell does "…too mean to have any screwing" mean?

          • What does it mean? Saggy, you don't care and you don't even want an answer.

            It's just one more way of you to be the vile fat saggy thing.

          • I asked you what it meant. Obviously I care to know and DO, in fact, want an answer. But then you say shlt all the time that people ask you about and you always refuse to answer. Nuttin' transparent about YOU, troll.

          • Saggy, you asked and I gave you my answer.

            Saggy, I hope you don't think that you get to demand things from me.

            A old worn out old thing like you can't expect much from men who aren't beaten down by your shrill ill mannered harangues.

          • This just in from our resident sexuality expert, Dr. RuthRogie — "Speaking of idiots that are just too ugly and too mean to have any screwing…".

            I've heard a ton of euphemisms for having sex, but I've never heard that one. "…to have any screwing"???

          • So, you realize how lame you are?

          • Is that your sure-thing pick-up line, Poof's Bitch®? "Come over here and I'll let you have some screwing, young man."? Goofy phuck — no wonder you spend all your time commenting — you couldn't get laid by a blind, deaf, dumb and mentally-challenged guy if you paid them your entire lawsuit winnings. Give up, Poof's Bitch®.

            Please respond with your usual blather…….

          • And your sure fire pick up line is to call me a bitch.

            Saggy, you think men deserve that kind of treatment. It's just the evil kind of troll you are.

          • OMFG!!! do you think you're called Poof's Bitch® because I'm trying to pick up on you??? OMFG!!!

          • Oh my goodness, still the foul mouthed old shrew?

            And saggy, your'e the bitch and your'e the dog barking because yapping is your style.

          • When you misspell "you're" twice in the same sentence after misspelling "too" earlier, it's time to hang it up and call it a day. Sleep it off, Poof's Bitch®, you've spread all the hate you can in one day.

          • Saggy, when you misplace my focus to spelling from content and logic you think I"ll stoop to your level.

            Saggy, do you ever have problems with mango worms?

          • Content and logic?
            WTF are you blathering about? Logic was never your strong suite (that is suite with an "e").

            Logic and rational are out of your job description from you unfunded work terminal.

          • Those are two words I wouldn't expect you to understand.

            And here you are proving it.

          • I've tried for months, but I still can't figure out how Poof'sBitch® thinks it's some big bad insult to use the term "funded work terminal" with trustfunded. The guy owns his corporation outright, owns every piece of equipment, every forklift, every telephone, every printer, every computer, even the city block the buildings are on, and it's somehow a dig to say "funded work terminal"? It's funded by HIM. The other thing I can't figure out is why Roger sits here day after day making himself look stupid. Is it on purpose? Hoping for some sympathy? Is it for real? He's a mystery, but one not worth figuring out.

          • Roger/ Poofs bitch, is just a lonely Troll shut in. His only contact with the outside world is ID. Except on Sundays when his elderly parents let him out of the basement too yell crazy racist slurs at traffic for a few hours.( Dallas Cowboy helmet, and all) It tires him out. He is on a chain, frothing at the mouth,and it lets them hose him down, and scare the neighbors cat out of they're yard for another week.

          • Hi there, sbj. How 'cosmic' that you showed up and said what you did. Not 5 minutes ago I ran into this comment of his from almost two years ago:

            Roger 166p • 2 days ago
            And when would I want to do other comments? It would cost me the total I'm working towards on my profile.

            This is all a game to him, a game to hit some magical number of comments. At the time he wrote the above, he was working on 100,000. He can't just randomly make comments to himself to up his numbers, he has to get people to comment TO him or at least around him. That explains why he posts so many of the same things over and over and over again….this truly is the RogerGame. Wow — I'm surprised that was just finally realized. I knew he was playing games, I just couldn't figure out why…what would anyone's motivation be? Well, his is to have the most comments ever on a forum using ID. His comment from years ago proves it.

          • That is just so PATHEDIC!! I guess for a closeted gaywad, Assistant to the Assistant manager of a Starbucks at 51 that is the most he can hope for.

          • It's so clear now. He creates and instigates drama and strife to raise his 'scores'. He bragged (WTF?) about his points the other day — it's just another facet of his game….break the records (are there records?) for most comments and highest score. Unfortunately, his high score his only based on comments, not ThumbsUp's.

          • Saggy, if the names were changed I'd agree with all that.

            Too bad you can't imagine actually discussing the issue the site presents.

          • You still hope so, huh?

            Try taking no for an answer for a change dude.

          • I'll try.

            Me: Is Roger gay?
            You: No.

            I accept your answer.

          • Poor closeted gay men seem so tormented, at least you seem tormented.

            And Alinsky and you seem so compatible, both don't take no for an answer.

          • He has a pattern of disappearing for a while around this time of day. Probably driving the youth bus to his church for grooming bible study. But I guarantee he'll respond to you. His OCD requires it.

          • Saggy, are you mad, are there no young women for you to groom this time of day and you want to spend the time hating men? I guarantee you'll have another ill mannered shrew kind of insult to this one. Your OCD demands it.

          • Roger can never not get the last word in.

            76 weeks ago @ Do You Believe That? – Open Discussion · 1 reply · +3 points
            I will.
            But not because you suggested it.

            But because there is nothing positive that I can add here. I spent the past four years arguing about politics. I am certainly not going to spend the next four years arguing about religion, or some mere mortals interpretation of it.

            I used to enjoy commenting and interacting with folks. Now I mainly watch from the sidelines. It is quite entertaining. This forum has all the earmarks of being a three ring circus. Everyone is here. You, WeeTodd, Serf, et al. It won't be long until CognitiveDissident and KevinStowell arrive on the scene to complete the act. I see that even HigPainsDribbler made his obligatory appearance yesterday. Once he starts commenting with his numerous duplicitous characters, the stage will be set with the complete cast of characters.

            I'm just waiting for you to run off to gather your reinforcements to support your lame arguments. Once you bring LookingForInsanity and ForConstipation into the fold, the three of you will have your old Troika of Trolls complete.


            Oh, and I'll leave space immediately underneath this comment, for you to get the last word in. You act like a Yenta………..

          • Like a Yenta you pretend that Cowboy would have tolerated you. He wouldn't have.

          • Apparently, he did not "suffer fools gladly", hence his obvious contempt for you.

            Granted, that will go right over the top of your head. It is an idiom. You are still working on the correct usage of affluent and effluent.

            Poor Roger honey.

            Hooked on fon-icks[sic]………

          • Apparently you can't pretend to know much, hence your immature lashing out without any pretense at being here for the issues the site is here to bring awareness to.

            Granted as part of the posse of trolls, you wouldn't fit in if you could actually discuss issues.

            Poor Icantremember stuck on stupid.

          • He doesn't know "idiom", silly. He only knows "idiot" since that's been his IQ level since his first testing.

          • You only know idiot. Silly saggy, you think that being bad enough will help you overcome a lack of personality.

          • Did you know this CowboyLogic person? From the comments I've read (and yes, I have a link to every comment he ever made before he passed), you knew nothing about him and he loathed you.

          • Do you know the Joe Allen/Alinsky person? From the comments I have heard you know everything him and seem to enjoy all the damage he pretends to want.

          • Yes, this is where everyone that's fun, interesting, informed, intelligent (and good-looking to boot) is. Oh, and Smeggie's here too. He's like dog feces stuck in the crevices of your shoe sole — he sticks around stinking up the place no matter what. He's like Gorilla Glue — short of burning him off with a flame-thrower, he's everywhere I and a few others are. He might be playing it cool with you — you're new and he wants to falsely impress you by pretending he has something of value to add. Well, he doesn't — don't be fooled by his avatar (who the hell posts their own selfie as an avatar???) into thinking he's somehow "normal"….want a link to his Facebook page? Or how about a link to his Disqus profile or his Northern Nevada Tea Party profile or some of the book reviews he wrote for himself on Amazon?

          • "fun, interesting, informed, intelligent (and good-looking to boot)"
            Looks like I came to the right place, I've always been cool. Self proclaimed cool, but cool none-the-less.

          • Hola Juan.
            If that is the case, you should have chosen Jose' Fresco for your nombre……….

          • Good morning Iremember.
            Hey I know Jose'.

          • I sensed that about you, Juan. And I do love the hook, line and sinker avatar. In about three weeks Roger will actually figure it out and say something profound like he did about another relative newbie, Dr. Roy Hinkley. Like 39048238439843, Roger's a little slow on the up-take.

          • Shame Juan is here with the posse, who is so anti-cool it's like Gilligan's Island where Dr. Roy Hinckley was a character.

          • Really?
            You don't say?
            Dr. Roy Hinkley was really a character on the Island? Let me guess. If he wasn't Mr. Howell, or the Skipper, or Gilligan, and he didn't have the plumbing to be Ginger or Mary Ann, then he must have been the Professor.

            You really are a Super-Sleuth aren't you? We'll have to start calling you Jethro Bodine, Double Nought Spy……………..

          • Really? You can't say?
            Dont' blame me if another guest hack troll comes up with a cute name that you can't figure out. I've always known you were lame.

          • Did you happen to see on that pirate site where he announced his amazing discovery about Dr. Roy? LMAO!!

          • Saggy, if you weren't so lame you would know I've been saying that about the lame professor for months now.

          • Roger is the Devil

            You're the outcast on this site Satan

          • Yes, the posse hates people that can actually discuss the issues the author presents. But then being an outcaste from the posse is a badge of honor.

            I like that you realize I would never ever be a troll.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Funny I can't find 1 comment where you did

          • Hahaha, PSG, that's because I'm a great fisherman. That's what I think when I'm at work. ("what a waste of a great fisherman")

          • Saggy, you do have a sense of humor, for someone of your age and your mental outlook to pretend to be anything but Helen Thomas's ugly older sister just isn't very factual.

          • Huh? Is there a translating site for your word salad?

          • Is there a fan for fresh air in your normal world?

      • Joe, if she was the same kind of wonderful that you spew everyplace, they probably had her start more medications.

    • You are all of the same intelligence – NONE

  33. Alinsky — Roger had to go there to beg TopSnot or Lusting4Relevance to contact him 'off site' to arrange for Wee's apology, so at least until that point none of them were interested in communicating with him other than via public comments. But that would have given him an email addy for whoever their site administrator is. I'd bet dollars to donuts if he's been banned he's firing off the emails BEGGING to be unbanned. Poor Smeg….he can't even buy a phriend.

    • I won't take that bet. I believe you are spot on.

      He would have bumped up the Wee apology if he were still allowed to comment on the site.

      • If that's true, that he's now banned at SpeakOutAmerica, how many conservative sites is he banned from? Isn't he banned even at Breitbart? I have a Disqus account under "Poof", I think I'll go there and post a comment, because if he isn't banned there his obsession will force him to comment back to me.

        • Brietbart banned using the word "roger" on their site, but they never banned him completely. They knew they would be done with him after they changed to Disqus, and he was part of the reason they changed to that comment service.

          He may have been banned from Suzie's site, it looks like he was.

          The Growel , of course.

          The Belfast site, which I considered conservative, but European conservative, which is more liberal.

          Maybe Front Page, not sure.

 is an Atheist site run by a conservative, just like bitchspot, that he got banned from in three days.

          The Mises site briefly banned him, but they don't ban anyone for long, they banned me 10 times and I always went on with the same IP address.

          And now Speak Out America.

          Conservative Victory (Navy's site ) won't ban him just to spite me.

          Oh, and God has banned him from heaven for obvious reasons.

          • Rumor has it he has been banned from his local library.

          • For watching the breastfeeding?

            I wish I had a screen shot of when Roger admitted that he liked to watch women breastfeed in his local library. Breitbart deleted the comment.

          • Sounds like Cephus has his number.

            "I never had to ban anyone for 8 years before you and your asshole entourage showed up. Wonder why that is?"

          • Unfortunately for Cephus and his BitchyWhine site, he didn't get it figured out in time. I know of at least three of us who tried to warn him.

          • He did figure it out, and that's why you're not allowed there.

            The trolls are not subtle.

          • How come it always smells like cock and s h it when Roger returns from his daily ritual?

          • Why does it always sound like you're hoping it does when you show up?

            Done with the romance novels for a little while Joe?

          • OMG that place is nuts. I made one short comment on a story about Texas (I've since added another separate comment), I said "I stand with Wendy". 41 responses so far, and those whack-a-dos aren't exactly a warm, welcoming group to newbies. Jeesh — they make the Westboro Baptist crowd look like raging liberals.

          • Oh my goodness it sounds like they spot crazy in a hurry.

            And you make Lenin sound like a guy that gives hugs to Ukrainian farmers.

          • Haha! That site was dead for a couple of years. Those vampires must be hungry for the Senate races.

          • The site was never dead, in spite of all your attacks Joe.

            The trolls are sure growing loud under the bridge today, did the wind come up and give you some fresh air?

          • So the little bitch gets banned just about everywhere

          • Yes you do! And I'd think you're a big bitch, why not claim it!

          • I'm not interested in digging through hundreds of comments on a DEAD STORY to find this from you: "…one that only cares about getting out of bed without smacking her knees too hard with body parts flopping around where they don't belong. Upper arms can get so ugly on old shrews."

            Don't feign that your constant references to "sag" are about my arms, Rogie. You've made it perfectly clear you fantasize 24/7 about my knockers, my voluptuous melons, my boobies, my ta-tas, my breasts, my rack, my ( . )( . ), my awesome tits.

          • You keep saying that but still keep coming back and pretending to know what I'm saying.

            Saggy, can't you get a better broom and spend your time in more reasonable persuits like commuting to work with other old mongrels at 5,000 ft?

          • Everyone has to pretend to know what you're saying, because you can't write, you can't spell, and you make no sense. Duh.

          • Saggy, every has to pretend they can stand being in the same room with you because you can't allow any fresh air in the room and you can't stand any unbroken man to make sense.


          • I am not banned anywhere bitch

          • Sure…. (sarcasm) bitch.

          • Call him by his real name, Poof'sBitch®.

  34. Uh oh — poor little SmeggieGoober. I looked at his comment stream, and I still don't see where he's been able to post on SpeakOutAmerica.

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