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‘Pay To Potty’ Policy Results In Third-Graders Peeing Themselves In School

Two 9-year-old students in Vancouver, Washington were deeply embarrassed last week after a classroom policy led to them urinating on themselves.

The policy, implemented by a third-grade teacher at Mill Plain Elementary, forces children to pay $50 in Monopoly money in order to use the restroom. Children receive the fake cash for good behavior and can also choose to buy pizza, popcorn and toys.

Jasmine Al-Ayadhi, whose daughter Reem wet herself, says she supports children learning the value of money but argues that the bathroom policy goes too far.

“When it comes to a bathroom issue, when a child has to pay money to use the bathroom, that’s wrong,” Al-Ayadhi told KATU News. “It’s inhumane. That’s a health issue.”

Al-Ayadhi says Reem, who was down to her last $50, desperately wanted to buy popcorn with her friends and attempted to wait until after class to use the bathroom.

“OK, if you want to use the bathroom it’s going to cost you $50, but then you don’t have money to buy popcorn,” Al-Ayadhi said. “What do you think a child’s going to do?”

Reem, who had no choice but to now change into boys’ basketball shorts provided by the school, says she was then picked on by fellow students.

“It didn’t feel so well because I had to wear boy pants and I did get teased,” Reem said.

Despite being told that she would be contacted by the school’s principal on Friday, Al-Ayadhi says she only heard from the school after a second child came forward Monday.

Merchon Ortega, whose daughter Lilliana wet herself that same day, was visibly upset with the policy as well.

“What kind of kid is going to spend money to go to the bathroom? No child should have to pay to use the restroom, Ortega said. “Are you kidding me? That’s absolutely insane.”

Ortega, who had to change into a used pair of clothes also, says she felt humiliated as well.

“It makes me feel kind of horrible in somebody else’s pants and undies,” Lilliana said.

The teacher-in-question was not seen at the school Monday, reportedly on leave while an investigation is underway.

This is a school,” Al-Ayadhi said. “This isn’t a jail. This isn’t a prison. We send our kids to school to learn and to get a good education.”

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  1. Further making the case against Public Schools.

    Why should children be buying popcorn in school?
    They should be studying and the pisser should be free.

    • Yes, because in the for-profit, privatized schools the students are getting charged for everything, while the schools skim profits from our tax money, often using publically owned buildings for free. Sure, you're right, no one would notice if they were also getting charged for food.

    • Yes, because this sample size of one is a clear condemnation of the public school system with its thousands of schools and millions of teachers. It's also clear that a situation such as this is inconceivable in a private school setting.

      If we're going to let the tail wag the dog, I'd say that Roger is proof positive of the folly of parochial schooling. However, since I know many quality people who were educated in such systems, I'm not going to assert that argument.

  2. Unbelievable. My son’s teacher wouldn’t let him go in 2nd grade and it was the ONLY time he ever had an accident since potty training by 2.5 years old.

    Both aspects of this policy — food rewards and bathroom payments — are WRONG!

    Bravo to the kids/parents for coming forward!

  3. When I was in the third grade my teacher refused to let me go to the bathroom and I did have an accident. I was so humiliated and taunted by other kids. From that day on I do believe it cause damage to my bladder muscles. Every time I laughed I would go a little. SOOO EMBARRASSING! I was teased and have to live with that every day. I hated to laugh because of it. As an adult I learned exercises to help with control. I do not pee my pants anymore. Thank goodness. What that one teacher did to me in the third grade shaped me for bullying and humiliation for 15 years. I didn’t have relationships or wanted friends. PARENTS FIGHT FOR YOUR KIDS!

    • I had a similar experience except I took control when I was in the 5th grade. I simply went to the bathroom after being denied, and asking at least four times in the classroom. It is a guy thing I am sure of, besides being a rebel without a cause!

      • I would have stood up dropped my pants and pi$$ed all over the classroom

        • You finally said something I can believe.

        • The child choose to buy popcorn ,life is about choices and learning them early is a gift ,thats a great teacher and im sure the child was embarrassed but was it for making the wrong choice ,isn't the mother or parents responsibility to provide this child with money for popcorn or lunch,we as a nation are enabling our own kids to not take any kind of responsibility for their actions ,if she didnt have the money and the teacher didnt let her use the bathroom i would speek in the child behalf,but again she had $50 play money ,lesson lerned ,tell her she made the wrong choice ,thats like me not paying my rent and going to buy a few outfits ,my boss should realy be punished for not giving me enough money to pay my rent ,…..but i bought my cloths,people ,people ,what are we creating here

          • We are talking about a third grader,not an adult. I’m assuming you are an adult, although your spelling and grammar belies that. I’m sure her mother supplies her with REAL money to purchase lunch. I would, however, doubt that her mother supplies her with monopoly money. Please, before you decide to give advice on how to teach a child a lesson, learn how to speak properly so that people will actually think your advice is worth listening to.

          • Amen, Baffled.

          • You do understand this isn’t about “real” money, provided by parents don’t you? This is about fake monopoly money arbitrarily “earned” in school. Did you even read the article? Under no circumstances should the bathroom be a “privilege” only for those that have “earned” it. If that is what you think then you are what is wrong with the country, you are only contributing to the problem, and getting in the way of the rest of us trying to solve it!

      • Among your peers, you must have been the whiz kid.

      • Yeah, what's the teacher going to do, physically keep you in the class? Better to seek forgiveness than permission, and the custodians will thank you for not leaving a mess for them to mop up.

  4. Why is it that adults always seem to find new ways to humiliate children?

  5. Why is it that adults find so many ways to humiliate children?

    • I feel sorry for the kids now a days, so many pressures put on them, now this crap. Seriously? Having to pay to use the washroom? What idiot makes up these stupid rules? The kids should all piss on the floor or the teachers chair and let the school custodian clean it up. He gets paid to clean anyhow.

  6. This is totally absurd these children should have access to bathroom facilities at all times and in my opinion since she was teaching about money in order to teach properly she could have just as easily turned the situation into a debt incurred and showed them about interest and time repayments etc. It seems to me the teacher was inept or on some kind of egocentric power trip. I fail to see how humiliating a child is any kind of learning. But thats just me.

    • No, it's not just you. The teacher that created this, needs to be given corrective action, up to and including (at the schools discretion) termination.
      The bathroom, being a health and hygiene issue, should not be part of a "learning' tool" about money.
      There are better ways to teach about money.
      We should be teaching our kids to think, and to cooperate with each other. If it HAS to be a workplace related instruction, think of it as "Team Skills Building"
      Teaching our kids that their only value is how they contribute money for others (capitalism – work hard, make your boss rich, and yourself crippled) is bad enough as it is.

    • Loved you in A Fish Called Wanda. Say hello to Phoebes for me.

  7. Paying to go to the bathroom is going to far

    • I’d “Pay to Potty” on the White House, Congress, the Supreame Court, VA, CIA, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc!!

      • Yeah, I would as well

        • It wasn't real money.

          It was teaching them about control and responsibility but was done so poorly and clearly wasn't age appropriate.

          • Yeah, I know that was clear in the article

          • The they weren't "paying' to use the bathroom, it was in the article.

          • Yeah, they were paying with Monopoly money, it was in the article . Here let me quote it:
            "The policy, implemented by a third-grade teacher at Mill Plain Elementary, forces children to pay $50 in Monopoly money in order to use the restroom. Children receive the fake cash for good behavior and can also choose to buy pizza, popcorn and toys."

            Read more:

          • So they weren't actually paying for the use of the bathroom.
            It's called role playing and at their age it wasn't appropriate.

          • I am just going by what the article says and it says "paid"

            Take it up with the author and quit trying to derail the thread

          • Then you quote the article as showing it was play money.
            Play as in roll playing, not actually paying with real cash.

          • I never said they were paying with real cash. They were still paying though

          • If it wasn't real cash, they were roll playing.

            You can't admit to the obvious, you can't bend enough to admit that can you?

          • By creating a situation in which monopoly money could be exchanged for things the kids valued, the teacher had established a fiat currency within the realm of the classroom. Perhaps you ought to toddle on over to Von Mises and discuss with the folks there.

          • Hello Smith,
            I see that Roger and Sean just drove someone else off of the LRC site. By the time they are done, there won't be enough folk left there to debate anything.

          • I doubt that the small but loyal group of regular commenters will be driven off by the current nonsense. I may go back – I like the fact that both sides are vociferously represented – but will wait until the monkey tires of flinging poo there.

          • He hasn't tired of it in five years.
            He is the shlt-slingingest monkey on the Interwebz.

          • Hello Rog.
            How is that "Motion to Squash" working out for you?

            That ought to get the Judge to sit up, take notice and slowly shake his head at you.

          • Why will you do anything to derail the thread?

          • Your "real cash" is just fake money that's value is based on what it can be traded for. Sounds like this monopoly money, having been earned through good behavior and traded for goods, is no less real than your cash.

          • "Roll playing"? Someone ought to teach these children that playing with food is wasteful.

  8. Rumple Skilskin

    “Can’t we all just get along?” Rodney King

  9. Children Of The State

    The destruction of the family unit is an essential step to take towards achieving totalitarian rule. Radical feminism and global collectivism are slowly but surely eradicating individuals and families alike paving the way for a one world government controlled by the state.

  10. Pay To Potty.

    Personally, I would pay a crisp, clean one hundred dollar bill to the website administrator if they flushed Rogere' and banned him from further shltting on this website.

  11. All schools have problems with bathroom policies. Partly because some students do abuse it just to roam around, even little ones and partly because it's a power issue. I have told my children, if your REALLY have to go and the teacher says no, GO ANYWAY. I will deal with the aftermath.

  12. Time to fire that moron of a teacher, and perhaps charge her with child neglect. If I were a parent, and that were my child, that teacher would hear from me loudly and clearly.

  13. I have always told my kids to ask for permission first but if they were denied to go anyway and let me deal with the teacher later. I won't put up with teachers like this.

    • She didnt denie her of going to the bathroom ,the child choose to save her play money to buy popcorn with her friends ,who's at fault ,the teacher or the mother of that child for not giving her money to buy her own popcorn,parents your child choose this ,it was a choice they made ,in real life you cant blame everything on someone else ,thats what your doing and teaching your children to do ,its a parents responsibility to give your child lunch money or money for anything else she needs, not your hard working teacher ,she gets up and goes to work do the same so you can afford to give your child money to buy popcorn o she doesnt become a mutch like you and take some kind of responsibility for her own actions ,it was a choice she made …popcorn ….bsthroom ,popcorn wins

      • It was not real money the kids were sent with it was play classroom money. So the parents couldn't have sent it with the kid . Choosing between being left out of an acitvity or treat others are getting and going to the bathroom is cruel.

  14. Good leak story, Storyleak.

  15. American public school restroom policies are universally barbaric and discriminatory. This needs to stop.

  16. The US makes me laugh, what a sorry state to get in.

    • Well we are trying to fix it

      • Some of us are, some of us want to 'realign' our place in the world as less than a superpower.

        • Speaking of realignment, you sure broke all the toys at LRC didn't you?

          • Nope, it was your posse, or the group that's still trying to spam and diminish this site.

          • Roger, I hate to tell you this, but there is no group. No posse. No concerted effort asgainst anyone, for anything.

            There is Wee.
            There is Alinsky.
            There are maybe three or four other individuals.
            ……..and then there is me.

            I can only speak for myself.
            I know none of them. I have never communicated with any of them, via any medium.

            Apparently, you are the thread that holds everyone together.

            Personally, I despise you. Granted, I do not wish you harm, but I despise you. You are the worst example of a fundamentalist, conservative Christian I have ever seen.

          • And you all push the same agenda and goals, that would be a posse in vernacular.

          • Nobody can win with you.
            Whoever it was that called you a Yenta was spot on.

            You are pathetic.

            I see you are back at LRC, commenting to every person on the thread. Always have to get the last word, don't you, asshole?

          • Oh no, you're making empty insults again.

            I"m crushed, simply crushed (sarcasm).

          • Finally you admit that you have brain damage

          • Still spamming the site?

  17. My 5 yr old autistic child was wetting her pants in school , after months of doing this the Principle accused my 11 yr old of molesting her and her 6 yr old sister becauce she says when a child is wetting their pants that is a red flag that something is going on at home , I ended up hiring a Lawyer for 800.00 dollars I did all the work taking these girls to the hospital for a evaluation and finally the school admitted she was doing it for attention , the lawyer is suppose to be suing the school and Css but I haven,t heard from him he may have an hour or 2 at the most and all he did was talk to the girls , I was the one to prove my son innocent

  18. She is wrong about one thing. This is a school which means … IT IS A PRISON. The school to prison pipeline is real and the goal of public school is to indoctrinate kids to the idea that government and authority is infallible, don't question them, do as your told, now don't even go to the bathroom unless your overlords say you can.

  19. Are you guys all communists? Everybody should pay every cent of their own way in life. If this country was run properly, every kid would start out in life by being handed a bill from the hospital for the cost of their birth. Add it to their tab, and charge them interest compounding monthly until they pick themselves up by their bootstraps and pay it all off. There's no such thing as a free lunch, or a free potty. Vote Paul Ryan.

  20. Humans are idiots. Making stupid rules to control others. How much to take a shit? $100.00?

  21. The teacher and principal should be locked in a room for 24 hours with food & water but no bathroom facilities.

    • Teachers along with countless other professionals do essentially just that, on a daily basis, granted they are adults but still sometimes you gotta go and you cant just leave a class of 25-30 kids alone… everyone read lord of the flies right?

  22. I seriously doubt students are only allowed to use the bathroom when they pay. It seems more likely that students were required to pay if they needed to use the restroom outside of prescribed opportunities such as recess and lunch. So many kids refuse to use the bathroom when teachers allow it only to ask to use the bathroom later when they don't want to work. If that was the case with these two girls then I don't feel sorry for them at all. If the teacher is ONLY allowing bathroom breaks with payment then that is another situation all together.

    • Laurie A. Couture

      Stockholm Syndrome much? Only someone trying to block out the pain of the past would advocate for the sociopathy of someone prescribing "designated times" for a group of human being, especially children, all all urinate and defecate on a schedule! Listen to how inhumane and appalling that sounds!

  23. This pisses me off.. and is yet another reason why I will home school…..
    Screw public schools.. each day there's more crap like thist hat is just instilling that need to school my daughter at home.

    • Teachers refusing children use of the toilet when children have the need is one of the many reasons I homeschooled my son all the way through graduation. No way in heel I would allow a school teacher to tell my son when he can and can't perform natural and necessary bodily functions!

  24. This is just plain stupid! When my son was in the 4th grade We had to get a doctors note so that he could use the bathroom whenever he needed due to a medical condition. His teacher decided she knew better than a medical professional. My son ended up in surgery with a ruptured bladder.

  25. When I was in the third grade I needed to go to the bathroom. The teacher put a condition on letting me go and that was to get up in front of the class and work out an advanced(for that age) division problem. I had to go so bad it was hard to concentrate and I couldn't solve it easily. After at least 15 minutes of utter humiliation because the teacher wouldn't let me go no matter how much I begged, I wet myself at the blackboard in front of the whole class.
    She made me stand in the hallway while someone runnered a message to the office got someone to call my parents to bring me new clothes. I -still- wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom
    My father for to the school and ripped I to the principal for not only making me wet my pants but then punishing me for it. He took me home and let me clean up and told me I would never get in trouble at home if I ignored the teacher and just went.
    This incident stuck with me for a long time and pretty much was my first taste of distrust in authority

  26. Yet despite this inhumane treatment in schools, parents continue to force their children to go to these prisons. This teacher and school should be reported to Child Protective Services under a complaint of institutional neglect.

  27. How else are you going to force conformity other than the various modes of having to get permission for behavior

  28. 5***** article. It must have taken sometime to come with all the information? I am ordering my new bit of kit soon from Amazon. After all its sat in my Amazon wishlist for over 12 months lol. I have been saving up for donkeys years and just need another $60 added to my Amazon Gift Voucher Account and its mine……. All mine!! Roll on Payday!!! Thanks for the read and I have book marked this page btw. All the best, Steven

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