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Bilderberg Website Hacked: ‘We Will Find You and We Will Hack You’

Hackers have compromised the website of the Bilderberg group and defaced its homepage., the official website of the secretive forum, which hosts annual closed-door discussions between leading figures in politics, finance and academia, remained altered Friday with the hackers’ manifesto. The hackers, who identified as members of Anonymous, relayed messages both to ...

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Yahoo Admits New Hack of 1 Billion Accounts

Internet giant Yahoo revealed Wednesday that more than 1 billion user accounts were compromised in August 2013. The massive breach, separate from the hack of 500 million accounts announced last September, may include everything from names, email addresses and telephone numbers to birthdays and MD5 hashed passwords. “Yahoo believes an ...

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Hunger: Anthony Gucciardi Donates to Help Feed 525,000

Despite a supreme abundance of food within the United States, where waste is at all time highs, there are still many individuals who suffer from hunger. More specifically, many families cannot nearly afford to eat high quality nutritious food. That’s why Anthony Gucciardi, in an act meant to encourage others ...

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