Oregon School District: Not Accepted Into College? No High School Diploma

Mikael Thalen
October 4th, 2013
Updated 10/05/2013 at 6:51 pm

An Oregon school district is attempting to make college acceptance a requirement in order for students to receive their high school diplomas.

Randy Trani

Superintendent Randy Trani

According to Superintendent Randy Trani, the idea came to him after seeing the joys of forcing similar requirements on young students in an MSNBC report, a network best know for its belief that school children do not belong to their parents but to government run communities.

“This stretches a kid. So we can say, ‘Ok, you did it and now you are actually accepted,” Trani told Oregon Live.

Although students would not be required to enroll in any college or trade school, under the proposed rule, students would have to prove to administrators that they applied and were accepted, leaving students’ high school diplomas in the hands of colleges, not the students who earned them.

Outspoken supporters such as Corbett High School Principal Phil Pearson says the rule is essential in order for students to become educated on the application process.

“Foresight is not the strength of a 15-year-old,” Pearson said.

School board member Annette Calcagno disagrees with the proposed rule, saying it goes too far by giving the school too much authority.

“I think we’re over stepping our bounds as a school. I don’t believe we need to make it mandatory,” Calcagno said. “I think we’re doing it more for national ranking than for the kids.”

Corbett was ranked number 8 among the nations high schools in 2009 by Newsweek Magazine. In 2011, Newsweek added college acceptance rates to its ranking decisions which saw Corbett fall to 58 by 2013.

Oregon parents hardly seemed thrilled at the proposal either.

“Yes, let’s inundate CCs, Universities, and trade schools with applications for students who never plan to attend. I love wasting peoples’ time,” said an Oregon mother on Facebook.

Students who are not accepted into a college can apply to the local community college as a last resort, as its only attendance requirements are simply filling out enrollment paperwork.

The proposition, which is expected to pass, will be voted on by the school board this coming December.

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  1. Robert Moody says:

    He should be fired immediately! Parents need to step up and put a stop to this kind of liberal nonsense.

  2. donhunt says:

    Someone should tell the super to cough up the diploma and then mind his own f'n business.

  3. belizabeth214 says:

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  4. Anna C says:

    This is a very interesting program. Government tries to help pupils and this is actually good. But as for me it looks like forcing which i really dont like. Parents can help their children much more than government.
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