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Ohio City Bans Fireworks, Drinks, Grills, and Enacts Mandatory Bag Searches for July 4th


The City of Lakewood Ohio will be celebrating July 4th with mandatory bag searches and a ban on all Fourth of July related fun — including fireworks, drinks, grills, pets, sports, and just about everything else. 

The anti-independence regulation is a real testament to the current state of our nation, which now stands for heavy bans on all forms of person freedom. But I would have never actually known about this insane ban if it weren’t for a Storyleak reader who sent me the amazing image above. And following my inquiry as to where the image came from, doubting that any city could be so draconian and downright wicked, I was amazed when the reader went and linked me to a page on The Lakewood Observer website which listed all of the same nonsense with official quotes from the city.

As you can see from the ‘Special Park Rules To Be In Effect At Lakewood Park On July 4th’ article posted a week ago on The Lakewood Observer website, all of the same insane regulations are listed clearly as seen on the original sign. The website reads:

“The following rules will be in effect at Lakewood Park on July 4, 2013:

  1. All generators, propane and gas fueled grills are prohibited.
  2. All tents and shelters are prohibited.
  3. Police will be conducting searches of bags and coolers for reasons of public safety.
  4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time throughout the year.
  5. No personal fireworks. This includes novelty fireworks like sparklers.
  6. No dogs or pets of any kind will be permitted in the park on July 4th.
  7. The skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts and Kid’s Cove playground will be closed at 7:00 p.m.”

Are you as amazed as I was that this is actually real, and a city ordinance at that? I thought that maybe it was a private place and the owner was just bitter about people celebrating on the land, but this is actually a city declaration and sign. And for the ever-tiring purpose of ‘security’. Because so many people are killed each year from sparklers and grilling burgers. The insanity here reminds me of the individual I debated on video who called for a ban on all guns, knives, hammers, nails, and even glass.

We can even see on the website a quote from Lakewood’s Mayor Mike Summers, which reads:

“Safety is our first priority. These added security measures will help to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.”

Right, it’s all about keeping you safe from fireworks the celebration of the nation’s birth. Perhaps they should also usher in the TSA and their naked body scanners to help scan all the attendees and their children for any form of unauthorized food or drink as well.

Everyone needs to share this lunacy and demand that Mayor Mike Summers of Lakewood retract these ridiculous regulations for the citizens of this Ohio town, lest it spreads to nearby cities and across the nation. Also, remember that the Fourth Amendment protects you from such ridiculous bag searches by police. The key here is publicizing the absurdity of these draconian regulations to set a foundation for what we will not tolerate. This truly is a sick society of paranoia and fear.

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  1. oh my goodness this country is screwed

  2. well they obviously dont want anyone going there do they?
    the very simple response is to have neighbourhood parties, where all of the above banned normal activities cant be controlled or CCTVd either,
    I could understand the firework ban if youre having heatwaves and very high firedanger?
    the entire rest of it is beyond stupid!
    the bans on generators n propane grills and shelters? well that would mean NO ONE could have food stalls either?
    Have prior Ohio celebrations been a problem with dog fights fires lit by fireworks and violent drunken foodfights including children on skateboards after 7pm perchance?? 🙂
    mind you I AM speaking from Aus, where similar Anal retentive councils have banned BBQ fires on beaches, kids toys taken on beaches and similar other plain daft over regulated killjoy actions.

  3. Anthony, I can't really say that I'm surprised by this revelation.

    At least from last year, Lakewood, Ohio undergoes a small localized transformation on July 4th/Independence Day. The Park the fireworks show gathers crowds of people are right on Lake Erie, and the area is about 3 blocks away from downtown Lakewood. Lakewood's law enforcement or LEOs centralize their presence at the park. They then close Lake Rd for about four blocks in both directions, and they bottle traffic to largely the out-skirts of the area from downtown to about four blocks with limited access. The justification used is that the parking spaces leading to the area had been filled, but it also is used to deny residents access and family/friends of residents living within the blocked off area access to those houses, rentals, and etc (if you don't arrive before the blockade is erected, you're not getting in outside on foot). Then, the police extend their presence from the park to its blockades to downtown Lakewood bottle-necking and funneling traffic causing severe traffic congestion.
    Bag searches wasn't an action last year to my knowledge, but the area is for all purposes locked down by police officers on Independence Day.

    "Have prior Ohio celebrations been a problem with dog fights fires lit by fireworks and violent drunken foodfights including children on skateboards after 7pm perchance??"

    The few fires are from low to the ground fireworks from the show when the fireworks were conducted near wooded parks. Lakewood's is at the beach.

    No dog fights to my knowledge, and most parks close at dusk.

    "the very simple response is to have neighbourhood parties, where all of the above banned normal activities cant be controlled or CCTVd either"

    Last year, the only places that had tents were on private property near the park.

  4. I would be voting them ALL out of office!

  5. I lived in Lakewood for 10 years prior to my recent move into Cleveland. The only thing on this list that is alarming is the police searches.

    Dogs/pets are banned from the park year round. Is there anywhere that you can have open containers of alcohol?

    All of the other rules (courts closing at 7pm, no propane tanks/grills/etc, and fireworks are because that small park is packed with 10,000 or more people to watch the fireworks.

    I have been sitting there with three year olds waving sparklers around in a crowded park and I don't think it's a very good idea, so I'm okay with banning fireworks in such a highly crowded space. It would be like bringing sparklers into a baseball stadium.

    Maybe if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn't be so outraged.

  6. Repeat after me you are free to do as we tell you… you are free to do as we tell you… you are free to do as we tell you… i think you get the picture.

  7. They might as well have a sign that says "Shut up and do what you're told."

  8. Where's the shadow from the sign?

  9. i don't live in lakewood but the mayor of lakewood can kiss my ass

  10. So far for/from being independent…

  11. First of all, have you ever been to a park before? Most parks are notorious for having quite the list of rules, and while they aren't all the same, most of these are not that surprising. Aren't most places under surveillance now anyways? I just don't see much of a "storyleak" here. Maybe its because I have a 2 year old now, and I have been in some crappy fireworks situations before, and would actually feel safer with my kid here and all the crowds. The fact that it causes so much traffic congestion should tell you how popular this place is, so before you start jumping all over Mr. Mayor for being a bit of a tight ass, don't forget that it might be Mr. Mayor who puts on the show everyone wants to see in the first place! And it is also probably Mr. Fire Marshall who comes up with most of the rules and safety measures, so you might be crucifying the wrong person. And it is probably Mr. Police Chief who suggested the bag searches (because 1 idiot can really ruin a party)… and at my school, the surveillance isn't there to hinder MY freedom, but to catch the assholes who steal my crap and rather impinge on my freedom. I bet when something happens to YOU one day, you'll be mighty happy to say "I got it on tape!" So kind of hypocrisy there, I think. (But then, that's just my opinion which I think is my freedom to have, right?) Seriously, I wouldn't want the dogs in that crowd, much less other people's, I will drink plenty at home before I go, most likely, I'll go a bit early to get a good view, and wave at the cameras. Frankly, if it's a terrible time, then people won't go… but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Not really providing complete story coverage here, just focusing on what you want to create drama about… but hey, I guess you got ME to read it, so congrats! I guess you win!

  12. Also, before we start booing surveillance and bag searches, maybe we should think about what bag searches may have been able to do for something like the Boston marathon and how surveillance is what helped catch the assholes. Maybe some people would still be alive and in one piece. We have a surveillance system in our school, and I promise you that no one sits there and watches it all day long… we only go to it when there is a serious problem and we need to figure out what happened. You can't go anywhere these days without it, and I'm ok with that.

  13. Look!!!! It's a helicopter mayor!

  14. I am commenting from inside the park. It's just like any other year, here. No surveillance cameras in sight. No searches. Tons of people having fun.

    You have blown this out of proportion.

  15. Here is some more background for you. Lakewood is a city of sixty thousand people with a population density equivalent to Washington D.C. and I bet there's twenty thousand in this small park. this park is crammed with people with no room for tents, propane grills, etc. There are actually people with lit sparklers right in front of me.

  16. It is always better to be safe rather than repenting about mishaps later. I know such moves may appear tough initially but look at it from safety of people

  17. This is just not good. They should not have to do this because the parks are the places where we can have some fun easily and the ban of BBQ is very sad. Man where shall we go to have fun? I am seriously hurt by reading this.

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