Obama’s ‘Source’ on Syrian Chemical Weapons is Israel’s NSA

August 29th, 2013
Updated 08/29/2013 at 11:59 am

A shadowy Israeli military unit is apparently the source of the “intelligence” that the Obama administration is using as justification for its planned attack on Syria.

israeli-intelligence-syria-chemicalThe German magazine Focus and The Guardian are reporting that the majority of the information indicating dictator Bashir Assad’s use of poisonous gas comes from the 8200 unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The 8200 unit is Israel’s equivalent of the National Security Agency; it intercepts and collects electronic intelligence. The evidence the unit collected apparently consists of a recording of two Syrian officials talking about the use of poisonous gas. There appears to be no physical evidence that the poisonous gas actually exists, yet US officials are discussing the possibility of an imminent attack on Syria. An attack that, as Anthony Gucciardi has warned us, could really be all about entering a ‘hot’ scenario with Russia and other nations who support Assad.

If these reports are true, then Obama’s pretext for attacking Syria is just as spurious as President George W. Bush’s claims that Iraq possessed nuclear weapons before the last war. Obama sharply criticized Bush for those claims.

Israel Planning for War with Syria

Israel is apparently preparing for a conflict with Syria, and Israeli newspapers have reported that the government is distributing gas masks to civilians and deploying troops to its border with Syria. The Israelis are apparently worried that Assad will attack their nation if the U.S. attacks Syria. Israel is holding military maneuvers in the Golan Heights near its border with Syria.

The chances of an all-out war in Syria seem to be growing, and Israel is on the front lines. Worst of all, the evidence being used to justify the conflict is questionable at best.

Syria Plans Suicide Attacks

The Syrian Air Force is considering the use of kamikaze style suicide attacks on Western forces, which presumably include Israel. In such attacks, Syrian pilots would deliberately fly their jets into American aircraft or warships and possibly into Israel.

Claims have also been reported that Syria has 8,000 suicide martyrs ready to attack the U.S. and other forces in conjunction with the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah. There is no way to prove whether these claims are true or not, but if Syria has just a fraction of such martyrs, it could wreak a lot of havoc. Remember all the soldiers killed by suicide bombers in Iraq? It looks as if the United States is being dragged into another Middle Eastern war for questionable reasons.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Like I said, don't blame Israel cos I read the call/transcript was only Assad's general trying to understand what happened! Infowars has this so stop bashing Israel for Obama's lies about this. I'm pretty disgusted this article doesn't talk about this!

  2. Jimbo says:

    Always pay attention to adjectives and a " shaddowy" is one of them. Do you really believe Germany or any other EuropeOn so always consider the source.

  3. Dorothy palmer says:

    Donald Rumsfeld has denied Obama's claim about chemical weapons use by Assad. He stated his grave doubts today– google it.

    • Jimbo says:

      Of course he is busted and what else should we expect. I still think the 7 countries doesn't include Tunisia. See Facebook taking credit for them and it's a template for all of them. I still think Israel is being setup and or painted into a box.

  4. Jimbo says:

    I like Anthony and am posting anonymously for obvious reasons. So since it's a new /small site I'm looking for him to answer my posts so we can all see. I'm not trying to be hard cos I think Israel is painted into a no win box. I see the plan to take over these countries using our enemies to take over countries we nor Israel can do. Then it's a NWO to use nukes/Chen/bios to take them and us out. Seems to me they are testing Ricen in ltd amounts to take out just the folks they don't like.

  5. Jimbo says:

    See Obama announcing to defend Medic's southern border and see the NWO shaping up.

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    The U.S. is not being dragged into this war. The U.S. wanted this war ."America buys war like children gobble candy." Henry Kissinger. This is just one more step on the road to " Which Path to Persia."

  7. Allintong says:

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  8. G W Bush says:

    The chances of an all-out war in Syria seem to be growing, and Israel is on the front lines. Worst of all, the evidence being used to justify the conflict is questionable at best.

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  10. Obama's politics is quite controversial and sometimes questionable, I think. But I like our president. I still beleive we chose the right one.

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