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Obama Zealots: Obamacare Critics Are ‘Racists’ Who Support Slavery

Even in the face of its utter failure and destruction, some of the most zealous Obama fans have continued to cling to the notion that Obamacare is really just a major success. And if you don’t agree, then you’re obviously a racist who condones slavery. I was truly amazed to see such statements when skimming through the comments on the recent CNN article detailing the House decision to extend healthcare plans through 2014 that would have otherwise been canceled by the completely failed Obamacare standards.

The top comment for example, which is featured prominently at the top of the CNN article, says that those who don’t want to lose their plans under Obamacare are simply racists who want to see Obama and his family be ‘slaves again’. Overall, it reads like a very poorly written MSNBC teleprompter script of some kind:

Amazingly, ‘suzie669’ is among a small crowd of Obama fans who really do seem to think that anyone who is against Obamacare (which now includes large numbers from the democratic party and 55% of the entire nation according to polls) is entirely racist. It can’t possible be due to anything else. We find a slew of such comments in response to an article on The Nation entitled ‘Racism and Cruelty: What’s Behind the GOP’s Healthcare Agenda?’, where the readers continue to assert that opposition to the bill really comes down to racism:

Taking a stand against paying more into a failed system also apparently signifies that the ‘reign of the white man is over’, and that is why citizens of all races and creeds are now against it:

But what about the facts? What about the reality that the entire Obamacare system, from the actual website disaster to major hospitals suing over the threat to children’s health posed by the legislation? Well, according to another Obama fanatic, that is simply the fault of the conservatives. The CNN reader says that because conservatives kept saying that Obamacare wouldn’t work even before it was  implemented, that’s what actually happened. If they had instead bowed down to Obama, then everything would quite simply be fine, it appears:

As you are likely aware, I am not a member of the Democratic or Republican party. Instead, I am a member of the ‘third party of Reality’, which is guided by seeking the truth on a grand scale that supercedes left vs. right political sabotage. And as many Americans are now realizing, it truly is only the Obama fanatics that are still clinging to the sad promise of Obamacare.

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  1. Gucciardi at it again, excited to see a new article

  2. This clueless administration can't argue on the facts.

    There was another administration that used these tactics. Germany, 1939.

  3. It is astonishing and more than a little disturbing what people will use to justify dismissing doubt particularly involving people or groups they look up to…

  4. Lets evaluate this claim honestly from the ones playing the race card. There is nothing like sunlight and truth for a disinfectant

    Democrats See "Blacks" as "Useful Idiots"…Viral Video

  5. it was the democrats that supported the kkk, yet now they blame the republicans for being racist. seems like they only shift the view to gain more votes

  6. Oprah stoking the flames of 'socially engineered' racism

  7. Meanwhile, you never need to look here at this!

    “$8.5 TRILLION In Taxpayer Money Doled Out By Congress To The Pentagon Since 1996 … Has NEVER Been Accounted For”, November 18, 2013

  8. Poll: Majority of Americans Say Federal Government Is A “Threat” To Their Constitutional Rights, Only 35% Disagree…

  9. If people consider Barry to be the beacon of equality/freedom/justice just because he is the first "black" president then where do they place people like Benjamin Carson or MLK? MLK is rolling in his grave right now seeing how duped the black population is in America. Dr. Carson should be black youth's role model, not Jay – Z or Obama.

    I try to show this to some of my black friends and some instantly say, wow you are right and they radically change the way they view the world and our current situation. But others just refuse to believe it, I can understand the denial though. It is hard to give up on something (Obama) that you have invested a lot of emotion into. It is hard for people to admit when they are wrong.

  10. There's a difference between inheriting a colossal crisis and turning one disaster into a gigantic crisis. Lincoln and his staff didn't cry about it and he paid attention and was faithful to the Constitution. Obama relies on his media that is faithful to him and is adverse to the plight of Americans under this President.
    Wall Street is propped up by funny money from the Fed. Full time jobs are suppressed by Obamacare. Good paying job suppressed by regulations coming mostly from the EPA and HHS. Fuel prices held high by the Fed and by other than domestic oil production.
    In general, The Times is more suited to lining bird cages than for decent people to read.

  11. Full time jobs are suppressed by Obamacare. Good paying job suppressed by regulations coming mostly from the EPA and HHS. Fuel prices held high by the Fed and by other than domestic oil production.
    Great share
    Have a nice day

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  22. If a person criticizes Obamacare, it doesn't mean that he's racist. It could be that he's just voicing out his opinion of what's going on and not looking at who's sitting as the president–a black or white man.

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