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Obama Launching Syria War Over Admittedly Staged Chemical Attack

The Obama administration is on a war path with Syria following the admittedly staged chemical attacks that even mainstream news initially documented was an attempt to launch war with Assad — an admission that no one is talking about as naval cruisers sail to Syria.

obama-syria-chemical-attack-stagedIn an inside glimpse of how truly controlled the media really is, there is now literally zero mention of the admitted plan to launch a chemical attack within Syria via the Syrian rebels and blame it on Assad. Now sure, that’s amazing enough that no one is talking about this, but what’s more disturbing is that the plan itself was broadcast on the largest website in the United States: Yahoo News.

With one click you can read for yourself in the January 2013 Yahoo article titled ‘US ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt” how the Obama administration gave the ‘green signal’ to initiate chemical weapon attacks on Syria to blame it on Assad in order to initiate military action. Not nuclear weapons, not missiles, not car bombs, chemical weapons. And this was written in January of 2013. Here’s the first paragraph from the report:

“The Obama administration gave green signal to a chemical weapons attack plan in Syria that could be blamed on President Bashar al Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country, leaked documents have shown.”

Obama Launches Hot War

In other words, it’s the exact thing we’re seeing now. Obama has launched the chemical attacks that took some time to properly execute using the Syrian rebels, and now is blaming Assad while also launching immediate military action. We’re talking about naval ships loaded with cruise missiles immediately being deployed to go ahead and wreak havoc in Syria. But you say ‘he would never do that’. You say ‘Obama would never hurt innocent people to initiate a war’.

Well, I would direct you to the reality behind the Syrian rebels, who Obama has funded and equipped with heavy weaponry since 2011 as reported by Reuters. As you can see, this is not a new development. Obama has been reaching into Syria and placing it into a state of chaos in order to send the troops in and recreate yet another Libya scenario. And these Syrian rebels are so bloodthirsty that I continually need to highlight to you just how despicable of an ‘administration’ Obama and his handlers are by showing you their deeds.

By examining the fact that Obama continues to arm these rebels that go around burning churches and killing all Christians, we get a full understanding that he does not care about killing thousands of people in a staged chemical attack. He literally does not care. Why would he? He never mourns for the innocent families beheaded by the Syrian rebels, and he never even talks about it. That’s why he has been secretly aiding them since 2011.

What’s going right now is similar to if we were able to obtain the opposing sports team’s playbook and know every move they were going to make during the big game. Obama’s hand is up, and we now know that this chemical attack was indeed pulled straight from the initial plot — and they don’t even seem to care. Why? Because they think that the mainstream media gatekeepers will be successful in sheltering the public from any knowledge.

The fact is, however, they will not. Share this article and get the word out on this blatant plan that exposes the entire agenda and initiatives of the Obama administration and its handlers.


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  1. False FLAG

  2. Anthony, we need to get everyone on the planet to send a message to Obama not to use war in whatever retaliation. Apparently, he has a peace prize. Maybe he will listen.

  3. You must be on drugs dude, Chrystal Meth no doubt. False flag my ass. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in Syria. They are Arabs with Hi-tech Russian toys. Monkeys with a grenade. No one likes this shit and I agree that it is better to not interfere… let them work it out themselves. But an Israeli/US false flag? No… We had a good status quo with Asad. Keep bombing his Arsenal and the attempts to build a nuclear plant.. and he’s too embarrassed to speak up.

  4. Willy …you are Wonky…this is all just a continuation of what Bush started….with the 9/11 attacks he orchestrated.

  5. is there any evidence this is treu of false ?

  6. Not nuclear weapons, not missiles, not car bombs, chemical weapons. And this was written in January of 2013.

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