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Obama Should Be Charged for Treason, Not NSA Leaker Edward Snowden

Is it treason for NSA leaker Edward Snowden to expose criminal, unconstitutional activity within the government, or is it treason for Obama to allow and advocate the same criminal activity that violates the Constitution he swore to uphold? 

As traitors against the Constitution and reality like Senator Dianne Feinstein denounce Edward Snowden’s recent NSA leak as treason, it’s important to remember that Snowden was actually acting within the oath that he swore to uphold when joining the United States military. Specifically, Snowden is blowing the whistle on blatant intrusions that completely dismiss the Fourth Amendment as a whole.

Because remember, it may be ‘legal’ under federal law to record every single online chat and phone call thanks to the Patriot Act/FISA, but it’s not legal under the Constitution.

And it just so happens that the Constitution stands as the prime law of the land, superseding all forms of federal law that violates the rights and liberties of the people. Rights and liberties that Snowden’s leaks actually seek to protect through the release of pertinent information — the kind that may ultimately lead to Snowden’s death at the hands of intelligence entities who seek to silence him from releasing further information.

Now let’s compare what Snowden has done to what Obama did and continues to do. Snowden, who is being labeled as a treasonous criminal now by politicians and some media sources (that are losing all credibility), risked his life to show the United States population just how far the government has gone in disrupting and dismantling their Fourth Amendment rights. Obama, on the other hand, continues to defend and bolster the attack on the Fourth Amendment — even signing into renewal once again spy legislation like the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

The very kind he swore to oppose during his campaigning speeches. Do you see the difference here?

The focus of the nation is being purposefully misdirected, pushed away from Obama’s allowance and support of anti-Constitution spy tactics and instead focused on a misguided debate of whether or not Edward Snowden has committed treason. For an event that should have turned into an explosive period in history hundreds of times larger than Watergate, we now see the power of the mainstream media to keep reality ‘on the down low’ while at the same time blaming Edward Snowden for the crimes of US government heads.

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  1. TRUTH

  2. Then those indictments should also by retroactive going back a decade when all this got a firm hold during dubya's administration.

  3. I have to agree with Senator Paul and Judge Napolitano , when are we suppose to Know they Either Party Elite Establishment Career politicians who are trying to stay in POWER are telling us the truth about any of this stuff when it is to their benefit to Lie because they were Caught Building Political Points and Voting interest by trying to claim the WAR on TERROR is Over but secretly spying on NOT JUST THE ENEMY but the POLITICAL OPPONENTS TOO ?????

    Sen. Rand Paul on NSA surveillance: ‘I’m not sure when I’m being
    lied to’ now

    Read more:

    Judge Napolitano Slams Gen. Alexander Not Answer Question in NSA Hearing: TRUST US?

    Time to indict the political class!

  4. The Obama administration is becoming more and more like the undemocratic, dictatorial regimes in China, Russia, and Iran by the day.

    This basically is the US administration of Obama issuing a charge of treason (which the Obama equivalent of a fatwa) against Snowden for blaspheming against the illegal actions of the secret police in his administration.

    We got rid of an Osama Bin Laden, only to have him replaced by Obama Bin Laden.

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  7. I am not aware of any political news or even issues i really hope for the best leaders who can understand the peoples heart and make good decisions which can benefit the. And i really hope they will be soon seen back . I am glad for the news provided here.

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