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Obama Pushes for World War 3 With Proxy Wars, Vicious Relations

Barack Obama is pushing harder than ever to fuel hot proxy wars against Putin’s Russia, publicly comparing him to Hitler and Stalin on national television, and pushing relations to the brink of full scale war.

Obama talking to Putin.When we really look at what’s going on, really looking at the way Obama and his handlers are pushing such outlandish and venomous attacks on every front against the slightest possibility of enhanced foreign relations, we come to the realization that Obama is intentionally generating the spirit of conflict between Russia and the United States. And, while we were discussing this months ago, it’s now being highlighted in the Russian media and internationally as a blatant reality.

First and foremost we need to examine the ‘hottest’ form of instigation that is currently ongoing from the Obama administration, and that is the Sryian proxy war that virtually no one knows about. As I’ve reported in the past, Obama is of course funding the Syrian rebels who run around in the streets beheading the Christians and innocents in general bloodlust. Well, that’s bad enough, but it just so happens that Russia is aiding and supporting the opposing side in the war for Syria — Assad’s forces.

Hot War With Russia

The Russian media is extremely open about this glaring danger, with RT reporting in the article ‘US is involved in ‘Hot War’ with Russia‘ how the hot war in Syrian is truly raging on. Even Yahoo News has detailed this scenario, with one piece entitledBy arming Syria rebels, US drawn into proxy war‘. From the Yahoo report:

“Arming the rebels is bound to heighten U.S. tensions with Russia, a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad. It could further escalate a brutal, if deadlocked, civil war that has killed nearly 93,000 people and displaced millions, with no end in sight. “

So what you have here is a true proxy war, except it may actually be much worse. You see Russia’s involvement with the Syria conflict is potentially much deeper than just the funding of Assad’s army, which is the current government military within Syria. If you remember the Israeli strike on Russian missile compounds within Syria, which I originally was reporting on amid a mainstream media blackout, there is now military action that may be directly killing Russian troops.

And it is no coincidence that Putin ordered an immediate ‘combat readiness’ exercise for 160,000 troops and an arsenal of military machines following the Israeli strike on the Russia missile compound (originally denied by Israel until it was leaked by US intelligence weeks later). This exercise included everything from naval ships to strategic bombers, but as always it was not worthy of appearing in mainstream news reports. At the time, the media was simply too busy reporting on what George Zimmerman was doing that day.

Another hardcore example of Obama’s out of control taunting of Putin and Russia at large is evidenced in the recent Jay Leno interview, where both Obama and Jay begin heavily demonizing Russia following the nation’s decision to allow NSA whistleblower and hero Edward Snowden into the country. We’re talking about the kind of incendiary wording that does not just equate to political pebbles being thrown across the pond, but a full on attack like nothing I’ve seen before from Obama. In the segment, which CBS News has posted up, Jay and Obama bash Putin for ’rounding up the gays’ as if he were Hitler or Stalin.

Meanwhile, the United States has submerged into a spy grid that only Stalin could dream of.

But it’s essential that we understand the true severity of this and how hard Obama continues to throw coal into this raging Syrian proxy war. We’re talking about a president that back in 2012 issued a ‘secret order’ to begin funding and arming the barbaric Syrian rebels without any form of oversight or approval — without any form of public announcement or justification. And the media just goes with it, accepting the funding as if it were a part of life.

We can go back to present day to see further evidence of this, however, going beyond the 2012 Reuters report and into a sneak peek that shows just how desperately Obama wants to fund these Sryian rebels. Even in the face of resistance from Congress and policymakers at large, Obama is pushing through the funding one way or another. And with the funding set to end for this year in September, he is on a burning mission to get it instituted once again, and it doesn’t matter that the Washington Times has put out articles showing how these Syrian rebels behead Christians and their families.

Yet people think Obama actually cares about them and their families.

The fact is that the classified arming of the rebels is entirely an Obama administration (and handlers) program, and not even the other politicians really have any idea what’s going on. Senator Ron Wyden explained to the Daily Star:

“Increasingly, I believe senators on both sides of the aisle want more information about what the end game is here,” said Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.

And so do I, so do those seeking truth, so does everyone that actually knows about what’s going on here. What is Obama’s end game? The reality of the situation here is that Obama is not playing games when he goes on Jay Leno and compares Putin to Hitler, he is not playing games when he arms Syrian rebels who are massacring Christians and the Russian-supported troops, and he is not playing games when he pretends all of this isn’t really happening.

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  1. Very strong read, Anthony. You are a patriot. Thank you.

  2. Anthony,

    Where do you think China plays into all of this? I am sure they will support Russia, which can be very very bad for the United States.

    -Mr. Liberty

    • Great question. In the ultimate equation of super powers, there's no question that it will come down to Russia & China verses the United States. As far likely conflicts in the future, it looks like China will indeed back Russia — particularly when it comes to striking Israel and coming out against US bases around the area.

  3. BTW, the Veterans Today blog made a strong case that Israel used mini-nukes against the Russian surface to air missiles warehoused in Damascus. This was also posted independently on the UK Channel 4 TV website for a couple of hours until management saw it and pulled it. But the Channel 4 post was retrievable from the Google archives. VT also maintained that Syria was able to sink an Israeli, German manufactured Dolphin class nuclear u-boat off its coast prior to the Damascus attack, which was partly in retaliation.

  4. Anthony, great piece, but by calling Obama's al Nusra friends "Syrian rebels" you give the impression that they are actually Syrians. Of course the vast majority of them never set foot in Syria before they were paid USD 100 a day to do so, along with all the civilians they can decapitate (and eat) as a side perk. Why don't you just call them the al CIA-duh mercenary fighters?

  5. Your articles are great Anthony, keep it up.

    You deserve way more attention on the internet. I’m going to start spreading your news more often.

    Don’t give up!

  6. Gucciardi is the best

  7. Keep the wars going and the money flowing (The military industrial congressional complex ) Peace scares these people to death. Their whole lifestyle, their income, their power and their prestige depends on war.

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  16. In the many links below it is made abundantly clear that the U.S. really really wants to go to war with Syria. But why? We are told they are TRYING to get weapons of mass destruction.

  17. very nice article, I really enjoyed reading, thank you for sharing..

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