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Obama Pushes Nations Into World War 3

The plunge into taking military action on Syria is not just reminiscent of Iraq, but is representative of Obama’s continued hot war against Russia that has gone from proxy to direct over the last several days.

The situation in Syria has always been a proxy war between the United States and Russia, and that is even admitted by the mega news networks who don’t ever dare to mention Obama’s secret orders demanding support for the Syrian rebels back in 2011 (in order to crush the Putin-backed Assad). But that all changed when Israel directly attacked a Russian missile depot, launching what amounts to a direct attack on the Russian forces.

obama-ww3-russiaAs you may be aware if you actively read Storyleak or Infowars, Russia ultimately called upon a ‘combat readiness’ drill following this attack. More than 160,000 Russian troops from across the nation met with naval ships, aerial bombers and fighters, and other assorted military wings in order to attain ‘immediate combat readiness’. It is no coincidence that this coincided with the Israeli attacks on Russian missile depots, which the media was even able to confirm publicly through US officials after weeks of silence over the attack.

As you can plainly see, Russia is not playing around. But either is Obama in his crusade to destroy any shred of hope left for the relations of the United States and Russia. It was on the Jay Leno show appearance we clearly saw this reality.

Obama and Leno: Putin Is Hitler for ‘Rounding Up Gays’

It was back during his appearance on the Jay Leno show, the part which was entirely ignored in the US while simultaneously becoming a major headline internationally, where Obama and Jay directly compared Putin to Hitler. That’s right, Hitler. Not only did the talk show host bring this up in what surely amounts to the Obama administration goons setting it up on the teleprompter, but they went and accused Putin of ’rounding up the gays’ like Hitler rounded up the Jewish population.

Meanwhile, citizens who compare Obama to Hitler are demonized to the fullest extent of media bias possible. Or better yet, can you imagine if Putin went and called Obama the new Hitler?

One thing is clear: Obama is on a mission to destroy any relations with Russia and throw this nation into a hot war that will not benefit anyone but a select few. Syria, the new Iraq, is just the beginning. We’ve seen time and time again how we are roped into these conflicts over false pretenses only to initiate endless wars that only profit the banksters and the sociopath control freaks at the top.

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  1. Anthony, you continue to break important and profound news stories. Thank you!
    What if it has all been arranged to get the world right to the brink of WWIII–just to shatter the world's fragile finances and economies? Remember these bad guys know more about deceit than we–thankfully–every will.

    • NOT “another investigation”, but a FULL REENACTMENT :

      We petition the Obama administration to:

      Ask the American people to reenact 9/11.

      According to Wikipedia ( ):

      “When the World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total costs to the Port Authority had reached $900 million”, MUCH less than the price paid by the American people for last decade’s wars.

      Please remind the citizens of the U.S. that they are free to peacefully assemble, to organize themselves, to use available blueprints, dummies, full scale replicas of planes and WTC buildings, in order to reenact, in a remote location, some of the events of September the eleventh, 2001.

      Reenacting some of the events of 9/11/2011 will indeed bring change and hope, will boost confidence, credibility and stability, will promote prosperity both in the U.S. and all over the world.

      Kind regards,

      Ben Franklin

      This petition can be signed at:

  2. YET another EXCELLENT video from Mr. Gucciardi the great

  3. Putin IS like Hitler for persecuting gay people. Obama was exactly right! And YOU are exhibiting homophobia yourself in your defense of your buddy Putin.

    • Gay people are like Hitler in their zealousness to inflict their will upon everyone else. Putin is merely trying to defend his country and in doing so showing the world that common sense still exists.

      Молодец Путин!

    • And oh yea, Soetoro is less than zero and that's why the bankers use him like their !@#$% And being gay, he obviously enjoys this.

    • Your response is regurgitated liberal rhetoric. Clearly you're the product of the brainwashed massive accusing anyone who disagrees with a disgusting lifestyle by calling them homophobic or intolerant, the gay movement is just another tool used by obama and the politically correct to ridicule those that oppose his administration or for those who are Christian and believe in a traditional family rather than a whacked out bathhouse meth smoking orgy sodomite lifestyle.

    • Whether or not that is true you need to ask yourself is it worth starting WWIII over. Obama isn’t the President of Russia. And his own country is rife with problems. So it doesn’t change the fact that it was an irresponsible thing to say, from someone with little room to talk. Obama is putting liberty minded veterans on terror watchlists. The idea that he holds any moral high ground is even ridiculous. You seem to have about the same total intolerance of other’s opinions as Obama. No wonder you defend him. But unfortunately the two of you don’t have a rational thought between you…

    • Dude. Your slow. None of this actually has anything specifically to do with gay people. Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

  4. I hate to break this to you, but Obama doesn't even know how many states there are. He is not making ANY of these decisions! They are made for him. Next your going to tell me Obama was "Elected" by the American public. LOL

    • How Small is our World compared to the Universe?
      There are 300 billion Solar systems in Our Milky way galaxy. There are 10000 billion billion galaxies in the Universe. So How small is our Sun and Earth?? How Small are we??? We have studies our ancestors up to single celled organisms.. up to DNA level. But how many do we know above us? If we tress up again we will found that the basic life created from magical mixing of H,C O and N molecule. From which single cells we all evolved.
      Still confused we have created our Creators.. The GOD whom none of us have seen.That is OK.Religion is required to keep society in control.There should be fear of GOD.But did they told us to fight among each other to destroy each other?
      Our Mother Nature is OLD and dying, we all are trying to extract last bit of resources what is left on Earth. Instead of trying to save our dying mother Nature. This beautiful World We are fighting with each other for the last bits. Like wild animals fight for last piece of meat. Please think about it. We and only we can save our World by saving each other not by killing each other. If tomorrow Pakistan is attacked , India should help Pakistan.. not fight against it. Then only we can survive the WW3. Each country should try to save its neighboring country. then only human being can survive. All country must spend money not for War but for saving this Dying Earth so that We can save this World for another 1000 years at least for coming 10 generations.

      • @Utpal Munshi. That is a good point man. Every person ive seen and studied has these form of im afraid to die. Everyone panics and losses all control. We as a world need to all pitch in. Share are resourses better the earth. All work together to find a solution to getting away from oil n other stuff. And find ways to make the world an organic planet. All this fighting and blood shed it no solving a single thi g. Everyone is worried about death and starvation and no oil that your blind to see tht soon the world will be nothing and are spices will no long exsist. Honestly all governments need to be overthrown. Because fight wars isnt the war to go.

    • this is the funniest comment on anything ive ever read. obama is dumb. im 16 and i even know that!! even if he was born here he does not belong in our country. just sayin

    • @mappy lmfao i seriously do believe that obama was NOT ELECTED by the american people. I dont believe w actually elected a president since JFK. After his death i think its all a stage. The government wants there elected powers to stay, to keep the power with them. But i do believe also obama wants to cut off all relations with russia too. Obama is a little girl. He will hide in his bunker and send all americans to fight cuz hes a little bitch. He doesnt care about the people. All governments want is funding and money. And no matter who they kill and take they will get there greddy pockets full

    • 1 I heard he's wanting to call martial law here in the United States

  5. A must read. Note the date of the article's publication.

    Very scary to note how accurate the predictions are.

  6. Larry, what's it like to go through life being a naïve idiot??

  7. THE LORD has shown me whats coming,OBAMAS not leaving office,hes going to use our own military to ATTACK america and say some one else did it(false flag)just like in the past,ONLY this time IT WILL BE NUCLEAR,and hes going to kill millions of americans ,THIS GUY MUST BE REMOVED -NOW,or a lot of good americans will die,HES GOING TO ATTACK WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS,and use all his NATO FRIENDS,MY DEAR FRIENDS,if OBAMAS NOT REMOVED,the worst bloodbath in history will happen in america,I'VE SEEN IT,you do not want to see what I'have been shown is going to HAPPEN,CALL YOUR MILITARY CHILDREN HOME NOW,or YOUR GOING TO LOSE THEM,they will be abandoned in the middle east,and the rag heads will kill them all……………………………

  8. Why don't we protest in Washington, do some action. We have to speak and open the minds of those that don't know or are mislead.

  9. I personally do not care what sexual orientation a person is. If he or she wishes to engage in sex with an individual of the same sex, that is a decision that they knowingly make. It is between themselves and their own morality. I do, however, believe that homosexuality (from any side of the equation) is totally ant-species survival. IMHO, you can't make babies without biological parents or raise well adjusted, successful families without both a mother and father.

    So, behind the privacy of your bedroom door, go ahead and have sex with other adult (over the age of sexual consent) men (if male) or other women (if female) or with any of the animals you happen to own, but don't expect me to agree to let you do it to me or my animals!

    • Let me clear this up; no one is expecting/wanting you to do that with them. What makes you believe you're special enough to warrant the attention of every gay person out there? Whenever I see 'I personally do not care what sexual orientation a person is.' it's always immediately followed by something contradictory. That anti-species survival drivel suggests that you DO care; you DO realise the world is already extremely over-populated, right? So 15% of the population preferring the same sex isn't even going to have the slightest impact.

      "You can't raise well adjusted, successful families without both a mother and a father." There are MANY people who have achieved more than you and I combined, and been raised by a single parent, a simple search is all it takes to prove this. That's just plain ignorance on your part.

  10. Obama is no Hitler. Look at him in profile – he sees himself as the new Lenin.

  11. The last great world war, armageddon, will be between the great Eagle (U.S.) and her lesser parts (G.B. Fr. Germ. Israel) vs. the Bear (Rus.) Red Dragon (Ch.) alliance. Watch it unfold to usher in the modern messiah, satan incarnate, the Anti-Christ. All ages ago prophesied about to bring us to the final end of man’s corruption and in-humanity to one another, and God’s final take-over to rule & reign in righteousness & love finally eternally. Get your ticket in advance to the eternal kingdom of God through J.C. or suffer the consequences of not having prepared, cuz the modern day titanic is going down and a re-connect to God via J.C. is the lifeboat. J.C. is not a religion, it’s the reconnect.

  12. I think Obama is like Hitler, but I mean by that a sophisticated Hitler. One that would have come back from his grave to start the same over, but taking into account his previous mistakes. He will exterminate the Jews and Arabs. And, he'll probably do the homosexuals too. But, he'll do it unseemly false flag after false flag, revealing nothing of his true intentions for a way more devastating result than Hitler himself could have imagined.

  13. There are some more complex political aspects to all of this to consider as well more than a stand-off with Russia. Note the Israeli destruction in Lebanon in '06 against Hezbollah and their seeking of Lebanese water resources. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote about that on his site on 1/4/09, "The American Puppet State". Also, has an informative article by Dr. Kevin Barrett entitled, "Israeli False-Flag in Syria: Trigger for WWIII?" And, a further interesting perspective is at, "Several Days of Airstrikes Will Achieve Little", which emphasizes that chaos is sought. The nuances of the situation are important to take in as well. Thanks for all your great coverage. Peace!

  14. U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)

  15. Obama wants to destroy this country. Starting a war with Russia will aconplish this!

  16. Monarch Butterfly

    Sad to say, but I think WWIII is gathering if not immediately.

    Russia will win this and be intact.

    The US is going down because of it’s sodomy propaganda.

  17. obama breath stinks of knob cheese

  18. The U.S. will get what t deserves. Call it Karmic justice, but see…you don’t get away with your crimes America,…patriots are the new Indians. What is worse, for all your crimes against the Indians, Latinos, and Blacks, among many others, the curse is upon you, and according to scripture, in Jeremiah 50, Isaiah 13, and Revelation 18…you will be reduced to radioactive rubble by allied communist forces. You like sleeping with Asians…say hello to the Chinese dragon of Satan! “He that persecuted the nations in wrath, with a continual stroke, is persecuted….and none hindereth.” turn to the most awesome creator. It is coming! don’t say…”but I am not responsible.” You are responsible. I saw you with mine own two eyes. You loved being on top, and in selfishness did oppress the poor, and vulnerable. Bon appetite.

    • The united deserves to be thanked for what we the people have given. And what we truly thought the dogs that we voted for would tell the truth soon the blinders will come off and we will see the hidden lies. And we will humble our self's and cry to the only living GOD YHWH JESUS OUR savior he is the only GOD that can speak to his people and in the book of Daniel the 7th chapter read it we came out of the lion, when the wings where pluck off made to stand as a man and a heart was given to that nation the only nation that had a heart that was given to it. And we still love him even thou we made mistakes his grace is on The UNITEFD STATES of AMERICA May his light shine from above and guide us thru this dark and greed driven people and his 5 fold ministry shine his love thru us all that truly love our father I pray for the peace of Israel.

    • The USA is the only country that has laws protecting ethnicity against unfair discrimination asia china France UK Russia south america are the worst for non natives. What's left? Our country has the same difficulties within cultural differences. We are the only country trying. And having a beautiful thing called the constitution. That allows everyone to be free and protected. Were referred to as the american experiment. Your bias is misguided by ideological dribble. When it comes down to it our military is volunteer and very diverse. We will save the world from idiots such as yourself.

  19. If America, with its current low-life moral standards being driven by our homosexual president, goes to war….dont ecpect to win.

    God is pulling support. Obama has been fighting everyone to make America muslim,and gay, and has been in everyones FACE whether rich or poor, trying to divide the country every-way-he-can! Do you NOT see it? Now, we need to help poor people from a madman and Obamas homosexual agenda works aginst, not only HIM, but EVERY PERSON LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY. When we get bombed it will be on HIS watch, on HIS agenda, on HIS lack of support both at home, and abroad.

    He is destroying America, and he thinks he is good for it, but GOd is going to remove his graqce from this country. War? Oh thats great! Yea, put all the homosexuals in the military! FRont line!

    We live IN the book of Revelation….not before it. Right now.

  20. I find it odd how so many politicians of all stripes are now supporting this Syria expedition into war, this is a disaster in the making.

    I have been very skeptical of all the Antichrist predictions, but as of this day,..I can find no other reason nor any parallel to compare to what is happening in Washington D.C. right now.

    It is as if a segment of the populace and politicians have been mesmerized. These are truly eerie times.

  21. I haven't heard. Did our pRESIDENT, the "leader of the free world", actually take time out of his busy schedule to meet with the much maligned LGBT crowd in St Petersburg Russia?

  22. Why all this ridiculous talk of Putin or Barack Obama being Hitler/ Satan?? Isn’t this supposed to be an intelligent debate about the repercussions of a potential WW3, not a slanging match between US and Chinese supporters foretelling Armageddon with the throwing of terrible grammar and obscenities for good measure.
    For the record, while I do not necessarily agree with Putin’s new “anti-gay” law, some of you are over exaggerating. All it is in essence is a law preventing the distribution of pro-gay literature to young people, which may subvert them or tell them that homosexuality is more favourable than heterosexuality – this is all it is. Like I said, I don’t agree with it but there’s no jail time for breaching this law – just fines. So, to compare Putin to Hitler is ridiculous. And for Obama to have done it publicly, just shows that his main intent was just to have a pop at the Russian President. Anyway, there are massive human rights abuses in America, perpetrated internally and across the world – Just to name a few: Guantanamo Bay, white phosphorous in Iraq and Afghanistan, dronings, suppressing the truth of their corruption as per Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden and accepting bribes from Saudi and Qatar for voting in favour of the war on Syria. Did you also know that for the most supposedly civilised and democratic country in the world, there are still death row inmates across the US who are due to be executed despite being denied adequate due process rights in the form of decent legal representation at trial with some having even been denied access to DNA testing of crime scene exhibits. Even Russia does not have the death penalty. So, who on earth is the US to lecture anyone??! And for the record, they will start WW3 if they go ahead with this rather ridiculous strike on Syria – all for the sake of its’ ego, Al Qaeda and oil pipelines no doubt!!

  23. Let's just fix this then.. People can't keep commenting and commenting, hoping someone else will read it, and decide to get motivated enough off of that one story, to go outside and do something…

    Instead of posting a comment of your thoughts, go make a sign, write a letter, make a petition!!! Contact some necessary allies to prepare, or negotiate peace within this country, instead of tearing it apart!!

    We stand together! One Nation, Under God, With Liberty, and Justice for ALL~!!

  24. It's a black thing, the black power megalomaniac prick extension. Remember Huey Newton? Well, this is how alot of them are when they become rich and have a bit of fame. Also there's a greed factor mixed in there too. Most people in the us only care about watching football right now, another type of power worship, and you can tell that for a lot of people that's all that matters. Good time charlie, watching ball, listening to suds, smelling good, pimp clothes, a few piercings here and there. Obama is one of them, and he wants to make sure that for the first time, a black rules the world, period. Its the old Alexander the Great thing. Too bad. John Kerry is exactly the same same way, but he can accept living through other people, like his wives and foreign based companies. Too bad. They could be doing so much good, making so much peace. What a pity they want take the whole world down with them, just like Izrayel. I'm beginning to think O is the 666, after all he did name his car the Beast. Well, what does that make him.

  25. "Syria, the new Iraq, is just the beginning. We’ve seen time and time again how we are roped into these conflicts over false pretenses only to initiate endless wars that only profit the banksters and the sociopath control freaks at the top."

    An excellent article offering an insightful analysis on the current developments.
    I would argue however, in agreement with several others commenting here and elsewhere, that the wars launched by the US are actually launched by a global cartel for reasons explained in this must-watch documentary.
    Bush, Blair og Fogh – Krigskampagnen (a danish program but the most relevant part is spoken English)

    The documentary is a monumental piece of recent history and highly relevant as to the present case of Syria. It provides the details on how the international political lobby led by Blair and Bush forced the UN into approving the offence against Iraq, without evidence. It is evident that the current Syrian case is the same scenario.

    Some of those ex-officials from the highest ranks who testify regarding the US aggression, war crimes, mass manipulation and international conspiracy to craft a reason for the Iraq invasion:

    Lawrence Wilkerson (former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell), Paul Pillar(national Intelligence Officer, CIA), Christopher Meyer (UK Ambassador to the US), Joseph Wilson (former US diplomat in Iraq and
    Africa), Frank Grevil (former Danish Intelligence Officer), Hans Blix (Head of the UN Weapons Inspectors in Iraq), Katharine Gun(UK Analyst, MI6) and Nader Mousavizadeb (Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annantidl).

    A viewer left this comment in reply to the program:
    "My view is that the film’s message is the most powerful argument, an overwhelmingly convincing argument, for all who are trying to stop USA military intervention in Syria. Let me say it again, when the world becomes aware of the message of this film, it will mark a true change in the historic path of humanity. In no uncertain terms “The War Campaign” must be disseminated, shared and scattered to the ends of the Earth."

    Also see recent articles on my blog:

  26. Obama is one of them, and he wants to make sure that for the first time, a black rules the world, period. Its the old Alexander the Great thing.

  27. Doerr was one of the oldest traditions of the game.
    It’s red sox such a relief to see the back of
    their current owners. There is almost no time period in the
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  28. Syria? Ukraine? China? North Korea!!!
    Coming in May 2014

  29. Peace, not ‘WAR’ is the need of the moment…

    My dear brothers and sisters of Planet Earth. I am so sorry that I alone can’t save you from coming destruction, but I am sure that we human can definitely save each other. Our civilization is at its peak of scientific development. Our brain is much more powerful than any super computer created till date. We are just one step behind achieving immortality. Yes we can become immortal by simply digitizing our brain and putting it in a clone or android body.

    We know our mother nature is dying.. dying because of our ruthless activities. Instead of trying to save our dying Mother Earth we are busy in searching another Earth fur our next generation. We all know that that is next to impossible. because that another Earth will be available only beyond our solar system and we can’t reach beyond that with our present life span. May be after getting immortal we can do that. But the need of the moment is not to search another World but to save this World from getting destroyed by greedy political leaders.

    With the rejection of petro dollar by Russia, China and India.. US dollar is bound to collapse and hence will start the Great WW3. We are so wise yet so stupid to understand that nobody is going to survive this WAR.

    There is only one way left. Let us talk only about peace. Let us try to save each other’s neighbour. Then only humanity will survive. Instead of spending millions of Dollars for finding new Earth like planet .. let us try to save this only existing Planet for at least coming 1000 years or 10 generations. May be after that we will be ready to take off for another world.

    So all of you plant a tree. Think , talk and act only Peace. If we can’t avoid what is coming.. then let us all unite and force our Government to avoid WAR.


    Peace, not ‘WAR’ is the need of the moment…

    Long Live Mother Earth…

    Utpal… India

  30. It is no coincidence that this coincided with the Israeli attacks on Russian missile depots, which the media was even able to confirm publicly through US officials after weeks of silence over the attack.

  31. One thing is clear: Obama is on a mission to destroy any relations with Russia and throw this nation into a hot war that will not benefit anyone but a select few. Syria, the new Iraq, is just the beginning. We’ve seen time and time again how we are roped into these conflicts over false pretenses only to initiate

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  33. Sweet blog. It must have taken sometime to create all the information? I am ordering my new bit of kit soon from Amazon. After all its sat in my Amazon wishlist for over 12 months lol. I have been saving up for ages and just need another £80 added to my Amazon Gift Voucher Account and its mine……. All mine!! Roll on Payday!!! Thanks for the read and I have book marked this page btw. All the best, Steven

  34. I agree with you.I hope that helps.

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