Obama Plans Dozens of Nuclear Reactors Across US Amid Fukushima Meltdown

August 26th, 2013
Updated 08/26/2013 at 1:11 am

Few people seem to have noticed it, but the Obama administration has a low-key plan for a massive expansion of nuclear power in the United States.

Specifically, the Department of Energy wants to build dozens of small scale nuclear reactors across the country. The reactors would be given the euphemistic name “small modular reactors” and they’re already on the drawing board. News stories indicate that a company called Babock & Wilcox has already been given a contract to build the first reactor. The company is already building two of the reactors in Oak Ridge, Tenn.


Nuclear Reactors in Your Neighborhood

Around $452 million has been earmarked for the program by the Energy Department, which wants to award more contracts by the end of the year. The idea is to create a network of manufacturing plants across the country that could build hundreds of small nuclear reactors.

The reactors would be set up in communities and even in neighborhoods. Worse, they would be hauled by truck or rail, which means there could be accidents that would spread radiation.  The Obama administration, it seems, wants nuclear reactors everywhere, including neighborhoods. Such reactors could be built in small towns and even in urban neighborhoods.

Fukushima on Your Block

The plan, which hasn’t attracted much attention, seems designed to augment the administration’s desire to phase out coal burning power plants in an effort to reduce gas emissions in favor of nuclear.

The Fukushima tragedy has shown us how dangerous nuclear power really is, yet there is little coverage or discussion over the entire event outside of commentary here by Anthony Gucciardi and the alternative news at large. Do we want to open the United States for similar disasters before actually even discussing Fukushima? That’s what the plan could lead to unless there are major advances in technology. Perhaps the Obama administration should be investing in alternatives such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

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  2. CVMCo. says:

    How about the FACT there are some 100+ aging nuclear reactors already spread out across the US of A?! They $hould be decommissioned {including the administration} never mind building more of any amount at any size – ALL surrounded by major fault lines {pun intended} from San Andreas to The New Madrid earthquake zones is utterly an Obama-Nation!! 452 MILLION$ of dollars we are NOT $UPPO$E to have would be better $pent on launching the nuclear WA$TE into space toward the only $AFE reactor we need $um… 93 million miles away, YE$ that's right – THE BURNING $UN!!!

  3. nmoney says:

    very fortunate to have found good information from this article, it is very useful for me, for sure I will come back here to see the next article…………I live 2 miles from the three reactors

  4. Ace says:

    What a shame the propaganda here ignores the reality of the neighborhood-sized reactors. Fearmongering has no place in our society. Anyone who has done legitimate research on this would laugh at the above article. Fukushima was a 40-year-old design. Claiming the new reactors are as dangerous is as brainless as claiming a new Prius is as dangerous as a 1975 Pinto.

  5. Omalley says:

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  8. Do we want to open the United States for similar disasters before actually even discussing Fukushima?

  9. khan says:

    What about the FACT there are around 100+ maturing atomic reactors effectively spread out over the US of A?! They $hould be decommissioned {including the administration} it doesn't mind constructing a greater amount of any sum at any size – ALL encompassed by significant shortcoming lines {pun intended} from San Andreas to The New Madrid quake zones is absolutely an Obama-Nation!! 452 MILLION$ of dollars we are NOT $UPPO$E to have would be better $pent on propelling the atomic WA$TE into space toward the main $AFE reactor we require $um… 93 million miles away, YE$ the truth is out – THE BURNING $UN!!! http://bit.ly/1AVHARd

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